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The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom Author Deborah Allison
ISBN-10 9780739125847
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 224
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The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom, by Deborah Allison, examines eight films by the contemporary British director Michael Winterbottom. This study explores the ways his inflection of established genre traditions partake in a personal, idiosyncratic style of film-making. Across a career encompassing both mainstream and art house cinema, the potency and integrity of his authorship unites films as generically diverse as the road film Butterfly Kiss, western drama The Claim, science fiction movie Code 46, and docudrama The Road to Guantanamo.

Global Auteurs

Global Auteurs Author Brian Michael Goss
ISBN-10 1433101343
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 252
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"Global Auteurs" employs auteur theory to examine the work of three contemporary and innovative directors: Pedro Almodovar, Lars von Trier, and Michael Winterbottom. With extensive background information on the global film industry, and on auteur theory and its implications for ideological critique, this book's insightful case studies examine both ideologies the filmmakers re-circulate and ideologies that they confront in textual form. The discussion of Pedro Almodovar devotes particular attention to mass mediation, the family, and gender in the corpus of his films, while Lars von Trier's corpus is interpreted as driven by a motif that characterizes all of his films: the -failed idealist-. Michael Winterbottom's body of work presents a genre-diverse, post-MTV style concerned with -outsiders- and taboo, representation and truth, and human rights. "Global Auteurs'" sophisticated approach to decoding film is suitable for graduate and undergraduate courses on film, global mass media, and contemporary Europe."

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom Author Bruce Bennett
ISBN-10 9780231167369
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 224
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This comprehensive study of prolific British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom explores the thematic, stylistic, and intellectual consistencies running through his eclectic and controversial body of work. Within an overview of his career, this volume undertakes a close analysis of fifteen of Winterbottom's films ranging from TV dramas to transnational coproductions featuring Hollywood stars, and from documentaries to costume films. This analysis is grounded in a consideration of Winterbottom's collaborative working practices, the political and cultural contexts of the work, and its critical reception. Arguing that Winterbottom's work comprises a 'cinema of borders', it examines its treatment of sexuality, class, ethnicity, national and international politics. The book argues that what is evident in Winterbottom's oeuvre is the search for an adequate means of narrating inequality, injustice, and violence. Drawing out the tensions, contradictions, and border-crossing strategies of these films, The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom highlights the complex political aesthetic that structures the work of this singular director.

The Global Auteur

The Global Auteur Author Seung-hoon Jeong
ISBN-10 9781501312649
Release 2016-06-16
Pages 416
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Once heralded and defined by the likes of François Truffaut and Andrew Sarris as a romantic figure of aesthetic individualism, the auteur is reinvestigated here through a novel approach. Bringing established as well as emergent figures of world art cinema to the fore, The Global Auteur shows how politics and philosophy are present in the works of these important filmmakers. They can be still seen leading a fight that their glorious predecessors seemed to have abandoned in the face of global capitalism and the market economy. Yet, as the contributors show, a new world calls for a new cinema, and thus for new auteurs. Covering a range of global auteurs such as Lars von Trier, Lav Diaz, Lee Chang-dong and Abderrahmane Sissako, The Global Auteur provides a much-needed reassessment of the film auteur for the global age.

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom Author Bruce Bennett
ISBN-10 9780231850537
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 224
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This comprehensive study of prolific British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom explores the thematic, stylistic, and intellectual consistencies running through his eclectic and controversial body of work. This volume undertakes a close analysis of a TV series directed by Winterbottom and sixteen of his films ranging from television dramas to transnational co-productions featuring Hollywood stars, and from documentaries to costume films. The critique is centered on Winterbottom's collaborative working practices, political and cultural contexts, and critical reception. Arguing that his work delineates a 'cinema of borders', this study examines Winterbottom's treatment of sexuality, class, ethnicity, and national and international politics, as well as his quest to adequately narrate inequality, injustice, and violence.

Studying British Cinema

Studying British Cinema Author John Fitzgerald
ISBN-10 PSU:000069287183
Release 2010
Pages 227
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Aimed explicitly at those coming to British cinema for the first time - either as student or teacher - and assuming little in the way of prior knowledge, the Studying British Cinema series considers key texts from the decade under discussion and accessibly places them in their artistic and historical contexts Studying British Cinema: 1999-2009 reflects on a diverse and surprising range of films - from the populist and mainstream to more esoteric, low budget art-house releases - produced in a decade of tremendous global shifts and surprises that had an impact, one way or another, on British cinema culture. John Fitzgerald considers the institutional and financial factors around UK film production in the `Noughties' as well as assessing issues around genre, representation, authorship in the broadest sense, social, economic and political contexts. The growth of the co-production is assessed by looking at Aardman Animation and the Harry Potter franchise. Issues around representation and social class are considered in relation to films as diverse as Red Road [2006] and Love Actually (2003) and there is an assessment of developments in social realism, primarily coming from female directors such as Lynne Ramsay. In terms of genre, the revival of the British science fiction and horror-film are covered in detail, with case studies ranging from 28 Days Later (2002) to Eden Lake (2008). There are also chapters on how ethnic groups and economic migrants are represented (such as Dirty Prelly Things, 2002) and the growth of films concerning British protagonists in Africa (The Last King of Scotland, 2005).

Heritage Film

Heritage Film Author Belén Vidal
ISBN-10 9780231162036
Release 2012
Pages 150
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This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the critical debates around the heritage film, from its controversial status in British cinema of the 1980s to its expansion into a versatile international genre in the 1990s and 2000s. This study explores the heritage film in light of questions of national identity in film and television, industry and funding, and history, gender and representation. Using a wide range of examples and including an in-depth analysis of three case studies - Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003), Joyeux Noël (2005) and The Queen (2006) - this book presents the heritage film as a thriving phenomenon at the centre of contemporary European cinema.

Extreme Cinema

Extreme Cinema Author Mattias Frey
ISBN-10 9780813576527
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 298
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Received an Honorable Mention for the 2017 British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) Best Monograph Award From Shortbus to Shame and from Oldboy to Irreversible, film festival premieres regularly make international headlines for their shockingly graphic depictions of sex and violence. Film critics and scholars alike often regard these movies as the work of visionary auteurs, hailing directors like Michael Haneke and Lars von Trier as heirs to a tradition of transgressive art. In this provocative new book, Mattias Frey offers a very different perspective on these films, exposing how they are also calculated products, designed to achieve global notoriety in a competitive marketplace. Paying close attention to the discourses employed by film critics, distributors, and filmmakers themselves, Extreme Cinema examines the various tightropes that must be walked when selling transgressive art films to discerning audiences, distinguishing them from generic horror, pornography, and Hollywood product while simultaneously hyping their salacious content. Deftly tracing the links between the local and the global, Frey also shows how the directors and distributors of extreme art house fare from both Europe and East Asia have significant incentives to exaggerate the exotic elements that would differentiate them from Anglo-American product. Extreme Cinema also includes original interviews with the programmers of several leading international film festivals and with niche distributors and exhibitors, giving readers a revealing look at how these institutions enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the “taboo-breakers” of art house cinema. Frey also demonstrates how these apparently transgressive films actually operate within a strict set of codes and conventions, carefully calibrated to perpetuate a media industry that fuels itself on provocation.

The Global Film Book

The Global Film Book Author Roy Stafford
ISBN-10 9781136474583
Release 2014-01-10
Pages 392
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The Global Film Book is an accessible and entertaining exploration of the development of film as global industry and art form, written especially for students and introducing readers to the rich and varied cinematic landscape beyond Hollywood. Highlighting areas of difference and similarity in film economies and audiences, as well as form, genre and narrative, this textbook considers a broad range of examples and up to date industry data from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Latin America. Author Roy Stafford combines detailed studies of indigenous film and television cultures with cross border, global and online entertainment operations, including examples from Nollywood to Korean Cinema, via telenovelas and Nordic crime drama. The Global Film Book demonstrates a number of contrasting models of contemporary production, distribution and consumption of film worldwide, charting and analysing the past, present and potential futures for film throughout the world. The book also provides students with: a series of exploratory pathways into film culture worldwide illuminating analyses and suggestions for further readings and viewing, alongside explanatory margin notes and case studies a user friendly text design, featuring over 120 colour images a dynamic and comprehensive blog, online at, providing updates and extensions of case studies in the book and analysis of the latest developments in global film issues.

The Cinema of Kathryn Bigelow

The Cinema of Kathryn Bigelow Author Deborah Jermyn
ISBN-10 1903364426
Release 2003
Pages 232
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Kathryn Bigelow has undoubtedly been one of Hollywood's most significant female players, well known in popular terms for films such as Point Break and Blue Steel, yet relatively unexplored in academia. This collection explores how Bigelow can be seen to provide a point of intersection to a whole range of issues at the forefront of contemporary film studies and of the transformation of Hollywood into a post-classical cinema machine, with a particular emphasis on her most ambitious and controversial picture, Strange Days.

The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide

The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide Author The Staff and Friends of Scarecrow
ISBN-10 1570614156
Release 2004
Pages 808
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Compiled with a deep appreciation and understanding of movies, this is a unique list of essential, cool, funny, laughable, important, fluffy, outrageous, you-just-gotta-see videos for anyone interested in the art--both high and low--of moviemaking.


Animation Author Paul Wells
ISBN-10 1903364205
Release 2002
Pages 149
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Animation: Genre and Authorship explores the distinctive language of animation, its production processes, and the particular questions about who makes it, under what conditions and with what purpose. In this first study to look specifically at the ways in which animation displays unique models of "auteurism" and how it revises generic categories, Paul Wells challenges the prominence of live-action movie-making as the first form of contemporary cinema and visual culture. The book also includes interviews with Ray Harryhausen and Caroline Leaf, and a full "timeline" of the history of animation.

John Dahl and Neo Noir

John Dahl and Neo Noir Author Paul Monaco
ISBN-10 0739133330
Release 2010-03-18
Pages 160
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In John Dahl and Neo-Noir: Examining Auteurism and Genre, Paul Monaco provides a focused inquiry into the first three feature films that director John Dahl made for theatrical release: Kill Me Again (1989), Red Rock West (1993), and The Last Seduction (1994). The importance of these three films, and Monaco's investigation of them, is how they illuminate a modern director's creative process in relation to the emerging genre of neo-noir.

Transnational Feminism in Film and Media

Transnational Feminism in Film and Media Author K. Marciniak
ISBN-10 9780230609655
Release 2007-12-09
Pages 248
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This collection of interdisciplinary essays examines current cinematic and media landscapes from the perspective of transnational feminist practices and methodologies. Focusing on film, media art, and video essays, the contributors chart innovative strategies for exploring contemporary visual cultures.

Cinema Wars

Cinema Wars Author Douglas M. Kellner
ISBN-10 9781444360493
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 296
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Cinema Wars explores the intersection of film, politics, and US culture and society through a bold critical analysis of the films, TV shows, and documentaries produced in the early 2000s Offers a thought-provoking depiction of Hollywood film as a contested terrain between conservative and liberal forces Films and documentaries discussed include: Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight, Star Wars, Syriana, WALL-E, Fahrenheit 9/11 and other Michael Moore documentaries, amongst others Explores how some films in this era supported the Bush-Cheney regime, while others criticized the administration, openly or otherwise Investigates Hollywood’s treatment of a range of hot topics, from terrorism and environmental crisis to the Iraq war and the culture wars of the 2000s Shows how Hollywood film in the 2000s brought to life a vibrant array of social protest and helped create cultural conditions to elect Barack Obama


Directing Author Michael Rabiger
ISBN-10 9781135099206
Release 2013-02-11
Pages 560
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This comprehensive manual has inspired tens of thousands of readers worldwide to realize their artistic vision and produce well-constructed films. Filled with practical advice on every stage of production, this is the book you will return to throughout your career. Directing covers the methods, technologies, thought processes, and judgments that a director must use throughout the fascinating process of making a film. The core of the book is the human, psychological, and technical knowledge that every director needs, the enduring elements of the craft that remain vital. Directing also provides an unusually clear view of the artistic process, particularly in working with actors and principle crew to achieve personally expressive storytelling and professionalism on any budget. Directing explores in detailed and applicable terms how to engage with the conceptual and authorial sides of filmmaking. Its eminently practical tools and exercises show how to: discover your artistic identity; develop credible and compelling stories with your cast and crew; and become a storyteller with a distinctive voice and style. The companion website includes teaching notes, dozens of practical hands-on projects and film study activities to help you master technical and conceptual skills, film analysis questionnaires, and all the essential production forms and logs. New to the fifth edition * Virtually every chapter has been revised, updated, and re-organized for a streamlined and integrated approach. * Expanded sections on the basics of drama, including thorough analyses of recent films * Discussions of the director’s approach to script analysis and development * New discussion exploring the elements of naturalistic and stylistic aesthetic approaches. * New discussion on the narrative power of lighting and the lens - including many recent film examples for shot size, perspective, focus and exposure * Greater emphasis on the implications of composition, mise-en-scène, continuity shooting and editing, long take shooting, point-of-view sequences, and camera handling * Expanded discussion of collaboration between the director and principle creative crew * Updated coverage of workflow and comparative advantages to digital or film acquisition * New section on film production safety, set protocol and etiquette

Understanding Movies

Understanding Movies Author Louis Giannetti
ISBN-10 0134492080
Release 2017-01-05
Pages 576
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For courses in Introduction to Film An engaging, accessible introduction to film Understanding Movies provides valuable insight into the language of film and how meaning is conveyed to audiences. Author Louis Giannetti engages students in the fascinating language systems and techniques of film and helps further their appreciation and understanding of why and how movie watchers respond as they do to different films. Building upon the visually engaging and accessible presentation of previous editions, the Fourteenth Edition adds updated photos, new content on the latest cinematic trends, and coverage of recent films to provide students a new way of looking at films that are familiar to them. Understanding Movies, Fourteenth Edition is also available via Revel(tm), an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience.