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The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Anthologies

The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Anthologies Author Tessa Kale
ISBN-10 0231139888
Release 2007
Pages 2376
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Features 85,000 classic and contemporary poems by 12,000 poets. This work covers such anthologies as "The Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry"; "The Oxford Book of American Poetry"; "The New Anthology of American Poetry", "The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry"; and "The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature."

The Columbia Granger s Guide to Poetry Anthologies

The Columbia Granger s Guide to Poetry Anthologies Author William A. Katz
ISBN-10 023110104X
Release 1994
Pages 440
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Reference guide to poetry anthologies with descriptions and evaluations of each anthology.

Granger s Index to Poetry

Granger s Index to Poetry Author Edith Granger
ISBN-10 OCLC:317405969
Release 1953
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Granger s Index to Poetry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Granger s Index to Poetry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Granger s Index to Poetry book for free.

The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Anthologies

The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Anthologies Author Nicholas Frankovich
ISBN-10 0231110383
Release 1997-09-25
Pages 2299
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Thoroughly revised, here is the new edition of the definitive index to poetry. Providing authoritative, easy-to-use indexes of more than 75,000 classic and contemporary poems found in anthologies, the new edition of GRANGER'S is broader in scope and more inclusive than ever before. Detailed indexes by subject, author, title, first line, and last line puts readers in touch with the best of the new anthologies.

The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Collected and Selected Works

The Columbia Granger s Index to Poetry in Collected and Selected Works Author Keith Newton
ISBN-10 0231125283
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 1847
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Indexes poetry from 315 anthologies by title, author, first and last lines, and subject.

Thematic Guide to American Poetry

Thematic Guide to American Poetry Author Allan Douglas Burns
ISBN-10 0313314624
Release 2002
Pages 309
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Uses approximately 250 poems by eighty-six poets to chronologically trace the development of such themes as art, beauty, civilization, family relations, freedom, and slavery in American poetry.

The Classic Hundred Poems

The Classic Hundred Poems Author William Harmon
ISBN-10 0231112599
Release 1998
Pages 360
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Gathers the most frequently anthologized English and American poems, including those by Keats, Shakespeare, Frost, Wordsworth, Dickinson, Shelley, Yeats, Tennyson, Emerson, and Browning

Good Poems

Good Poems Author Garrison Keillor
ISBN-10 9780142003442
Release 2002
Pages 476
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The popular radio show host showcases some of his favorite poems, including the work of Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski, Donald Hall, Billy Collins, Robert Bly, and Sharon Olds, among others. Reprint.

The Columbia Granger s Index to African American Poetry

The Columbia Granger s Index to African American Poetry Author Nicholas Frankovich
ISBN-10 0231112343
Release 1999
Pages 302
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Provides an index to nearly seventy anthologies and collected and selected works of poetry by African American authors, with updated subject headings for topics in African American history and culture.

Buddhism and Medicine

Buddhism and Medicine Author C. Pierce Salguero
ISBN-10 9780231544269
Release 2017-09-26
Pages 704
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From its earliest days, Buddhism has been closely intertwined with medicine. Buddhism and Medicine is a singular collection showcasing the generative relationship and mutual influence between these fields across premodern Asia. The anthology combines dozens of English-language translations of premodern Buddhist texts with contextualizing introductions by leading international scholars in Buddhist studies, history of medicine, and a range of other fields. These sources explore in detail medical topics ranging from the development of fetal anatomy in the womb to nursing, hospice, dietary regimen, magical powers, visualization, and other healing knowledge. Works translated here include meditation guides, popular narratives, ritual manuals, spells texts, monastic disciplinary codes, recipe inscriptions, philosophical treatises, poetry, works by physicians, and other genres. Altogether, these selections and their introductions provide a comprehensive overview of Buddhist healing throughout Asia. They also demonstrate the central place of healing in Buddhist practice and in the daily life of the premodern world.

Traditional Japanese Literature

Traditional Japanese Literature Author Haruo Shirane
ISBN-10 9780231157308
Release 2012
Pages 578
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Haruo Shirane's critically acclaimed Traditional Japanese Literature: An Anthology, Beginnings to 1600, contains key examples of both high and low styles of poetry, drama, prose fiction, and essays. For this abridged edition, Shirane retains substantial excerpts from such masterworks as The Tale of Genji, The Tales of the Heike, The Pillow Book, the Man'yoshu, and the Kokinshu. He preserves his comprehensive survey of secular and religious anecdotes ( setsuwa) as well as classical poems with extensive commentary. He features no drama; selections from influential war epics; and notable essays on poetry, fiction, history, and religion. Texts are interwoven to bring into focus common themes, styles, and allusions while inviting comparison and debate. The result is a rich encounter with ancient and medieval Japanese culture and history. Each text and genre is enhanced by extensive introductions that provide sociopolitical and cultural context. The anthology is organized by period, genre, and topic -- an instructor-friendly structure -- and a comprehensive bibliography guides readers toward further study. Praise for Traditional Japanese Literature: An Anthology, Beginnings to 1600 "Haruo Shirane has done a splendid job at this herculean task." -- Joshua Mostow, University of British Columbia "A comprehensive and innovative anthology.... All of the introductions are excellent." -- Journal of Asian Studies "One of those impressive, erudite, must-have titles for anyone interested in Asian literature." -- Bloomsbury Review "An anthology that comprises superb translations of an exceptionally wide range of texts.... Highly recommended." -- Choice "A wealth of material." -- Monumenta Nipponica

How to Read Chinese Poetry

How to Read Chinese Poetry Author Zong-qi Cai
ISBN-10 9780231139410
Release 2008
Pages 426
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In this "guided" anthology, experts lead students through the major genres and eras of Chinese poetry from antiquity to the modern time. The volume is divided into 6 chronological sections and features more than 140 examples of the best shi, sao, fu, ci, and qu poems. A comprehensive introduction and extensive thematic table of contents highlight the thematic, formal, and prosodic features of Chinese poetry, and each chapter is written by a scholar who specializes in a particular period or genre. Poems are presented in Chinese and English and are accompanied by a tone-marked romanized version, an explanation of Chinese linguistic and poetic conventions, and recommended reading strategies. Sound recordings of the poems are available online free of charge. These unique features facilitate an intense engagement with Chinese poetical texts and help the reader derive aesthetic pleasure and insight from these works as one could from the original. The companion volume How to Read Chinese Poetry Workbook presents 100 famous poems (56 are new selections) in Chinese, English, and romanization, accompanied by prose translation, textual notes, commentaries, and recordings. Contributors: Robert Ashmore (Univ. of California, Berkeley); Zong-qi Cai; Charles Egan (San Francisco State); Ronald Egan (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara); Grace Fong (McGill); David R. Knechtges (Univ. of Washington); Xinda Lian (Denison); Shuen-fu Lin (Univ. of Michigan); William H. Nienhauser Jr. (Univ. of Wisconsin); Maija Bell Samei; Jui-lung Su (National Univ. of Singapore); Wendy Swartz (Columbia); Xiaofei Tian (Harvard); Paula Varsano (Univ. of California, Berkeley); Fusheng Wu (Univ. of Utah)

American War Poetry

American War Poetry Author Lorrie Goldensohn
ISBN-10 0231133103
Release 2006
Pages 413
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Arranged by war, the book begins with the Colonial period and proceeds through Whitman admiring Civil War soldiers crossing a river to end with Brian Turner, who published his first book in 2005, beckoning a bullet in contemporary Iraq.

The Columbia Book of Later Chinese Poetry

The Columbia Book of Later Chinese Poetry Author Jonathan Chaves
ISBN-10 0231061498
Release 1986-01
Pages 481
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A representative sampling of works by the leading Chinese poets is acompanied by biographical sketches and a brief history of Chinese literature

Literary Research and the American Realism and Naturalism Period

Literary Research and the American Realism and Naturalism Period Author Linda L. Stein
ISBN-10 9780810861411
Release 2009
Pages 319
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Literary Research and the American Realism and Naturalism Period: Strategies and Sources will help those interested in researching this era. Authors Linda L. Stein and Peter J. Lehu emphasize research methodology and outline the best practices for the research process, paying attention to the unique challenges inherent in conducting studies of national literature.

Writings from the Golden Age of Russian Poetry

Writings from the Golden Age of Russian Poetry Author Konstantin Batyushkov
ISBN-10 9780231546140
Release 2017-11-28
Pages 239
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Konstantin Batyushkov was one of the great poets of the Golden Age of Russian literature in the early nineteenth century. His verses, famous for their musicality, earned him the admiration of Aleksandr Pushkin and generations of Russian poets to come. In Writings from the Golden Age of Russian Poetry, Peter France interweaves Batyushkov’s life and writings, presenting masterful new translations of his work with the compelling story of Batyushkov’s career as a soldier, diplomat, and poet and his tragic decline into mental illness at the age of thirty-four. Little known among non-Russian readers, Batyushkov left a varied body of writing, both in verse and in prose, as well as memorable letters to friends. France nests a substantial selection of his sprightly epistles on love, friendship, and social life, his often tragic elegies, and extracts from his essays and letters within episodes of his remarkable life—particularly appropriate for a poet whose motto was “write as you live, and live as you write.” Batyushkov’s writing reflects the transition from the urbane sociability of the Enlightenment to the rebellious sensibility of Pushkin and Lermontov; it spans the Napoleonic Wars and the rapid social and literary change from Catherine the Great to Nicholas I. Presenting Batyushkov’s poetry of feeling and wit alongside his troubled life, Writings from the Golden Age of Russian Poetry makes his verse accessible to English-speaking readers in a necessary exploration of this transitional moment for Russian literature.

Songs of Chu

Songs of Chu Author
ISBN-10 9780231544658
Release 2017-07-11
Pages 256
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Sources show Qu Yuan (?340–278 BCE) was the first person in China to become famous for his poetry, so famous in fact that the Chinese celebrate his life with a national holiday called Poet’s Day, or the Dragon Boat Festival. His work, which forms the core of the The Songs of Chu, the second oldest anthology of Chinese poetry, derives its imagery from shamanistic ritual. Its shaman hymns are among the most beautiful and mysterious liturgical works in the world. The religious milieu responsible for their imagery supplies the backdrop for his most famous work, Li sao, which translates shamanic longing for a spirit lover into the yearning for an ideal king that is central to the ancient philosophies of China. Qu Yuan was as important to the development of Chinese literature as Homer was to the development of Western literature. This translation attempts to replicate what the work might have meant to those for whom it was originally intended, rather than settle for what it was made to mean by those who inherited it. It accounts for the new view of the state of Chu that recent discoveries have inspired.