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The Complete Book of Christian Parenting and Child Care

The Complete Book of Christian Parenting and Child Care Author Martha Sears
ISBN-10 9781433669507
Release 1997-09-15
Pages 608
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This total child care book offers Christian- centered, medically authoritative advice on every aspect of parenting, from choosing an obstetrician to disciplining teenagers. As parents of eight children, William and Martha Sears draw on thirty years of practical and professional experience, resulting in a valuable reference book no family should be without.

The Complete Book of Christian Parenting Child Care

The Complete Book of Christian Parenting   Child Care Author William Sears
ISBN-10 0805461981
Release 1997
Pages 427
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Written to help parents know their children, help them, and lead them to Christ, this total childcare book offers Christian-centered, medically authoritative advice on every aspect of parenting.

Parenting and Child Care

Parenting and Child Care Author William Sears
ISBN-10 0840748477
Release 1993-09
Pages 478
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This exhaustively researched, incomparable resource covers everything from choosing an obstetrician and handling single parenthood to discipline, feeding, and care of infants to telling children about sex and raising teens.

The Focus on the Family Complete Book of Baby Child Care

The Focus on the Family Complete Book of Baby   Child Care Author Paul C. Reisser
ISBN-10 084230889X
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 855
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The "Complete Book of Baby and Child Care" is an up-to-date, comprehensive reference book every parent will repeatedly use as their children grow through the teen years. The approach is to deal with the complete person, in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres of life. The contributors are members of the Focus on the Family "Physicians Resource Council". Many are leading Christian physicians, psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists and professors in their respective medical professions.

The Christian Mama s Guide to Parenting a Toddler

The Christian Mama s Guide to Parenting a Toddler Author Erin MacPherson
ISBN-10 9780849964756
Release 2013-04-08
Pages 206
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What's a mom to do when her sweet baby's smiles and snuggles turn to tears and tantrums? This take on everything toddler—from throwing food to potty training to massive toddler fits—is filled with sanity-saving advice every mom wants to hear. Helpful tips include how to: stop a tantrum in its tracks (or at least survive the tantrum without breaking into tears of your own) discipline your child in a way that demonstrates Christ's redeeming love make your marriage a priority when your kid is a squeaky wheel that always seems to need your time and attention introduce your child to Jesus in a way that leads to authentic faith convince a one-and-a-half year old that broccoli really is better than cookies—even if you don't believe it yourself Moms will be entertained and encouraged by the amusing anecdotes and godly advice of this comprehensive, topical approach to parenting one and two year olds.

The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex

The Focus on the Family   Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex Author J. Fitch
ISBN-10 9781441244444
Release 2013-10-15
Pages 304
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Sexual images saturate today's culture--and children will learn about sex somewhere. But research shows that they want to learn from the parents they trust. Talking about sex doesn't have to be a fear-filled challenge. The Focus on the Family® Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex shows parents how to talk with confidence to their kids about sex and sexuality. This candid resource is full of the latest information, practical insights, and age-appropriate answers to the questions parents and children ask about sex. Focus on the Family's Physicians Resource Council, along with research from The Medical Institute for Sexual Health provides parents with the tools and empowering encouragement they need in order to communicate more effectively and biblically about sex, self-control, and self-respect at every stage of a child's development.

Complete Book of Baby and Child Care

Complete Book of Baby and Child Care Author Grace Ketterman
ISBN-10 0800715152
Release 1987-01-01
Pages 564
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Complete Book of Baby and Child Care has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Complete Book of Baby and Child Care also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Complete Book of Baby and Child Care book for free.

Parenting by The Book

Parenting by The Book Author John Rosemond
ISBN-10 9781476718712
Release 2013-10-15
Pages 288
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A syndicated columnist and family psychologist outlines scripture-based principles for parents that recommend respect for others over self-esteem tactics, recommending a leadership approach to disciplinary methods that draws on traditional belief systems. 50,000 first printing.

Christian Child Rearing and Personality Development

Christian Child Rearing and Personality Development Author Paul D. Meier
ISBN-10 080105611X
Release 1995-09-01
Pages 244
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Christian Child-Rearing and Personality Development offers unique insight into parenting styles that encourage emotionally healthy relationships, ways that parents can prepare for and foster the emotional and spiritual well-being of their children, and signs that children's problems require therapy and what to expect from a good counselor. It addresses prenatal development through adolescence, highlighting challenges and stresses unique to each stage as well as specific problems that can arise. While this second edition has been abridged and popularized, the authors have retained and added information that is essential to parents, psychologists, those involved in family ministry, and counseling students.

Caring for Your Aging Parents

Caring for Your Aging Parents Author Barbara Deane
ISBN-10 0891095780
Release 1989
Pages 276
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If you provide care for your elderly parents, this book will give you the helpful information you need. Includes resource lists.

The Spiritual Child

The Spiritual Child Author Dr. Lisa Miller
ISBN-10 9781250032911
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 400
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In The Spiritual Child, psychologist Lisa Miller presents the next big idea in psychology: the science and the power of spirituality. She explains the clear, scientific link between spirituality and health and shows that children who have a positive, active relationship to spirituality: * are 40% less likely to use and abuse substances * are 60% less likely to be depressed as teenagers * are 80% less likely to have dangerous or unprotected sex * have significantly more positive markers for thriving including an increased sense of meaning and purpose, and high levels of academic success. Combining cutting-edge research with broad anecdotal evidence from her work as a clinical psychologist to illustrate just how invaluable spirituality is to a child's mental and physical health, Miller translates these findings into practical advice for parents, giving them concrete ways to develop and encourage their children's—as well as their own—well-being. In this provocative, conversation-starting book, Dr. Miller presents us with a pioneering new way to think about parenting our modern youth.

Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting Author Hugh Prather
ISBN-10 0517888319
Release 1997-04-01
Pages 304
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Describes the spiritual nature of children, suggests principles that parents can instill in their children, and dicusses discipline, popular culture, and feelings

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Author Scott Turansky
ISBN-10 1888685352
Release 1996-02-01
Pages 197
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Seventy true stories of heart moments woven together by authors, Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN. This hopeful and encouraging book will inspire you to look for heart moments in your own family as well. The stories included were submitted from parents all over the country as entries to the Heart Moment Contest sponsored by the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Enjoy the stories. They are touching, yes, but they can also give you some ideas for making heart moments happen in your family too.

Parenting Inc

Parenting  Inc Author Pamela Paul
ISBN-10 1429994827
Release 2008-04-01
Pages 320
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A leading social critic goes inside the billion-dollar baby business to expose the marketing and the myths, helping parents determine what's worth their money—and what's a waste Parenting coaches, ergonomic strollers, music classes, sleep consultants, luxury diaper creams, a never-ending rotation of DVDs that will make a baby smarter, socially adept, and bilingual before age three. Time-strapped, anxious parents hoping to provide the best for their baby are the perfect mark for the "parenting" industry. In Parenting, Inc., Pamela Paul investigates the whirligig of marketing hype, peer pressure, and easy consumerism that spins parents into purchasing overpriced products and raising overprotected, overstimulated, and over-provided-for children. Paul shows how the parenting industry has persuaded parents that they cannot trust their children's health, happiness, and success to themselves. She offers a behind-the-scenes look at the baby business so that any parent can decode the claims—and discover shockingly unuseful products and surprisingly effective services. And she interviews educators, psychologists, and parents to reveal why the best thing for a baby is to break the cycle of self-recrimination and indulgence that feeds into overspending. Paul's book leads the way for every parent who wants to escape the spiral of fear, guilt, competition, and consumption that characterizes modern American parenthood.

The Gardener and the Carpenter

The Gardener and the Carpenter Author Alison Gopnik
ISBN-10 9780374229702
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 320
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"Alison Gopnik, a leading developmental psychologist, illuminates the paradoxes of parenthood from a scientific perspective"--

The Attachment Parenting Book

The Attachment Parenting Book Author William Sears
ISBN-10 0759526036
Release 2001-09-01
Pages 192
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Might you and your baby both sleep better if you shared a bed? How old is too old for breastfeeding? What is a father's role in nurturing a newborn? How does early attachment foster a child's eventual independence? Dr. Bill and Martha Sears -- the doctor-and-nurse, husband-and-wife team who coined the term "attachment parenting" -- answer these and many more questions in this practical, inspiring guide. Attachment parenting is a style of parenting that encourages a strong early attachment, and advocates parental responsiveness to babies' dependency needs. "The Attachment Parenting Book" clearly explains the six "Baby B's" that form the basis of this increasingly popular parenting style: Bonding, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Bedding close to baby, Belief in the language value of baby's cry, Beware of baby trainers.Here's all the information you need to achieve your most important goals as a new parent: to know your child, to help your child feel right, and to enjoy parenting.

Jesus the Gentle Parent

Jesus  the Gentle Parent Author L. r. Knost
ISBN-10 0988995840
Release 2014-05-01
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In this examination of mainstream Christian parenting practices and the doctrinal beliefs behind them, best-selling author L.R.Knost debunks common cultural and theological beliefs about spanking, original sin, sin nature, submission, authority, obedience, breaking a child's will, and more along with providing grace-filled, gentle solutions to behavior issues.