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The Complete Guide to Pitching

The Complete Guide to Pitching Author Derek Johnson
ISBN-10 9780736079013
Release 2013
Pages 262
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A progressive instruction manual, written by one of America's top pitching coaches, includes high-quality photo sequences and a 75-minute DVD that features topics ranging from techniques to conditioning to the psychological aspects of pitching, drills, exercises and personal insights from Johnson. Original.

Nolan Ryan s Pitcher s Bible

Nolan Ryan s Pitcher s Bible Author Nolan Ryan
ISBN-10 9780671705817
Release 1991-04-15
Pages 316
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Offers advice on the mechanics of pitching, and recommends a program of weight training, aerobic exercise, and sound nutrition


CATCHING 101 Author Xan Barksdale
ISBN-10 9781463439590
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 164
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CATCHING-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers is the most comprehensive book ever written for baseball catchers. It contains tips, drills, and proper mechanics that will help every catcher or coach better understand the most difficult position on the field. This book contains information on EVERY aspect of catching that Coach Barksdale has learned through his years of experience from coaching nationally ranked NCAA teams, and playing at almost every level from Little League to professional baseball. A few of the topics covered in CATCHING-101 are: • Receiving • Blocking • Catching Pop Flies • Throwing • Fielding Bunts • Plays at Home Plate • Drills • Pitchouts • Pass Balls/Wild Pitches • Giving Signals • And More! If you have been searching for a source with lots of high quality information about catching, this is the book for you! CATCHING-101 was written by Coach Xan Barksdale who is currently an NCAA Division I baseball coach and an ex-professional baseball player. Coach Barksdale played in the Atlanta Braves organization and has been a featured speaker at the prestigious ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) national convention.

The Neyer James Guide to Pitchers

The Neyer James Guide to Pitchers Author Bill James
ISBN-10 1439103771
Release 2008-06-16
Pages 496
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Pitchers, the pitches they throw, and how they throw them -- these days it's the stuff of constant scrutiny, but there's never been anything like a comprehensive source for such information. That's what preeminent baseball analyst Bill James and baseball columnist Rob Neyer realized over lunch more than a dozen years ago. Since then, they've been compiling the centerpiece of this book, the "Pitcher Census," which lists specific information for nearly two thousand pitchers, ranging throughout the history of professional baseball. The Guide also offers: A "dictionary" describing virtually every known pitch The origins and development of baseball's most important pitches Top ten lists: best fastballs, best spitballs, and everything in between Biographies of some of the great pitchers who have been overlooked More knuckleballers and submariners than you ever thought existed An open debate concerning pitcher abuse and durability A formula for predicting the Cy Young Award winner Something fresh and new: Bill James' "Pitcher Codes" The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers is about understanding pitchers, and baseball's action always starts with the pitchers. It's also about entertaining debates and having a great deal of fun with the history of a game that obsesses so many.

Pitch Like a Pro

Pitch Like a Pro Author Leo Mazzone
ISBN-10 9780312199463
Release 1999-03-15
Pages 112
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Discusses how to develop arm strength and endurance, perfect new pitches, maintain control of the plate, pitch strategically, and field one's position

Fit to Pitch

Fit to Pitch Author Tom House
ISBN-10 0873228820
Release 1996
Pages 203
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In Fit to Pitch, baseball's best pitching expert, Tom House, shares the coaching secrets that helped Nolan Ryan sustain a long, successful career and Randy Johnson win a Cy Young Award. With House's pitcher-specific training program, you'll strengthen your body and your arm so you can take the mound in top condition.

How to Hit How to Pitch

How to Hit How to Pitch Author Bob Cluck
ISBN-10 0809236400
Release 1995-04-22
Pages 144
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A complete self-coaching system for winning baseball.

The Art of Pitching

The Art of Pitching Author Denny McLain
ISBN-10 0914303104
Release 2014-02
Pages 70
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Two time Cy Young Award winner and MVP with The Detroit Tigers, and baseball's last 31 game winner Denny McLain, tells how to become a better pitcher with instruction in grips, stances, delivery and how to play the game at the highest level. For beginning and advanced pitchers, The Art Of Pitching gives tips on how to dominate the mound and control the game from the pitchers position. Pictures, ideas and the experience from one of the legends of the game.

Baseball Coach s Survival Guide

Baseball Coach s Survival Guide Author Jerry Weinstein
ISBN-10 0787966215
Release 1998-04-01
Pages 384
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Here is a comprehensive, practical resource that makes building a successful baseball program considerably easier for both the new and the experienced coach. Included are proven techniques and ready-to-use materials for virtually every aspect of the coach s job, from recruiting to training talent for each position.

Pitch the Perfect Investment

Pitch the Perfect Investment Author Paul D. Sonkin
ISBN-10 9781119051787
Release 2017-09-12
Pages 496
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Pitching the Perfect Investment + Website will present a two-step process: 1) finding the perfect investment; and 2) crafting the perfect pitch. It presents world-class insights into search strategy, data collection and research, securities analysis, risk assessment and management, combined with the use of critical thinking, to uncover the perfect opportunity for professional analysts, sophisticated private investors and ambitious young analysts as well as mergers and acquisition specialists advising clients, financial consultants and corporate financial analysis teams. Pitching draws from the disciplines of psychology, argumentation and informal logic. It instructs the investor analysts of all types how to craft this perfect investment into the perfect pitch. Pitching an investment is an essential skill to securing and then excelling at your job on Wall Street. In this book: The money manager will learn how to analyze and pitch ideas to potential investors in order to get them to invest in his or her fund. The analyst will learn how to source, analyze, value and pitch a compelling stock idea to their superiors in order to advance their careers. The banker will learn how to pitch acquisition ideas to senior executives and corporate clients to win business. The C-level executive of a public or private company will learn how to pitch his company to existing and potential investors. The salesperson will learn how to analyze and pitch a compelling idea to clients. The sophisticated or enterprising individual investor will learn how to source, analyze and value investment ideas to make money. The student will learn how to source, analyze, value and pitch a compelling stock idea in order to secure a job on Wall Street. This is an essential skill for the ambitious young investment analyst looking to begin a career on Wall Street as well as the seasoned veteran discussing an idea on CNBC, and every investor in-between.

The Physics of Pitching

The Physics of Pitching Author Len Solesky
ISBN-10 9780760338506
Release 2011-06-06
Pages 192
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Provides a comprehensive approach, includes a training schedule, tips on the mechanics, physiology, and psychology of pitching, and explores common injuries.

Music Publishing The Complete Guide

Music Publishing  The Complete Guide Author Steve Winogradsky
ISBN-10 9781470614270
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 408
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Written by an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the music industry, Music Publishing: The Complete Guide is the definitive manual on music copyright. Whereas many books on the subject are aimed at artists and songwriters, this book will serve as a thorough guide for industry pros, lawyers, and music business and law students. Subjects covered include copyright; performing rights organizations; mechanical, synchronization, and print licensing; songwriter and composer agreements; publishing administration and foreign sub-publishing; production music libraries; pitching and placement companies; sampling; and much more. The discussion also delves into historical perspective and current trends and revenue opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace. Easy-to-read narratives explain the key points for all of these types of deals. There are many sample agreements included in the book, all annotated in simple terms that explain the often complex contract language. There are also links to copyright and publishing resources, listings of foreign performance and mechanical societies, and anecdotes and case studies from real world incidents. If you're looking for a thorough grounding and go-to reference book on music copyright, not just a quick crash course, your search is over.

Throwing and Pitching for Kids

Throwing and Pitching for Kids Author Fred Freberg
ISBN-10 0966142403
Release 1997
Pages 124
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Throwing and Pitching for Kids has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Throwing and Pitching for Kids also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Throwing and Pitching for Kids book for free.


Pitching Author Bob Shaw
ISBN-10 0670557587
Release 1972
Pages 208
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Explains the delivery of different kinds of pitches, techniques of teaching pitching, pitching strategy, the execution of pick-off plays and fielding duties of the pitcher, and his mental and physical conditioning.

Downright Filthy Pitching Book 3

Downright Filthy Pitching Book 3 Author Perry Husband
ISBN-10 1536937142
Release 2007-10-09
Pages 182
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Downright Filthy Pitching Book 3 - The Science of Pitch Sequencing is the 3rd book of the series on Effective Velocity. Book 1 is the introduction into the science and understanding of what Effective Velocity is all about. Book 2 describes the Hitters' Attention or the human limitations of reacting to a pitch at such high velocities and the MLB studies that back the findings. Book 3 describes how to implement Effective Velocity into your pitching approach in the simplest and most innovative and creative ways. This is the first book to show you how the baseball actually works to create different types of movements, to aid in deception. This is the first book to scientifically show how to gain a significant advantage against hitters by learning to sequence pitches in the most deceptive way possible. This book shows pitchers how to design their most effective pitch assortment and how to use them at maximum efficiency. "I'm an old history teacher. In the history of man some innovations were so revolutionary that they forever changed the course of history. I believe Perry's study and innovation of EV is changing and will change the game of has certainly changed the way we attack hitters at Pitching Central. Every day we have a choice. We can choose to stay current and ride the wave as the change alters the landscape...or stubbornly choose to be the cynic and swear the earth is flat...and be at the bottom of the wave when it moves through. Regardless, an innovation of this magnitude will affect us either way." Ron Wolforth Author of the Combat Pitcher- Preparing the Next Generation of Pitchers for Battle CEO Pitching Central

The Mental ABCs of Pitching

The Mental ABCs of Pitching Author H. A. Dorfman
ISBN-10 9781630761851
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 280
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Author H.A. Dorfman brings his years of expertise as instructor/counselor with the A's, Marlins, and Devil Rays to provide an easy-to-use, A-to-Z handbook which will give insight and instruction on how to pitch to peak performance at every level of the game. Perfect for pitchers who need that extra edge or hitters who want to better understand the mental moves on the mound. With a new foreword by Rick Wolff!

Pitch Anything An Innovative Method for Presenting Persuading and Winning the Deal

Pitch Anything  An Innovative Method for Presenting  Persuading  and Winning the Deal Author Oren Klaff
ISBN-10 007175976X
Release 2011-02-18
Pages 240
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Gold Medal Winner--Tops Sales World's Best Sales and Marketing Book “Fast, fun and immensely practical.” —JOE SULLIVAN, Founder, Flextronics “Move over Neil Strauss and game theory. Pitch Anything reveals the next big thing in social dynamics: game for business.” —JOSH WHITFORD, Founder, Echelon Media “What do supermodels and venture capitalists have in common? They hear hundreds of pitches a year. Pitch Anything makes sure you get the nod (or wink) you deserve.” —RALPH CRAM, Investor “Pitch Anything offers a new method that will differentiate you from the rest of the pack.” —JASON JONES, Senior Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle “If you want to pitch a product, raise money, or close a deal, read Pitch Anything and put its principles to work.” —STEVEN WALDMAN, Principal and Founder, Spectrum Capital “Pitch Anything opened my eyes to what I had been missing in my presentations and business interactions.” —LOUIE UCCIFERRI, President, Regent Capital Group “I use Oren’s unique strategies to sell deals, raise money, and handle tough situations.” —TAYLOR GARRETT, Vice President, White Cap “A counter-intuitive method that works.” —JAY GOYAL, CEO, SumOpti About the Book: When it comes to delivering a pitch, Oren Klaff has unparalleled credentials. Over the past 13 years, he has used his one-of-a- kind method to raise more than $400 million—and now, for the fi rst time, he describes his formula to help you deliver a winning pitch in any business situation. Whether you’re selling ideas to investors, pitching a client for new business, or even negotiating for a higher salary, Pitch Anything will transform the way you position your ideas. According to Klaff, creating and presenting a great pitch isn’t an art—it’s a simple science. Applying the latest findings in the field of neuroeconomics, while sharing eye-opening stories of his method in action, Klaff describes how the brain makes decisions and responds to pitches. With this information, you’ll remain in complete control of every stage of the pitch process. Pitch Anything introduces the exclusive STRONG method of pitching, which can be put to use immediately: Setting the Frame Telling the Story Revealing the Intrigue Offering the Prize Nailing the Hookpoint Getting a Decision One truly great pitch can improve your career, make you a lot of money—and even change your life. Success is dependent on the method you use, not how hard you try. “Better method, more money,” Klaff says. “Much better method, much more money.” Klaff is the best in the business because his method is much better than anyone else’s. And now it’s yours. Apply the tactics and strategies outlined in Pitch Anything to engage and persuade your audience—and you’ll have more funding and support than you ever thought possible.