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The Creative City

The Creative City Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 9781898309161
Release 1995
Pages 66
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The Creative City has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Creative City also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Creative City book for free.

The Creative City

The Creative City Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 9781849772945
Release 2012
Pages 350
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The Creative City is a clarion call for imaginative action in developing and running urban life. It shows how to think, plan and act creatively in addressing urban issues, with remarkable examples of innovation and regeneration from around the world. This revised edition of Charles Landry's highly influential text has been updated with a new, extensive overview.

The Creative City

The Creative City Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 1853836133
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 300
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Arrangements for the governance and management of forests have been changing rapidly in recent decades. The post-Rio period has been one of unprecedented re-examination of what the world’s forest resources consist of, who they should belong to, who should

The Art of City Making

The Art of City Making Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 9781136554964
Release 2012-05-16
Pages 248
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City-making is an art, not a formula. The skills required to re-enchant the city are far wider than the conventional ones like architecture, engineering and land-use planning. There is no simplistic, ten-point plan, but strong principles can help send good city-making on its way. The vision for 21st century cities must be to be the most imaginative cities for the world rather than in the world. This one change of word - from 'in' to 'for' - gives city-making an ethical foundation and value base. It helps cities become places of solidarity where the relations between the individual, the group, outsiders to the city and the planet are in better alignment. Following the widespread success of The Creative City, this new book, aided by international case studies, explains how to reassess urban potential so that cities can strengthen their identity and adapt to the changing global terms of trade and mass migration. It explores the deeper fault-lines, paradoxes and strategic dilemmas that make creating the 'good city' so difficult.

The Creative City

The Creative City Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 1844075982
Release 2000
Pages 300
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Over half the world's population live in cities and this proportion is set to grow rapidly. This text offers a toolkit of methods by which our cities can be revived and revitalised.

The Intercultural City

The Intercultural City Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 9781136553493
Release 2012-05-16
Pages 384
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In a world of increasing mobility, how people of different cultures live together is a key issue of our age, especially for those responsible for planning and running cities. New thinking is needed on how diverse communities can cooperate in productive harmony instead of leading parallel or antagonistic lives. Policy is often dominated by mitigating the perceived negative effects of diversity, and little thought is given to how a diversity dividend or increased innovative capacity might be achieved. The Intercultural City, based on numerous case studies worldwide, analyses the links between urban change and cultural diversity. It draws on original research in the US, Europe, Australasia and the UK. It critiques past and current policy and introduces new conceptual frameworks. It provides significant and practical advice for readers, with new insights and tools for practitioners such as the intercultural lens, indicators of openness, urban cultural literacy and ten steps to an Intercultural City. Published with Comedia.

Knowledge Cities

Knowledge Cities Author Francisco Carrillo
ISBN-10 9781136390234
Release 2006-08-14
Pages 312
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Knowledge Cities are cities that possess an economy driven by high value-added exports created through research, technology, and brainpower. In other words, these are cities in which both the private and the public sectors value knowledge, nurture knowledge, spend money on supporting knowledge dissemination and discovery (ie learning and innovation) and harness knowledge to create products and services that add value and create wealth. Currently there are 65 urban development programs worldwide formally designated as “knowledge cities.” Knowledge-based cities fall under a new area of academic research entitled Knowledge-Based Development, which brings together research in urban development and urban studies and planning with knowledge management and intellectual capital. In this book, Francisco Javier Carillo of the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) brings together a group of distinguished scholars to outline the theory, development, and realities of knowledge cities. Based on knowledge-based development, the book shows how knowledge can be and is placed at the center of city planning and economic development to enable knowledge flows and innovation to provide a sustainable environment for high value-added products and services.

Creative Work Beyond the Creative Industries

Creative Work Beyond the Creative Industries Author Greg Hearn
ISBN-10 9781782545705
Release 2014-06-27
Pages 272
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Creative workers are employed in sectors outside the creative industries often in greater numbers than within the creative field. This is the first book to explore the phenomena of the embedded creative and creative services through a range of sectors,

Cities and the Creative Class

Cities and the Creative Class Author Richard L. Florida
ISBN-10 041594886X
Release 2005
Pages 198
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Richard Florida outlines how certain cities succeed in attracting members of the 'creative class' - the key economic growth asset - and argues that, in order to prosper, cities must harness this creative potential.

Psycholgy and the City

Psycholgy and the City Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 1908777079
Release 2017-04
Pages 84
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"The city is not a lifeless thing. People have personality, identity and, as they are congregations of people, so do cities. In a constant cycle of influencing and being influenced the city impacts upon our mind and our emotional state impacts upon the city with untold effects. It is astonishing that psychology, the study exploring the dynamics of feeling and emotion, has not been taken sufficiently seriously as an urban discipline, not only by psychology itself but also urban decision makers, since it seeks to understand why we act the way we do. To see the urban fabric, its dynamics and city life as empty shells devoid of human psychological content is careless. To be blind to its consequences is foolish, as the city is primarily an emotional experience with psychological effects. Just as the body is the museum of human evolution so the psyche is the mental museum of our primeval psychological past, and we have carried anciently formed elements of it into this new urban age. There are psychological consequences to our adaptation to 'homo urbanis' and the cities that will do best may be those most able to connect the ancient as well as modern parts of ourselves. Seeing the city through a psychological lens can help create programmes to bring out potential and help heal fractures, divides or lack of confidence. It is extraordinary that it has not been given fuller attention in urban policy. The book explores how various psychological disciplines can be used, how to create a more psychologically mature city and how to analyse an urban psyche."--Publisher's description.

Making Competitive Cities

Making Competitive Cities Author Sako Musterd
ISBN-10 1444390422
Release 2011-02-02
Pages 376
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The book investigates the impact on the competitiveness of cities developing creative industries (arts, media, entertainment, creative business services, architects, publishers, designers) and knowledge-intensive industries (ICT, R&D, finance, law). It provides significant new knowledge to the theoretical and practical understanding of the conditions necessary to stimulate "creative knowledge" cities. The editors compare the socio-economic developments, experiences and strategies in 13 urban regions across Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Birmingham, Budapest, Dublin, Helsinki, Leipzig, Milan, Munich, Poznan, Riga, Sofia and Toulouse. These have different histories and roles; include capital and non-capital cities of different sizes; represent cities with different economic structures; and different cultural, political and welfare state traditions. Through this wide set of examples, Making Competitive Cities informs the debate about creative and knowledge-intensive industries, economic development, and competitiveness policies. It focuses on which metropolitan regions have a better chance to develop as "creative knowledge regions" and which do not, as well as investigating why this is so and what can policy do to influence change. Chapter authors from thirteen European institutions rigorously evaluate, reformulate and empirically test assumptions about cities and their potential for attracting creative and knowledge-intensive industries. As well as a systematic empirical comparison of developments related to these industries, the book examines the pathways that cities have followed and surveys both the negative and positive impacts of different prevailing conditions. Special Features: Analyses link between knowledge-intensive sectors and urban competitiveness Offers evidence from 13 European urban regions drawn from a major research project Establishes a new benchmark for academic and policy debates in a fast-moving field

Handbook of Creative Cities

Handbook of Creative Cities Author D. E. Andersson
ISBN-10 9780857936394
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 576
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With the publication of The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida in 2002, the 'creative city' became the new hot topic among urban policymakers, planners and economists. Florida has developed one of three path-breaking theories about the relationship between creative individuals and urban environments. The economist Åke E. Andersson and the psychologist Dean Simonton are the other members of this 'creative troika'. In the Handbook of Creative Cities, Florida, Andersson and Simonton appear in the same volume for the first time. The expert contributors in this timely Handbook extend their insights with a varied set of theoretical and empirical tools. The diversity of the contributions reflect the multidisciplinary nature of creative city theorizing, which encompasses urban economics, economic geography, social psychology, urban sociology, and urban planning. The stated policy implications are equally diverse, ranging from libertarian to social democratic visions of our shared creative and urban future. Being truly international in its scope, this major Handbook will be particularly useful for policy makers that are involved in urban development, academics in urban economics, economic geography, urban sociology, social psychology, and urban planning, as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students across the social sciences and in business.

Eventful Cities

Eventful Cities Author Greg Richards
ISBN-10 9781136440144
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 534
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Processes of globalization, economic restructuring and urban redevelopment have placed events at the centre of strategies for change in cities. Events offer the potential to achieve economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes within broader urban development strategies. This volume: * analyzes the process of cultural event development, management and marketing and links these processes to their wider cultural, social and economic context * provides a unique blend of practical and academic analysis, with a selection of major events and festivals in cities where ‘eventfulness’ has been an important element of development strategy * examines the reasons why different stakeholders should collaborate, as well as the reasons why cities succeed or fail to develop events and become eventful Eventful Cities evaluates theoretical perspectives and links theory and practice through case studies of cities and events across the world. Critical success factors are identified which can help to guide cities and regions to develop event strategies. This book is essential reading for any undergraduate or graduate student and all practitioners and policy-makers involved in event management, cultural management, arts administration, urban studies, cultural studies and tourism.

The Civic City in a Nomadic World

The Civic City in a Nomadic World Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 946208372X
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 288
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We are in the midst of redesigning the world and all its systems as we witness the biggest mass movement of people, goods, factories, frenzied finance and ideas in history. Vast flows make the new norm nomadic. Yet there is a yearning for belonging, distinctiveness and identity as the 'anytime, anyplace, anywhere' phenomenon enabled by digitization is changing how we interact with space, place and time. Old certainties are crumbling and systems are breaking at escalating speed. Apprehension is in the air as we invent a different kind of city. This is the Civic City. It tries to find a pathway through the major faultlines, dilemmas and potentials of our time-shared lives, inequality, environmental distress and urban vitality. This is a place where we reinvent anchorage, an urban commons, connection, but also possibility and inspiration. In this book, the inventor of the Creative City concept helps us navigate the evolving urban landscapes and its potential.

The Creative City Index

The Creative City Index Author Charles Landry
ISBN-10 1908777028
Release 2012
Pages 64
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The Creative City Index has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Creative City Index also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Creative City Index book for free.

Urban Literacy

Urban Literacy Author Klaske Havik
ISBN-10 9462081212
Release 2015-02-24
Pages 256
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Literature offers valuable insights into how people experience, use and imagine places. In an accessible yet scientifically underpinned manner, Urban Literacy offers new methods for reading and writing all sorts of places, from architecture to urban space. The literary approach in this book stems from criticism of a lack of attention for the above-mentioned aspects in the architectural and urban planning debate: experiencing, using and imagining. This book brings together a variety of disciplines and theoretical approaches by means of three literary concepts: description, transcription and prescription. It translates them into the domain of architecture and urban planning, among other things through analyses of the work of Steven Holl, Bernard Tschumi and Rem Koolhaas.

Urban Utopias in the Twentieth Century

Urban Utopias in the Twentieth Century Author Robert Fishman
ISBN-10 0262560232
Release 1982-01-01
Pages 332
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As Robert Fishman writes of three of urban planning's greatest visionaries, EbenezerHoward, Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, they 'hated the cities of their time with anoverwhelming passion. The metropolis was the counter-image of their ideal cities, the hell thatinspired their heavens.'