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The Dancing Wu Li Masters

The Dancing Wu Li Masters Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9780061926389
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 416
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“The most exciting intellectual adventure I've been on since reading Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” —Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times Gary Zukav’s timeless, humorous, New York Times bestselling masterpiece, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, is arguably the most widely acclaimed introduction to quantum physics ever written. Scientific American raves: “Zukav is such a skilled expositor, with such an amiable style, that it is hard to imagine a layman who would not find his book enjoyable and informative.” Accessible, edifying, and endlessly entertaining, The Dancing Wu Li Masters is back in a beautiful new edition—and the doors to the fascinating, dazzling, remarkable world of quantum physics are opened to all once again, no previous mathematical or technical expertise required.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters

The Dancing Wu Li Masters Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781448175079
Release 2012-12-31
Pages 352
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This is an account of the essential aspects of the new physics for those with little or no knowledge of mathematics or science. It describes current theories of quantum mechanics, Einstein's special and general theories of relativity and other speculations, alluding throughout to parallels with modern psychology and metaphorical abstractions to Buddhism and Taoism. The author has also written "The Seat of the Soul".

The dancing Wu Li masters

The dancing Wu Li masters Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 055326382X
Release 1979
Pages 337
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The history and concepts of physics, including quantum mechanics and relativity theory, are viewed within the framework of Eastern thought to unravel the mysteries of the physical universe

The Tao of Physics

The Tao of Physics Author Fritjof Capra
ISBN-10 9781590308356
Release 2010
Pages 366
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Studies similarities between the concept of a harmonious universe that emerges from the theories of modern physics and the vision of a continuously interactive world conceived by Eastern mystics.

The Seat of the Soul

The Seat of the Soul Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781476740843
Release 2014-03-11
Pages 384
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A quarter-century edition of a classic book by the award-winning author of Dancing with the Wu Li Masters explores a new phase of human evolution that reflects a growing understanding about authentic, spiritually based power based on cooperative beliefs and a reverence for life.

Soul to Soul Meditations

Soul to Soul Meditations Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781471103131
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 288
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In Soul to Soul, Gary Zukav addressed some of the most fundamental questions about the human experience, with profound answers that are of truly universal value. Now with Soul to Soul Meditations, Zukav provides 365 inspirational excerpts, one for each day of the year, with each page opening up new insights for reflection. The perfect gift for somebody you love or for yourself, the book is small enough to fit into a handbag, and take with you wherever you go. Think of these meditations as doorways through which soul to soul communication can enter your life and transform it. This lovely collection of meditations can be read independently of Soul to Soulor used as a companion piece.

Spiritual Partnership

Spiritual Partnership Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 0061991384
Release 2010-04-27
Pages 304
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In his first major book since the legendary bestseller The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav reveals a revolutionary new path for spiritual growth. What began with an introduction to a major paradigm shift in The Dancing Wu Li Masters turned into a discussion of aligning our personalities with our soul in The Seat of the Soul; finally, in Spiritual Partnership, Zukav guides the reader on this practical path to authentic power.

Meditation Oneness and Physics

Meditation  Oneness and Physics Author Glen Peter Kezwer
ISBN-10 1930051336
Release 2003-03-01
Pages 223
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An entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking insight into the connections between the sciences of physics and meditation based on the author's own direct experience. The first chapter presents the scientific, rational approach to meditation and analyzes this technique in terms of the modern scientific method. Meditation is treated as a science that starts with the observation of the functioning of the human mind and reaches out toward the vision of Oneness where all of creation is seen as one unique existence. The last four chapters deal with the parallels between modern physics and meditation. The last section in each chapter demonstrates how the discoveries of physics both corroborate those that come from meditation and serve as a basis upon which the findings of meditation can expand. The author also shows the reader how the practice of meditation can be incorporated into his or her own life to bring the benefits of good health, happiness, clear thinking, peace of mind, self-sufficiency, and fearlessness.

Soul to Soul

Soul to Soul Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781471103124
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 336
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Soul to Soul, the eagerly awaited new book from world-renowned inspirational teacher and philosopher Gary Zukav, marks a significant step forward in the evolution of his work. Beautifully written, it is comprised of two parts. The first section, 'Soul Subjects' consists of over 60 brief but enormously compelling and profound stories of people's lives that embody the 'felt experience', offering insights and wisdom that are truly meaningful. The second section, 'Soul Questions' combines psychological insight and deep spirituality, providing fascinating answers to well over 100 fundamental questions about the true essence of human existence that will be of enduring value to readers. Written with maturity of voice and with compassion, it is a landmark new title in the field of spiritual intelligence.

Thoughts From The Heart Of The Soul

Thoughts From The Heart Of The Soul Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781471103148
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 288
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Anger. Pain. Longing. Fear. Despair. These are all negative emotions we tend to try to keep at bay and pretend don't exist. And yet bestselling author Gary Zukav, who has been working in the field of emotions for over a decade, suggests we should and can bring these unmentionables out of the closest and deal with them. Not to do so is like trying to prevent water flowing downstream. You can dam it for so long, but then it's likely to flood. Hence the prevalance of road rage, stress, alcoholism and various other addictions in our society. Now, in THOUGHTS FROM THE HEART OF THE SOUL the authors offer a collection of meditations to help us understand our emotions and live healthily and happily in harmony with them. Both a companion piece to THE HEART OF THE SOUL and a stand-alone book that offers insight into who we are and all that we can become, this enlightening compilation of reflections and meditations will be cherished by readers for years to come.

Space time and beyond

Space time and beyond Author Bob Toben
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105004510470
Release 1982-05
Pages 174
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Captioned cartoon drawings offering an overview of universal order as they deal with various phenomena are combined with scientific commentary

Heart Of The Soul

Heart Of The Soul Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781471103056
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 256
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In THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, Gary Zukav brilliantly set forth his concepts, explaining how the expansion of human perception beyond the five senses leads to a new understanding of 'authentic power'. Then, in SOUL STORIES, he revealed how such concepts as intuition, harmony, sharing and forgiveness actually express themselves in other people's lives. And now, in THE HEART OF THE SOUL, Zukav, together with his coauthor and spiritual partner, Linda Francis, takes the next important step in showing us how to actually apply these crucial concepts in our daily lives. Zukav reveals how true emotional awareness can transform the human experience. Although it is challenging and difficult, because it means becoming aware of suppressed pain, it is also enormously rewarding. But first the determination to explore every aspect of consciousness, and to cultivate those that contribute the most to life, must replace the desire to bury painful emotions. Ultimately emotional awareness can free us from the compulsions, fixations, obsessions and addictions that block our spiritual development - among them anger, workaholism, perfectionism, obsessive eating, alcohol, drugs, sex - and allow us to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. THE HEART OF THE SOUL will be a revelation for readers - a soul tool with which we can forge a greater emotional awareness to enable us to use our emotions in the creation of authentic power. It is a book to read not once, but several times, for it is a life-changing work that can transform our lives for the better.

How the Hippies Saved Physics Science Counterculture and the Quantum Revival

How the Hippies Saved Physics  Science  Counterculture  and the Quantum Revival Author David Kaiser
ISBN-10 9780393082302
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 416
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“Meticulously researched and unapologetically romantic, How the Hippies Saved Physics makes the history of science fun again.”—Science In the 1970s, an eccentric group of physicists in Berkeley, California, banded together to explore the wilder side of science. Dubbing themselves the “Fundamental Fysiks Group,” they pursued an audacious, speculative approach to physics, studying quantum entanglement in terms of Eastern mysticism and psychic mind reading. As David Kaiser reveals, these unlikely heroes spun modern physics in a new direction, forcing mainstream physicists to pay attention to the strange but exciting underpinnings of quantum theory.

Quantum Questions

Quantum Questions Author Ken Wilber
ISBN-10 9780834822832
Release 2001-04-10
Pages 224
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Here is a collection of writings that bridges the gap between science and religion. Quantum Questions collects the mystical writings of each of the major physicists involved in the discovery of quantum physics and relativity, including Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, and Max Planck. The selections are written in nontechnical language and will be of interest to scientists and nonscientists alike.

Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes Author Fred Alan Wolf
ISBN-10 9780671696016
Release 1990-02-15
Pages 351
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Explores the degree to which a belief in parallel universes shapes the thinking of contemporary physicists in areas as diverse as relativity, psychology, quantum mechanics, and cosmology

Mind of the Soul

Mind of the Soul Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781471103063
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 240
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If you believe you are the victim of circumstance, that you are stuck in your current unsatisfactory situation and that nothing can be done to improve things, THE MIND OF THE SOUL is the book for you. Here Zukav encourages us to take responsibility for our actions and to see how they have created our lives. He shows us how to see and make new choices that could open up a whole new range of possibilities. And he gives us a clear, accessible, step-by-step plan for discovering our full, authentic power - the power that comes when our personality and our souls are truly aligned.

Soul Stories

Soul Stories Author Gary Zukav
ISBN-10 9781471103117
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 256
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In his bestselling book, THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, Gary Zukav's driving concept was 'multi-sensory perception', an innate sense that allows people to experience the world beyond the five senses, to listen harder to who they are and ultimately to save one's life. Now in SOUL STORIES, Gary Zukav brings this concept and many others vividly alive, with marvellous true stories of how they manifest themselves in individual lives. This book is enormously practical in the way the author builds on each specific story to a discussion of its application to the reader's needs, leading to a deeper understanding of authentic power and inner peace. And best of all, it is wonderfully readable and even more accessible than THE SEAT OF THE SOUL.