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The Dark Knight s Captive Bride

The Dark Knight s Captive Bride Author Natasha Wild
ISBN-10 1540342905
Release 2016-11-14
Pages 454
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She is the daughter of his enemy...and the keeper of his heart. Richard de Claiborne, the dark earl of Dunsmore, serves King Edward Plantagenet well. Sworn to obey his king's every order, he nevertheless chafes at the command he wed the daughter of his enemy--a man who slew his father in cold blood. But King Edward wants peace in his lands, and he will stop at nothing to get it. If he has to order his most powerful Marcher lord to marry a Welsh princess, he considers it a small price to pay. Princess Gwenllian is a political pawn. When she's forced to marry the evil Black Hawk de Claiborne, she quakes at his fierceness and brutality. But she does her duty to her father and her people, knowing she will never surrender to her enemy. In the halls of Black Hawk's great keep, Gwen glimpses a man who can be tender and passionate-and who teaches her about breathtaking sensuality and a desire so great it threatens every vow she ever made to keep her heart locked tight. As war once more looms between Wales and England, Gwen realizes a terrible truth: she's in love with the enemy. When long-buried secrets threaten to destroy her fragile happiness, she must make a terrible choice-or watch the man she loves sacrifice his life to save hers...

Captive Beauty

Captive Beauty Author Natasha Knight
Release 2018-01-24
Pages 268
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Cilla The Beast had Belle. Killian Black has me. How I got here doesn’t matter, even though he says it does. Says it was my choice. He doesn’t get it, though. It wasn’t ever a choice for me. And now, he’s changing the rules. The agreement was one month. For thirty days, I’d be his. He’s no longer satisfied with my body alone, though. He wants my soul, too. Wants every part of me. And even though I can pretend I’m safe when I lie beneath him, this man does something to me. Something wicked. A thing that will break me. Killian Cilla made the choice. She offered the deal. I just took her up on it. So what if I changed the rules half-way in? I’m not apologizing for it. See, Cilla and me, we’re the same. She’s dark. As dark as me. Something happened to her. Something bad. It damaged her. But it’s not a hero she seeks. It’s an avenging angel. A dark knight. That, I can do. I’ll slay her dragons, but it’ll cost her, because in return, I want everything. And I’ll take it. She’s mine.

Hostage Bride

Hostage Bride Author Anne Herries
ISBN-10 9781460349625
Release 2014-10-15
Pages 288
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CAPTIVE IN THE DARK KNIGHT'S CASTLE… Raphael's heart is thought to be in the grave with his late wife. He's certainly thankful for the mission to restore King Richard to the throne; it leaves him with no time for distraction. Lady Rosamunde Meldreth is beautiful, vulnerable, and the prey of a dangerous man. As much as Raphael wants to walk away, he's forced to keep Rosamunde under lock and key in his castle. Raphael's interest in Rosamunde seems to be purely one of possession—but then she discovers the dark knight wants to make her his hostage bride…

Virgin Slave Barbarian King

Virgin Slave  Barbarian King Author Louise Allen
ISBN-10 9781426810008
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 288
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Julia Livia Rufa is horrified when barbarians invade Rome and steal everything in sight. But she doesn't expect to be among the taken! As Wulfric's woman, she's ordered to keep house for the uncivilized marauders. Soon, though, Julia realizes that she's more free as a slave than she ever was as a sheltered Roman virgin. It would be all too easy to succumb to Wulfric's quiet strength, and Julia wants him more than she's ever wanted anything. But Wulfric could one day be king, and Julia is a Roman slave. What future can there be for two people from such different worlds?

A Knight s Vow

A Knight s Vow Author Lindsay Townsend
ISBN-10 142010361X
Release 2008
Pages 320
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Returning from the crusades in hopes of claiming his true love, Alyson of Olverton, as his bride, Guillelm de la Rochelle is stunned to discover that she is engaged to his father and, torn between jealousy and desire, vows to make her his forever. Original.

Conquering Knight Captive Lady

Conquering Knight  Captive Lady Author Anne O'Brien
ISBN-10 9781426829994
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 288
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Green eyes sparkling with fire, there is no way Lady Rosamund de Longspey has escaped an arranged marriage only to be conquered by a rogue! Gray eyes as hard and flinty as his heart has become, Lord Gervase Fitz Osbern, weary of war and wanton women, will fight for what rightly belongs to him. But Rose is not going to be ousted, and Gervase, a warrior to his fingertips, is not going to meekly withdraw. Instead he'll claim his castle—and just maybe a bride!

Another Man s Bride

Another Man s Bride Author Ariel MacArran
ISBN-10 0615850359
Release 2013-07-01
Pages 378
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In a time when even saints face the flames, Isabella Beaufort's visions give her good reason to fear. She tries desperately to keep her gift secret, but when whispers race through the English court that King Henry has been enchanted, Isabella's only hope is to flee north to a marriage arranged by her cousin, Queen Joan of Scotland. No one in the Highlands has more reason to hate the Scottish king than Colyne MacKimzie. Conspiring with King James' enemies at court, Colyne promises to prevent the English lady from reaching her betrothed and expects a high ransom for her release. While holding Isabella captive, Colyne learns her secret, but now he is hiding one of his own-he cannot bear to be parted from this haunted, dark-eyed woman. Colyne knows kidnapping the queen's cousin is one thing, but keeping her invites the wrath of the most powerful men in Scotland. Falling under the fiery chieftain's spell, Isabella is tormented by visions of Colyne killing King James-and her as well. Colyne and Isabella's frantic efforts to alter the future she sees only twist their path closer toward the infamous murder of a king. When the king's men seize Colyne, Isabella must submit to her arranged marriage to save him even as conspirators rise up to seize the Scottish throne. Interwoven with actual historical events, Another Man's Bride is a passionate tale of magic, court intrigue and a love that even fate is powerless to break . . .

Midnight Secrets

Midnight Secrets Author Jennifer St. Giles
ISBN-10 9781945174117
Release 2016-05-16
Pages 358
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Is he her darkest dream…or most terrifying nightmare? Cassiopeia’s dreams have never been her own. They are harbingers of death. Yet when she learns her gentle cousin, Mary, has disappeared from a remote castle on the Cornish Coast, the official story doesn’t fit with Cassie’s prophetic dream. The mystery compels her to leave the safety and middle-class comfort of Oxford to take a job as a maid in the house of Killdaren. There she discovers more than the daily indignities the working class must endure. There’s a darkness surrounding Sean Killdaren, a man born with his hands at his twin’s throat. Whispers of the murderous Dragon Curse…and an aversion to daylight that adds vampire to spine-chilling rumors. When Cassie encounters him in the shadowy corridors, his touch should make her tremble in fear. But that’s not what makes her knees shockingly weak. It’s the spell of desire he casts with his wicked green eyes…and the small acts of kindness that soften her heart. The closer she comes to the truth, the greater the danger. Mary isn’t the only woman lost to the Killdaren brothers’ curse. And as a killer lurks ever closer, Cassie wonders whom she can trust…and if she will be the next victim.

Dark Rider

Dark Rider Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9780307815712
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 448
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An electrifying tale of deadly and forbidden desire that sweeps from the exotic islands of a tropical paradise to the magnificent estates of Regency England. Cassandra Deville's carefree life on the islands of Hawaii is shattered by the sudden arrival of a savagely seductive stranger. She's the key to Jared Daremount's plan to avenge his father, actually only a pawn in his plans, but once she becomes his captive, Jared realizes she's a prize he can never surrender. From the Paperback edition.

Eternal Demon

Eternal Demon Author Laura Wright
ISBN-10 9780451239754
Release 2013
Pages 370
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When his son is kidnapped by the evil vampire Cruen, Erion will stop at nothing to get him back and intercepts the traveling party of Cruen's bride-to-be Hellen, who he must protect from the underworld forces waiting to destroy her for her betrayal. Original.


Untamed Author Elizabeth Lowell
ISBN-10 9780061760921
Release 2009-03-17
Pages 416
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Returning home triumphant from the Crusades, Dominic le Sabre is determined to claim the bride promised to him by the king, but the high-born Celtic beauty is equally determined to resist him.

Crime Lord s Captive

Crime Lord s Captive Author Mia Knight
ISBN-10 1539317250
Release 2016-10-19
Pages 290
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Three years ago, Lyla fled from her ex, Gavin Pyre. She created a new identity and began a relationship with a man who knows nothing about her past. The normal life she built for herself is shattered when Gavin blackmails her into returning to Las Vegas where he rules the criminal underworld. As Lyla navigates through the dark secrets of her past she's forced to face a man who refuses to let her live without him.

Montana Bride

Montana Bride Author Joan Johnston
ISBN-10 9780345527486
Release 2014
Pages 406
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When Karl Norwood's mail order bride is killed on her way to meet him, Hetty Wentworth takes her place, pretending to be the dead woman, but when Karl discovers her deception, she risks losing the man she has come to love.

The Conqueror s Lady

The Conqueror s Lady Author Terri Brisbin
ISBN-10 9781426835865
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 288
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Strong, ruthless, brave and honorable, Giles Fitzhenry is a born warrior who has never been able to shake off the shame of his illegitimate birth. To save her people and lands, the lady Fayth is forced to marry this powerful Breton knight. She yearns to be rid of her unwelcome husband, although a deep desire stirs each time she looks into his piercing gaze. Now Giles has conquered all, but the ultimate battle will be for his new lady's love—and her utter surrender!

Twin Passions

Twin Passions Author Miriam Minger
ISBN-10 9780982883518
Release 2013-12-06
Pages 444
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Bride-to-be Anora finds her wedding plans suddenly shattered when she and her identical twin, tomboyish Gwendolyn, are kidnapped and taken aboard a Viking ship. While the handsome captain mistakes Gwendolyn for a boy and appoints her his servant, Anora captures his heart and he vows to have her. To preserve her sister's maidenhood, Gwendolyn initiates a dangerous game. Will the twins be rescued before Gwendolyn surrenders to her own passion? **Winner of a Best Medieval Historical Romance Award from Romantic Times** "Five stars! A fabulous debut!" -- Romantic Times “Miriam Minger is a master storyteller who illustrates the full gamut of emotions felt by her characters. Emotions so strong that you are pulled into the pages and into their lives.” – Inside Romance “With Miriam Minger, you’re assured of a good read!” – Heartland Critiques More Historical Romances by Miriam Minger: The O’Byrne Brides Series - WILD ANGEL WILD ROSES WILD MOONLIGHT The Man of My Dreams Series - SECRETS OF MIDNIGHT MY RUNAWAY HEART Captive Brides Collection - TWIN PASSIONS CAPTIVE ROSE THE PAGAN’S PRIZE Dangerous Masquerade Collection - THE BRIGAND BRIDE THE TEMPTRESS BRIDE THE IMPOSTOR BRIDE Contemporary Romance with a Historical Romance Twist - TO LOVE A BILLIONAIRE: THE SERIES Specially Priced Box Sets - CAPTIVE BRIDES COLLECTION DANGEROUS MASQUERADE COLLECTION THE O’BYRNE BRIDES THE MAN OF MY DREAMS

House of Rejoicing

House of Rejoicing Author Libbie Hawker
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 438
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House of Rejoicing is Libbie Hawker's long-awaited return to the lush decadence and dark power of ancient Egypt. In the waning years of Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty, when female power can only come at an unsettling price, four royal women struggle against the shadowy influence of Akhenaten, the infamous heretic Pharaoh. Akhenaten wields control of a strange, emerging religion unlike anything Egypt has seen. His power can’t be denied, but whoever can maintain her grip on the unpredictable Pharaoh will hold all of Egypt in her hands—and better still, will remain mistress of her own fate. Tiy, once the undisputed might behind the throne, must choose to relinquish her hard-won influence, or manipulate the innocent in order to secure her hold on Akhenaten’s leash. Kiya, an idealistic foreign princess, will win Akhenaten with love—if he’s capable of feeling love at all. The celebrated beauty Nefertiti will use the Pharaoh for her own ends, turning the tables of a deadly political game to free herself from her ambitious father’s grasp. And Sitamun, kept imprisoned as the Pharaoh’s plaything, will defy the gods themselves to save her daughter from a similar fate. House of Rejoicing is the first part in Libbie Hawker’s new ancient Egyptian series, The Book of Coming Forth by Day. The story will continue in Part Two, Storm in the Sky, in July of 2015.

Eadan s Vow

Eadan s Vow Author Stella Knight
ISBN-10 1717177646
Release 2018-04-18
Pages 218
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Stranded in time, she finds herself bonded to a handsome Highlander...After a broken engagement, Fiona Stewart travels to Scotland for a solo artist's retreat. When she finds herself mysteriously transported to the year 1390, she must find a way to get back to her own time. But things become complicated when she meets a handsome Highlander who sets her heart aflame . . . Forced into an engagement with the daughter of a rival clan leader, Eadan Macleay struggles to fulfill his promise to his dying father. When he comes across a strange woman claiming to be from the future, he makes a deal with her-if she poses as his bride to end his betrothal, he will help her return to her own time. But as Fiona and Eadan work together to free themselves from their circumstances, they battle a powerful and all-consuming attraction. Amid their deepening feelings and growing danger from the rival clan, will Eadan fulfill his vow and help return Fiona to her own time?For fans of Scottish time travel, strong heroines, handsome Highlanders, romance, and adventure, Eadan's Vow is the first book of the Highlander Fate series. Scroll up and grab your copy today!