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The Decline and Fall of the American Republic

The Decline and Fall of the American Republic Author Bruce Ackerman
ISBN-10 9780674058392
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 280
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Constitutional thought is currently dominated by heroic tales of the Founding Fathers — who built an Enlightenment machine that can tick-tock its way into the twenty-first century, with a little fine-tuning by the Supreme Court. However, according to Bruce Ackerman, the modern presidency is far more dangerous today than it was when Arthur Schlesinger published the Imperial Presidency in 1973. In this book, he explores how the interaction of changes in the party system, mass communications, the bureaucracy, and the military have made the modern presidency too powerful and a threat to liberal constitutionalism and democracy. Ackerman argues that the principles of constitutional legitimacy have been undermined by both political and legal factors. On the political level, by “government by emergency” and “government by public-opinion poll”; on the legal, by two rising institutions: The Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice and the Office of the Presidential Counsel in the White House. Both institutions came out of the New Deal, but have gained prominence only in the last generation. Lastly, Ackerman kicks off a reform debate that aims to adapt the Founding ideal of checks-and-balances to twenty-first century realities. His aim is not to propose definitive solutions but to provoke a national debate on American democracy in its time of trouble.

The Review as Art and Communication

The Review as Art and Communication Author Joey Skidmore
ISBN-10 9781443866675
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 201
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The Review as Art and Communication not only presents the idea that book reviews, record reviews, theatrical reviews and reviews of any genre can be substantive essays on their own – expounding and elaborating on the concepts and ideas of the original material critiqued – but it also explores the “shelf-life” of the review: the odd phenomenon that just like other forms of art, some stand the test-of-time, and some do not. This book also collects the book reviews of one scholar: Max J. Skidmore, Sr. into one volume, using his ideas and themes to illustrate how reviews have a life of their own, evolving and developing beyond the original work covered.


2010 Author Massimo Mastrogregori
ISBN-10 9783110341744
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 418
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Die Bibliographie verzeichnet jährlich die bedeutendsten Neuerscheinungen geschichtswissenschaftlicher Monographien und Zeitschriftenartikel weltweit, die inhaltlich von der Vor- und Frühgeschichte bis zur jüngsten Vergangenheit reichen. Innerhalb der systematischen Gliederung nach Zeitalter, Region oder historischer Disziplin sind die Werke nach Autorennamen oder charakteristischem Titelhauptwort aufgelistet.

Private Property and the Constitution

Private Property and the Constitution Author Bruce Ackerman
ISBN-10 9780300158069
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 314
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I am deeply indebted to my research assistant, John Borgo, for an ongoing flow of criticism, as well as to my secretary, Diane McDougal, for typing a steady stream of second thoughts. Their work, as well as mine, was supported in part by the Law and Social Science Division of The National Science Foundation. The Foundation, however, should not be held responsible for the views expressed in this essay.I am also very grateful to my many friends at Yale and elsewhere who helped me with this book. But my debts here are so numerous and diverse as to defy a comprehensive and exact accountin

American Review of Politics

American Review of Politics Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89101616076
Release 2011
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American Review of Politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Review of Politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Review of Politics book for free.

Social Justice in the Liberal State

Social Justice in the Liberal State Author Bruce Ackerman
ISBN-10 9780300158076
Release 1981-09-10
Pages 405
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This essay has taken up much of my time, and more of my energy, for the past ten years. It has been impossible to be my friend during this period without enduring countless conversations and scribblings devoted to one or nother line of thought. As a result, my friends have contributed enormously to the final product. While I will refrain from a blow-by-blow account, this book would never have emerged without their ceaseless criticisms and encouragements.It is easier to be more specific in detailing my other debts. Judith Shklar, by her personal example, introduced me to the reality of political philosophy while I was a student of hers at Harvard College. Proceeding to the Yale Law School in the mid-1960s, I encountered a group of teachers who gave Shklar's message a new force: Alexander Bickel, Robert Bork, Guido Calabresi, Ronald Dworkin, Charles Reich. While these people were very different from one another, they convinced me that political action was futile without systematic reflection.

The Failure of the Founding Fathers

The Failure of the Founding Fathers Author Bruce A. Ackerman
ISBN-10 0674018664
Release 2005
Pages 384
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Provides a new understanding of the early days of the Supreme Court and office of the President.

Congressional Abdication on War and Spending

Congressional Abdication on War and Spending Author Louis Fisher
ISBN-10 0890969515
Release 2000
Pages 220
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The balance of powers among the branches of government is the defining structure of American democracy. The Founders assumed each branch would jealously guard its own prerogatives to prevent tyrannical power. Were they wrong? In recent years Congress has progressively abdicated its role in two crucial areas: war powers and the budget process. The result is a chief executive with too few constraints and too little restraint, to the detriment of national policy and democratic processes. How has this come about, and what are the implications of this changing balance of powers? Louis Fisher addresses these pressing questions in a carefully argued study of congressional power. He examines how attempts by Congress to reassert its will in the wake of Watergate ultimately resulted in further surrender of legislative power to the presidency. This book will engage students of the governmental process and help them to understand not only the issues at stake in balanceofpower questions, but also how to conduct civic discussion and reasoned argument. In the end, Fisher advocates a return to constitutional principle on the part of lawmakers and the education of citizens who will insist that Congress protect those principles.

We the People Volume 3

We the People  Volume 3 Author Bruce Ackerman
ISBN-10 9780674416499
Release 2014-03-03
Pages 432
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The Civil Rights Revolution carries Bruce Ackerman's sweeping reinterpretation of constitutional history into the era beginning with Brown v Board of Education. Laws that ended Jim Crow and ensured equal rights at work, in schools, and in the voting booth gained congressional approval only after the American people mobilized their support.

What Money Can t Buy

What Money Can t Buy Author Michael J. Sandel
ISBN-10 9781429942584
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 256
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Should we pay children to read books or to get good grades? Should we allow corporations to pay for the right to pollute the atmosphere? Is it ethical to pay people to test risky new drugs or to donate their organs? What about hiring mercenaries to fight our wars? Auctioning admission to elite universities? Selling citizenship to immigrants willing to pay? In What Money Can't Buy, Michael J. Sandel takes on one of the biggest ethical questions of our time: Is there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? If so, how can we prevent market values from reaching into spheres of life where they don't belong? What are the moral limits of markets? In recent decades, market values have crowded out nonmarket norms in almost every aspect of life—medicine, education, government, law, art, sports, even family life and personal relations. Without quite realizing it, Sandel argues, we have drifted from having a market economy to being a market society. Is this where we want to be?In his New York Times bestseller Justice, Sandel showed himself to be a master at illuminating, with clarity and verve, the hard moral questions we confront in our everyday lives. Now, in What Money Can't Buy, he provokes an essential discussion that we, in our market-driven age, need to have: What is the proper role of markets in a democratic society—and how can we protect the moral and civic goods that markets don't honor and that money can't buy?

Government Lawyers

Government Lawyers Author Cornell W. Clayton
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034442825
Release 1995
Pages 292
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For years many citizens have complained that our national government is fettered by legions of inefficient and unaccountable lawyers. These critics might be right about the numbers - there are nearly 40,000 lawyers employed by the federal government in every branch and at every level. But most of these professionals fulfill functions that are essential to or extremely valuable in running the machinery of government. This volume provides insights into the historical development, present status, future trends, and interrelations among the offices of the attorney general, solicitor general, special prosecutor, White House legal counsel, office of legal counsel, and counsels in regulatory agencies like the EPA and the EEOC. The authors highlight a common theme - the perpetual tensions and conflicts between executive-branch politics and the profession's principled independence.

Private Government How Employers Rule Our Lives and Why We Don t Talk about It

Private Government  How Employers Rule Our Lives  and Why We Don t Talk about It Author Elizabeth Anderson
ISBN-10 9781400887781
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 224
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Why our workplaces are authoritarian private governments—and why we can't see it One in four American workers says their workplace is a "dictatorship." Yet that number probably would be even higher if we recognized most employers for what they are—private governments with sweeping authoritarian power over our lives, on duty and off. We normally think of government as something only the state does, yet many of us are governed far more—and far more obtrusively—by the private government of the workplace. In this provocative and compelling book, Elizabeth Anderson argues that the failure to see this stems from long-standing confusions. These confusions explain why, despite all evidence to the contrary, we still talk as if free markets make workers free—and why so many employers advocate less government even while they act as dictators in their businesses. In many workplaces, employers minutely regulate workers' speech, clothing, and manners, leaving them with little privacy and few other rights. And employers often extend their authority to workers' off-duty lives. Workers can be fired for their political speech, recreational activities, diet, and almost anything else employers care to govern. Yet we continue to talk as if early advocates of market society—from John Locke and Adam Smith to Thomas Paine and Abraham Lincoln—were right when they argued that it would free workers from oppressive authorities. That dream was shattered by the Industrial Revolution, but the myth endures. Private Government offers a better way to talk about the workplace, opening up space for discovering how workers can enjoy real freedom. Based on the prestigious Tanner Lectures delivered at Princeton University's Center for Human Values, Private Government is edited and introduced by Stephen Macedo and includes commentary by cultural critic David Bromwich, economist Tyler Cowen, historian Ann Hughes, and philosopher Niko Kolodny.

The Trouble with Confucianism

The Trouble with Confucianism Author William Theodore DE BARY
ISBN-10 9780674030312
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 132
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The Trouble with Confucianism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Trouble with Confucianism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Trouble with Confucianism book for free.

Hallucinating Foucault

Hallucinating Foucault Author Patricia Duncker
ISBN-10 9780062028549
Release 2010-11-30
Pages 100
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A captivating first novel of love and madness, Hallucinating Foucault tells of a devoted reader's quest to find and liberate Paul Michel, enfant terrible of French Letters, who is schizophrenic and incarerated in an asylum. As its builds towards a startling conclusion, the novel unravels and probes the intriguing connections between writer Paul Michel and philosopher Michel Foucault, and the elusive bond that exists between writer and reader.

Lawyering in the Nation s Capital

Lawyering in the Nation s Capital Author Nancy Hunt
ISBN-10 1634594959
Release 2017-11-15
Pages 795
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Lawyering in the Nation's Capital examines legislative process, congressional oversight, administrative law, executive power, statutory interpretation, judicial review of agency action, and the work and impact of Washington, D.C., attorneys working in government, lobbying, law firms, and nonprofits. In undertaking this survey, this text analyzes the sources of authority for those attorney functions and discusses the power struggle between the branches and, at times, between the offices within a single branch. This text further uncovers some of the more complex issues about how our federal government operates and asks thought-provoking questions about the outer limits of the power of each of the branches. It is ideal for companion courses for Washington, D.C., legal externship programs or for survey courses regarding government lawyers. The text is likewise a powerful reference book that clearly and succinctly explains complicated procedures, legal issues, and conflicts arising in and among the branches of government and within the private sector.

American Grace

American Grace Author Robert D. Putnam
ISBN-10 9781416566731
Release 2012-02-21
Pages 707
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Draws on three national surveys on religion, as well as research conducted by congregations across the United States, to examine the profound impact it has had on American life and how religious attitudes have changed in recent decades.

The Problem of Political Authority

The Problem of Political Authority Author Michael Huemer
ISBN-10 9781137281661
Release 2012-10-29
Pages 365
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The state is often ascribed a special sort of authority, one that obliges citizens to obey its commands and entitles the state to enforce those commands through threats of violence. This book argues that this notion is a moral illusion: no one has ever possessed that sort of authority.