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The Devil s Anvil

The Devil s Anvil Author James H. Hallas
ISBN-10 0275946460
Release 1994-01
Pages 297
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On September 15, 1944, General William Rupertus and the 16,000 Marines of the US 1st Marine Division moved toward Peleliu, an island 500 miles east of the Philippines. Rupertus anticipated a quick, two-day crush to victory, strengthening General Douglas MacArthur's flank in his drive on the Philippines.

D Days in the Pacific

D Days in the Pacific Author Donald L. Miller
ISBN-10 1439128812
Release 2008-06-30
Pages 448
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Although most people associate the term D-Day with the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944, it is military code for the beginning of any offensive operation. In the Pacific theater during World War II there were more than one hundred D-Days. The largest—and last—was the invasion of Okinawa on April 1, 1945, which brought together the biggest invasion fleet ever assembled, far larger than that engaged in the Normandy invasion. D-Days in the Pacific tells the epic story of the campaign waged by American forces to win back the Pacific islands from Japan. Based on eyewitness accounts by the combatants, it covers the entire Pacific struggle from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Pacific war was largely a seaborne offensive fought over immense distances. Many of the amphibious assaults on Japanese-held islands were among the most savagely fought battles in American history: Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, New Guinea, Peleliu, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, Okinawa. Generously illustrated with photographs and maps, D-Days in the Pacific is the finest one-volume account of this titanic struggle.

The Story of World War II

The Story of World War II Author Henry Steele Commager
ISBN-10 1439128227
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 704
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Drawing on previously unpublished eyewitness accounts, prizewinning historian Donald L. Miller has written what critics are calling one of the most powerful accounts of warfare ever published. Here are the horror and heroism of World War II in the words of the men who fought it, the journalists who covered it, and the civilians who were caught in its fury. Miller gives us an up-close, deeply personal view of a war that was more savagely fought -- and whose outcome was in greater doubt -- than readers might imagine. This is the war that Americans at the home front would have read about had they had access to the previously censored testimony of the soldiers on which Miller builds his gripping narrative. Miller covers the entire war -- on land, at sea, and in the air -- and provides new coverage of the brutal island fighting in the Pacific, the bomber war over Europe, the liberation of the death camps, and the contributions of African Americans and other minorities. He concludes with a suspenseful, never-before-told story of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, based on interviews with the men who flew the mission that ended the war.

Peleliu 1944

Peleliu 1944 Author Jim Moran
ISBN-10 9781846035654
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 96
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Equalling Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa in scale and ferocity, the battle for Peleliu has long been regarded as the Pacific War's "forgotten battle†?, and perhaps one that should never have been fought. A massive carrier-based attack some weeks before the invasion destroyed all aircraft and shipping in the area and virtually isolated the Japanese garrison. 1st Marine Division commander, General Rupertus, made extravagant claims that the capture of Peleliu would "only take three days – maybe two.†? But the Japanese fought a bloody battle of attrition from prepared positions an in a struggle of unprecedented savagery a whole Marine Division was bled white.

The A to Z of World War II

The A to Z of World War II Author Anne Sharp Wells
ISBN-10 9780810870260
Release 2009-09-28
Pages 494
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The A to Z of World War II: The War Against Japan traces the brutal conflict from Japan's seizure of Chinese territory in 1931, through the onset of war with the Western Allies in 1941, to the use of atomic weapons by the United States in 1945. It also addresses the aftermath of the war, including the formation of the United Nations and the American occupation of Japan. As the first of two volumes covering World War II, this volume concentrates on the war in Asia and the Pacific so the user benefits from the comprehensive explanations of the people, places, and events that shaped much of that region's 20th-century history.

Peleliu 1944

Peleliu  1944 Author Harry A. Gailey
ISBN-10 093385241X
Release 1983
Pages 212
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Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing Author Dick Camp
ISBN-10 9781616732417
Release 2010-11-10
Pages 320
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One of the bloodiest battles in Marine Corps history, Operation Stalemate, as Peleliu was called, was overshadowed by the Normandy landings. It was also, in time, judged by most historians to have been unnecessary; though it had been conceived to protect MacArthur’s flank in the Philippines, the U.S. fleet’s carrier raids had eliminated Japanese airpower, rendering Peleliu irrelevant. Nevertheless, the horrifying number of casualties sustained there (71% in one battalion) foreshadowed for the rest of the war: rather than fight to the death on the beach, the Japanese would now defend in depth and bleed the Americans white. Drawing extensively on personal interviews, the Marine Corps History Division’s vast oral history and photographic collection, and many never-before-published sources, this book gives us a new and harrowing vision of what really happened at Peleliu--and what it meant. Working closely with two of the 1st Regiment’s battalion commanders--Ray Davis and Russ Honsowetz--Marine Corps veteran and military historian Dick Camp recreates the battle as it was experienced by the men and their officers. Soldiers who survived the terrible slaughter recall the brutality of combat against an implacable foe; they describe the legendary “Chesty” Puller, leading his decimated regiment against enemy fortifications; they tell of Davis, wounded but refusing evacuation while his men were under fire; and of a division commander who rejects Army reinforcements. Most of all, their richly detailed, deeply moving story is one of desperate combat in the face of almost certain failure, of valor among comrades joined against impossible odds.

Doughboy War

Doughboy War Author James H. Hallas
ISBN-10 9781461750895
Release 2009-01-19
Pages 368
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This multilayered history of World War I's doughboys captures the experiences of American soldiers as they trained for war, voyaged to France, and faced the harsh reality of combat on the Western Front in 1917-18. Hallas uses the words of the troops themselves to describe the first days in the muddy trenches, the bloody battles for Belleau Wood, the violent clash on the Marne, the seemingly unending morass of the Argonne, and more, revealing what the doughboys saw, what they did, how they felt, and how the Great War affected them.

Killing Ground on Okinawa

Killing Ground on Okinawa Author James H. Hallas
ISBN-10 0275947262
Release 1996
Pages 237
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Tells the story of Sugar Loaf, the key sector in the World War II battle for Okinawa.

Victory at Peleliu

Victory at Peleliu Author Bobby C. Blair
ISBN-10 9780806189567
Release 2013-02-14
Pages 328
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When the 1st Marine Division began its invasion of Peleliu in September 1944, the operation in the South Pacific was to take but four days. In fact, capturing this small coral island in the Palaus with its strategic airstrip took two months and involved some of the bloodiest fighting of the Second World War in the Pacific. Rather than the easy conquest they were led to expect, the Marines who landed on Peleliu faced a war of attrition from the island's Japanese defenders, who had dug tunnels and fortified the island's rugged terrain. When the Marines' advance stalled after a week of heavy casualties, the "Wildcats" of the 81st Infantry Division were called in, at first as support. Eventually, the 1st Marines Division was evacuated and the 81st Infantry secured the island. Now Bobby C. Blair and John Peter DeCioccio tell the story of this campaign through the eyes of the 81st Infantry to offer a revised assessment. Previous accounts of the battle have focused on the 1st Marines, all but ignoring the 81st Infantry Division's contributions. Victory at Peleliu demonstrates that without the army's help the marines could not have succeeded on Peleliu. Blair and DeCioccio have mined the 81st Division's unit records and interviewed scores of veteran participants. The new data they offer challenge the orthodox view that the 81st Infantry merely mopped up an already broken enemy. Allowing their interviewees to tell much of the story, the authors also give a human face to a brutal battle. Although American efforts in the Palau Islands proved largely unnecessary to ultimately defeating the Japanese, the lessons learned on Peleliu were crucial in subsequent fighting on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The 81st Infantry's contributions are now part of that larger story.

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin Author
Release 1996
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Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin book for free.

The Journal of Military History

The Journal of Military History Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105071174630
Release 1994
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Includes scholarly articles and book reviews on topics in military history.

Uncommon Valor on Iwo Jima

Uncommon Valor on Iwo Jima Author James H. Hallas
ISBN-10 9780811765282
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 424
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When the smoke cleared on Iwo Jima in March 1945, 19,000 American Marines had been wounded and 7,000 were dead, a casualty rate of nearly 39 percent. Lasting over a month, Iwo was the Marines' bloodiest battle of the war and the only Pacific battle in which a U.S. landing force suffered more casualties than it inflicted. It was also the most highly decorated single engagement in Marine Corps history.

Spies for Nimitz

Spies for Nimitz Author Jeffrey M. Moore
ISBN-10 UOM:39015058218903
Release 2004
Pages 300
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A military and business consultant for the US, Moore details the history, operational procedures, and exploits of the top secret US Pacific War intelligence agency, the Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas. It was located next to Pearl Harbor, and operated from September 1943 to the end of

Public Libraries

Public Libraries Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079653138
Release 1993
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Public Libraries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Public Libraries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Public Libraries book for free.

The United States Marine Corps in Books and the Performing Arts

The United States Marine Corps in Books and the Performing Arts Author Richard L. Hemenez
ISBN-10 0786407581
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 728
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This enormous annotated bibliography of the Marine Corps details fiction, nonfiction, stage, poetry, music, movie, and television references to the Marine Corps. It covers over 2,500 books, 500-plus Hollywood films, 80 made-for-television movies, 100 fictional television programs, articles, parts of books, dissertations, chronologies, dictionaries, and oral histories. Beginning with an introduction that focuses on the history of the Marine Corps, this work serves as research into such subjects as duty stations, ships, posts, heroes and their heroics, uniforms, boot camp, and equipment. Listed in the film section are over 100 former Marines who are film and television actors. Reflecting the comprehensiveness of the book, there are over 15,000 subject headings (totaling over 25,000 indexed items). The researcher (and the research librarian) will appreciate the depth and the breadth of the book.

With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa

With the Old Breed  at Peleliu and Okinawa Author Eugene Bondurant Sledge
ISBN-10 0195067142
Release 1981
Pages 326
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Based on notes he kept on slips of paper tucked secretly away in his Bible, Eugene Sledge has written a devastingly powerful memoir of his experience fighting in the South Pacific during WWII. John Keegan describes this stirring account of the vitality and bravery of the Marines as "one of the most arresting doceuments in war literature".