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The Elements of Modern Architecture

The Elements of Modern Architecture Author Antony Radford
ISBN-10 0500342954
Release 2014
Pages 344
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Examines fifty of the world's greatest modern buildings created since 1950, including the Sydney Opera House, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, and 41 Cooper Square, supplemented with freehand drawings of each.

Modern Architecture in Historic Cities

Modern Architecture in Historic Cities Author Sebastian Loew
ISBN-10 9781134732654
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 280
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Modern Architecture in Historic Cities illustrates why France has been so successful in combining conservation and modernity, and points to important lessons for other countries which can be drawn from the French experience. Beginning with an empirical review of particular events which have affected attitudes towards heritage in France, this book highlights the continuity in French thinking and the longstanding role of the French government as patron and leader. Planning, conservation and design control legislation are examined, highlighting the range of instruments available to government in order to influence results and enhance the role of the architectural profession.

Toward an Architecture

Toward an Architecture Author Le Corbusier
ISBN-10 0892368225
Release 2007
Pages 341
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Published in 1923, Toward an Architecture had an immediate impact on architects throughout Europe and remains a foundational text for students and professionals. Le Corbusier urges readers to cease thinking of architecture as a matter of historical styles and instead open their eyes to the modern world. Simultaneously a historian, critic, and prophet, he provocatively juxtaposes views of classical Greece and Renaissance Rome with images of airplanes, cars, and ocean liners. Le Corbusier's slogans--such as "the house is a machine for living in"--and philosophy changed how his contemporaries saw the relationship between architecture, technology, and history. This edition includes a new translation of the original text, a scholarly introduction, and background notes that illuminate the text and illustrations.

Elements of Architecture

Elements of Architecture Author Mikkel Bille
ISBN-10 9781317279211
Release 2016-02-26
Pages 444
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Elements of Architecture explores new ways of engaging architecture in archaeology. It conceives of architecture both as the physical evidence of past societies and as existing beyond the physical environment, considering how people in the past have not just dwelled in buildings but have existed within them. The book engages with the meeting point between these two perspectives. For although archaeologists must deal with the presence and absence of physicality as a discipline, which studies humans through things, to understand humans they must also address the performances, as well as temporal and affective impacts, of these material remains. The contributions in this volume investigate the way time, performance and movement, both physically and emotionally, are central aspects of understanding architectural assemblages. It is a book about the constellations of people, places and things that emerge and dissolve as affective, mobile, performative and temporal engagements. This volume juxtaposes archaeological research with perspectives from anthropology, architecture, cultural geography and philosophy in order to explore the kaleidoscopic intersections of elements coming together in architecture. Documenting the ephemeral, relational, and emotional meeting points with a category of material objects that have defined much research into what it means to be human, Elements of Architecture elucidates and expands upon a crucial body of evidence which allows us to explore the lives and interactions of past societies.

Modern Architecture in Mexico City

Modern Architecture in Mexico City Author Kathryn E. O'Rourke
ISBN-10 9780822981626
Release 2017-03-10
Pages 368
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Mexico City became one of the centers of architectural modernism in the Americas in the first half of the twentieth century. Invigorated by insights drawn from the first published histories of Mexican colonial architecture, which suggested that Mexico possessed a distinctive architecture and culture, beginning in the 1920s a new generation of architects created profoundly visual modern buildings intended to convey Mexico’s unique cultural character. By midcentury these architects and their students had rewritten the country’s architectural history and transformed the capital into a metropolis where new buildings that evoked pre-conquest, colonial, and International Style architecture coexisted. Through an exploration of schools, a university campus, a government ministry, a workers’ park, and houses for Diego Rivera and Luis Barragán, Kathryn O’Rourke offers a new interpretation of modern architecture in the Mexican capital, showing close links between design, evolving understandings of national architectural history, folk art, and social reform. This book demonstrates why creating a distinctively Mexican architecture captivated architects whose work was formally dissimilar, and how that concern became central to the profession.

Details in Contemporary Architecture

Details in Contemporary Architecture Author Christine Killory
ISBN-10 9781616891695
Release 2013-07-02
Pages 208
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Curious about how Alsop Architects managed to construct that flying, translucent rectangle at the Ontario College of Art and Design? Wonder about the sustainability of the Genzyme Building? The saying "the truth is in the details" reveals an essential quality of architectural design. How a staircase curves, a roof seemingly floats, or a concrete wall illuminates are critical questions for architects looking at or creating new work. You might forgive designers for closely guarding their signature techniques. Fortunately, Edited bys Christine Killory and Rene Davids culled an amazing collection of the best trade secrets in Details in Contemporary Architecture.

Modern Architecture Since 1900

Modern Architecture Since 1900 Author William J. R. Curtis
ISBN-10 0132322730
Release 1996
Pages 736
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This book on 20th-century architecture places the emphasis on individual architects, and on the qualities that give outstanding buildings their lasting value. It also provides treatment of technical, economic, social and intellectual developments, incorporating new knowledge and research. It places a greater emphasis on regional identity and variety, and this edition includes three new chapters on recent developments, and considerably more illustrations than the previous edition.

A Concise History of Modern Architecture in India

A Concise History of Modern Architecture in India Author Jon T. Lang
ISBN-10 8178240173
Release 2002
Pages 205
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In Lucid Language That Speaks To Laymen And Architects Alike, This Book Provides A History Of Twentieth Century Architecture In India. It Examines In Detail The Early Influences On Indian Architecture Both Of Movements Like The Bauhaus As Well As Prominent Individuals Like Habib Rehman, Jawaharlal Nehru, Frank Lloyd Wright And Le Corbusier.

Design Strategies in Architecture

Design Strategies in Architecture Author Geoffrey H. Baker
ISBN-10 9781136943119
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 352
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Modern architecture has become extremely complex and its study has been made more difficult by changes in fashion and a proliferation of design modes. In this book, Geoffrey Baker develops a methodology for design analysis that reveals the underlying organisation of buildings. Part One explains the nature and role of architecture in a wide-ranging discussion extending from geometry to symbolism. Part Two demonstrates the analytical methodology by reference to cities and works by modern masters such as Aalto, Meier and Stirling. In this second revised edition, Dr Baker has added a chapter outlining the relationship between some current perceptions of science, art and philosophy, and how these impinge on architecture. The discussion compares Futurism, Constructivism, Suprematism, High Tech, Deconstruction and the attitude of the avant-garde, with the phenomenology of Bachelard and Heiddeger.

Privacy and Publicity

Privacy and Publicity Author Beatriz Colomina
ISBN-10 0262531399
Release 1996
Pages 389
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Privacy and Publicity boldly questions certain ideological assumptions underlying the received view of modern architecture and reconsiders the methodology of architectural criticism itself. Where conventional criticism portrays modern architecture as a high artistic practice in opposition to mass culture, Colomina sees the emerging systems of communication that have come to define twentieth-century culture -the mass media - as the true site within which modern architecture was produced. She considers architectural discourse as the intersection of a number of systems of representation such as drawings, models, photographs, books, films, and advertisements. This does not mean abandoning the architectural object, the building, but rather looking at it in a different way. The building is understood here in the same way as all the media that frame it, as a mechanism of representation in its own right.

The Battle for Home The Vision of a Young Architect in Syria

The Battle for Home  The Vision of a Young Architect in Syria Author Marwa al-Sabouni
ISBN-10 9780500773284
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 208
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An architect’s gripping account of living and working in war-torn Syria, and the role architecture plays in whether a community crumbles or comes together Drawing on the author’s personal experience of living and working as an architect in Syria, this timely and fascinating account offers an eyewitness perspective on the country’s bitter conflict through the lens of architecture, showing how the built environment and its destruction hold up a mirror to the communities that inhabit it. From Syria’s tolerant past, with churches and mosques built alongside one another in Old Homs and members of different religions living harmoniously together, the book chronicles the recent breakdown of social cohesion in Syria’s cities. With the lack of shared public spaces intensifying divisions within the community, and corrupt officials interfering in town planning for their own gain, these actions are symptomatic of wider abuses of power. With firsthand accounts of mortar attacks and stories of refugees struggling to find a home, The Battle for Home is a compelling explanation of the personal impact of the conflict and offers hope for how architecture can play a role in rebuilding a sense of identity within a damaged society.

From Bauhaus to Our House

From Bauhaus to Our House Author Tom Wolfe
ISBN-10 142992425X
Release 2009-11-24
Pages 128
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Tom Wolfe, "America's most skillful satirist" (The Atlantic Monthly), examines the strange saga of American architecture in this sequel to The Painted Word, From Bauhaus to Our House.


India Author Peter Scriver
ISBN-10 9781780234373
Release 2015
Pages 304
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"India: Modern Architectures in History shows how the architecture of 'Modern India" reflected and embodied the dramatic shifts of Indian society and culture. Peter Scriver and Amit Srivastava explore how Indian architectural modernity began in the early twentieth century, as public works and patronage fostered new design practices that directly challenged the social order and values invested in the building traditions of the past. This is the first book to examine both colonial and postcolonial aspects in comparable depth, and the authors draw together a broad range of sources, including private papers, photographic collections and the extensive records of the Indian Public Works Department system"--Page 4 of cover.

Makers of Modern Architecture

Makers of Modern Architecture Author Martin Filler
ISBN-10 1590172272
Release 2007
Pages 323
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Profiles notable twentieth-century architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, and Frank Gehry.

The Globalisation of Modern Architecture

The Globalisation of Modern Architecture Author Robert Adam
ISBN-10 1443848247
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 338
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Taking the break-up of the Soviet Union and the entry of Russia, China and India into the global market as the start of a new era of globalisation, Robert Adam compares new developments in architecture and urban design with major shifts in the balance of power since 1990. Based on the principle that design unavoidably follows social change, politics and economics, this analysis casts a new light on recent architecture. Starting with the lead up to events in the 1990s, links are established between the global dominance of the North Atlantic economies, architectural style and a dramatic increase in international architectural practice. The widely-observed homogeneity of the global consumer economy is examined in relation to branding, tourism and international competition between cities, and parallels are drawn with universal architectural and urban types, iconic architecture and the rise of the star architect. Contrasting pressures to maintain differences are identified in the break-up of nation states, identity politics, targeted marketing and environmentalism, and these are related to attempts to reinforce local identity through architecture and urban design. Using social, political and economic change as a guide to new directions in architecture and urban design, the book ends by tracing the changes in global power revealed by the 2008 Western financial crash and its immediate impact on the built environment. By comparing past patterns of cultural influence, the book speculates on how architecture and urban design may come to reflect wider global trends.

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture

Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture Author Virginia McLeod
ISBN-10 1780670249
Release 2012-09-19
Pages 240
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Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in the development of contemporary residential architecture. Featuring many of the world's most highly acclaimed architects, the book presents more than 50 of the most recently completed and influential house designs. For each house there are color photographs, plans of every floor, sections and elevations as well as numerous consistently styled construction details. The book also features in-depth information for each project.

Adjaye Africa Architecture

Adjaye Africa Architecture Author David Adjaye
ISBN-10 0500343160
Release 2016-08-25
Pages 400
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A complete overview of architecture in fifty-three African cities, seen through the eyes and images of one of the world s leading young architects"