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The End of the Perfect 10

The End of the Perfect 10 Author Dvora Meyers
ISBN-10 9781501101366
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 336
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In The end of the perfect 10, Dvora Meyers provides an account of the controversial world of gymnastics, the recent changes to the scoring system, and what these changes mean for the future of American gymnastics.

The End of the Perfect 10

The End of the Perfect 10 Author Dvora Meyers
ISBN-10 9781501101403
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 336
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A “delightful and insightful” (The Wall Street Journal) account of the controversial world of gymnastics and its scoring system, which has propelled powerful and athletic American gymnasts to the top of the sport. It was the team finals of women’s gymnastics in the 2012 London Olympics and McKayla Maroney was on top of her game. The sixteen-year-old US gymnast was performing arguably the best vault of all time, launching herself unimaginably high into the air and sticking a flawless landing. But when her score came, many were baffled: 16.233. Three tenths of a point in deductions stood between her and a perfect score. But if that vault wasn’t perfection, what was? For years, gymnastics was scored on a 10.0 scale. During this era, more than 100 “perfect” scores were awarded in major international competitions. But when the 10.0 scoring system caused major judging controversies at the 2004 Olympics, international elite gymnastics made the switch to the open-ended scoring system it uses today, which values both difficulty and technical execution, making perfect scores a thing of the past—and forever altering the sport in the process. With insight, flair, and boundless love for the sport, gymnastics insider Dvora Meyers answers questions that fans have been asking since the last perfect score was handed out over twenty years ago. She reveals why successful female gymnasts like 2016 Olympics All Around medalists Simone Biles and Aly Raisman are older and more athletic than they have ever been before, how the United States became the gymnastics powerhouse it is today, and what the future of gymnastics may hold. Bolstered by dozens of exclusive interviews with professionals representing every aspect of the sport, The End of the Perfect 10 is “the Simone Biles of gymnastics books” (Slate), a captivating look at elite gymnastics’ entry into the uncharted world of imperfection—and how it has created stronger athletes than ever before.

The End of the Perfect 10

The End of the Perfect 10 Author Dvora Meyers
ISBN-10 9781501101595
Release 2017-07-11
Pages 352
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In The end of the perfect 10, Dvora Meyers provides an account of the controversial world of gymnastics, the recent changes to the scoring system, and what these changes mean for the future of American gymnastics.

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes Author Joan Ryan
ISBN-10 9780307828552
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 256
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A sports reporter investigates the training of girls as professional gymnasts and figure skaters, arguing that the pressure to succeed and to look beautiful results in mental and physical harm, from eating disorders to psychological trauma.

Chalked Up

Chalked Up Author Jennifer Sey
ISBN-10 9780061351464
Release 2008-04-22
Pages 292
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Told from the perspective of a 1988 world champion, a behind-the-scenes account of the personal toll of Olympics competitiveness reveals how her stage parents, abusive coaches, and manipulative sponsors pushed her to the limits of her physical and mentalh

Unfavorable Odds

Unfavorable Odds Author Kim Hamilton Anthony
ISBN-10 9781615664955
Release 2010-02
Pages 277
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When Kim Hamilton rose to fame, she was anything but a typical world-class gymnast. She wasn't white, she didn't come from a middle-class family, and she was tall for a gymnast. But facing those obstacles was nothing compared To The challenges she faced at home. There, she tumbled in a secret world filled with drugs, violence, and financial strain. She met Unfavorable Odds but found hope by persevering through the pain. Here, Kim shares the techniques she learned to catapult herself from the past into the purpose God intended for her life.

Breaking the Perfect 10

Breaking the Perfect 10 Author Tracy Lindsey Melchior
ISBN-10 0805432620
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 236
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One woman's personal and triumphant journey through "Tinseltown" and into the loving arms of a Savior.

Letters to a Young Gymnast

Letters to a Young Gymnast Author Nadia Comaneci
ISBN-10 9780786728657
Release 2009-04-28
Pages 192
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If there were such a thing as an "elder" stateswoman in women's gymnastics today, Nadia Comaneci would win that title as readily as she once won gold medals. Olga Korbut came before her, and many other medalists would follow, but none has ever been as dominant in winning the hearts of millions around the world. With grit and determination, Nadia Comaneci ushered in a new era for women's sports, one where young girls could vault into the arena of superstardom. Even today, almost thirty years after her greatest triumphs, you need only mention the name "Nadia" and gymnastics fans know instantly whom you are talking about.In Letters to a Young Gymnast, Nadia shows what it takes to achieve athletic perfection and become the best. With inspiring and dramatic stories from her own experience, she tells us how the young girl that Bela Karolyi discovered in a Romanian elementary school found the inner strength to become a world-class athlete at such a young age. This collection of Nadia's memories, anecdotes, and advice grants unique insights into the mind of a top competitor. From how to live after you've realized your dream, to the necessity of "a spirit forged with mettle," Nadia's thoughts on athleticism and sacrifice are eye-opening and surprisingly challenging.

Off Balance

Off Balance Author Dominique Moceanu
ISBN-10 9781451608670
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 256
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In this searing and riveting New York Times bestseller, Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu reveals the dark underbelly of Olympic gymnastics, the true price of success…and the shocking secret about her past and her family that she only learned years later. At fourteen years old, Dominique Moceanu was the youngest member of the 1996 US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team, the first and only American women’s team to take gold at the Olympics. Her pixyish appearance and ferocious competitive drive quickly earned her the status of media darling. But behind the fame, the flawless floor routines, and the million-dollar smile, her life was a series of challenges and hardships. Off Balance vividly delineates each of the dominating characters who contributed to Moceanu’s rise to the top, from her stubborn father and long-suffering mother to her mercurial coach, Bela Karolyi. Here, Moceanu finally shares the haunting stories of competition, her years of hiding injuries and pain out of fear of retribution from her coaches, and how she hit rock bottom after a public battle with her parents. But medals, murder plots, drugs, and daring escapes aside (all of which figure into Moceanu’s incredible journey), the most unique aspect of her life is the family secret that Moceanu discovers, opening a new and unexpected chapter in her adult life. A mysterious letter from a stranger reveals that she has a second sister—born with a physical disability and given away at birth—who has nonetheless followed in Moceanu’s footsteps in an astonishing way. A multilayered memoir that transcends the world of sports, Off Balance will touch anyone who has ever dared to dream of a better life.


Nadia Author Karlin Gray
ISBN-10 9780544866843
Release 2016-06-07
Pages 40
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Nadia Comaneci was a feisty and fearless little girl who went from climbing trees in the forests of Romania to swinging into history at the 1976 Olympic Games, where she received an unprecedented seven perfect scores in gymnastics. But as readers will see in this first-ever illustrated picture book about Nadia’s journey to Olympic gold, the road from small-town girl to world-class athlete was full of many imperfect moments. Expert illustrations that capture the energy and fluidity of Nadia's exuberant gymnastic routines and referential back matter round out this inspirational story of determination and overcoming adversity. A perfect 10.

Gold Medal Glory

Gold Medal Glory Author Daniel Cohen
ISBN-10 0671009451
Release 1996-12
Pages 117
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La page de couv. porte : Meet the girls who gave their all - and won the gold ! Packed wiht photographs.

Gym Mom

Gym Mom Author Rita Wieber
ISBN-10 0615645933
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 157
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Rita Wieber relays what she has learned as the mother of a world champion gymnast, and shares helpful tips to encourage other "gym moms."


Fierce Author Aly Raisman
ISBN-10 9780316472678
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 368
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The New York Times bestseller! Discover Aly Raisman's inspiring story of dedication, perseverance, and learning to think positive even in the toughest times on her path to gold medal success in two Olympic Games--and beyond. Aly Raisman first stepped onto a gymnastics mat as a toddler in a "mommy & me" gymnastics class. No one could have predicted then that sixteen years later, she'd be standing on an Olympic podium, having achieved her dreams. Aly's road to success was full of hard work, perseverance, and victories, but not without its hardships. Aly faced many obstacles, from naysayers who said she'd never make it in gymnastics to classmates who shamed her for her athletic body to a devastating betrayal of trust. Through it all, Aly surrounded herself with supportive family, friends, and teammates and found the inner strength to remain positive and believe in herself. Now, in her own words, Aly shows what it takes to be a champion on and off the floor, and takes readers on a behind-the-scenes journey before, during, and after her remarkable achievements in two Olympic Games--through her highest highs, lowest lows, and all the moments in between. Honest and heartfelt, frank and funny, Aly's story is enhanced with never-before-published photos, excerpts from the personal journals she's kept since childhood that chronicle memorable moments with her teammates, and hard-won advice for readers striving to rise above challenges, learn to love themselves, and make their own dreams come true.

Gymnastics Psychology

Gymnastics Psychology Author Joseph L Massimo
ISBN-10 9781600379482
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 334
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Gymnastics Psychology takes a comprehensive look at the factors that are necessary for training champions while emphasizing concern for the athlete’s psychological status, regardless of the level of achievement. The easy-to-follow articles cover the interpersonal relationships of coaches and athletes, psychological issues pertaining to motivation and fear management, meet preparation and goal setting, as well as vital family, school and peer relationships. The authors provide definitive insight in the areas of psychological development and competitive behaviors that are critical to success.

Finding Our Balance

Finding Our Balance Author Lauren Hopkins
ISBN-10 1519185146
Release 2015-12-07
Pages 288
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When 15-year-old newcomer Amalia Blanchard makes a splash with her beam routine in front of the entire U.S. national team, veterans like Ruby Spencer-whose 2012 Olympic dreams were dashed due to an injury just a month before the Games-and Emerson Bedford-a two-time world champion set to run the show in Rio-start to take notice. With preliminary competitions to get through before the team trials, all three have something to prove, as Emerson struggles to maintain her queen bee status, Ruby tries to show everyone she is still a contender, and Amalia hopes she has what it takes to stand out in a talented field. Finding Our Balance follows these extraordinary teenage girls through heartbreak, triumph, and everything in between as their lifetime of training comes down to a single summer that will change their lives forever.

The Perfect Gymnast

The Perfect Gymnast Author Michele Martin Bossley
ISBN-10 1550285106
Release 1996
Pages 76
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Twelve-year-old Abby makes a friend at gymnastics who will do anything to stay thin.

Landing on My Feet

Landing on My Feet Author Kerri Strug
ISBN-10 0836269446
Release 1998-09
Pages 208
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The gymnast who led the U.S. team to the gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics recounts her childhood, her training, her relationship with her coaches, and her Olympic experience