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The Endocannabinoidome

The Endocannabinoidome Author Vincenzo Di Marzo
ISBN-10 0124201261
Release 2014-09-19
Pages 187
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The Endocannabinoidome: The World of Endocannabinoids and Related Mediators is dedicated to the latest research and studies on endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors to illustrate their important role in the discovery of new, endocannabinoid-related, lipid mediators. Written by leading experts across different disciplines, this book focuses on the biochemical and anlayticial aspects of novel lipid signals, their pharmacological activities and their potential utilization for the development of new and effective therapeutic strategies. The first book of its kind, The Endocannabinoidome is a meaningful reference for all those involved in experimental efforts to further the development of this field. Explores the novel and exciting aspects of several endocannabinoid-like molecules for which researchers are still seeking a function Discusses the novel metabolic pathways for endocannabinoids in order to explain the failure of some clinical trials with inhibitors of more conventional metabolic pathways Incorporates pharmacology, biochemistry and potential clinical applications to provide researchers with a complete look at endocannabinoids

Cannabinoids in Neurologic and Mental Disease

Cannabinoids in Neurologic and Mental Disease Author Liana Fattore
ISBN-10 9780124171244
Release 2015-01-23
Pages 496
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The application of cannabis sativa for the treatment of neurologic and mental disease is expanding. Cannabinoids in Neurologic and Mental Disease collects and presents for the first time recent research involving the use of pharmacological cannabinoids for the treatment of neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disease. The neurologic application of cannabinoid therapy builds upon psychiatric and psychological use for the treatment of a variety of core mental disorders. This comprehensive reference on the known uses of cannabinoids will be useful for clinical neurologists, neuroscience and clinical neuroscience researchers, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists and the general medical community. A comprehensive reference on the clinical uses of cannabinoids for treating major neurologic and mental diseases Detailed coverage of cannabinoid use for neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative disease including Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease Detailed coverage of cannabinoid use for major psychiatric and psychological diseases and disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, Tourette's syndrome, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Washington s Bloodline

Washington s Bloodline Author Mary Shawn Russell
ISBN-10 1543250874
Release 2017-12-02
Pages 316
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Washington's Bloodline is a reference resource for those seeking a historical perspective to the ancestors in this Washington bloodline. The content is also useful to those seeking genealogical connections to other branches of the Washington Family Tree that contain some of America's most famous ancestors. - Over 380 years of Washington family history, discovered in this lost branch of the family tree. - Be intrigued by little known events which changed world history to ensure that there was a George Washington to lead America's founding. - Read how 3 of these Washington ancestors actually started American wars. - See the actual 1773, Bible record of Washington descendant George Thornton and Mary Alexander. - Bloodline descents of William Randolph, Robert "King" Carter, Pocahontas, with relationships to Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, General George S. Patton III, Queen Elizabeth II and other rulers of England. - Mildred Washington, George Washington's Godmother's estate inventory revealed. How she came into possession of Mount Vernon before George Washington. - See how colonial Washington family estates played vital roles during the American Civil War. The author's dedicated research uncovers a branch of the Washington family tree, filled with little known family stories that provide us a glimpse into the life of George Washington and Washington family descendants.

Acute Toxicology Testing

Acute Toxicology Testing Author Shayne C. Gad
ISBN-10 008052592X
Release 1997-10-27
Pages 534
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Acute toxicology testing provides the first line of defense against potentially dangerous chemicals. This book is a complete and practical guide to conducting and interpreting all regulatory required and commonly used acute toxicity tests. It presents detailed protocols for all of the common test designs and reviews their development and objectives. Acute Toxicology Testing, Second Edition will interest not only workers in the pharmaceutical industry, but also researchers and students in toxicology and public health. Key Features * Over 100 tables summarizing and interpreting results * Complete coverage of all major test designs and their limitations and advantages * Current status of alternative test designs and models

Cannabinoids and the Brain

Cannabinoids and the Brain Author Linda Parker
ISBN-10 9780262035798
Release 2017-01-13
Pages 248
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A review of the scientific evidence on the effects of cannabinoids on brain and behavioral functioning, with an emphasis on potential therapeutic use.

Pharma Nutrition

Pharma Nutrition Author Gert Folkerts
ISBN-10 9783319061511
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 484
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Natural products and functional/medical foods are now widely acknowledged as having an effect on the microbiome of the intestine, which in turn influences the outcome of certain disease. This book reviews the impact and effects of natural products and functional/medical foods (nutritional programming) on disease management, specifically focusing on diseases related to 1) Inflammation and Immunity, 2) Cancer, COPD and Cachexia, 3) Allergy and 4) Brain Neuro/Immune. Hippocrates said "let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine". While most of us are familiar with Hippocrates famous words, we admit that in recent times, the disciplines of pharma and nutrition have evolved separately. Today, with the ever growing burden of diseases in modern society, we see a convergence of the two in relation to specific disease prevention and treatment. This re-discovered common ground between the complementary values of pharma and nutrition can be conceptualized in the term pharma-nutrition. Various chapters in the book review the aspects of molecular characteristics of food ingredients towards clinical effectiveness and relevance.

Role of Materials Science in Food Bioengineering

Role of Materials Science in Food Bioengineering Author Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu
ISBN-10 9780128115008
Release 2018-03-29
Pages 578
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The Role of Materials Science in Food Bioengineering, Volume 19 in the Handbook of Food Bioengineering, presents an up-to-date review of the most recent advances in materials science, further demonstrating its broad applications in the food industry and bioengineering. Many types of materials are described, with their impact in food design discussed. The book provides insights into a range of new possibilities for the use of materials and new technologies in the field of food bioengineering. This is an essential reference on bioengineering that is not only ideal for researchers, scientists and food manufacturers, but also for students and educators. Discusses the role of material science in the discovery and design of new food materials Reviews the medical and socioeconomic impact of recently developed materials in food bioengineering Includes encapsulation, coacervation techniques, emulsion techniques and more Identifies applications of new materials for food safety, food packaging and consumption Explores bioactive compounds, polyphenols, food hydrocolloids, nanostructures and other materials in food bioengineering

Peace They Say

Peace  They Say Author Jay Nordlinger
ISBN-10 9781594035999
Release 2012-03-20
Pages 400
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In this book, Jay Nordlinger gives a history of what the subtitle claims is the “world’s most famous and problematic award.” The Nobel Peace Prize, like the other Nobel prizes, began in 1901. So we have a neat, sweeping history of the 20th century, and about a decade beyond. The Nobel prize involves a first world war, a second world war, a cold war, a terror war, and more. It contends with many of the key issues of modern times, and of life itself. It also presents a parade of interesting people—some 120 laureates, not a dullard in the bunch. Some of these laureates have been historic statesmen, such as Roosevelt (Teddy) and Mandela. Some have been heroes or saints, such as Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. Some belong in other categories—where would you place Arafat? Controversies also swirl around the awards to Kissinger, Gorbachev, Gore, and Obama, to name just a handful. Probably no figure in this book is more interesting than a non-laureate: Alfred Nobel, the Swedish scientist and entrepreneur who started the prizes. The book also takes up many a person who did not win the peace prize, but might have, or should have: Gandhi? Peace, They Say is enlightening and enriching, and, here and there, fun. It has its opinions, but it also provides what is necessary for readers to form their own opinions. What is peace, anyway? All these people who have been crowned “champions of peace,” and the world’s foremost—should they have been? Such is the stuff this book is made on.

Modifying Lipids for Use in Food

Modifying Lipids for Use in Food Author F. D. Gunstone
ISBN-10 9781845691684
Release 2006-09-28
Pages 624
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Oils and fats have a major impact on the nutritional and sensory quality of many foods. Food manufacturers must often modify lipid components or ingredients in food to achieve the right balance of physical, chemical and nutritional properties. Modifying lipids for use in foods reviews the range of lipids available, techniques for their modification and how they can be used in food products. Part one reviews vegetable, animal, marine and microbial sources of lipids and their structure. The second part of the book discusses the range of techniques for modifying lipids such as hydrogenation, fractionation and interesterification. Finally, part three considers the wide range of applications of modified lipids in such areas as dairy and bakery products, confectionary and frying oils. With its distinguished editor and international range of contributors, Modifying lipids for use in foods is a standard reference for dairy and other manufacturers using modified lipids. Reviews the range of lipids available Asseses techniques for modifying lipids such as fractionation and interesterification Considers the wide range of applications of modified lipids

The Cannabis Health Index

The Cannabis Health Index Author Uwe Blesching
ISBN-10 9781583949634
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 660
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This comprehensive sourcebook combines evidence-based insights from more than 1,000 studies from cannabinoid and consciousness research to present a convincing case for the powerful healing effects of medical marijuana on over 100 chronic symptoms and diseases. Written by a former paramedic with a PhD in alternative healthcare, this in-depth reference shows that the subtle shifts in awareness commonly observed in cannabis-using patients vastly contribute to these compounds' therapeutic potential. The Cannabis Health Index is organized into condition-specific chapters, with eye-catching ratings of cannabis efficacy for each symptom, along with recommendations for use, and sidebars that suggest related mindfulness-based practices that enhance the body's own ability to heal. Organized alphabetically from aging to wound care, with sections on a variety of conditions including infections, cancer, cardiovascular health, eye diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases, and much more, the Index reveals that the huge body of scientific studies focused on cannabis is a tremendously under-utilized repository of knowledge. In synthesizing the findings of these studies, Blesching brings clarity to the process of making informed decisions about cannabis as a valid treatment. Informative, user-friendly, and practical, The Cannabis Health Index presents striking evidence that cannabis is remarkable safe and effective when used within the proper therapeutic window, especially compared with the risks of managing chronic symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis

The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis Author Brian F Thomas
ISBN-10 9780128046708
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 132
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A volume in the Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry series, The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis: Quality Assessment, Assurance, and Regulation of Medicinal Marijuana and Cannabinoid Preparations provides analytical chemistry methods that address the latest issues surrounding cannabis-based products. The plethora of marketed strains of cannabis and cannabinoid-containing products, combined with the lack of industry standards and labelling requirements, adds to the general perception of poor quality control and limited product oversight. The methods described in this leading-edge volume help to support the manufacturing, labelling, and distribution of safe and consistent products with known chemical content and demonstrated performance characteristics. It treats analytical chemistry within the context of the diverse issues surrounding medicinal and recreational cannabis in a manner designed to foster understanding and rational perspective in non-scientist stakeholders as well as scientists who are concerned with bringing a necessary degree of order to a field now characterized by confusion and contradiction. The Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry series is published in partnership with RTI International and edited by Brian F. Thomas. Please be sure to check out our other featured volumes: Hackney, Anthony C. Exercise, Sport, and Bioanalytical Chemistry: Principles and Practice, 9780128092064, March 2016. Tanna, Sangeeta and Lawson, Graham. Analytical Chemistry for Assessing Medication Adherence, 9780128054635, April 2016. Rao, Vikram, Knight, Rob, and Stoner, Brian. Sustainable Shale Oil and Gas: Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Geochemistry Methods, 9780128103890, forthcoming September 2016. Farsalinos, Konstantinos, et al. Analytical Assessment of e-Cigarettes: From Contents to Chemical and Particle Exposure Profiles, 9780128112410, forthcoming November 2016. Addresses current and emerging analytical chemistry methods—an approach that is unique among the literature on this topic Presents information from a broad perspective of the issues in a single compact volume Employs language comprehensible to non-technical stakeholders as well as to specialists in analytical chemistry

The Medicinal Power of Cannabis

The Medicinal Power of Cannabis Author John Hicks
ISBN-10 9781634508735
Release 2015-11-24
Pages 204
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It's no surprise that marijuana has healing powers, but whether or not using it to treat common ailments should be legalized continues to be a hot topic of debate among government leaders and medical practitioners alike. Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant, an herb whose leaves can be extracted and used as a recreational drug, allowing users to feel a euphoric high. But the cannabis plant has many non-psychoactive properties as well. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a substance extracted from the cannabis plant that has been proven to have all the healing powers of marijuana without the psychoactive properties. With over thirty years of experience in integrated holistic health, Dr. John Hicks presents here his extensive knowledge and research. In this revolutionary book, Dr. Hicks touches on an area of holistic health that many medical practitioners have over looked in the past. He begins by explaining the root cause of most diseases—inflammation—and then illustrates how inflammation progresses into the various diseases and ailments that plague us. Finally, he shows how CBD can stop the inflammation and heal the problem. CBD has been shown to help: Anxiety Alzheimer's disease Seizures Huntington's disease Nausea and vomiting And much, much more With information ranging from easy-to-understand terminology to scientific studies based on Hick’s decades of experience in integrative medicine, this book has a little bit of something for everyone, from your typical hypochondriac to the seasoned medical practitioner.


Neuroscience Author Mark F. Bear
ISBN-10 0781760038
Release 2007
Pages 857
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Accompanying compact disc titled "Student CD-ROM to accompany Neuroscience : exploring the brain" includes animations, videos, exercises, glossary, and answers to review questions in Adobe Acrobat PDF and other file formats.

Pharmacology of G Protein Coupled Receptors

Pharmacology of G Protein Coupled Receptors Author S. J. Enna
ISBN-10 9780123859525
Release 2011
Pages 391
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G protein coupled receptors remain the most important class of therapeutic targets in medicine. In the last 5 years, tremendous advances have been made in our understanding of the structure and mechanism of this critical family of drug targets. The present volume explores the modern experimental and conceptual framework for drug discovery for G protein coupled receptors. It explores advances in structure determination and structure-based drug design as well as new concepts of allosteric modulation, functional selectivity/biased agonism, and pharmacological chaperones. In addition, emerging drug targets such as receptor families for fatty acids, carboxylic acids, lipid mediators, etc. are included. Final chapters cover novel mechanisms of signal regulation through PDZ domains and RGS proteins. This volume will bring an up-to-date perspective on the G protein coupled receptor field to both academic and industry scientists. The present volume explores the modern experimental and conceptual framework for drug discovery for G protein coupled receptors It explores advances in structure determination and structure-based drug design as well as new concepts of allosteric modulation, functional selectivity/biased agonism, and pharmacological chaperones This volume will bring an up-to-date perspective on the G protein coupled receptor field to both academic and industry scientists

The End of Liberal Theology

The End of Liberal Theology Author Peter Toon
ISBN-10 9781608999798
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 234
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Modern theology is a maze of conflicting beliefs. In fact, the shape of contemporary theology has changed so much in this century--and especially since the 1960s-- that it's hard to make sense of it all. Of not only what the various belief systems mean, but how we came to be where we are within those systems. In The End of Liberal Theology, respected theological lecturer and author Peter Toon introduces evangelicals to modern forms of doctrine and theology--both Protestant and Roman Catholic. He does so by discussing the basics of orthodoxy, by speaking to the various points of accommodation that have resulted in new forms of theology, and by dissecting liberalism and its effect on evangelicalism. This book is thus a family tree of modern theology, showing how the various contemporary forms, and those that preceded them, are related to each other. With its comprehensive analysis, The End of Liberal Theology is destined to be a yardstick by which critical evaluations of current doctrines--both old and new, liberal and conservative--will be made.

The Toxicology Handbook for Clinicians

The Toxicology Handbook for Clinicians Author Carson R. Harris
ISBN-10 1560537116
Release 2006
Pages 348
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Providing clinicians with quick access to common ingestions they are likely to see in the emergency department, this handbook covers such topics as pesticides, cardiovascular drugs, drugs of abuse, and many more. Each chapter follows a similar organization, making finding information quick and easy.

International Handbook of Foodborne Pathogens

International Handbook of Foodborne Pathogens Author Marianne D. Miliotis
ISBN-10 0203912063
Release 2003-03-18
Pages 688
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This reference describes the management, control, and prevention of microbial foodborne disease. It analyzes transformations in the epidemiology of foodborne disease from increased transnational food exchange to examinations of new and emerging zoonoses. It also discusses the prevalence and risk of foodborne disease in developing and industrialized countries.