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The Engines of Our Ingenuity

The Engines of Our Ingenuity Author John H. Lienhard
ISBN-10 0195167317
Release 2003-04-10
Pages 272
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This book explores the nature of creativity in engineering and technology, and how it relates to creativity in art or science. Lienhard has for ten years done a twice-weekly radio show, carried on about 35 NPR stations, consisting of 3-minute essays on technology. He uses the substance of selected segments of his radio program to create a continuous narrative presenting his insights on technological creativity. This book has the same title as his radio program, to further draw the attention of his one million listeners.

How Invention Begins

How Invention Begins Author John H. Lienhard
ISBN-10 9780195341201
Release 2008-05
Pages 277
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Original publication and copyright date: 2006.

The Industrial Revolution in America Overview Comparison

The Industrial Revolution in America   Overview Comparison Author Kevin Hillstrom
ISBN-10 9781851097197
Release 2007-02-22
Pages 901
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This three-volume set concludes ABC-CLIO's groundbreaking series on the Industrial Revolution as it played out in the United States, offering volumes on the communications industry and the agriculture and meatpacking industries—plus a concluding overview volume on the causes, courses, and interconnections among the industries that brought such dramatic change to our lives. * Sidebars take readers deeper into fascinating topics, such as the role of the railroads in the rise of Chicago's meatpacking industry and in the spread of the telegraph * Biographical sketches of larger-than-life entrepreneurs including Samuel F. B. Morse, Cyrus McCormick, and Philip Armour

Economics of Intangibles

Economics of Intangibles Author Gary Zatzman
ISBN-10 1600213162
Release 2007
Pages 407
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Up to now, economics as a branch of social science has been concerned mainly to map the commercial and financial relations of Humanity. Although these relationships are by definition intangible, the forms by which these relations are expressed are tangible. This book presents the many quintessential elements of economics from all around the globe.

Statistical Thermodynamics

Statistical Thermodynamics Author Chang L. Tien
ISBN-10 UOM:39015018140866
Release 1979-06
Pages 397
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Statistical Thermodynamics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Statistical Thermodynamics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Statistical Thermodynamics book for free.

Cultural Implications of Knowledge Sharing Management and Transfer Identifying Competitive Advantage

Cultural Implications of Knowledge Sharing  Management and Transfer  Identifying Competitive Advantage Author Harorimana, Deogratias
ISBN-10 9781605667911
Release 2009-08-31
Pages 464
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"This book illustrates, compares, and discusses models, perspectives, and approaches involved in the distribution, administration, and transmission of knowledge across organizations"--Provided by publisher.

Spaces for the Future

Spaces for the Future Author Joseph C. Pitt
ISBN-10 9781135007744
Release 2017-08-09
Pages 364
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Focused on mapping out contemporary and future domains in philosophy of technology, this volume serves as an excellent, forward-looking resource in the field and in cognate areas of study. The 32 chapters, all of them appearing in print here for the first time, were written by both established scholars and fresh voices. They cover topics ranging from data discrimination and engineering design, to art and technology, space junk, and beyond. Spaces for the Future: A Companion to Philosophy of Technology is structured in six parts: (1) Ethical Space and Experience; (2) Political Space and Agency; (3) Virtual Space and Property; (4) Personal Space and Design; (5) Inner Space and Environment; and (6) Outer Space and Imagination. The organization maps out current and emerging spaces of activity in the field and anticipates the big issues that we soon will face.

A heat transfer textbook

A heat transfer textbook Author John H. Lienhard
ISBN-10 UOM:39015011840066
Release 1987
Pages 620
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A heat transfer textbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A heat transfer textbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A heat transfer textbook book for free.

Inventing Modern

Inventing Modern Author John H. Lienhard
ISBN-10 0198036361
Release 2003-09-18
Pages 304
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Modern is a word much used, but hard to pin down. In Inventing Modern, John H. Lienhard uses that word to capture the furious rush of newness in the first half of 20th-century America. An unexpected world emerges from under the more familiar Modern. Beyond the airplanes, radios, art deco, skyscrapers, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Buck Rogers, the culture of the open road--Burma Shave, Kerouac, and White Castles--lie driving forces that set this account of Modern apart. One force, says Lienhard, was a new concept of boyhood--the risk-taking, hands-on savage inventor. Driven by an admiration of recklessness, America developed its technological empire with stunning speed. Bringing the airplane to fruition in so short a time, for example, were people such as Katherine Stinson, Lincoln Beachey, Amelia Earhart, and Charles Lindbergh. The rediscovery of mystery powerfully drove Modern as well. X-Rays, quantum mechanics, and relativity theory had followed electricity and radium. Here we read how, with reality seemingly altered, hope seemed limitless. Lienhard blends these forces with his childhood in the brave new world. The result is perceptive, engaging, and filled with surprise. Whether he talks about Alexander Calder (an engineer whose sculptures were exercises in materials science) or that wacky paean to flight, Flying Down to Rio, unexpected detail emerges from every tile of this large mosaic. Inventing Modern is a personal book that displays, rather than defines, an age that ended before most of us were born. It is an engineer's homage to a time before the bomb and our terrible loss of confidence--a time that might yet rise again out of its own postmodern ashes.

The Two Cultures

The Two Cultures Author C. P. Snow
ISBN-10 9781107606142
Release 2012-03-26
Pages 179
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The importance of science and technology and future of education and research are just some of the subjects discussed here.

Mechanical Measurements 6 E

Mechanical Measurements  6 E Author Beckwith
ISBN-10 8131717186
Release 2007
Pages 784
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Mechanical Measurements 6 E has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mechanical Measurements 6 E also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mechanical Measurements 6 E book for free.

Going Beyond Google Again

Going Beyond Google Again Author Jane Devine
ISBN-10 9781555708986
Release 2014
Pages 192
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The Invisible Web, also known as the Deep Web, is a huge repository of underutilized resources that can be richly rewarding to searchers who make the effort to find them. Since Jane Devine and Francine Egger-Sider explored the educational potentials of this realm in Going Beyond Google: The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching, the information world has grown even more complex, with more participants, more content, more formats, and more means of access. Demonstrating why teaching the Invisible Web should be a requirement for information literacy education in the 21st century, here the authors expand on the teaching foundation provided in the first book and persuasively argue that the Invisible Web is still relevant not only to student research but also to everyday life. Intended for anyone who conducts research on the web, including students, teachers, information professionals, and general users, their book Defines the characteristics of the Invisible Web, both technologically and cognitively Provides a literature review of students’ information-seeking habits, concentrating on recent research Surveys the theory and practice of teaching the Invisible Web Shows ways to transform students into better researchers Highlights teaching resources such as graphics, videos, and tutorials Offers an assortment of tools, both public and proprietary, for trawling the Invisible Web Looks at the future of the Invisible Web, with thoughts on how changes in search technology will affect users, particularly students learning to conduct research

A Short Bright Flash Augustin Fresnel and the Birth of the Modern Lighthouse

A Short Bright Flash  Augustin Fresnel and the Birth of the Modern Lighthouse Author Theresa Levitt
ISBN-10 9780393068795
Release 2013-06-03
Pages 281
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Describes the life of the man who invented a new lighthouse lens, capable of shining brighter, farther and more efficiently than existing light sources, and his fight against the scientific elite, his poor health and the limits of his era's technology. 13,000 first printing.

Diesel Engines for Land and Marine Work

Diesel Engines for Land and Marine Work Author A. P. Chalkley
ISBN-10 9783954274291
Release 2014-12-08
Pages 436
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This book provides profound and detailed information about every kind of Marine Diesel Engines until WW I. It covers the entire range from small engines for pleasure crafts up to the largest engines for seagoing ships. With many pictures and drawings.

Does Technology Drive History

Does Technology Drive History Author Merritt Roe Smith
ISBN-10 0262691671
Release 1994
Pages 280
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These 13 essays explore to what extent, and by what means, a society's technology determines its political, social, economic and cultural forms. Karl Marx launched the modern debate on determinism and this book clarifies the debate and carries it forward.

The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci

The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci Author Jonathan D. Spence
ISBN-10 1847243444
Release 2008
Pages 350
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In 1577 a Jesuit priest named Matteo Ricci set out from Italy on a long journey to bring the Christian faith and Western thought to Ming dynasty China. He spent time in India and Macao before entering China in 1583 to undertake mission work. Travelling widely, Ricci learned local languages, mastered Chinese classical script, drew the first-ever map of the world in Chinese and acquired a rich appreciation of the indigenous culture of his hosts. In 1596 Ricci wrote a short book in Chinese on the art of memory for the governor of Jiangxi province, who was preparing his three sons for China's demanding civil service examinations. In it he described a 'memory palace' in which to hold knowledge such as might help the three brothers and their peers in the Ming social elite to pass their exams with flying colours. Ricci must have hoped that, in gratitude to him for instructing them in mnemonic skills, they would use their newly won prestige to further the cause of the Catholic Church in China. To capture the complex emotional and religious drama of Ricci's life, author Jonathan Spence relates the missionary's experiences via a series of images. Four of these images derive from events described in the Bible, the others from Ricci's book on the art of memory that was circulated among members of the Ming dynasty elite. A rich and compelling narrative about a remarkable life, The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci is also a significant work of global history, juxtaposing the world of Counter-Reformation Europe with that of Ming China.

The Horizontal Society

The Horizontal Society Author Lawrence Meir Friedman
ISBN-10 0300075456
Release 1999
Pages 310
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An examination of how modern life centres on human identity seen in terms of race, gender, ethnicity and religion, and how this way of defining oneself affects politics, social structure and the law. It demonstrates that this society is the product of the mass media.