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The English School of International Relations

The English School of International Relations Author Andrew Linklater
ISBN-10 9781139452700
Release 2006-05-25
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What is the English School of International Relations and why is there increasing interest in it? Linklater and Suganami provide a comprehensive account of this distinctive approach to the study of world politics which highlights coexistence and cooperation, as well as conflict, in the relations between sovereign states. In the first book-length volume of its kind, the authors present a comprehensive discussion of the rise and development of the English School, its principal research agenda, and its epistemological and methodological foundations. The authors further consider the English School's position on progress in world politics, its relationship with Kantian thought, its conception of a sociology of states-systems and its approach to good international citizenship as a means of reducing harm in world politics. Lucidly written and unprecedented in its coverage, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in international relations and politics worldwide.

An Introduction to the English School of International Relations

An Introduction to the English School of International Relations Author Barry Buzan
ISBN-10 9780745685380
Release 2014-07-02
Pages 256
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This outstanding book is the first comprehensive introduction to the English School of International Relations. Written by leading ES scholar Barry Buzan, it expertly guides readers through the English School’s formative ideas, intellectual and historical roots, current controversies and future avenues of development. Part One sets out the English School’s origins and development, explaining its central concepts and methodological tools, and placing it within the broader canon of IR theory. Part Two offers a detailed account of the historical, regional and social structural strands of the English School, explaining the important link between the school’s historical projects and its interest in a societal approach to international relations. Part Three explores the School’s responses to the enduring problems of order and justice, and highlights the changing balance between pluralist and solidarist institutions in the evolution of international society over the past five centuries. The book concludes with a discussion of the English School’s ongoing controversies and debates, and identifies opportunities for further research. For students new to the topic this book will provide an accessible and balanced overview, whilst those already familiar with the ES will be prompted to look afresh at their own understanding of its significance and potentiality.

From International to World Society

From International to World Society Author Barry Buzan
ISBN-10 0521541212
Release 2004-02-26
Pages 294
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In this 2004 book, Barry Buzan offers an extensive critique and reappraisal of the English school approach to International Relations. Starting on the neglected concept of world society and bringing together the international society tradition and the Wendtian mode of constructivism, Buzan offers a new theoretical framework that can be used to address globalisation as a complex political interplay among state and non-state actors. This approach forces English school theory to confront neglected questions about both its basic concepts and assumptions, and about the constitution of society in terms of what values are shared, how and why they are shared, and by whom. Buzan highlights the idea of primary institutions as the central contribution of English school theory and shows how this both differentiates English school theory from realism and neoliberal institutionalism, and how it can be used to generate distinctive comparative and historical accounts of international society.

Regions and Powers

Regions and Powers Author Barry Buzan
ISBN-10 0521891116
Release 2003-12-04
Pages 564
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An analysis and application of security complex theory in security regions in the post-Cold War order, first published in 2003.

Theory of World Security

Theory of World Security Author Ken Booth
ISBN-10 9781139467506
Release 2007-12-20
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What is real? What can we know? How might we act? This book sets out to answer these fundamental philosophical questions in a radical and original theory of security for our times. Arguing that the concept of security in world politics has long been imprisoned by conservative thinking, Ken Booth explores security as a precious instrumental value which gives individuals and groups the opportunity to pursue the invention of humanity rather than live determined and diminished lives. Booth suggests that human society globally is facing a set of converging historical crises. He looks to critical social theory and radical international theory to develop a comprehensive framework for understanding the historical challenges facing global business-as-usual and for planning to reconstruct a more cosmopolitan future. Theory of World Security is a challenge both to well-established ways of thinking about security and alternative approaches within critical security studies.

Cambridge Studies in International Relations 145 Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics

Cambridge Studies in International Relations  145  Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics Author Lu, Catherine
ISBN-10 9781108350495
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Cambridge Studies in International Relations 145 Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cambridge Studies in International Relations 145 Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cambridge Studies in International Relations 145 Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics book for free.

Nationalism and International Society

Nationalism and International Society Author James Mayall
ISBN-10 0521389615
Release 1990-02-23
Pages 175
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What is meant by international society? On what principles is the notion of international society based? How has the notion of nationalism influenced its evolution? In this book James Mayall addresses these questions and sheds important new light upon the issues of nation and international society by bringing together subjects which have hitherto been examined separately. Mayall locates his study within a theoretical discussion of the relationship between the ideas of nationalism and international society, maintaining that it is one of challenge and accommodation. He then explores three central issues. First, the manner in which nationalism has created new states and pushed the boundaries of international society outwards. Second, how the confrontation between nationalist and liberal ideas about international economic relations has impelled state activity downward into the lives of ordinary people and outward into the international political economy. And third, the way Third World nationalism has reacted against the postwar international economic order but has been unable to alter it in its favour. Nationalism and international society will be of interest to specialists and students of international relations with special reference to nationalism and sovereignty, and to modern historians of world order, decolonisation and economic nationalism.

Guide to the English School in International Studies

Guide to the English School in International Studies Author Cornelia Navari
ISBN-10 9781118624760
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 256
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Bringing together the latest scholarship from a global group of expert contributors, this guide offers a comprehensive examination of the English School approach to the study of international relations. Explains the major ideas of the British Committee on International Relations, including the idea of and institutions connected to an international society, the emerging notion of world society, and order within international relations Describes the English School’s methods of analyzing themes, trends, and dilemmas Focuses on the historical and geographical expansion of international society, and particularly on the effects of colonization and imperialism Serves as an essential reference for students, researchers, and academics in international relations

Security Communities

Security Communities Author Emanuel Adler
ISBN-10 0521639530
Release 1998-10-28
Pages 462
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This book argues that community can exist at the international level, and that security politics is profoundly shaped by it, with states dwelling within an international community having the capacity to develop a pacific disposition. By investigating the relationship between international community and the possibility for peaceful change, this book revisits the concept first pioneered by Karl Deutsch: 'security communities'. Leading scholars examine security communities in various historical and regional contexts: in places where they exist, where they are emerging, and where they are hardly detectable. Building on constructivist theory, the volume is an important contribution to international relations theory and security studies, attempting to understand the conjunction of transnational forces, state power and international organizations that can produce a security community.

Southeast Asia and the English School of International Relations

Southeast Asia and the English School of International Relations Author L. Quayle
ISBN-10 9781137026859
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 245
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This book examines the interface between the theoretical framework known as the English School and the international and transnational politics of Southeast Asia. The region-theory dialogue it proposes signals productive ways forward for the theory.

Traditions of International Ethics

Traditions of International Ethics Author Terry Nardin
ISBN-10 0521457572
Release 1992
Pages 326
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This is the first comprehensive study of how different ethical traditions deal with the central moral problems of international affairs. Using the organizing concept of a tradition, it shows that ethics offers many different languages for moral debate rather than a set of unified doctrines. Each chapter describes the central concepts, premises, vocabulary, and history of a particular tradition and explains how that tradition has dealt with a set of recurring ethical issues in international relations. Such issues include national self-determination, the use of force in armed intervention or nuclear deterrence, and global distributive justice.

Inside Outside

Inside Outside Author R. B. J. Walker
ISBN-10 0521421195
Release 1993
Pages 233
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In this book Rob Walker offers an original analysis of the relationship between twentieth-century theories of international relations, and the political theory of civil society since the early modern period. He views theories of international relations both as an ideological expression of the modern state, and as a clear indication of the difficulties of thinking about a world politics characterized by profound spatiotemporal accelerations. International relations theories should be seen, the author argues, more as aspects of contemporary world politics than as explanations of contemporary world politics. These theories are examined in the light of recent debates about modernity and post-modernity, sovereignty and political identity, and the limits of modern social and political theory. This book is a major contribution to the field of critical international relations, and will be of interest to social and political theorists and political scientists, as well as students and scholars of international relations.

Deterrence Now

Deterrence Now Author Patrick M. Morgan
ISBN-10 0521529697
Release 2003-04-17
Pages 331
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This authoritative book examines the place of deterrence after the Cold War. Patrick Morgan explores the state of deterrence theory and its continuing relevance under conditions of nuclear proliferation, collective security organisations, and a revolution in military affairs. This book makes a significant contribution to strategic studies and international relations.

Hierarchies in World Politics

Hierarchies in World Politics Author Ayşe Zarakol
ISBN-10 9781108416634
Release 2017-09-07
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This book showcases the best new international relations research on hierarchy and moves the discipline forward in this new direction.

Theories of International Regimes

Theories of International Regimes Author Andreas Hasenclever
ISBN-10 0521598494
Release 1997-10-02
Pages 248
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The authors examine three different theoretical approaches to international regimes: realism, neoliberalism and cognitivism.

International Practices

International Practices Author Emanuel Adler
ISBN-10 9781139501583
Release 2011-08-25
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It is in and through practices - deeds that embody shared intersubjective knowledge - that social life is organized, that subjectivities are constituted and that history unfolds. One can think of dozens of different practices (from balancing, to banking or networking) which constitute the social fabric of world politics. This book brings together leading scholars in fields from international law and humanitarianism to nuclear deterrence and the UN to provide effective new tools to understand a range of pressing issues of the era of globalization. As an entry point to the study of world politics, the concept of practice accommodates a variety of perspectives in a coherent yet flexible fashion and opens the door to much needed interdisciplinary research in international relations. International Practices crystallizes the authors' past research on international practices into a common effort to turn the study of practice into a novel research program in international relations.

The Emergence of Private Authority in Global Governance

The Emergence of Private Authority in Global Governance Author Rodney Bruce Hall
ISBN-10 0521523370
Release 2002-12-12
Pages 248
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Highly topical analysis of the emergence of private authority in the governance of global affairs.