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The Equationally Defined Commutator

The Equationally Defined Commutator Author Janusz Czelakowski
ISBN-10 9783319212005
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 292
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This monograph introduces and explores the notions of a commutator equation and the equationally-defined commutator from the perspective of abstract algebraic logic. An account of the commutator operation associated with equational deductive systems is presented, with an emphasis placed on logical aspects of the commutator for equational systems determined by quasivarieties of algebras. The author discusses the general properties of the equationally-defined commutator, various centralization relations for relative congruences, the additivity and correspondence properties of the equationally-defined commutator and its behavior in finitely generated quasivarieties. Presenting new and original research not yet considered in the mathematical literature, The Equationally-Defined Commutator will be of interest to professional algebraists and logicians, as well as graduate students and other researchers interested in problems of modern algebraic logic.

Tools and Techniques in Modal Logic

Tools and Techniques in Modal Logic Author Marcus Kracht
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105024882297
Release 1999
Pages 559
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This book treats modal logic as a theory, with several subtheories, such as completeness theory, correspondence theory, duality theory and transfer theory and is intended as a course in modal logic for students who have had prior contact with modal logic and who wish to study it more deeply. It presupposes training in mathematical or logic. Very little specific knowledge is presupposed, most results which are needed are proved in this book.

Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X006180448
Release 2003
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Mathematical Reviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mathematical Reviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mathematical Reviews book for free.

Algebraic Theories

Algebraic Theories Author J. Adámek
ISBN-10 9781139491884
Release 2010-11-18
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Algebraic theories, introduced as a concept in the 1960s, have been a fundamental step towards a categorical view of general algebra. Moreover, they have proved very useful in various areas of mathematics and computer science. This carefully developed book gives a systematic introduction to algebra based on algebraic theories that is accessible to both graduate students and researchers. It will facilitate interactions of general algebra, category theory and computer science. A central concept is that of sifted colimits - that is, those commuting with finite products in sets. The authors prove the duality between algebraic categories and algebraic theories and discuss Morita equivalence between algebraic theories. They also pay special attention to one-sorted algebraic theories and the corresponding concrete algebraic categories over sets, and to S-sorted algebraic theories, which are important in program semantics. The final chapter is devoted to finitary localizations of algebraic categories, a recent research area.

A Course in Universal Algebra

A Course in Universal Algebra Author S. Burris
ISBN-10 1461381320
Release 2011-10-21
Pages 276
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Universal algebra has enjoyed a particularly explosive growth in the last twenty years, and a student entering the subject now will find a bewildering amount of material to digest. This text is not intended to be encyclopedic; rather, a few themes central to universal algebra have been developed sufficiently to bring the reader to the brink of current research. The choice of topics most certainly reflects the authors' interests. Chapter I contains a brief but substantial introduction to lattices, and to the close connection between complete lattices and closure operators. In particular, everything necessary for the subsequent study of congruence lattices is included. Chapter II develops the most general and fundamental notions of uni versal algebra-these include the results that apply to all types of algebras, such as the homomorphism and isomorphism theorems. Free algebras are discussed in great detail-we use them to derive the existence of simple algebras, the rules of equational logic, and the important Mal'cev conditions. We introduce the notion of classifying a variety by properties of (the lattices of) congruences on members of the variety. Also, the center of an algebra is defined and used to characterize modules (up to polynomial equivalence). In Chapter III we show how neatly two famous results-the refutation of Euler's conjecture on orthogonal Latin squares and Kleene's character ization of languages accepted by finite automata-can be presented using universal algebra. We predict that such "applied universal algebra" will become much more prominent.

Freedom and Enforcement in Action

Freedom and Enforcement in Action Author Janusz Czelakowski
ISBN-10 9789401798556
Release 2015-06-10
Pages 261
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Action theory is the object of growing attention in a variety of scientific disciplines and this is the first volume to offer a synthetic view of the range of approaches possible in the topic. The volume focuses on the nexus of formal action theory with a startlingly diverse set of subjects, which range from logic, linguistics, artificial intelligence and automata theory to jurisprudence, deontology and economics. It covers semantic, mathematical and logical aspects of action, showing how the problem of action breaks the boundaries of traditional branches of logic located in syntactics and semantics and now lies on lies on the borderline between logical pragmatics and praxeology. The chapters here focus on specialized tasks in formal action theory, beginning with a thorough description and formalization of the language of action and moving through material on the differing models of action theory to focus on probabilistic models, the relations of formal action theory to deontic logic and its key applications in algorithmic and programming theory. The coverage thus fills a notable lacuna in the literary corpus and offers solid formal underpinning in cognitive science by approaching the problem of cognition as a composite action of mind.

Protoalgebraic Logics

Protoalgebraic Logics Author Janusz Czelakowski
ISBN-10 9789401728072
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 452
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The main aim of this book is to present recent ideas in logic centered around the notion of a consequence operation. We wish to show these ideas in a factually and materially connected way, i.e., in the form of a consistent theory derived from several simple assumptions and definitions. These ideas have arisen in many research centers. The thorough study of their history can certainly be an exciting task for the historian of logic; in the book this aspect of the theory is being played down. The book belongs to abstract algebraic logic, the area of research that explores to a large extent interconnections between algebra and logic. The results presented here concern logics defined in zero-order languages (Le., quantifier-free sentential languages without predicate symbols). The reach of the theory expounded in the book is, in fact, much wider. The theory is also valid for logics defined in languages of higer orders. The problem of transferring the theory to the level of first-order languages has been satisfactorily solved and new ideas within this area have been put forward in the work of Blok and Pigozzi [1989].

The Quadratic Reciprocity Law

The Quadratic Reciprocity Law Author Oswald Baumgart
ISBN-10 9783319162836
Release 2015-05-27
Pages 172
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This book is the English translation of Baumgart’s thesis on the early proofs of the quadratic reciprocity law (“Über das quadratische Reciprocitätsgesetz. Eine vergleichende Darstellung der Beweise”), first published in 1885. It is divided into two parts. The first part presents a very brief history of the development of number theory up to Legendre, as well as detailed descriptions of several early proofs of the quadratic reciprocity law. The second part highlights Baumgart’s comparisons of the principles behind these proofs. A current list of all known proofs of the quadratic reciprocity law, with complete references, is provided in the appendix. This book will appeal to all readers interested in elementary number theory and the history of number theory.

Nigel J Kalton Selecta

Nigel J  Kalton Selecta Author Fritz Gesztesy
ISBN-10 9783319187990
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 777
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This is the second part of a two volume anthology comprising a selection of 49 articles that illustrate the depth, breadth and scope of Nigel Kalton’s research. Each article is accompanied by comments from an expert on the respective topic, which serves to situate the article in its proper context, to successfully link past, present and hopefully future developments of the theory and to help readers grasp the extent of Kalton’s accomplishments. Kalton’s work represents a bridge to the mathematics of tomorrow, and this book will help readers to cross it. Nigel Kalton (1946-2010) was an extraordinary mathematician who made major contributions to an amazingly diverse range of fields over the course of his career.

Putnam and Beyond

Putnam and Beyond Author Razvan Gelca
ISBN-10 9780387684451
Release 2007-08-11
Pages 798
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Putnam and Beyond takes the reader on a journey through the world of college mathematics, focusing on some of the most important concepts and results in the theories of polynomials, linear algebra, real analysis in one and several variables, differential equations, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, elementary number theory, combinatorics, and probability. Using the W.L. Putnam Mathematical Competition for undergraduates as an inspiring symbol to build an appropriate math background for graduate studies in pure or applied mathematics, the reader is eased into transitioning from problem-solving at the high school level to the university and beyond, that is, to mathematical research.

Lectures on Nonlinear Evolution Equations

Lectures on Nonlinear Evolution Equations Author Reinhard Racke
ISBN-10 9783319218731
Release 2015-08-31
Pages 306
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This book mainly serves as an elementary, self-contained introduction to several important aspects of the theory of global solutions to initial value problems for nonlinear evolution equations. The book employs the classical method of continuation of local solutions with the help of a priori estimates obtained for small data. The existence and uniqueness of small, smooth solutions that are defined for all values of the time parameter are investigated. Moreover, the asymptotic behaviour of the solutions is described as time tends to infinity. The methods for nonlinear wave equations are discussed in detail. Other examples include the equations of elasticity, heat equations, the equations of thermoelasticity, Schrödinger equations, Klein-Gordon equations, Maxwell equations and plate equations. To emphasize the importance of studying the conditions under which small data problems offer global solutions, some blow-up results are briefly described. Moreover, the prospects for corresponding initial boundary value problems and for open questions are provided. In this second edition, initial-boundary value problems in waveguides are additionally considered.

Le niewski s Systems

Le  niewski   s Systems Author V.F. Rickey
ISBN-10 9789400960893
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 262
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Le niewski s Systems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Le niewski s Systems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Le niewski s Systems book for free.

The Shape of Congruence Lattices

The Shape of Congruence Lattices Author Keith Kearnes
ISBN-10 9780821883235
Release 2013-02-26
Pages 169
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This monograph is concerned with the relationships between Maltsev conditions, commutator theories and the shapes of congruence lattices in varieties of algebras. The authors develop the theories of the strong commutator, the rectangular commutator, the strong rectangular commutator, as well as a solvability theory for the nonmodular TC commutator. They prove that a residually small variety that satisfies a congruence identity is congruence modular.

Contributions to Universal Algebra

Contributions to Universal Algebra Author B. Csákány
ISBN-10 9781483103020
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 608
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Contributions to Universal Algebra focuses on the study of algebra. The compilation first discusses the congruence lattice of pseudo-simple algebras; elementary properties of limit reduced powers with applications to Boolean powers; and congruent lattices of 2-valued algebras. The book further looks at duality for algebras; weak homomorphisms of stone algebras; varieties of modular lattices not generated by their finite dimensional members; and remarks on algebraic operations of stone algebras. The text describes polynomial normal forms and the embedding of polynomial algebras; coverings in the lattice of varieties; embedding semigroups in semigroups generated by idempotents; and endomorphism semigroups and subgroupoid lattices. The book also discusses a report on sublattices of a free lattice, and then presents the cycles in finite semi-distributive lattices; cycles in S-lattices; and summary of results. The text also describes primitive subsets of algebras, ideals, normal sets, and congruences, as well as Jacobson’s density theorem. The book is a good source for readers wanting to study algebra.

Logic and Algebra

Logic and Algebra Author Aldo Ursini
ISBN-10 9781351434713
Release 2017-10-05
Pages 728
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""Attempts to unite the fields of mathematical logic and general algebra. Presents a collection of refereed papers inspired by the International Conference on Logic and Algebra held in Siena, Italy, in honor of the late Italian mathematician Roberto Magari, a leading force in the blossoming of research in mathematical logic in Italy since the 1960s.

Universal Algebra and Applications in Theoretical Computer Science

Universal Algebra and Applications in Theoretical Computer Science Author Klaus Denecke
ISBN-10 1584882549
Release 2002-01-18
Pages 383
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Over the past 20 years, the emergence of clone theory, hyperequational theory, commutator theory and tame congruence theory has led to a growth of universal algebra both in richness and in applications, especially in computer science. Yet most of the classic books on the subject are long out of print and, to date, no other book has integrated these theories with the long-established work that supports them. Universal Algebra and Applications in Theoretical Computer Science introduces the basic concepts of universal algebra and surveys some of the newer developments in the field. The first half of the book provides a solid grounding in the core material. A leisurely pace, careful exposition, numerous examples, and exercises combine to form an introduction to the subject ideal for beginning graduate students or researchers from other areas. The second half of the book focuses on applications in theoretical computer science and advanced topics, including Mal'cev conditions, tame congruence theory, clones, and commutators. The impact of the advances in universal algebra on computer science is just beginning to be realized, and the field will undoubtedly continue to grow and mature. Universal Algebra and Applications in Theoretical Computer Science forms an outstanding text and offers a unique opportunity to build the foundation needed for further developments in its theory and in its computer science applications.

Meaning Logic and Ludics

Meaning  Logic and Ludics Author Alain Lecomte
ISBN-10 9781848164567
Release 2011
Pages 369
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The book aims to present several main advances in Natural Language Semantics and the interface between syntax and semantics after the last two decades, based on some of the most recent logical theories of linear logic and ludics, and on sharp analyses of computing due to advanced theories in Theoretical Computer Sciences (i.e., the extensions of the Curry-Howard isomorphism to classical logic, which has led to several variants of calculi like Parigot's calculus, Curien–Herbelin's calculus, Wadler's dual calculus and, the Lambek–Grishin calculus revisited by M Moortgat and R Bernardi, among others). Meaning, Logic and Ludics surveys the many solutions which have been proposed for the syntax semantics interface, taking into account the specifications of the linguistic signs (continuous or discontinuous) and the fundamental mechanisms put in light by the linguists and notable Generativists. This pioneering publication ends with a presentation of Ludics, a framework which allows to characterize Meaning as an invariant with regard to the interaction between processes.