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The Eternal Spring of Mr Ito by Sheila Garrigue

The Eternal Spring of Mr  Ito by Sheila Garrigue Author Jean Jamieson
ISBN-10 PSU:000049854312
Release 2000
Pages 36
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The Eternal Spring of Mr Ito by Sheila Garrigue has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Eternal Spring of Mr Ito by Sheila Garrigue also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Eternal Spring of Mr Ito by Sheila Garrigue book for free.

The Eternal Spring of Mr Ito

The Eternal Spring of Mr  Ito Author Sheila Garrigue
ISBN-10 OCLC:1011691946
Release 1995
Pages 163
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During her evacuation to Canada, Sara, a British teenage, befriends Mr. Ito and his family. When Mr. Ito's family is sent to an internment camp following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Sara comes to know the cruelties of war.

Literature Lures

Literature Lures Author Nancy Polette
ISBN-10 1563089521
Release 2002
Pages 125
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This is the tool teachers have been waiting for to explore important themes and to motivate students to become involved in the literature experience. Each title was carefully chosen using as criteria the quality of the writing, the importance of its message, and how easily it could serve as a springboard to junior novels that explore the same theme. Grades 6-10.

Burlesque West

Burlesque West Author Becki Ross
ISBN-10 9780802096982
Release 2009
Pages 373
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After the Second World War, Vancouver emerged as a hotbed of striptease talent. In Burlesque West, the first critical history of the city's notorious striptease scene, Becki Ross delves into the erotic entertainment industry at the northern end of the dancers' west coast tour - the North-South route from Los Angeles to Vancouver - which provided rotating work for dancers and variety for club clientele. Lavishly illustrated and thoroughly documented, Burlesque West is an ambitious and engaging social history that looks at the convergence of the personal and the political in a phenomenon that combines sex, art and entertainment, and commerce.

Angel in the Full Moon

Angel in the Full Moon Author Don Easton
ISBN-10 1554884926
Release 2008-05-26
Pages 360
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In this gut-wrenching sequel to Loose Ends and Above Ground, Jack Taggart’s quest for justice takes him from the beaches of Cuba to the ghettos of Hanoi. Jack Taggart is an undercover Mountie whose quest for justice takes him from the sunny, tourist-laden beaches of Cuba to the ghettos of Hanoi. His targets deal in human flesh, smuggling unwitting victims for the sex trade. In a story fraught with raw emotion, Jack finds his partner accusing him of carrying out a personal vendetta, until he reveals the secret driving him forward. This is the world of the undercover operative: a world of lies, treachery, and deception. A world where violence can erupt without warning, like a ticking time bomb on a crowded bus. It isn’t a matter of if that bomb will go off — it is a matter of how close you are to it when it does.

Riot Act

Riot Act Author Diane Tullson
ISBN-10 9781459801424
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 128
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Seventeen-year-old Daniel gets caught up in a postgame riot. And then he and his best friend escape police by breaking into a store. They only intend to cut through to the alley, but rioters follow and trash the place. Daniel prevents an arsonist from torching the store. The next day, he’s a hero while his friend is outed as a rioter. Can Daniel save face, and will it cost him his friend?

The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War Author Robert Cormier
ISBN-10 9780307834294
Release 2013-03-19
Pages 272
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One of the most controversial YA novels of all time, The Chocolate War is a modern masterpiece that speaks to fans of S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and John Knowles’s A Separate Peace. After suffering rejection from seven major publishers, The Chocolate War made its debut in 1974, and quickly became a bestselling—and provocative—classic for young adults. This chilling portrait of an all-boys prep school casts an unflinching eye on the pitfalls of conformity and corruption in our most elite cultural institutions. “Masterfully structured and rich in theme; the action is well crafted, well timed, suspenseful.”—The New York Times Book Review “The characterizations of all the boys are superb.”—School Library Journal, starred review “Compellingly immediate. . . . Readers will respect the uncompromising ending.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review An ALA Best Book for Young Adults A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year A Kirkus Reviews Editor’s Choice A New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year From the Trade Paperback edition.

Finding Grace

Finding Grace Author Becky Citra
ISBN-10 9781927583265
Release 2014-03-15
Pages 176
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Growing up in the 50s with a single mother and no father, Hope is a loner with a wonderful imagination. The letters she writes to her imaginary friend, Grace, help her cope with the difficult times in her life - her mother's sad days, their money worries, the pressures of not fitting in. On her eleventh birthday, Hope is shocked to learn that Grace is real. Hope decides that by finding Grace, their family will be healed. But, like most adventures, things do not go exactly as she hopes.

The Sky Is Falling

The Sky Is Falling Author Caroline Adderson
ISBN-10 9780887628214
Release 2010-08-07
Pages 320
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From the winner of the 2006 Marian Engel Award comes a funny, absorbing and timely novel about fear in our time. On a spring day in 2004, Jane Z. a physician’s wife and mother of a teenage son, opens her morning newspaper and is shocked to see a familiar face on the front page. Sonia, a lost friend accused of terrorism, has just been released after twenty years in prison. It all comes flooding back to Jane, how twenty years before her life took a very different course. At nineteen, Jane rents a room in a shared student house with a mismatched trio of idealists: Sonia, who yearns to save the world’s children from nuclear war; the Marxist-leaning Dieter; and the anarcho-feminist-pacifist Pete. A bookish misfit, her radical housemates quickly draw Jane into NAG!, a non-violent, anti-nuclear direct action group. To Jane, who is studying Russian and Russian literature, her compatriots, with their utopian dreams and youthful pathos, soon seem Chekhovian to her. Meanwhile, NAG! plans its most ambitious action, crossing the border into the United States to chain themselves to the Boeing factory fence. Tension increases as the group mounts each successive protest, until a bomb explodes and changes everything. The Sky Is Falling deftly intertwines themes of first love, sexual confusion, and the dread of nuclear disaster with the comical infighting of a cast of well-meaning political activists, and the timelessness of the great Russian classics. A story for our own age of paranoia and terror, Caroline Adderson’s witty, accomplished novel returns the reader to another fearful era, when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear annihilation and the end of world seemed inevitable.

Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells

Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells Author Frank Raymond
ISBN-10 1544060440
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 612
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BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS AND INNOCENT THOUGHTS CAN LEAD TO TROUBLE In this opening volume of the series When Giants Break the Spell, Old Bill ruminates about the funeral of a police dog, and slides into a sweet dream. He has the forest mind of the European, treasuring the mystery of the dense forest, the charm of free-roaming animals, green plains stretching to horizon hills, and the cool spacious lands of the West. He and Philip contemplate about like matters: birdwatching, crossword puzzles, book clubs and murder mystery evenings --- nuggets in the Caucasian way of life. Shahedul Islam laments that if white people disappear, he will no longer see men and women creating true science fiction, walking in fantasy costumes to a fancy dress party, and reveling in Dracula and Frankenstein. Fun, fantasy, imagination and nature love. All drowning under the mass influx of peoples from the overcrowded Third Word, they feel. Innocent thoughts? The ruthless operatives of the Scorpion, the 'dirty tricks' outfit of the Sneak Rulers and Mind Masters, do not think so. And neither does Task Force Cobra, hurriedly formed by the Government of Canada. Because behind these characters there loom shadowy figures. Richard Hall has struck at the very heart of the powers that be, and is determined to do better this time around. Professor Ames Wesley has dared to make The Speech. Khaled, the Dubai millionaire, is financing Richard. Have these people teamed up with Middle Eastern resistance fighters? Perhaps they will. All of them hate the New World Order. Shane Douglas loves the children of his people, and wants to see more generations of them. That makes him a dangerous radical in the eyes of the Sneak Rulers, and a hateful 'white supremacist' in the mind of his liberal ex-wife. He is captured by the Scorpion. They torture him, but he finds escape in a mental journey, and undertakes the first-ever exploration of the mythic in the mind of man. A secret mini-war begins on both sides of the US-Canada border. It is a battle of the mind against the Mind Masters and Sneak Rulers, and a battle of wits and bodies against their spies, informants, killers, sympathizers and dupes. Some see it as a war for the existence of their people. Others simply want an end to the New World Order, its warmongering, its globalization and its destruction of their nation-state --- the destruction of their way of life. All of them are common folks. Which of their friends will help, and which of them will betray? Moral Courage vs Genocide, Idealists vs Mind Masters, valor in the face of police state repression. Will the Sneak Rulers extinguish this spark of resistance, or can a few ordinary folks strike a blow to break the spell and wake the sleeping giant? Read "Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells," and join the struggle against the greatest crime in history. Stand and be counted in the rising, the resistance that is only now taking seed, and the massive, glorious renaissance that is to come. Everything depends upon it, everything.

The Slow Farm

The Slow Farm Author Tarn Wilson
ISBN-10 1940906067
Release 2014-02
Pages 382
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In the early 1970s, Tarn Wilson's father quit his job as the Brookings Institution's first computer programmer, packed his family into a converted school bus with "Suck Nixon" painted on the side, and headed for the Canadian wilderness. He planned to give his two young children an Edenic childhood, free from the shadows of war, materialism, and middle class repression. Between each lyric chapter, told from the child's point of view, Wilson incorporates "artifacts" that reveal larger cultural forces shaping her parents' decisions: letters, photographs, timelines, newspaper clippings, excepts from radical approaches to child rearing. In the space between the child's vision and the adult context, readers are invited to consider the gifts and burdens of a counterculture childhood.

Snow Falling on Cedars

Snow Falling on Cedars Author David Guterson
ISBN-10 9781408806760
Release 2009-08-17
Pages 432
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A beautiful new limited edition paperback of Snow Falling on Cedars, published as part of the Bloomsbury Modern Classics list He saw the soft cedars of San Piedro Island, its high, rolling hills, the low mist that lay in long streamers against its beaches, the whitecaps riffling its shoreline. The moon had risen already behind the island – a quarter moon, pale and indefinite, as ethereal and translucent as the wisps of cloud that travelled the skies. A fisherman is found dead in the net of his boat off the coast of a North American island. When a local Japanese-American man is charged with his murder, it becomes clear that what is at stake is more than one man's guilt. For on San Piedro, memories grow as thickly as cedar trees – memories of a charmed romance between a white boy and a Japanese girl. Above all, the island is haunted by what happened to its Japanese residents during the Second World War, when an entire community was sent into exile while its neighbours watched.

Honey for a Teen s Heart

Honey for a Teen s Heart Author Gladys Hunt
ISBN-10 9780310872658
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 304
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Help Your Teen Catch the Lifelong Reading Bug.Honey for a Teen’s Heart spells out how good books can help you and your teenager communicate heart-to-heart about ideas, values, and the various issues of a Christian worldview. Sharing the adventure of a book lets both of you know the same people, see the same sights, face the same choices, and feel the same emotions. Life spills out of books--giving you plenty to talk about! But Honey for a Teen’s Heart will do more than strengthen the bonds between you and your son or daughter. You’ll also learn how to help your teen catch the reading habit and become a lover of good books. Gladys Hunt’s insights on how to read a book, what to look for in a book, and how to question what you read will challenge you and your teenager alike. It’s training for life! And it’s fabulous preparation for teens entering college. Including an annotated list of over four hundred books, Honey for a Teen’s Heart gives you expert guidance on the very best books for teens.

Between Friends

Between Friends Author Sheila Garrigue
ISBN-10 0590407732
Release 1987-01-01
Pages 156
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Having moved to a new town where she knows no one, Jill befriends a retarded girl and confronts the disapproval of her parents and neighbors.

Jacob Have I Loved

Jacob Have I Loved Author Katherine Paterson
ISBN-10 0061975192
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 272
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The remarkable Newbery-winning classic about a painful sibling rivalry, and one sister’s struggle to make her own way. "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated . . ." With her grandmother's taunt, Louise knew that she, like the biblical Esau, was the despised elder twin. Caroline, her selfish younger sister, was the one everyone loved. Growing up on a tiny Chesapeake Bay island in the early 1940s, angry Louise reveals how Caroline robbed her of everything: her hopes for schooling, her friends, her mother, even her name. While everyone pampered Caroline, Wheeze (her sister's name for her) began to learn the ways of the watermen and the secrets of the island, especially of old Captain Wallace, who had mysteriously returned after fifty years. The war unexpectedly gave this independent girl a chance to fulfill her childish dream to work as a watermen alongside her father. But the dream did not satisfy the woman she was becoming. Alone and unsure, Louise began to fight her way to a place where Caroline could not reach. Renowned author Katherine Paterson here chooses a little-known area off the Maryland shore as her setting for a fresh telling of the ancient story of an elder twin's lost birthright.

World War II Gr 7 8

World War II Gr  7 8 Author
ISBN-10 9781770726505
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World War II Gr 7 8 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from World War II Gr 7 8 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full World War II Gr 7 8 book for free.

Social Studies Readers Theatre for Young Adults

Social Studies Readers Theatre for Young Adults Author Kathy Howard Latrobe
ISBN-10 0872878643
Release 1991
Pages 189
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Tells how to prepare readers, select scenes, write and present scripts, and includes completed scripts from classics in world literature