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The European Court s Political Power

The European Court s Political Power Author Karen Alter
ISBN-10 9780191615696
Release 2010-06-17
Pages 364
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Karen Alter's work on the European Court of Justice heralded a new level of sophistication in the political analysis of the controversial institution, through its combination of legal understanding and active engagement with theoretical questions. The European Court's Political Power assembles the most important of Alter's articles written over a fourteen year span, adding an original new introduction and a conclusion that takes an overview of the Court's development and current concerns. Together the articles provide insight into the historical and political contours of the ECJ's influence on European politics, explaining how and why the impact of an institution can vary so greatly over time and access different issues. The book starts with the European Coal and Steel Community, where the ECJ was largely unable to facilitate greater member state respect for ECSC rules. Alter then shows how legal actors orchestrated an activist transformation of the European legal system, with the critical aid of jurist advocacy movements, and via the co-optation of national courts. The transformation of the European legal system wrested control from member states over the meaning of European law, but the ECJ continues to have varying influence across different issues. Alter explains that the differing influence of the ECJ comes from the varied extent to which sub- and supra-national actors turn to it to achieve political objectives. Looking beyond the European experience, the book includes four chapters that put the ECJ into a comparative perspective, examining the extent to which the ECJ experience is a unique harbinger of the future role international courts may play in international and comparative politics.

In Place of Inter State Retaliation

In Place of Inter State Retaliation Author William Phelan
ISBN-10 9780191021879
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 184
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Unlike many other trade regimes, the European Union forbids the use of inter-state retaliation to enforce its obligations, and rules out the use of common 'escape' mechanisms such as anti-dumping between the EU member states. How does the EU do without these mechanisms that appear so vital to the political viability of other international trade regimes, including the World Trade Organization? How, therefore, is the European legal order, with the European Court of Justice at its centre, able to be so much more binding and intrusive than the legal obligations of many other trade regimes? This book puts forward a new explanation of a key part of the European Union's legal system, emphasising its break with the inter-state retaliation mechanisms and how Europe's special form of legal integration is facilitated by intra-industry trade, parliamentary forms of national government, and European welfare states. It argues first that the EU member states have allowed the enforcement of EU obligations by domestic courts in order to avoid the problems associated with enforcing trade obligations by constant threats of trade retaliation. It argues second that the EU member states have been able to accept such a binding form of dispute settlement and treaty obligation because the policy adjustments required by the European legal order were politically acceptable. High levels of intra-industry trade reduced the severity of the economic adjustments required by the expansion of the European market, and inclusive and authoritative democratic institutions in the member states allowed policy-makers to prioritise a general interest in reliable trading relationships even when policy changes affected significant domestic lobbies. Furthermore, generous national social security arrangements protected national constituents against any adverse consequences arising from the expansion of European law and the intensification of the European market. The European legal order should therefore be understood as a legalized dispute resolution institution well suited to an international trade and integration regime made up of highly interdependent parliamentary welfare states.

Single Markets

Single Markets Author Michelle P. Egan
ISBN-10 9780199280506
Release 2015
Pages 321
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This timely book provides in-depth analytical comparison of the nineteenth century evolution of the American single market with corresponding political, economic and social developments in post-WWII European efforts to create a single European market. Building the regulatory framework needed for successful adoption of an integrated single market across diverse political units represents one of the most important issues in comparative political economy. Whataccounts for the political success or failure in creating integrated markets in their respective territories? When social discontent threatens market integration with populist backlash, what must be done tocreate political support and greater legitimacy? Single Markets focuses on the creation of integrated economies, in which the United States and European Union experienced sharply contested ideas about the operation of their respective markets, conflict over the allocation of institutional authority, and pressure from competing political, economic and social forces over the role and consequences of increased competition. Drawing upon four case studies involvingthe free movement of labour, capital, goods and services, the book highlights the contestation surrounding efforts to create common currencies, expanded their borders and territories and dealt with the pressuresof populist parties, regional interests and varied fiscal and economic challenges. Theoretically, the book draws on work in European integration and American Political Development (APD) to illustrate that the consolidation of markets in the US and EU took place in conjunction with the expansion of state regulatory power and pressure for democratic reform. Single Markets situates the consolidation of single markets in the US and EU in a broader comparative contextthat draws on research in economics, public administration, political science, law and history.

Resisting the European Court of Justice

Resisting the European Court of Justice Author Bill Davies
ISBN-10 9781107024533
Release 2012-06-18
Pages 248
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Investigates how the fundamental transformations in the European legal system were received in one of the most important European Union member states, Germany.

Judicial Application of European Union Law in post Communist Countries

Judicial Application of European Union Law in post Communist Countries Author Dr Tatjana Evas
ISBN-10 9781409484110
Release 2012-12-28
Pages 258
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This book discusses how the plurality of legal norms operating in the European Union can be balanced to produce a functioning, sustainable and legitimate legal system. Presenting a conceptual framework for assessing and comparing transformations of national judicial systems in the context of EU membership, the book contributes to the EU legal theoretical debate on the relationship between 'authority' and 'coherence'. The author develops an original analytical framework of coherence to assess the application of EU law by national courts and uses interdisciplinary scientific methods and research design that combine legal doctrinal and social science methodology to the study of 'classical' legal questions. Providing an extensive database of 2004-2009 national judgments of national courts in Latvia and Estonia, the book offers an extensive comparative review of the jurisprudence of constitutional and supreme courts, as well as providing insight into the jurisprudence of ordinary national courts. It will appeal to legal scholars and political scientists studying courts and jurisprudence.

The Coherence of EU Free Movement Law

The Coherence of EU Free Movement Law Author Niamh Nic Shuibhne
ISBN-10 9780191511066
Release 2013-08-29
Pages 310
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At the heart of the European Union is the establishment of a European market grounded in the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. The implementation of the free market has preoccupied European lawyers since the inception of the Union's predecessors. Throughout the Union's development, as obstacles to free movement have been challenged in the courts, the European Court of Justice has had to expand on the internal market provisions in the founding Treaties to create a body of law determining the scope and meaning of the EU protection of free movement. In doing so, the Court has often taken differing approaches across the different freedoms, leaving a body of law apparently lacking a coherent set of foundational principles. This book presents a critical analysis of the European Courts' jurisprudence on free movement, examining the Court's constitutional responsibility to articulate a coherent vision of the EU internal market. Through analysis of restrictions on free movement rights, it argues that four main drivers are distorting the system of the case law and its claims to coherence. The drivers reflect 'good' impulses (the protection of fundamental rights); avoidable habits (the proliferation of principles and conflicting lines of case law authority); inherent ambiguities (the unsettled purpose and objectives of the internal market); and broader systemic conditions (the structure of the Court and its decision-making processes). These dynamics cause problematic instances of case law fragmentation - which has substantive implications for citizens, businesses, and Member States participating in the internal market as well as reputational consequences for the Court of Justice and for the EU more generally. However, ultimately the Member States must take greater responsibility too: only they can ensure that the Court of Justice is properly structured and supported, enabling it to play its critical institutional part in the complex narrative of EU integration. Examining the judicial development of principles that define the scope of EU free movement law, this book argues that sustaining case law coherence is a vital constitutional responsibility of the Court of Justice. The idea of constitutional responsibility draws from the nature of the duties that a higher court owes to a constitutional text and to constitutional subjects. It is based on values of fairness, integrity, and imagination. A paradigm of case law coherence is less rigid, and therefore more realistic, than a benchmark of legal certainty. But it still takes seriously the Court's obligations as a high-level judicial institution bound by the rule of law. Judges can legitimately be expected - and obliged - to be aware of the public legal resource that they construct through the evolution of case law.

Emissions Trading Schemes

Emissions Trading Schemes Author Sanja Bogojevic
ISBN-10 9781782251651
Release 2013-07-04
Pages 228
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Over the last four decades emissions trading has enjoyed a high profile in environmental law scholarship and in environmental law and policy. Much of the discussion is promotional, preferring emissions trading above other regulatory strategies without, however, engaging with legal complexities embedded in conceptualising, scrutinising and managing emissions trading regimes. The combined effect of these debates is to create a perception that emissions trading is a straightforward regulatory strategy, imposable across various jurisdictions and environmental settings. This book shows that this view is problematic for at least two reasons. First, emissions trading responds to distinct environmental and non-environmental goals, including creating profit-centres, substituting bureaucratic control of resources, and ensuring regulatory compliance. This is important, as the particular purpose entrusted to a given emissions trading regime has, as its corollary, a particular governance structure, according to which the regime may be constructed and managed, and which trusts the emissions market, the state and rights in emissions allowances with distinct roles. Second, the governance structures of emissions trading regimes are culture-specific, which is a significant reminder of the importance of law in understanding not only how emissions trading schemes function but also what meaning is given to them as regulatory strategies. This is shown by deconstructing emissions trading discourses: that is, by inquiring into the assumptions about emissions trading, as featuring in emissions trading scholarship and in debates involving law and policymakers and the judiciary at the EU level. Ultimately, this book makes a strong argument for reconfiguring the common understanding of emissions trading schemes as regulatory strategies, and sets out a framework for analysis to sustain that reconfiguration.

Legal Evolution and Political Authority in Indonesia

Legal Evolution and Political Authority in Indonesia Author Daniel S. Lev
ISBN-10 9041114211
Release 2000-09-14
Pages 349
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For nearly forty years, following the collapse of Indonesia's parliamentary system, Indonesia's once independent legal institutions were transformed into dedicated instruments of a powerful elite and allowed to sink into a deep mire of corruption and malfeasance. Legal process was devastated far beyond the capacity of any simple effort at reconstruction by post-Suharto governments. Indonesia's problems in this respect surpass those of other countries in the region compelled by economic crisis to re-examine institutional structures. The works reprinted in this collection constitute a case study over time of legal decay and the rise of reform interests in one of the most complex countries in the world. Written during a period of more than thirty years, beginning in the early 1960s, the essays trace several themes in the legal history of modern Indonesia. They make clear, however, that legal history is seldom that alone, but rather, like law itself, is largely derivative, fundamentally imbedded in the interest, ideas, purposes, and contentions of local political, social, and economic power.

Foreign Affairs and the EU Constitution

Foreign Affairs and the EU Constitution Author Robert Schütze
ISBN-10 9781139992572
Release 2014-10-16
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Foreign affairs are 'border' affairs - in a geographical and a constitutional sense. They are traditionally subject to distinct constitutional principles, for the political questions posed might not be susceptible to legal answers. And yet: in our globalized world, the orthodox distinction between 'internal' and 'external' affairs has lost much of its clarity. The contemporary world is an international world - a world of collective trade agreements and collective security systems. The European Union - as a union of States - embodies this collective spirit on a regional international scale. But what is the relationship between this new European legal order and the old legal order of international law? When can the Union act on the international scene and, if so: how? Foreign Affairs and the EU Constitution brings together a collection of outstanding essays on external relations written by one of the leading constitutional scholars of the European Union.

The British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography Author Arthur James Wells
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105211722678
Release 2009
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The British National Bibliography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The British National Bibliography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The British National Bibliography book for free.

Royal Taste

Royal Taste Author Daniëlle de Vooght
ISBN-10 0754668371
Release 2011
Pages 231
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This book addresses the relationship between food consumption, status and power at the royal courts of Europe in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The volume addresses issues of social networks, prestige, politics and diplomacy, banquets and their design, income and spending, economic aims, taste and preference, cultural innovations, social hierarchies, material culture, and many more social and cultural issues. It will provide a useful entry into food history for scholars of court culture and anyone with an interest in modern cultural history.

Der Einfluss der Rechtsprechung des Europ ischen Gerichtshofs auf die europ ische Umweltpolitik und das europ ische Umweltrecht

Der Einfluss der Rechtsprechung des Europ  ischen Gerichtshofs auf die europ  ische Umweltpolitik und das europ  ische Umweltrecht Author Catherine Brouers
ISBN-10 9783830531142
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 102
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Der Einfluss der Rechtsprechung des Europ ischen Gerichtshofs auf die europ ische Umweltpolitik und das europ ische Umweltrecht has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der Einfluss der Rechtsprechung des Europ ischen Gerichtshofs auf die europ ische Umweltpolitik und das europ ische Umweltrecht also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der Einfluss der Rechtsprechung des Europ ischen Gerichtshofs auf die europ ische Umweltpolitik und das europ ische Umweltrecht book for free.

Spain and Its World 1500 1700

Spain and Its World  1500 1700 Author John Huxtable Elliott
ISBN-10 0300048637
Release 1989
Pages 295
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In these essays the pre-eminent historian of early modern Spain and its world looks at the character of the Spanish Habsburg court; the ties between sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain, the rest of Europe, and the New World; and the decline of Spanish world power. 'Professor Elliott is our most distinguished historian of the imperial age of Spain, and in 'Spain and Its World' he has collected twelve essays which illustrate several of the great and continuing problems of that history ... These are wonderful essays, erudite and yet lucid, wide-ranging but full of fascinating detail, by a master of the subject. They are beautifully written and a delight to read.' Hugh Trevor-Roper, The Sunday Telegraph 'An elegantly designed work prefaced by a personal memoir of his journey through Spanish history ... For anyone interested in the history of empire, of Europe and of Spain, here is a book to keep within reach, to read, to study and to enjoy.' John Lynch, 'Times Literary Supplement' 'Elliott's contribution to our knowledge of the history of Imperial Spain is immense ... The author combines solid historical research with a smooth narrative style to produce elegant essays which inform, stimulate, and frequently entertain the reader.' 'Virginia Quarterly Review' J. H. Elliott was Regius Professor of Modern History in the University of Oxford. He is the author of 'The Count-Duke of Olivares', 'A Palace for a King' (with Jonathan Brown) and 'Empires of the Atlantic World'.

L Unit des libert s de circulation

L Unit   des libert  s de circulation Author Edouard Dubout
ISBN-10 9782802743828
Release 2013-10-16
Pages 472
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Pour élaborer leurs stratégies au sein d’un espace en cours d’unification, les acteurs de la construction européenne peuvent se demander si, au-delà de la diversité de leurs régimes, les libertés de circulation n’obéissent pas à des principes communs. In varietate concordia ? Après un retour sur leur écriture (S. De La Rosa), cet ouvrage retient un raisonnement dialectique. Sa thèse entend problématiser l’unité des libertés de circulation : sont envisagés les situations purement internes (F. Martucci), les situations horizontales (E .Dubout), les droits subjectifs (J.-S. Bergé), le critère de l’entrave (D. Ritleng), l’abus de droit (A. Iliopoulou) et les justifications des entraves (V. Hatzopoulos). Puis l’antithèse permet d’éprouver l’unité : la question des choix contentieux des opérateurs, des citoyens et des personnes (J-Y. Carlier), la comparaison du droit d’établissement et de la libre prestation des services (A-L. Sibony) ou les spécificités de la libre circulation des marchandises (P. Oliver) et des capitaux (A. Maitrot de la Motte) montrent à quel point chaque liberté se singularise. Pour penser l’unité, une synthèse devient nécessaire : après avoir étudié les classifications doctrinales (M. Fartunova et C. Marzo), distingué les biens et les personnes (S. Robin-Olivier) et appréhendé le sujet des libertés de circulation (L. Azoulai), elle répond à la question de savoir s’il faut les réécrire (M. Fallon). Fruit du colloque organisé en mars 2012 à la Faculté de droit de Paris-Est Créteil par l’équipe « Sources du Droit, Institutions, Europe », cet ouvrage constitue un apport majeur pour tous ceux que les affaires européennes passionnent.

Selected Essays on Constitutional Law book 4 Administrative law

Selected Essays on Constitutional Law  book 4  Administrative law Author Association of American Law Schools
ISBN-10 UOM:39015001574881
Release 1938
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Selected Essays on Constitutional Law book 4 Administrative law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Selected Essays on Constitutional Law book 4 Administrative law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Selected Essays on Constitutional Law book 4 Administrative law book for free.

Public Property and Private Power

Public Property and Private Power Author Hendrik Hartog
ISBN-10 0801495601
Release 1989
Pages 274
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Public Property and Private Power has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Public Property and Private Power also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Public Property and Private Power book for free.

Princes and Princely Culture

Princes and Princely Culture Author Martin Gosman
ISBN-10 9789004136908
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 357
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The essays in this second volume discuss princely courts north and south of the alps and pyrenees between 1450-1650 as focal points for products of medieval and renaissance culture such as literature, music, political ideology, social and governmental structures, the fine arts and devotional practice.