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The Faith of Scientists

The Faith of Scientists Author Nancy Frankenberry
ISBN-10 0691134871
Release 2008-08-31
Pages 523
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The Faith of Scientists is an anthology of writings by twenty-one legendary scientists, from the dawn of the Scientific Revolution to the frontiers of science today, about their faith, their views about God, and the place religion holds--or doesn't--in their lives in light of their commitment to science. This is the first book to bring together so many world-renowned figures of Western science and present them in their own words, offering an intimate window into their private and public reflections on science and faith. Leading religion scholar Nancy Frankenberry draws from diaries, personal letters, speeches, essays, and interviews, and reveals that the faith of scientists can take many different forms, whether religious or secular, supernatural or naturalistic, conventional or unorthodox. These eloquent writings reflect a spectrum of views from diverse areas of scientific inquiry. Represented here are some of the most influential and colossal personalities in the history of science, from the founders of science such as Galileo, Johannes Kepler, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein, to modern-day scientists like Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, Jane Goodall, Freeman Dyson, Stephen Hawking, Edward O. Wilson, and Ursula Goodenough. Frankenberry provides a general introduction as well as concise introductions to each chapter that place these writings in context and suggest further reading from the latest scholarship. As surprising as it is illuminating and inspiring, The Faith of Scientists is indispensable for students, scholars, and anyone seeking to immerse themselves in important questions about God, the universe, and science.

Scientists of Faith

Scientists of Faith Author Dan Graves
ISBN-10 0825497701
Pages 192
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The personal stories of forty-eight historic scientists and an overview of their contributions to their field and faith.

Scientists Who Believe

Scientists Who Believe Author Eric C. Barrett
ISBN-10 9780802477569
Release 1984-04-08
Pages 210
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Here are the stories of scientists, both men and women, who have achieved career fulfillment in the sciences, yet found further fulfillment through faith in Jesus Christ.

Men of Science Men of God

Men of Science Men of God Author Dr. Henry M. Morris
ISBN-10 9781614582779
Release 1988-07-01
Pages 110
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One of the most serious fallacies today is the belief that genuine scientists cannot believe the Bible. THE TRUTH IS that many of the major scientific contributions were made by scientists who were dedicated men of God. In Men of Science, Men of God, Dr. Henry Morris presents 101 biographies which include Christian testimonies of scientists who believed in the Bible and in a personal Creator God . . . scientists who were pioneers and “founding fathers” of modern scientific disciplines. “This is a must for every Christian library, and should be required reading for students.” – Baptist Bulletin Dr. Henry M. Morris is the father of modern Creation science, the founder of Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and the author of many well-known apologetic books. His thriving legacy continues to equip Christians to be able to defend the accuracy and authority of Scripture today.

God s Many Splendored Image

God s Many Splendored Image Author Verna E. F. Harrison
ISBN-10 9780801034718
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 207
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This fresh approach to theological anthropology applies patristic wisdom to contemporary discussions of what it means to be human.

On Faith and Science

On Faith and Science Author Edward J. Larson
ISBN-10 9780300231809
Release 2017-08-22
Pages 312
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A captivating historical survey of the key debates, questions, and controversies at the intersection of science and religion Throughout history, scientific discovery has clashed with religious dogma, creating conflict, controversy, and sometimes violent dispute. In this enlightening and accessible volume, distinguished historian and Pulitzer Prize–winning author Edward Larson and Michael Ruse, philosopher of science and Gifford Lecturer, offer their distinctive viewpoints on the sometimes contentious relationship between science and religion. The authors explore how scientists, philosophers, and theologians through time and today approach vitally important topics, including cosmology, geology, evolution, genetics, neurobiology, gender, and the environment. Broaching their subjects from both historical and philosophical perspectives, Larson and Ruse avoid rancor and polemic as they address many of the core issues currently under debate by the adherents of science and the advocates of faith, shedding light on the richly diverse field of ideas at the crossroads where science meets spiritual belief.

Science Faith and Society

Science  Faith  and Society Author Michael Polanyi
ISBN-10 9780226163444
Release 2013-01-07
Pages 96
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In its concern with science as an essentially human enterprise, Science, Faith and Society makes an original and challenging contribution to the philosophy of science. On its appearance in 1946 the book quickly became the focus of controversy. Polanyi aims to show that science must be understood as a community of inquirers held together by a common faith; science, he argues, is not the use of "scientific method" but rather consists in a discipline imposed by scientists on themselves in the interests of discovering an objective, impersonal truth. That such truth exists and can be found is part of the scientists' faith. Polanyi maintains that both authoritarianism and scepticism, attacking this faith, are attacking science itself.

Faith in Science

Faith in Science Author Mark Richardson
ISBN-10 9781134516568
Release 2005-07-05
Pages 224
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Through intimate conversations with some of the world's most distinguished scientists (including two Nobel Laureates), Faith in Science invites us to explore the connections between scientific and religious approaches to truth. Subjects range from the existence and nature of God to the role of spirituality in modern science. The result is a clear account of how two major cultural forces can work together to offer unique insights into questions of existence.

God and the Folly of Faith

God and the Folly of Faith Author Victor J. Stenger
ISBN-10 9781616146009
Release 2012-04-03
Pages 408
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A thorough and hard-hitting critique that is a must read for anyone interested in the interaction between religion and science. It has become the prevalent view among sociologists, historians, and some theistic scientists that religion and science have never been in serious conflict. Some even claim that Christianity was responsible for the development of science. In a sweeping historical survey that begins with ancient Greek science and proceeds through the Renaissance and Enlightenment to contemporary advances in physics and cosmology, Stenger makes a convincing case that not only is this conclusion false, but Christianity actually held back the progress of science for one thousand years. It is significant, he notes, that the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century occurred only after the revolts against established ecclesiastic authorities in the Renaissance and Reformation opened up new avenues of thought. The author goes on to detail how religion and science are fundamentally incompatible in several areas: the origin of the universe and its physical parameters, the origin of complexity, holism versus reductionism, the nature of mind and consciousness, and the source of morality. In the end, Stenger is most troubled by the negative influence that organized religion often exerts on politics and society. He points out antiscientific attitudes embedded in popular religion that are being used to suppress scientific results on issues of global importance, such as overpopulation and environmental degradation. When religion fosters disrespect for science, it threatens the generations of humanity that will follow ours. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Particles of Faith

Particles of Faith Author Stacy A. Trasancos
ISBN-10 9781594716584
Release 2016-10-10
Pages 192
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What is the origin of life? Hasn't the Catholic Church always been hostile to science? Can a Christian accept the scientific theory of evolution? How can you, as a Catholic, explain what the Church teaches about the relationship between science and faith? Scientist, writer, and scholar Stacy Trasancos gives us ways we can talk about how science and our Catholic faith work together to reveal the truth of Christ through the beauty of his creation. As a scientist who was led to Catholicism through her work, Stacy Trasancos has confronted some of the basic questions we all face. In Particles of Faith, she teaches us how to explain the symbiotic beauty between our curiosity expressed through science and our love of Christ and his Church. Trasancos uses her own story, as well as encyclicals such as Pope Francis's Lumen Fidei, the deep reflections of theologians such as St. Thomas Aquinas, and the exacting work of Catholic scientists like Rev. Georges Lemaître (who proposed the game-changing Big Bang theory), to show how science and faith are interwoven and meant to guide us on the path to truth. By the time you finish reading Particles of Faith, you'll be able to answer questions about, generate discussion on, and explain why science helps deepen your faith.

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver Author William J. Federer
ISBN-10 0965355764
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 108
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A biography of the African American scientist describes how he overcame tremendous hardship to receive a college education and make important discoveries in the field of agriculture.

Faith Form and Time

Faith  Form  and Time Author Kurt Wise
ISBN-10 9781433675225
Release 2002-09-01
Pages 287
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Darwinian theories of the universe, although mostly rejected by evangelical Christians, have still found their way into creation theology. A concept such as evolutionist creation has watered down much of the Bible's teaching in order to reconcile with popular tenants of science. The whole controversy swirls around the age of the universe.Dr. Kurt Wise, an associate professor of science and director of the Center for Origins Research and Education at Bryan College, shows from solid biblical teachings and scientific confirmation why young universe creation is correct. Beginning with God and His Word as the standard, Wise demonstrates how the biblical witness teaches that the age of the universe is not as old as Darwinian theory would contend. He also demonstrates how all issues raised by evolutionists can be answered not only by the Bible, but also by scientific data and research, nailing shut macroevolution's coffin.

How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

How I Changed My Mind About Evolution Author Kathryn Applegate
ISBN-10 9780830899630
Release 2016-06-09
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Perhaps no topic appears as potentially threatening to evangelicals as evolution. The very idea seems to exclude God from the creation the book of Genesis celebrates. Yet many evangelicals have come to accept the conclusions of science while still holding to a vigorous belief in God and the Bible. How did they make this journey? How did they come to embrace both evolution and faith? Here are stories from a community of people who love Jesus and honor the authority of the Bible, but who also agree with what science says about the cosmos, our planet and the life that so abundantly fills it. Among the contributors are Scientists such as Francis Collins Deborah Haarsma Denis Lamoureux Pastors such as John Ortberg Ken Fong Laura Truax Biblical scholars such as N. T. Wright Scot McKnight Tremper Longman III Theologians and philosophers such as James K. A. Smith Amos Yong Oliver Crisp

Science vs Religion

Science vs  Religion Author Elaine Howard Ecklund
ISBN-10 9780199889402
Release 2010-05-06
Pages 240
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That the longstanding antagonism between science and religion is irreconcilable has been taken for granted. And in the wake of recent controversies over teaching intelligent design and the ethics of stem-cell research, the divide seems as unbridgeable as ever. In Science vs. Religion, Elaine Howard Ecklund investigates this unexamined assumption in the first systematic study of what scientists actually think and feel about religion. In the course of her research, Ecklund surveyed nearly 1,700 scientists and interviewed 275 of them. She finds that most of what we believe about the faith lives of elite scientists is wrong. Nearly 50 percent of them are religious. Many others are what she calls "spiritual entrepreneurs," seeking creative ways to work with the tensions between science and faith outside the constraints of traditional religion. The book centers around vivid portraits of 10 representative men and women working in the natural and social sciences at top American research universities. Ecklund's respondents run the gamut from Margaret, a chemist who teaches a Sunday-school class, to Arik, a physicist who chose not to believe in God well before he decided to become a scientist. Only a small minority are actively hostile to religion. Ecklund reveals how scientists-believers and skeptics alike-are struggling to engage the increasing number of religious students in their classrooms and argues that many scientists are searching for "boundary pioneers" to cross the picket lines separating science and religion. With broad implications for education, science funding, and the thorny ethical questions surrounding stem-cell research, cloning, and other cutting-edge scientific endeavors, Science vs. Religion brings a welcome dose of reality to the science and religion debates.

Science and Faith

Science and Faith Author John F. Haught
ISBN-10 9780809148066
Release 2012
Pages 200
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Lays out three distinct ways of responding to the main theological concerns and religious difficulties raised by the natural sciences today: conflict, contrast, and convergence.

Faiths of Famous Men in Their Own Words

Faiths of Famous Men in Their Own Words Author John Kenyon Kilbourn
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044081754780
Release 1900
Pages 379
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Faiths of Famous Men in Their Own Words has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Faiths of Famous Men in Their Own Words also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Faiths of Famous Men in Their Own Words book for free.

True Scientists True Faith

True Scientists  True Faith Author R. J. Berry
ISBN-10 9780857215413
Release 2014-10-17
Pages 352
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Some atheistic campaigners continue to stress that science and faith are incompatible. This is simply untrue, as the distinguished contributors to this volume demonstrate. Scientists from a variety of different disciplines have provided their own accounts of how their science and their personal faith intersect .They come from a range of Christian backgrounds, but all are orthodox believers. Contributors include: Francis Collins, Human Genome Scientist Bob White, Professor of Geophysics, University of Cambridge Alister McGrath, Professor of Science and Religion, Oxford This new edition combines selected essays from both REAL SCIENCE, REAL FAITH and REAL SCIENTISTS, REAL FAITH, and includes five new contributions from distinguished younger scientists.