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Fang Claw Tooth Nail

Fang   Claw   Tooth   Nail Author Douglas Christian Larsen
ISBN-10 9781257139217
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 256
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Rodolphus and Larsen. Together in one book for the very first time. These two writers stir emotions, produce chills, and introduce characters that remain in our memories, as if they are people we know and love (and sometimes hate and fear). Collected here are such singular works as Fearsweat, wherein a supernatural stalker threatens an entire town. In My Father: The Killer, we meet a young man who has always believed the worst about his father, a famed terrorist. Interstate Chimes accompanies twins completing their separate destinies outside of time and space. We enter an amazing little girl's creative genius in Four-Leaf Clovers. And for a dark laugh (and scream) we ride along with The Dread Cowboy. Included herein is the unfinished Rodolphus master-work, the novella Contest Darkly which taps into the incredible world of Larsen's Vanya Song (a novel 40 years in the making). Rodolphus and Larsen, like coffee and cream, or hemlock and wine, we experience a world incredibly dark, yet vividly bright.

Fang and Claw

Fang and Claw Author Markie Madden
ISBN-10 9781502540539
Release 2015-10-04
Pages 218
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Over a hundred years in the future, it’s a world where supernatural beings live and work among humans. Of course, the government has forced them to take the Undead Oath in order to gain citizenship; they must not prey on humans for food. They’re often given tasks in jobs suited for their species, but just as among other minorities, they must struggle to prove themselves. As if dealing with racial prejudice isn’t enough, there is also a criminal element, just as there is with any group of beings living in society. The Dallas Police Department has introduced an elite new squad made up of Undead officers and detectives. This unit is dedicated to solving crimes involving Immortals. Headed by veteran detective Lacey Anderson, can the Undead Unit overcome its obstacles, both internal and external, or will it be doomed to failure? Lieutenant Lacey Anderson of the Dallas Police Department heads up a new elite squad dedicated to solving crimes involving Immortal species like herself. Lacey, a Vampire left for dead hundreds of years ago when her family was slaughtered by Werewolves, still has nightmares about the grievous ordeal. Detective Colton Scarber is her unwilling partner and second-in-command of the unit. He’s a Werewolf, a descendant of those who killed Lacey’s family. She doesn’t know this, but she still doesn’t trust him from the start. When the fragile beginning of the team is threatened by the truth, can they learn to trust one another as partners must, or will the Undead Unit be doomed to failure? A mysterious suspect and strange, unknown physical evidence leads them to solve a case spanning decades, and leaves Lacey with no other choice but to rely on her enemy when her very life is in danger!

The Family Fang

The Family Fang Author Kevin Wilson
ISBN-10 9780062092519
Release 2011-08-09
Pages 336
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Now a major motion picture starring Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman and Christopher Walken. “The Family Fang is a comedy, a tragedy, and a tour-de-force examination of what it means to make art and survive your family….The best single word description would be brilliant.” —Ann Patchett, author of Bel Canto “It’s The Royal Tenenbaums meets Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I’d call The Family Fang a guilty pleasure, but it’s too damn smart….A total blast.” —Hannah Pittard, author of The Fates Will Find Their Way Owen King (We’re All in This Together) calls author Kevin Wilson, “the unholy child of George Saunders and Carson McCullers.” With his novel, The Family Fang, the Shirley Jackson Award-winning author of Tunneling to the Center of the Earth comes through in a BIG way, with a funny, poignant, laugh-and-cry-out-loud (sometimes at the same time) novel about the art of surviving a masterpiece of dysfunction. Meet The Family Fang, an unforgettable collection of demanding, brilliant, and absolutely endearing oddballs whose lives are risky and mischievous performance art. If the writing of Gary Shteyngart, Miranda July, Scarlett Thomas, and Charles Yu excites you, you’ll certainly want to invite this Family into your home.

Soft Child

Soft Child Author Joe Hayes
ISBN-10 9780943173894
Release 1993
Pages 32
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When his warning rattle fails to protect Soft Child from the other desert creatures, the Sky God equips him with a powerful way to defend himself.

Ka Zar

Ka Zar Author Bob Byrd
ISBN-10 1936720566
Release 2012-12
Pages 196
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Through the menacing brooding jungle stalked the mighty Ka-Zar, primitive white youth of the jungle, son of the lion, discovering, fighting, conquering beasts, savages and white men who came to kill, and steal the golden treasures from this primeval heart of the Congo. "King of Claw and Fang" is the first novel in the Ka-Zar of the Beasts series which ran for three issues of his own pulp magazine, beginning in October 1936.

Lizard Love

Lizard Love Author Wendy Townsend
ISBN-10 9781608981519
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 198
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Cooper and his mom run an antique business in upstate New York, where Cooper does most of the work, since his mom tends to get lost in her own thoughts. He rides his bike, Squeaky, to garage sales looking for treasures, sets the resale prices, and orders the groceries. There's never much money left after he pays the electric bill, and he dreams of finding something that would make life easier. Then one day he comes home with a metal detector and begins searching his backyard. What he finds sends him on an historical adventure and journey of self-discovery.

Fangs Vs Claws

Fangs Vs Claws Author Hasan
ISBN-10 1680308807
Release 2017-01-20
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Fangs Vs Claws has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fangs Vs Claws also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fangs Vs Claws book for free.


Fangs Author Heather Dakota
ISBN-10 0545202949
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 96
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Presents animals that have fangs for injecting poison or sharp teeth and mouths for cutting and biting, including reptiles, mammals, arachnids, and insects, and provides scientific names and information on their size, color, food, and habitat.


Claws Author Dan Greenburg
ISBN-10 9780307483010
Release 2009-03-25
Pages 208
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When Cody is 14, he runs away from home, leaving behind his abusive mother, and flees across the country. He doesn’t stop until he hits Texas and the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch. Under the guidance of Sunny, the ranch’s owner, he cares for the animals in ways he never imagined. He feeds them a diet of raw, bloody meat. He cleans out their cages. He takes them for exercise. He finds out how to get a tiger to back down, and when he should back down himself. But there is another lesson Cody has to learn—sometimes people are harder to handle than tigers. From the Hardcover edition.

Gregor and the Code of Claw

Gregor and the Code of Claw Author Suzanne Collins
ISBN-10 9781407130668
Release 2014-03-06
Pages 416
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Everyone in the Underland has been taking great pains to keep The Prophecy of Time from Gregor. Now, with an army of rats approaching, and his mum and sister still in Regalia, Gregor the warrior must gather up his courage to help defend Regalia and get his family home safely.

Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde

Puss Jekyll Cat Hyde Author Joyce Dunbar
ISBN-10 1847804926
Release 2013
Pages 32
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Good puss or bad cat? Jekyll or Hyde? One and the same? Who decides? Puss Jekyll is the soft cuddly cat of the house grooming her fur, but at night she becomes Cat Hyde, hunting mice, all fang and claw. Page by page this delightful book explores the two very distinct personalities of the enchanting pet. Sleeping in a cozy spot or prowling in the moonlight, lapping milk from a bowl or stalking a defenceless trembling vole, playing with a ball of wool or savaging her prey, graceful and aristocratic or ruthless street fighter, can this really be the same creature? The beautifully evocative rhythmic and rhyming text is accompanied by luminous colored-pencil and watercolor drawings that make the reader want to reach out and feel the fur. This treat for cat-lovers of all ages is from the highly acclaimed author of bestselling picture books such as Tell Me Something Before You Go to Sleep, and the illustrator of such classics as Martin Waddell's The Pig in the Pond and the Boston Globe Horn Book Award winning In the Rain with Baby Duck.

Flower s Fang

Flower s Fang Author Madison Keller
Release 2014-09-14
Pages 355
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One of the magical flower Kin, Prince Sels has a terrible problem - he has no magic. Forced by his mother to tour the Empire in search of his magical bonded, Sels is terrified of what will happen if he returns home empty handed. A runt and joke of her pack, Arara is dreading the coming-of-age hunt. Born telepathic and telekinetic, she is terrified that her superstitious pack will tear her apart if she accidentally reveals her secret. When assassins and dark plots threaten the Queen, the Prince and the runt must work together to save the empire before it is too late.

The Swiss Family Robinson Adventures On a Desert Island

The Swiss Family Robinson  Adventures On a Desert Island Author Johann David Wyss
ISBN-10 9783736816237
Release 2014-05-29
Pages 495
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The Swiss Family Robinson: Or, Adventures On a Desert Island by Jean Rudolph Wyss; Illustrated by Milo Winter, 1916 Written by Swiss pastor Johann David Wyss and edited by his son Johann Rudolf Wyss. The novel was intended to teach his four sons about family values, good husbandry, the uses of the natural world and self-reliance. Wyss's attitude toward education is in line with the teachings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and many of the episodes have to do with Christian-oriented moral lessons such as frugality, husbandry, acceptance, cooperation, etc. Many years ago, an English translation of the first part of this charming tale appeared; and few books have obtained such deserved popularity. The gradual progress of the family from utter destitution and misery, to happiness and abundance, arising from their own labour, perseverance, and obedience, together with the effect produced on the different characters of the sons by the stirring adventures they met with, created a deep and absorbing interest. This conclusion was happily supplied by one of the most accomplished and elegant writers of her day, the Baroness de Montolieu; and, sanctioned and approved by the son of the lamented author, the entire work was published in France, and has for many years held a distinguished rank in the juvenile libraries there. The adventures are presented as a series of lessons in natural history and the physical sciences, and resemble other, similar educational books for children in this period. Johann Robert Wyss (1782-1830) was a Swiss author, writer, and folklorist who wrote the words to the former Swiss national anthem Rufst Du, mein Vaterland in 1811, and also edited the novel The Swiss Family Robinson, written by his father Johann David Wyss, published in 1812.

Wolverines Vol 2

Wolverines Vol  2 Author
ISBN-10 0785192875
Release 2015-06-09
Pages 112
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The assault on Mr. Sinister's fortress continues! Logan's remains are located -but which team winds up keeping the goods? For what purpose? And when Mr. Sinister pleads his cause, it hits home to more than one team member. Does this mean a change in allegiance? Meanwhile, Mystique's power play kicks into full gear as more is revealed about her plans to control her destiny. She obtains one of the very last control words, and with it the power to get everything she ever wanted! And Lady Deathstrike is finally coming to the conclusion that she doesn' have to be alone...ut will this moment of vulnerability come back to stab her in the back? It's romance, betrayal and lies! And what happens when an old buddy of Wolverine's shows up? Enter: Fang! COLLECTING: Wolverines 6-10

Rust And Nail

Rust And Nail Author J R Liboiron
ISBN-10 9781387235865
Release 2017-09-17
Pages 118
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Rust & Nail is meant for those who embrace personal growth through sacrifice, struggle, and the acts of becoming preparatory in nature. We live in a world of luxury and distraction, but there are those who desire to rise above the fallen Empire, frantically fighting to create a life worth living as their end of days beckons ever closer. They are the very few who dare to live and think outside the societal norm. Whether you count yourself among them, or perhaps you've just started the long journey, I hope these words of one man help guide you in winning your war. May you find meaning in my words, and may the heart and actions of outlaws and drifters forever remain necessary symbol of rebelling against the Empire, recruiting those of like-mind to join us. Thank you for taking the time to read my maniacal renderings. I want you to know I'm pulling for you, and if you ever need a fist, gun, blade, or a good chin wag with a whisky in hand, I'll happily join you.

The 30 Press Quarterly

The  30  Press Quarterly Author -30- Press
ISBN-10 0692993495
Release 2017-11-30
Pages 286
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Step into a world of the strange and macabre, where reality and imagination collide. What's really happening when the emergency alert system tell you to hunker down in a safe room? What ancient gods lurk beneath your feet? This collection of scary stories will chill you, disturb you, and leave you feeling absolute terror.

Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw Author Jim Arnosky
ISBN-10 1402786247
Release 2014
Pages 32
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The award-winning creator of Wild Tracks presents a sumptuously illustrated introduction to wild carnivores, including the grizzly, the African lion and the gray wolf, in a volume that features a striking double gatefold and two single foldouts.