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The Fate of Nature

The Fate of Nature Author Charles Wohlforth
ISBN-10 1429924055
Release 2010-06-08
Pages 448
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"What capacity for good lies in the hidden depths of people?" Starting with this question, award-winning author Charles Wohlforth sets forth on a wide-ranging exploration of our relationship with the world. In The Fate of Nature, he draws on science, spirituality, history, economics, and personal stories to reveal answers about the future of that relationship. There is no better place to witness the highs and lows of our treatment of the natural world than the vast wilds, rocky coasts, and shifting settlements of Alaska. Since the first encounter between Captain Cook's crew and the Alaskan Natives in 1778, there have been countless struggles between people who have had different plans for the region. Some have hoped to preserve Alaska as they found it, while others aimed to create something new in its place. Incidents such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill may seem like cause for despair. In the face of such profound tragedies, Charles Wohlforth has found heartening developments in the science of human altruism. This new understanding of what causes humans to cooperate and act conscientiously may be the first step toward taking the actions necessary to preserve an environment that has already been altered drastically in our lifetime. A clear-eyed, original work of research, reportage, and philosophical reflections, The Fate of Nature gives us a chance to change the way we think about our place in society and the world at large.

Spectacular Alaska

Spectacular Alaska Author Charles Wohlforth
ISBN-10 0789324296
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 131
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With its vast diversity of land, people, and wildlife, Alaska is the last true American frontier. For the armchair traveler, those planning and dreaming of a future vacation, or those savoring a past trip of a lifetime, this spectacular volume brings together the majestic splendor of America's largest state—591,104 square miles and twice the size of Texas—as captured by some of the world's top outdoor photographers. Spectacular Alaska celebrates the land—including Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America at 20,320 feet—the animals—including bald eagles, walruses, moose, whales, wolves, and Alaskan brown bear—and also the people. Much of Alaska is still covered in wilderness, and here lie the giants of America's national parks: Wrangell-St. Elias, almost six times the size of Yellowstone; Denali National Park, which is the size of Massachusetts and known as the Serengeti of the North because of its glorious wildlife; and many other national parks, monuments, and preserves. These parks, as well as the cities, villages, and regions in between are explored in the two hundred photographs and stunning panoramic gatefolds of Spectacular Alaska.

Understanding Peace

Understanding Peace Author Michael Allen Fox
ISBN-10 9781134745807
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 324
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Understanding Peace: A Comprehensive Introduction fills the need for an original, contemporary examination of peace that is challenging, informative, and empowering. This well-researched, fully documented, and highly accessible textbook moves beyond fixation on war to highlight the human capacity for nonviolent cooperation in everyday life and in conflict situations. After deconstructing numerous ideas about war and explaining its heavy costs to humans, animals, and the environment, discussion turns to evidence for the existence of peaceful societies. Further topics include the role of nonviolence in history, the nature of violence and aggression, and the theory and practice of nonviolence. The book offers two new moral arguments against war, and concludes by defining peace carefully from different angles and then describing conditions for creating a culture of peace. Understanding Peace brings a fresh philosophical perspective to discussions of peace, and also addresses down-to-earth issues about effecting constructive change in a complex world. The particular strength of Understanding Peace lies in its commitment to reflecting on and integrating material from many fields of knowledge. This approach will appeal to a diverse audience of students and scholars in peace studies, philosophy, and the social sciences, as well as to general-interest readers.

Coming to Our Senses

Coming to Our Senses Author Viki McCabe
ISBN-10 9780199988587
Release 2014-05
Pages 273
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In this fascinating book cognitive scientist Viki McCabe argues that the catastrophes we now face - economic recessions, ecological devastation, and political paralysis - originate in our ignoring the world we perceive and acting on the theories we conceive. Using cutting-edge research and compelling true stories - the Wall Street banking fiasco, the submerging of New Orleans, and the escalation of global temperatures, McCabe argues that these problems originate in our relying on the wrong source for our information - the archives within our heads with their opinions and biases, instead of our subliminal perceptions of what is happening on the ground. McCabe shows that while our mind's eye" "sees" a world made of separate, nameable parts, the earth actually operates as a coalition of complex working systems (from cells to cities to economies). Such systems cannot be understood in words, but require fractal-like configurations that our perceptual systems have evolved to parse and that reflect each system's structure, characteristics, and functions. Thus, we comprehend systems as disparate as neural networks, river deltas, and economies not from their verbal descriptions, but by perceiving their branching structure. We recognize others as they walk from the figure eight that oscillates around their belly buttons. Form not only follows function, it doubles as information. McCabe also documents how using this information saved the USS Missouri, a kidnapped child, and victims of the Asian tsunami. Thus, she counsels us to put our mentally manufactured theories aside and focus on our perceptions so that we can reconnect to reality, make more informed decisions, block hostile mental takeovers, and come back to our senses."

The Awakening Experience Introduction to the Series References and Resources

The Awakening Experience  Introduction to the Series  References and Resources Author Lee Temple
ISBN-10 9781941306031
Release 2014-07-26
Pages 102
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This introductory volume—The Awakening Experience—presents more than simply the story of my own awakening into inspiring nuances of the unity perspective. It also presents the underlying oneness perspective behind the entire series that I enthusiastically believe will help us all move toward a vibrant, healed future. The essence of the unity vision that drives this broader and powerful healing impulse is here. Also included with this volume is the extensive References and Resources List for the entire Global Awakening series – over 50 pages of on-topic books, newspaper and magazine articles, DVD’s, and websites to help fuel individual transformation and/or change networks.

Frommer s Alaska Day by Day

Frommer s Alaska Day by Day Author Charles P. Wohlforth
ISBN-10 0470562331
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 540
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Frommer's Alaska features regional and city itineraries that will help you maximize your time while touring the state's top sights. Tour the rugged scenery of Denali National Park, linger along the Southwest's spectacular coastline, go fishing for salmon in downtown Anchorage, or head north to watch the aurora borealis. Personally researched by a longtime resident, Frommer's Alaska Day by Day provides in-depth coverage of this legendary state, with recommended accommodations in every price category. You'll visit stunning national parks and sleepy coastal towns, and see spectacular wildlife and majestic mountains. There are adventures here to suit all ages and abilities: kayaking alongside killer whales, hiking across untracked tundra, spotting the world's largest bears, or setting foot atop a glacier. You'll also get coverage of shopping and nightlife in Anchorage; detailed full-color maps; 500 full-color photos, a full chapter on Alaska's intriguing history and culture, information on special-interest tours, and advice on planning a successful family vacation. Frommer's Alaska Day by Day also includes a color fold-out map, and a full-color wilderness guide.

Beyond Earth

Beyond Earth Author Charles Wohlforth
ISBN-10 9780804197984
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 320
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From a leading planetary scientist and an award-winning science writer, a propulsive account of the developments and initiatives that have transformed the dream of space colonization into something that may well be achievable. We are at the cusp of a golden age in space science, as increasingly more entrepreneurs—Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos—are seduced by the commercial potential of human access to space. But Beyond Earth does not offer another wide-eyed technology fantasy: instead, it is grounded not only in the human capacity for invention and the appeal of adventure but also in the bureaucratic, political, and scientific realities that present obstacles to space travel—realities that have hampered NASA’s efforts ever since the Challenger disaster. In Beyond Earth, Charles Wohlforth and Amanda R.Hendrix offer groundbreaking research and argue persuasively that not Mars, but Titan—a moon of Saturn with a nitrogen atmosphere, a weather cycle, and an inexhaustible supply of cheap energy, where we will even be able to fly like birds in the minimal gravitational field—offers the most realistic and thrill­ing prospect of life without support from Earth. (With 8 pages of color illustrations) From the Hardcover edition.

The Sacred Balance

The Sacred Balance Author David Suzuki
ISBN-10 9781926685496
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 304
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In this extensively revised and enlarged edition of his best-selling book, David Suzuki reflects on the increasingly radical changes in nature and science — from global warming to the science behind mother/baby interactions — and examines what they mean for humankind’s place in the world. The book begins by presenting the concept of people as creatures of the Earth who depend on its gifts of air, water, soil, and sun energy. The author explains how people are genetically programmed to crave the company of other species, and how people suffer enormously when they fail to live in harmony with them. Suzuki analyzes those deep spiritual needs, rooted in nature, that are a crucial component of a loving world. Drawing on his own experiences and those of others who have put their beliefs into action, The Sacred Balance is a powerful, passionate book with concrete suggestions for creating an ecologically sustainable, satisfying, and fair future by rediscovering and addressing humanity’s basic needs.

Saving God s Green Earth

Saving God s Green Earth Author
ISBN-10 9780981770598
Release 2006
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Saving God s Green Earth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Saving God s Green Earth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Saving God s Green Earth book for free.


ISBN-10 9781941306017
Release 2017-03-23
Pages 506
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This series summary/overview volume—Awakening into Unity—maps a big-picture view of the essential features of our intrinsic unity, and brings their immensity and importance within everyone’s easy, confident grasp. Perhaps more than any other series installment, it affords a grand, breathtaking journey hallmarked with many vital and inspiring stories. First, it presents the story of my life’s work and awakening into inspiring nuances of the unity perspective that I’m certain will help birth a vibrant, healed future. It also shares important aspects of unity uncovered through my extensive research into Big History – the specific mechanics of the universal creation process that made us and our world possible. I also share an integrative vision of how we humans have pursued a communion with this underlying oneness through time; via scientific, religious, spiritual, philosophic, environmental, indigenous perspectives, and more. This investigation ultimately delivers an expansive worldview and a compelling environmental ethic designed to help us re-ground our essentially creative human nature within the larger universal creation process. Significantly though, and far beyond simply presenting my own prescriptive sense of how this restorative planetary shift might best occur, Awakening into Unity chronicles myriad ways that others are already employing this perspective to turn our ship around. These are the stories of us in our striving billions, woven together in an informative, celebratory narrative that brings our diverse world-healing efforts alive, front and center, for all to see. This grand saga evidences and honors humanity moving past climate theory, discussion and debate into decisive, active engagement; the true global awakening and life-saving transformation that’s happening all around us in real time. Unifying threads of this holistic tapestry source from my own efforts and those of others in every facet and type of human entity on Earth today; the pivotal achievements of notable contributors seeking to co-create a better future. Together, these examples provide a wealth of wisdom and practical solutions helpful to all. Awakening into Unity thus captures the vital, living, unprecedented truth that all parts of our world are now rising and shining into a bright, new, Earth-healing day. No other movement, tradition, belief system, or collective enterprise can claim such broad-based evolutionary inclusiveness. Terragenesis, Gaia enthroned, is indeed here; her heart is beating; and she’s alive! Quite simply, and without exaggeration, this has become the single most important collective human effort ever undertaken, and the zeitgeist, the defining feature and spirit of our time. May this book serve as an energizing catalyst and helpful road map for our great leap. And may it help you move confidently into a brighter future filled with grace, intelligence, effectiveness, compassion, comradeship, integration, and Joy!

Alaska For Dummies

Alaska For Dummies Author Charles P. Wohlforth
ISBN-10 9780470888711
Release 2011-03-22
Pages 456
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A collection of lively, user-friendly travel guides provides accurate, up-to-date information and expert, opinionated advice on a wide range of travel destinations, landmarks, accommodations and eateries, furnishing convenient full-color maps, quick-reference pointers, worksheets and checklists and icons indicating child-friendly facts, travel tips and warnings, special bargains and more. Original.

Reinventing Eden

Reinventing Eden Author Carolyn Merchant
ISBN-10 9781136161247
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 304
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This revised edition of Carolyn Merchant’s classic Reinventing Eden has been updated with a new foreword and afterword. Visionary quests to return to the Garden of Eden have shaped Western Culture. This book traces the idea of rebuilding the primeval garden from its origins to its latest incarnations and offers a bold new way to think about the earth.

Green Psychology

Green Psychology Author Ralph Metzner
ISBN-10 9781594775185
Release 1999-06-01
Pages 240
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A visionary ecopsychologist examines the rift between human beings and nature and shows what can be done to bring harmony to both the ecosystem and our own minds. • Shows that the solution to our ecological dilemma lies in our own consciousnesses. It is becoming more and more apparent that the causes and cures for the current ecological crisis are to be found in the hearts and minds of human beings. For millennia we existed within a religious and psychological framework that honored the Earth as a partner and worked to maintain a balance with nature. But somehow a root pathology took hold in Western civilization--the idea of domination over nature--and this led to an alienation of the human spirit that has allowed an unprecedented destruction of the very systems which support that spirit. In Green Psychology Ralph Metzner explores the history of this global pathology and examines the ways that we can restore a healing relationship with nature. His search for role models takes him from shamanic ceremonies with the Lacandon Maya of Mexico to vision quests in the California desert, from the astonishing nature mysticism of Hildegard von Bingen to the Black Goddesses and Green Gods of our pagan ancestors. He examines the historical roots of the split between humans and nature, showing how first sky-god worshiping cultures, then monotheisms, and finally mechanistic science continued to isolate the human psyche from the life-giving Earth. His final chapters present a solution, showing that disciplines such as deep ecology and ecofeminism are creating a worldview in which the mind of humanity and the health of the Earth are harmoniously intertwined.

Gardeners of Eden

Gardeners of Eden Author Dan Dagget
ISBN-10 096662291X
Release 2005
Pages 144
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Draws on current examples of innovative land use to outline strategies of reversing land degradation through management.

Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky Author Nalini Nadkarni
ISBN-10 9780520261655
Release 2009-10-28
Pages 336
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In Between Earth and Sky, a rich tapestry of personal stories, information, and illustrations, world-renowned canopy biologist Nalini M. Nadkarni becomes our captivating guide to the leafy wilderness above our heads. Through her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of trees that reveals the profound connections we have with them, the dazzling array of things they can provide us, and the powerful lessons they teach us.

Frommer s Alaska 2011

Frommer s Alaska 2011 Author Charles P. Wohlforth
ISBN-10 0470638656
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 640
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Hundreds of color photos Free pocket map inside,plus easy-to-read maps throughout Exact prices, directions, opening hours,and other practical information Candid reviews of hotels and restaurants,plus sights, shopping, and nightlife Itineraries, walking tours, and trip-planning ideas Insider tips from local expert authors

Ecological Intelligence

Ecological Intelligence Author Ian McCallum
ISBN-10 9781458748225
Release 2009-12
Pages 376
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A best seller in Africa, Ecological Intelligence defines a new way of thinking about the unprecedented environmental pressures of our day. Ian McCallum offers a compelling argument: that we must think differently about ourselves and the earth if we are to take seriously the survival of wilderness areas, wild animals, and the human race. He explores the relationship between humans and nature from both a biological and poetic perspective, articulating a wild and ethical imperative - an urgent reminder that we are inextricably linked to the land and that we must not be the creatures of our own undoing. ''A profound and necessary book about an important idea. Something like this had to be done.''