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The Franklin Cover up

The Franklin Cover up Author John W. DeCamp
ISBN-10 0963215809
Release 1992
Pages 411
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This book decribes the scandal and public investigation of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, raided by federal agencies in 1988 with revelations of murder, drug trafficking, money-laundering, political cover-up and a nationwide child abuse ring.

Franklin Scandal

Franklin Scandal Author Nick Bryant
ISBN-10 9781936296446
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 672
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A chilling exposé of corporate corruption and government cover-ups, this account of a nationwide child-trafficking and pedophilia ring in the United States tells a sordid tale of corruption in high places. The scandal originally surfaced during an investigation into Omaha, Nebraska's failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and took the author beyond the Midwest and ultimately to Washington, DC. Implicating businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, and even the venerable Boys Town organization, this extensively researched report includes firsthand interviews with key witnesses and explores a controversy that has received scant media attention.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole Author David Shurter
ISBN-10 0984893717
Release 2012
Pages 294
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From the nationwide satanic panic in the 1980s to local political cover-ups, shocking kidnappings, unsolved child murders, and scandalous pedophile rings, this book takes you behind the deceptive headlines and, finally, reveals what was going on in Omaha when all hell broke loose. Rich and well-connected members of Omaha's elite carried out unspeakable acts of abuse and even murder on innocent children. David Shurter was one of those sexually abused survivors forever scarred by the horrible rites performed on him by his own parents and other followers of Satan. It wasn't until he entered psychotherapy in midlife that long ignored childhood memories came to light, and when he discovered his gruesome nightmares were indeed real. This book, finally, is an expose of the surprising participants and unbelievable horrors involving murder, drugs, lavish parties, pedophiles, suspected government conspiracies, and the Omaha gay scene that cast a dark cloud of suspicion over an unsuspecting city. David Shurter takes you down the rabbit hole.

Evil Harvest

Evil Harvest Author Rod Colvin
ISBN-10 9781936374601
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 364
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On a peaceful August morning in 1985, grim-faced FBI agents led a dawn raid on an eighty-acre farm outside Rulo, Nebraska, said to be occupied by a group of religious survivalists led by the charismatic Mike Ryan. What they found on the farm shocked even experienced investigators. For months Ryan's Nebraska neighbors spoke in whispers of gunfire in the night, the disappearance of women and children, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But little did the locals know what was happening to those Mike Ryan decided to punish for their “sins.” In Evil Harvest, Rod Colvin re-creates a chilling story of torture, hate, and perversion, and how good, ordinary people could be pulled into a destructive, religious cult—a cult that committed unthinkable acts in the name of God.

Anatomy of the McMartin Child Molestation Case

Anatomy of the McMartin Child Molestation Case Author Edgar W. Butler
ISBN-10 0761819835
Release 2001
Pages 346
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This book details the painful, torturous, and often unbelievable turn of events in the McMartin sexual molestation case. It offers a critical window on Salem by the Sea, revealing how civil society and the criminal justice system have mindlessly and brutally dealt with young children, their parents, defendants, and their families under the guise of pursuing justice and equity.

Child Hunters

Child Hunters Author Carine Hutsebaut
ISBN-10 1465304274
Release 2011-09-07
Pages 267
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In the Wrinkles of my Soul I carefully saved tears To calm the danger, That sneakily threatens my heart. Through the dark corridors, Furtively sneak in those thoughts, That fear for the light When U convulsively Vomit... No!!!!!

Why Johnny Can t Come Home

Why Johnny Can t Come Home Author Noreen N. Gosch
ISBN-10 0970519508
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 340
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Why Johnny Can t Come Home has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Why Johnny Can t Come Home also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Why Johnny Can t Come Home book for free.

Lucifer s Lodge

Lucifer s Lodge Author William H. Kennedy
ISBN-10 0900588063
Release 2004
Pages 220
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Many people are not only appalled but puzzled by the Catholic pedoplilia scandal. What could explain the Church's ongoing tendency to protect molesters, even after they have brought that institution to the brink of ruin? William H. Kennedy may have the answer: that behind some of the molestations lies a cabal of Satanists operating within the Catholic Church, sometimes with the protection of high Church officials. Fr. Malachi Martin (Windswept House; Hostage to the Devil), Fr. Charles Fiore (a traditional Catholic priest), and Fr. Alfred Kunz to investigate charges of pedophilia within the Catholic Church, years before the scandal broke. These men believed they had solid evidence that some of the pedophilia was the work of organized Satanists. Fr. Kunz who hosted the Catholic Family Hour radio program in Wisconsin through which he attempted to expose pedophile priests, was murdered in March of 1998, just before Fr. Fiore was to take over the program, effectively silencing both of them. In view of the recent publication of major reports on the Catholic pedophile scandal, which have left many victims unsatisfied, and increasing news coverage of priestly sexual abuse with ritualistic elements, no book could be more timely than Lucifer's Lodge.

Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the Memories Author Brice Taylor
ISBN-10 IND:30000067286454
Release 1999
Pages 313
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Thanks for the Memories has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Thanks for the Memories also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Thanks for the Memories book for free.

Twenty Two Faces

Twenty Two Faces Author Judy Byington
ISBN-10 1620240327
Release 2012
Pages 428
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Looks at the life of Jenny Hill, who survived a human sacrificial ceremony and later developed twenty-two multiple personalities.

Satan Prince of This World

Satan  Prince of This World Author William Carr
ISBN-10 1939438144
Release 2014-04-20
Pages 184
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William Guy Carr's last work. It was edited by his elder son, and is presented as the author's last manuscript exposing the Luciferian Conspiracy, Satanism, secret societies and the Synagogue of Satan as driving forces behind the World Revolutionary Movement.

Programmed to Kill

Programmed to Kill Author David McGowan
ISBN-10 0595326404
Release 2004
Pages 383
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The specter of the marauding serial killer has become a relatively common feature on the American landscape. Reactions to these modern-day monsters range from revulsion to morbid fascination--fascination that is either fed by, or a product of, the saturation coverage provided by print and broadcast media, along with a dizzying array of books, documentary films, websites, and "Movies of the Week." The prevalence in Western culture of images of serial killers (and mass murderers) has created in the public mind a consensus view of what a serial killer is. Most people are aware, to some degree, of the classic serial killer 'profile.' But what if there is a much different 'profile'--one that has not received much media attention? In Programmed to Kill, acclaimed and always controversial author David McGowan takes a fresh look at the lives of many of America's most notorious accused murderers, focusing on the largely hidden patterns that suggest that there may be more to the average serial killer story than meets the eye. Think you know everything there is to know about serial killers? Or is it possible that sometimes what everyone 'knows' to be true isn't really true at all?

Red Fog Over America

Red Fog Over America Author William Guy Carr
ISBN-10 0911038302
Release 1978-01-01
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Red Fog Over America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Red Fog Over America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Red Fog Over America book for free.

Financial Vipers of Venice

Financial Vipers of Venice Author Joseph P. Farrell
ISBN-10 9781936239740
Release 2013-09-16
Pages 269
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The much-anticipated sequel to Joseph P. Farrell's "Babylon's Banksters." The banksters have moved from Mesopotamia to Venice...

Pawns in the Game

Pawns in the Game Author William Guy Carr
ISBN-10 1939438101
Release 2014-02-06
Pages 264
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Here is a true story of international intrigue, romances, corruption, graft, and political assassinations, the like of which has never been written before. It is the story of how different groups or atheistic- materialistic men have played in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man- power of the entire world. It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The International Communists, and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy. The solution is to end the game the International Conspirators have been playing right now before one or another totalitarian-minded group imposes their ideas on the rest of mankind. The story is sensational and shocking, but it is educational because it is the TRUTH. The author offers practical solutions to problems so many people consider insoluble.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove Author Mike Hanson
ISBN-10 1930004699
Release 2012
Pages 447
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They secretly meet for seventeen days each July at a place called the Bohemian Grove, a remote forest of ancient redwood trees in the deep Northern California woods. The Bohemian Club's membership rolls include current and former U.S. Presidents, heavy-hitting corporate chieftains, and high government officials. Mingling among them are a number of Hollywood movie stars, Broadway producers, famous musicians, authors, painters and poets. These are America's most powerful men.

How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home

How to Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home Author Ted L. Gunderson
ISBN-10 0452277426
Release 1996
Pages 250
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A former FBI agent offers practical advice and a step-by-step methodology for locating lost individuals for business, legal, or personal reasons