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The German Stranger

The German Stranger Author William H. F. Altman
ISBN-10 9780739177693
Release 2012-06-07
Pages 618
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The German Stranger provides a guide to Leo Strauss that situates his thought in the context of National Socialism; by destroying any middle ground between 'Athens' and 'Jerusalem,' Strauss undermined modernity's secular bulwark against political theology. Once National Socialism is understood as an atheistic religion re-enacted by post-Revelation 'philosophers,' the German avatar of Plato's Athenian Stranger can be recognized as its principal theoretician.

Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America

Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America Author Paul E. Gottfried
ISBN-10 9781139505482
Release 2011-12-29
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This book offers an original interpretation of the achievement of Leo Strauss, stressing how his ideas and followers reshaped the American conservative movement. The conservative movement that reached out to Strauss and his legacy was extremely fluid and lacked a self-confident leadership. Conservative activists and journalists felt a desperate need for academic acceptability, which they thought Strauss and his disciples would furnish. They also became deeply concerned with the problem of 'value relativism', which self-described conservatives thought Strauss had effectively addressed. But until recently, neither Strauss nor his disciples have considered themselves to be 'conservatives'. Contrary to another misconception, Straussians have never wished to convert Americans to ancient political ideals and practices, except in a very selective rhetorical fashion. Strauss and his disciples have been avid champions of American modernity, and 'timeless' values as interpreted by Strauss and his followers often look starkly contemporary.

Leo Strauss

Leo Strauss Author Robert Howse
ISBN-10 9781107074996
Release 2014-09-08
Pages 196
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This book analyzes Leo Strauss's writings on political violence, considering also what he taught in the classroom on this subject.

The Crisis of German Historicism

The Crisis of German Historicism Author Liisi Keedus
ISBN-10 9781107093034
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 272
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Comparative intellectual history of the political thought of Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss, two influential and controversial German-Jewish-American political philosophers.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Author William H. F. Altman
ISBN-10 9780739171660
Release 2013
Pages 277
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By subjecting Nietzsche to a Platonic critique, author William H. F. Altman punctures his pose of untimeliness while making use of Nietzsche s own aphoristic style of presentation. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche named for a Prussian King is thereby revealed to be the representative philosopher of the Second Reich."

Scientific Origins of National Socialism

Scientific Origins of National Socialism Author Daniel Gasman
ISBN-10 1412838878
Release 1971
Pages 208
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Scientific Origins of National Socialism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Scientific Origins of National Socialism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Scientific Origins of National Socialism book for free.

Plato the Teacher

Plato the Teacher Author William H. F. Altman
ISBN-10 9780739171394
Release 2012-02-16
Pages 512
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The pedagogical technique of the playful Plato, especially his ability to create living discourses that directly address the student, is the subject of Plato the Teacher. “The crisis of the Republic” refers to the decisive moment in his central dialogue when philosopher-readers realize that Plato’s is challenging them to choose justice by going back down into the dangerous Cave of political life for the sake of the greater Good, as both Socrates and Cicero did.

Against the Grain

Against the Grain Author Ezra Mendelsohn†
ISBN-10 9781782380030
Release 2013-10-30
Pages 320
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Highlighting the seminal role of German Jewish intellectuals and ideologues in forming and transforming the modern Jewish world, this volume analyzes the political roads taken by German Jewish thinkers; the impact of the Holocaust on the Central and East European Jewish intelligentsia; and the conundrum of modern Jewish identity. Several of German Jewry's most outstanding figures such as Scholem, Strauss, and Kohn are discussed. Inspired by Steven E. Aschheim's work, several contributors focus on the fraught relationship between German and East European Jews (the so-called Ostjuden) and between German Jews and their non-Jewish neighbors. More generally, this book examines how Central European Jewish thinkers reacted to the terrible crises of the twentieth century-to war, genocide, and the existential threat to the very existence of the Jewish people. It is essential reading for those interested in the triumphs and tragedies of modern European Jewry.

Democratic Individuality

Democratic Individuality Author Alan Gilbert
ISBN-10 0521387094
Release 1990-08-31
Pages 510
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This ambitious and sweeping book presents a powerful argument against moral relativism and in favor of the objectivity of a theory of democratic individuality. Unlike much recent work in this field, the book does not simply adumbrate such a view. Rather, it develops the parallels between various versions of scientific and moral realism, and then reinterprets the history and internal logic of democratic theory, maintaining, for example, that the abolition of slavery represents genuine moral progress. The book also recasts the clashes between Marxist and Weberian, radical and liberal sociologies in the light of these moral claims, and sketches the institutions of a radical democracy.

Soviet Politics

Soviet Politics Author Richard Sakwa
ISBN-10 9781134909964
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 376
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Soviet Politics in Perspective is a new edition of Richard Sakwas successful textbook Soviet Politics: an introduction. Thoroughly revised and updated it builds on the previous editions comprehensive and accessible exploration of the Soviet system, from its rise in 1919 to its collapse in 1991. The book is divided into five parts, which focus on key aspects of Soviet politics. They are: * historical perspectives, beginning with the Tsarist regime on the eve of Revolution, the rise and development of Stalinism, through to the decline of the regime under Brezhnev and his successors and Gorbachev's attempts to revive the system * institutions of Government, such as the Communist Party, security apparatus, the military, the justice system, local government and participation * theoretical approaches to Soviet politics, including class and gender politics, the role of ideology and the shift from dissent to pluralism * key policy areas: the command economy and reform; nationality politics; and foreign and defence policy * an evaluation of Soviet rule, and reasons for its collapse. Providing key texts and bibliographies, this book offers the complete history and politics of the Soviet period in a single volume. It will be indispensable to students of Soviet and post-Soviet politics as well as the interested general reader.

Natural Right and History

Natural Right and History Author Leo Strauss
ISBN-10 0226776948
Release 1953-01
Pages 327
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In this classic work, Leo Strauss examines the problem of natural right and argues that there is a firm foundation in reality for the distinction between right and wrong in ethics and politics. On the centenary of Strauss's birth, and the fiftieth anniversary of the Walgreen Lectures which spawned the work, Natural Right and History remains as controversial and essential as ever. "Strauss . . . makes a significant contribution towards an understanding of the intellectual crisis in which we find ourselves . . . [and] brings to his task an admirable scholarship and a brilliant, incisive mind."—John H. Hallowell, American Political Science Review Leo Strauss (1899-1973) was the Robert Maynard Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Political Science at the University of Chicago.

The Guardians in Action

The Guardians in Action Author William H. F. Altman
ISBN-10 1498517862
Release 2016-02-15
Pages 497
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In this book, William H. F. Altman considers the pedagogical connections behind the post-Republic dialogues from Timaeus to Theaetetus in the context of their Reading Order.

Leo Strauss and the Recovery of Medieval Political Philosophy

Leo Strauss and the Recovery of Medieval Political Philosophy Author Joshua Parens
ISBN-10 1580465536
Release 2016-05-01
Pages 214
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Joshua Parens in this study examines Leo Strauss's investigations of medieval political philosophy, offering interpretations of his writings on the great thinkers of that tradition, including interpretations of his most difficult writings on Alfarabi and Maimonidies.

On Tyranny

On Tyranny Author Leo Strauss
ISBN-10 0226776875
Release 1991-01
Pages 336
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On Tyranny is Leo Strauss's classic reading of Xenophon's dialogue, Hiero or Tyrannicus, in which the tyrant Hiero and the poet Simonides discuss the advantages and disadvantages of exercising tyranny. This edition includes a translation of the dialogue, a critique of the commentary by the French philosopher Alexandre Kojève, Strauss's restatement of his position in light of Kojève's comments, and finally, the complete Strauss-Kojève correspondence. "Through [Strauss's] interpretation Xenophon appears to us as no longer the somewhat dull and flat author we know, but as a brilliant and subtle writer, an original and profound thinker. What is more, in interpreting this forgotten dialogue, Strauss lays bare great moral and political problems that are still ours." —Alexandre Kojève, Critique "On Tyranny is a complex and stimulating book with its 'parallel dialogue' made all the more striking since both participants take such unusual, highly provocative positions, and so force readers to face substantial problems in what are often wholly unfamiliar, even shocking ways." —Robert Pippin, History and Theory "Every political scientist who tries to disentangle himself from the contemporary confusion over the problems of tyranny will be much indebted to this study and inevitably use it as a starting point."—Eric Voegelin, The Review of Politics Leo Strauss (1899-1973) was the Robert Maynard Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago.

Violent Democracy

Violent Democracy Author Daniel Ross
ISBN-10 1139441213
Release 2005-01-28
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This fascinating and provocative 2005 book will change the way you think about democracy. Challenging conventional wisdom, Daniel Ross shows how from its origins and into its globalized future, violence is an integral part of the democratic system. He draws on the examples of global terrorism and security, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the relation of colonial powers to indigenous populations, and the treatment of asylum seekers. His analysis of these controversial issues moves beyond the comfortable stances of both left and right to show that democracy is violent, from its beginning and at its heart.

Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire

Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire Author Anne Norton
ISBN-10 0300109733
Release 2005
Pages 235
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The teachings of political theorist Leo Strauss (1899-1973) have recently received new attention, as political observers have become aware of the influence Strauss’s students have had in shaping conservative agendas of the Bush administration--including the war on Iraq. This provocative book examines Strauss’s ideas and the ways in which they have been appropriated, or misappropriated, by senior policymakers. Anne Norton, a political theorist trained by some of Strauss’s most famous students, is well equipped to write on Strauss and Straussians. She tells three interwoven narratives: the story of Leo Strauss, a Jewish German-born émigré, who carried European philosophy into a new world; the story of the philosophic lineage that came from Leo Strauss; and the story of how America has been made a moral battleground by the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Leon Kass, Carnes Lord, and Irving Kristol--Straussian conservatives committed to an American imperialism they believe will usher in a new world order.

How to Hack a Party Line

How to Hack a Party Line Author Sara Miles
ISBN-10 0520233409
Release 2002
Pages 262
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A detailed, informed and engaging examination of the politicization of Silicon Valley during the last years of the 90s.