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The Global Administrative Law of Science

The Global Administrative Law of Science Author Matthias Ruffert
ISBN-10 3642213596
Release 2011-06-21
Pages 146
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We live in a world of science. Yet this is impossible without a legally guaranteed freedom to practise it. Findings with regard to the elements of such freedom can be deduced from an analysis of international and domestic provisions and principles. There are a plethora of international institutions, legal rules and global norms for the purpose of the international governance of science. The institutions and rules are to be interpreted in light of this freedom to guarantee the continuous existence of the knowledge-based society by means of a global administrative law of science. These aspects were analysed in a research project funded by the German Research Foundation. The book’s purpose is to present the jurisprudential results. In addition, empirical results are collected in a freely available database. The study is composed of 5 parts: The Concept of Science/Global Administrative Law/Constitutional Basis: The Freedom of Science/Institutional Design/Governance Mechanisms.

Arctic Science International Law and Climate Change

Arctic Science  International Law and Climate Change Author Susanne Wasum-Rainer
ISBN-10 9783642242038
Release 2012-06-14
Pages 376
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Developments in the Arctic region are increasingly part of international discussion. The book contains a comprehensive and interdisciplinary analysis of the current problems around marine scientific research in the Arctic region. It combines scientific, legal and policy aspects. The main questions addressed are: ongoing and future Arctic marine research, marine research in the Arctic Ocean in practice, the legal framework, enlarged continental shelves and the freedom of marine science and particularities and challenges of the Arctic region. The contributors are leading experts in the field of politics, law and science.

International Dispute Settlement Room for Innovations

International Dispute Settlement  Room for Innovations Author Rudiger Wolfrum
ISBN-10 9783642349676
Release 2012-12-20
Pages 450
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This publication succeeds previously published seminars of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg, Germany) dealing with evolving principles and new developments in international law. Due to the limits of traditional dispute settlement in international law and the ongoing scholarly debate on those limits, it focuses on possible innovations and functional approaches to improve international dispute settlement mechanisms. In doing so, it covers a wide variety of topics such as procedures of the WTO, advisory opinions of international courts and tribunals, the privatization of international dispute settlement, the interaction between counsels and international courts and tribunals, and the law-making function of international courts. The aim of this publication is to contribute to the cross-fertilization between these mechanisms and to offer creative impulses for the promotion of international dispute settlement.

International Environmental soft law

International Environmental    soft law   Author Jürgen Friedrich
ISBN-10 9783642449468
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 503
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In international negotiations, the question of the design and the legal form of the negotiated instrument is as complex as it is often controversial. Intended as a read for both practitioners and academics, this book provides a comprehensive treatise of the characteristics, the potential and the limits of nonbinding instruments in international environmental law and governance. An extensive overview and typology of nonbinding instruments as well as several case studies from the areas of fisheries (FAO), hazardous substances (UNEP/FAO) and corporate social responsibility (OECD) provide the material for an in-depth analysis of the role of nonbinding instruments on all levels of governance. The book demonstrates the potential but also highlights the limits of nonbinding instruments in the interplay with customary and treaty law (e.g. UNCLOS, WTO) as bases for interinstitutional linkages and as tools to shape the behaviour of states and private actors. Legitimacy challenges arising from this form of exercise of authority are then discussed in the final chapter, alongside with remedies to address possible concerns.

International Judicial Lawmaking

International Judicial Lawmaking Author Armin Von Bogdandy
ISBN-10 9783642295874
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 514
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Over the past two decades new international courts have entered the scene of international law and existing institutions have started to play more significant roles. The present volume studies one particular dimension of their increasing practice: international judicial lawmaking. It observes that in a number of fields of international law, judicial institutions have become significant actors and shape the law through adjudication. The contributions in this volume set out to capture this phenomenon in principle, in particular detail, and with regard to a number of individual institutions. Specifically, the volume asks how international judicial lawmaking scores when it comes to democratic legitimation. It formulates this question as part of the broader quest for legitimate global governance and places it within the context of the research project on the exercise of international public authority at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law.

The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions

The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions Author Armin von Bogdandy
ISBN-10 3642045316
Release 2010-02-11
Pages 1008
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The concept of global governance, which first emerged in the social s- ences, has triggered different responses in the discipline of law. This volume contains our proposal. It approaches global governance from a public law perspective which is centered around the concept of inter- tional public authority and relies on international institutional law for the legal conceptualization of global governance phenomena. This proposal results from a larger project which started in 2007. The project is a collaborative effort of the directors of the Max Planck Ins- tute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, research f- lows and friends of the Institute, as well as eminent members of the Law Faculty of the University of Heidelberg. Most of the materials contained in this volume were first published in the November 2008 - sue of the German Law Journal ( We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the journal’s editors in chief, Professors Russell Miller (Washington and Lee University School of Law) and Peer Zumbansen (Osgoode Hall Law School, York U- versity, Toronto), for the opportunity to publish our papers as a special issue of their journal. The 2008-2009 University of Idaho College of Law German Law Journal student editors deserve special recognition for their hard and diligent work during the publication process. At the Institute, Eva Richter, Michael Riegner and the editorial staff of this publication series were instrumental in bringing this publication to fr- tion.

Annuaire de la Convention Europ enne Des Droits de L homme

Annuaire de la Convention Europ  enne Des Droits de L homme Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822038807996
Release 2011
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Annuaire de la Convention Europ enne Des Droits de L homme has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Annuaire de la Convention Europ enne Des Droits de L homme also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Annuaire de la Convention Europ enne Des Droits de L homme book for free.

Israel and the Palestinian Refugees

Israel and the Palestinian Refugees Author Eyal Benvenisti
ISBN-10 9783540681618
Release 2007-02-17
Pages 501
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This book offers diverse perspectives on the Palestinian refugee problem and the possible ways to facilitate its resolution. It contains contributions of Israeli, Palestinian and other scholars, and its main goal is to initiate an informed dialogue that will bridge the "knowledge gap" between the different camps. The book provides a comprehensive picture of the various aspects of the problem and of the possible means of its resolution.

Practising Citizenship and Heterogeneous Nationhood

Practising Citizenship and Heterogeneous Nationhood Author Marc Helbling
ISBN-10 9789089640345
Release 2008
Pages 211
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Switzerland likely has the most particular naturalization system in the world. Whereas in most countries citizenship attribution is regulated at the central level of the state, in Switzerland each municipality is accorded the right to decide who can become a Swiss citizen. This book aims at exploring naturalization processes from a comparative perspective and to explain why some municipalities pursue more restrictive citizenship policies than others. The Swiss case provides a unique opportunity to approach citizenship politics from new perspectives. It allows us to go beyond formal citizenship models and to account for the practice of citizenship. The analytical framework combines quantitative and qualitative data and helps us understand how negotiation processes between political actors lead to a large variety of local citizenship models. An innovative theoretical framework, integrating Bourdieu's political sociology, combines symbolic and material aspects of naturalizations and underlines the production processes of ethnicity.

International Institutional Law

International Institutional Law Author Henry G. Schermers
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105043788988
Release 1980
Pages 1054
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"The first edition of this book was in three volumes ... This second edition replaces Volumes I and II. A second edition of Volume III is not yet foreseen"--Preface.

Status and Treatment of Deserters in International Armed Conflicts

Status and Treatment of Deserters in International Armed Conflicts Author Heike Niebergall-Lackner
ISBN-10 9789004308848
Release 2016-02-11
Pages 288
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The study examines the treatment and protection provided to deserters under human rights law, international humanitarian law and refugee law in international armed conflicts. These questions are discussed in view of the legal duties of soldiers and their criminal responsibility under international law.

Beyond Networks Interlocutory Coalitions the European and Global Legal Orders

Beyond Networks   Interlocutory Coalitions  the European and Global Legal Orders Author Gianluca Sgueo
ISBN-10 9783319288758
Release 2016-04-06
Pages 192
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This book explores the activism promoted by organised networks of civil society actors in opening up possibilities for more democratic supranational governance. It examines the positive and negative impact that such networks of civil society actors – named “interlocutory coalitions” – may have on the convergence of principles of administrative governance across the European legal system and other supranational legal systems. The book takes two main controversial aspects into account: the first relates to the convergence between administrative rules pertaining to different supranational regulatory systems. Traditionally, the spread of methods of administrative governance has been depicted primarily against the background of the interactions between the domestic and the supranational arena, both from a top-down and bottom-up perspective. However, the exploration of interactions occurring at the supranational level between legal regimes is still not grounded on adequate empirical evidence. The second controversial aspect considered in this book consists of the role of civil society actors operating at the supranational level. In its discussion of the first aspect, the book focuses on the relations between the European administrative law and the administrative principles of law pertaining to other supranational regulatory regimes and regulators, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Asian Development Bank, and the Council of Europe. The examination of the second aspect involves the exploration of the still little examined, but crucial, role of civil society organised networks in shaping global administrative law. These “interlocutory coalitions” include NGOs, think tanks, foundations, universities, and occasionally activists with no formal connections to civil society organisations. The book describes such interlocutory coalitions as drivers of harmonized principles of participatory democracy at the European and global levels. However, interlocutory coalitions show a number of tensions (e.g. the governability of coalitions, the competition among them) that may hamper the impact they have on the reconfiguration of individuals’ rights, entitlements and responsibilities in the global arena.

Akehurst s Modern Introduction to International Law

Akehurst s Modern Introduction to International Law Author Peter Malanczuk
ISBN-10 9781134833870
Release 2002-04-12
Pages 472
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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Author Sherry Beck Paprocki
ISBN-10 9781438100944
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 106
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* Critically acclaimed biographies of history's most notable African-Americans * Straightforward and objective writing * Lavishly illustrated with photographs and memorabilia * Essential for multicultural studies

Immunities in the Age of Global Constitutionalism

Immunities in the Age of Global Constitutionalism Author Anne Peters
ISBN-10 9789004251632
Release 2014-11-07
Pages 378
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The law of immunity of states, of international organisations, and of public officials is one of the most important and most controversial topics of international law. The book takes up new trends and challenges in this field and assesses them within the framework of global constitutionalism and multilevel governance. Contains chapters in both English and French.

Varieties of European Economic Law and Regulation

Varieties of European Economic Law and Regulation Author Kai Purnhagen
ISBN-10 9783319049038
Release 2014-07-16
Pages 892
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This is the first book to comprehensively analyze the work of Hans Micklitz, one of the leading scholars in the field of EU economic law. It brings together analysts, academic friends and critics of Hans Micklitz and results in a unique collection of essays that evaluate his work on European Economic Law and Regulation. The contributions discuss a wide range of Micklitz’ work: from his theoretical work on private law beyond party autonomy, with a special focus on its regulatory function, to the illustration of how his work has built the basis for current solutions such as used in solving the financial crisis. The book is divided into sections covering foundations of private law, regulatory law, competition and intellectual property law, product safety law, consumer contract law and the enforcement of law. This book clearly shows the enormous impact of Hans Micklitz' work on the EU legal system in both scholarship and practice.

The Legitimacy of International Trade Courts and Tribunals

The Legitimacy of International Trade Courts and Tribunals Author Robert Howse
ISBN-10 9781108424479
Release 2018-03-31
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A comprehensive discussion of international trade courts and tribunals with specific emphasis on their performance and legitimacy.