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The Global Corporate Brand Book

The Global Corporate Brand Book Author M. Morley
ISBN-10 9780230239456
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 230
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The corporate brand can be considered as the definition of the company. This book by a leading practitioner explores the connections between corporate brands, corporate reputation, relationships, perceptions and image and shows how reputation can be enhanced and corporate brand equity strengthened over the long term.

The Corporate Brand

The Corporate Brand Author Nicholas Ind
ISBN-10 9780814737620
Release 1997
Pages 184
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Regardless of the service or products it provides, a company's corporate brand is responsible for its image and reputation in the minds of its products' consumers. And yet companies rarely focus on what leads to a successful corporate brand, concentrating their energy instead on their individual brand name products. In The Corporate Brand, Nicholas Ind argues strongly for a new focus on corporate brand development. Ind argues that organizations must use all forms of communication, including performance of specific products, employees' services, and advertising, to build effective interactive relationships with their customers. The Corporate Brand elucidates the methods used by successful corporate brands to build and maintain both "corporate identity" and reputation.

Branding Across Borders

Branding Across Borders Author James R. Gregory
ISBN-10 0658009451
Release 2002
Pages 232
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A leading authority on global branding sheds new light on how business can develop an effective global brand strategy, using case examples to demonstrate the principles of success and to spotlight key branding practices and marketing trends.

The Global Brand

The Global Brand Author Nigel Hollis
ISBN-10 0230615414
Release 2008-09-30
Pages 272
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A top executive at one of the world's leading marketing firms analyzes the familiarity and strength of brands and establishes five steps towards increasing brand strength in a globalized world Rapid advances in modern technology present companies with quickly expanding marketing opportunities, but they also create an over-saturated business landscape that both helps and hurts brands. The Global Brand is a thorough investigation of brand strength in the accelerated modern business world. Nigel Hollis draws on his experience at Millward Brown to present a simple formula for determining brand strength based on two axes, Presence (or familiarity) and Voltage (or marketing appeal), to illustrate the market value and performance of brands. He analyzes the five steps of customer commitment to a strong brand--Presence, Relevance, Performance, Advantage, and Bonding. Finally, Hollis emphasizes human nature as a set of constant core values that all brands should appeal to, and analyzes the future of brand-building as a profitable investment. “In The Global Brand, Nigel Hollis not only corrects some of the misconceptions of the past but offers a glimpse of the future that is both perceptive and grounded in good business sense. Those who take the time to properly digest this book will save their companies a lot of money.” —Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer, WPP

The Human Brand

The Human Brand Author Chris Malone
ISBN-10 9781118611319
Release 2013-10-07
Pages 196
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Meticulously researched, and featuring in-depth analyses of companies such as Hershey's, Zappos, Amazon and Chobani, a customer loyalty expert and social psychiatrist reveals the driving forces behind the choices we make and the brands we support.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding Author T C Melewar
ISBN-10 9781317950912
Release 2015-04-10
Pages 262
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A strong corporate image has power in a competitive marketplace. Its influence on reputational value and customer decision-making is only now beginning to be understood. Interest in corporate branding is exploding as marketing academics and professionals begin to realize how it can boost business performance in measurable ways. For example, it promotes customer patronage without expensive advertising and raises profitability by enabling companies to leverage their brand image when buying from particular sources. Yet there are few empirical studies available to clarify its basic tenets and fewer still that help us understand corporate branding in different parts of the world. Existing books focus mainly on conceptual ideas and real-life examples. Corporate Branding: Areas, arenas and approaches is a unique take on corporate branding that provides a global overview through rigorous research of different geographical areas across industries. An international range of leading scholars contribute their coverage across three clear themes: Area: geographical areas across the globe including the UK, USA, Europe and Asia; Arena: a variety of commercial and not-for-profit sectors, both B2B and B2C; Approach: methodological approaches to brand research design, including qualitative, quantitative, case studies, interpretivistic and social narrative. These three themes enable the reader to consider corporate branding from more perspectives and in more ways than any other corporate branding book. The result is an understanding of this strategically important, growing subject that cannot be found anywhere else. This book is an essential read for any branding student or interested professional.

Global Brand Power

Global Brand Power Author Barbara E. Kahn
ISBN-10 9781613630259
Release 2013-03-05
Pages 134
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The branding bible for today's globalized world Today, brands have become even more important than the products they represent: their stories travel with lightning speed through social media and the Internet and across countries and diverse cultures. A brand must be elastic enough to allow for reasonable category and product-line extensions, flexible enough to change with dynamic market conditions, consistent enough so that consumers who travel physically or virtually won't be confused, and focused enough to provide clear differentiation from the competition. Strong brands are more than globally recognizable; they are critical assets that can make a significant contribution to your company's bottom line. In Global Brand Power, Kahn brings brand management into the 21st century, addressing how branding contributes to the purchase process and how to position a strong global brand, from identifying the appropriate competitive set, offering a sustainable differential advantage, and targeting the right strategic segment. This essential guide also covers how customer ownership of your brand affects marketing strategy, methods for assessing brand value, how to manage a brand for long-term profitability, effective brand communications and repositioning strategies, and how to manage a brand in a world of total transparency—where one slip-up can go around the world via social media instantaneously. Filled with stories about how Coca-Cola, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Marriott, Apple, Starbucks, Campbell Soup Company, Southwest Airlines, and celebrities like Lady Gaga are leveraging their brands, Global Brand Power is the only book you will need to implement an effective brand strategy for your firm.

Global Brand Strategy

Global Brand Strategy Author Jan-Benedict Steenkamp
ISBN-10 9781349949946
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 319
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Steenkamp introduces the global brand value chain and explains how brand equity factors into shareholder value. The book equips executives with techniques for developing strategy, organizing execution, and measuring results so that your brand will prosper globally. What sets strong global brands apart? First, they generate more than half their revenue and most of their growth outside their home market. Secondly, their brand equity is responsible for a massive percentage of their firm’s market value. Third, they operate as single brands everywhere on the planet. We find them in B2C and B2B industries, among large and small companies, and among established companies and new businesses. The stewards of these brands have a set of skills and knowledge that sets them apart from the typical corporate marketer. So what’s their secret? In a world that is globalizing, but not yet globalized, how do you build a powerful global brand that resonates universally but also accommodates local nuances? How do you ensure that it is dynamic and flexible enough to change at market speed? World-class marketing expert Jan-Benedict Steenkamp has studied global brands for over 25 years on six continents. He has distilled their practices into eight tools that you can start using today. With case studies from around the world, Steenkamp’s book is provocative and timely. Global Brand Strategy speaks to three types of B2C and B2B managers: those who want to strengthen already strong global brands, those who want to launch their brands globally and get results, and those who need to revive their global brand and stop the bleeding.

Corporate Cultures and Global Brands

Corporate Cultures and Global Brands Author Albrecht Rothacher
ISBN-10 9812563059
Release 2004
Pages 269
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This interesting book covers the development of 19 prominent European, American and Asian companies from their humble origins to their current status as global operators. The case studies review the changes of their corporate structures and the successes and failures of their marketing and branding strategies. A wide range of business sectors is covered, including foodstuffs, drinks, retail, apparel, electronics, aviation, cars and entertainment. Of prime importance for corporate survival and growth in all sectors and countries is the crucial shift from ownerOCofounderOCorun companies to consolidated management-led corporations. The wide range of sectors and countries of origin featured also permits valid conclusions on the persistence of distinctive national management styles and brand images. This clearly proves that there are corporate limits to globalization, which companies during thoughtless cross-national mergers ignore at their peril. Contents: Corporate Identities and Successful Branding; Mars Inc.: More than Candies and Cat Food; The Bitter Sweet Chocolates of Sprngli-Lindt; Kikkoman: Far Travelled Sauces; Who Loves McDonald's ?; For God, America and the Real Thing: The Coke Story; Zubrowka Bison Vodka: The High Is the Limit; Ikea: The SmNland Way Goes Global; The Rise and Fall of the Seibu-Saison Empire; United, the Benetton Way; Nike Just Did It; Nokia: Connecting People through a Disconnected Past; Sony: Made by Morita; Sir Richard Branson's Virgins; Toyota: The Reluctant Multinational; Fiat: The Festa Is Over; Corporate Mergers, Merged Brands in Trouble: DaimlerChrysler and BMW-Rover; The Lego Universe of Building Bricks; The Magic of Disney. Readership: Students, professionals and lay people interested in management and business issues."

Global Corporate Identity 2

Global Corporate Identity 2 Author David E. Carter
ISBN-10 0060589264
Release 2005-05-31
Pages 320
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For the globally brand-conscious, a showcase of innovative and effective corporate designs from companies that conduct business around the world.

Brand Desire

Brand Desire Author Nicholas Ind
ISBN-10 9781472925367
Release 2016-10-20
Pages 256
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Desire is big business. If companies can create true desirability for their brands, customers will not only express preference and loyalty, they also show a willingness to act as brand champions, participate in online communities, co-create innovative ideas, and show the sort of commitment that is normally associated with fervent employees. However, desire doesn't just happen. Brands need to nurture it by offering both security and surprise. This isn't just about marketing, but rather a reflection of an organization-wide culture and perspective. Using international case studies, Brand Desire explains how companies can engage customers emotionally and create value for them. Managers can successfully build and maintain brand desire through specific strategies and tools, such as: · promoting a principles-driven organization that is grounded in its heritage and distinctive competences; · creating a supportive culture that encourages the active participation of people in brand development; · providing an opportunity for people to communicate more with each other and to encourage socialization through communities and events; and · offering outstanding experiences: being consistent in delivery, from first communications through to after-sales service and support. In a crowded sales environment, brand desire can elevate any product or service so that it stands out from the crowd – and stays there. Brand Desire demonstrates how desirable brands are about desirable experiences, and shows what companies can do to maximize those experiences for their customers.

How To Manage Your Global Reputation

How To Manage Your Global Reputation Author Michael Morley
ISBN-10 9780814756799
Release 2002-05-01
Pages 228
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In this comprehensive book on global public relations, long-time international practitioner Michael Morley pulls the curtain back on how PR actually works, why it makes a vital contribution to the dissemination of useful information, and how it guards corporate reputation - the crown jewel of any company.

Designing Brand Identity

Designing Brand Identity Author Alina Wheeler
ISBN-10 9781118980828
Release 2017-10-16
Pages 336
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Whether you're the project manager for your company's rebrand, or you need to educate your staff or your students about brand fundamentals, Designing Brand Identity is the quintessential resource. From research to brand strategy to design execution, launch, and governance, Designing Brand Identity is a compendium of tools for branding success and best practices for inspiration. 3 sections: brand fundamentals, process basics, and case studies. Over 100 branding subjects, checklists, tools, and diagrams. 50 case studies that describe goals, process, strategy, solution, and results. Over 700 illustrations of brand touchpoints. More than 400 quotes from branding experts, CEOs, and design gurus. "Designing Brand Identity is a comprehensive, pragmatic, and easy-to-understand resource for all brand builders—global and local. It's an essential reference for implementing an entire brand system." - Carlos Martinez Onaindia, Global Brand Studio Leader, Deloitte "Alina Wheeler explains better than anyone else what identity design is and how it functions. There's a reason this is the 5th edition of this classic." - Paula Scher, Partner, Pentagram "Designing Brand Identity is the book that first taught me how to build brands. For the past decade, it's been my blueprint for using design to impact people, culture, and business." - Alex Center, Design Director, The Coca-Cola Company "Alina Wheeler's book has helped so many people face the daunting challenge of defining their brand." - Andrew Ceccon, Executive Director, Marketing, FS Investments "If branding was a religion, Alina Wheeler would be its goddess, and Designing Brand Identity its bible." - Olka Kazmierczak, Founder, Pop Up Grupa "The 5th edition of Designing Brand Identity is the Holy Grail. This book is the professional gift you have always wanted." - Jennifer Francis, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Visitor Experience, Louvre Abu Dhabi

Power Branding

Power Branding Author Steve McKee
ISBN-10 9781137278845
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 246
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A marketing expert explains why some small companies grow into bigger and better organizations and others falter and asserts that companies can best expand their brand by using creative and sometimes counter-intuitive strategies to generate growth. 20,000 first printing.

The Global Brand CEO

The Global Brand CEO Author Marc de Swaan Arons
ISBN-10 061538708X
Release 2010-09-16
Pages 319
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Today almost every marketer works on or competes against a global brandThink about it; only ten years ago things were very different. The Global Brand CEO is the first book to specifically focus on what it takes to win in global marketing. Building on over 20 years of practical experience, and having worked with the leaders of many of the world's most successful global brands, the authors present a simple framework and practical tools that will help every global marketer unlock the value of global brands and ready their organization for accelerated growth.The insights, vision and approach presented in this book are all practitioner endorsed. Some 45 of the world's most successful CMOs contributed with examples and case studies and the recommendations are backed by the findings of EffectiveBrands' proprietary Leading Global Brands study which includes contributions from over 250 global brands, 2,500 global marketing leaders, and 21,000 global marketers and their colleagues. The book includes case studies from Sony Ericsson, Johnnie Walker, Dove, HSBC, Coca-Cola, OMO, Starbucks, Dulux, Procter and Gamble, VISA, and GSK Consumer Healthcare

Fashion Branding and Communication

Fashion Branding and Communication Author Byoungho Jin
ISBN-10 9781137523433
Release 2017-08-11
Pages 188
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This second volume in the Palgrave Studies in Practice: Global Fashion Management series focuses on core strategies of branding and communication of European luxury and premium brands. Brand is a critical asset many firms strive to establish, maintain, and grow. It is more so for fashion companies when consumers purchase styles, dreams and symbolic images through a brand. The volume starts with an introductory chapter that epitomizes the essence of fashion brand management with a particular emphasis on emerging branding practices, challenges and trends in the fashion industry. The subsequent five cases demonstrate how a family workshop from a small town can grow into a global luxury or premium brand within a relatively short amount of time. Scholars and practitioners in fashion, retail, branding, and international business will learn how companies can establish a strong brand identity through innovative strategies and management.

Brand Breakout

Brand Breakout Author Nirmalya Kumar
ISBN-10 1349446742
Release 2016-08-27
Pages 256
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Written by the world's leading thinkers on brand strategy, this book looks at what Asian and emerging market brands need to do to succeed in international markets and the challenges they face when competing with western brands.