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The Goddess of the Underworld

The Goddess of the Underworld Author Samantha Sabian
ISBN-10 1943728046
Release 2016-06-24
Pages 202
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Raine has been captured by the Goddess of the Underworld and her fate is exactly as she feared. The curse of the Arlanians, their intense sexual desirability and uncontrolled physical response, plays against her as Hel demands that she share her bed. But it is not Hel's mistreatment of her that distresses Raine the most. Rather, it is the curious deference with which the Goddess treats her that fills her with dread. The allies in the mortal realm know that Raine is held prisoner, and there is no word of Raine's love, the Ancient Dragon Talan. Still, that will not stop them from mounting a rescue. Planning moves forward until the final line of the prophecy reveals an unexpected translation, and all is thrown into disarray. Resolve falters as the ominous meaning becomes clear. The people of Arianthem must decide a course of action, for now they battle not merely a god, but fate itself. Even so, the mage Idonea, the elves Feyden and Elyara, the dwarf Lorifal, and the imperials Dagna and Bristol have sworn to rescue their comrade. And the young Tavinter leader, Skye, will not let them leave without her. This small band of adventurers, a handful who have actually been to the Gates of the Underworld, will save their friend, even if they have to go it alone.

The Dragon s War

The Dragon s War Author Samantha Sabian
ISBN-10 9781943728039
Release 2015-12-20
Pages 184
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Skye is reunited with her friends and lovers in the Ha’kan, but the shadow of the sorceress looms over her. Even as her magical power increases, she knows she is no match for the woman who seeks vengeance for her great-grandfather’s infidelity. But Skye is no longer a child, and her years with the highly sexual Ha’kan have taught her a few things as she considers an entirely new way of dealing with her nemesis. Raine prepares for departure to Mount Alfheim, intending to accompany the Ha’kan Queen and her entourage. The powerful warrior has orchestrated events to perfection: the people of Arianthem are united as never before. But as she and her dragon lover start their journey, Raine can’t help but feel that the hand of fate is tightening its grasp around her. As clouds gather over the Empty Land, a prophecy is heavy on her mind. As the Second Great War threatens, it is uncertain if the Alliance will hold. The Goddess of the Underworld stirs, having waited centuries for this moment. Her goal and her focus are one, solely on the object of her lust. Hel will take what she is due, and the Dragon’s Lover will bow before her, by choice or by force. And the latter is just as pleasing to her, as long as the Arlanian is on her knees...

The Shadow Games

The Shadow Games Author Samantha Sabian
ISBN-10 9781943728015
Release 2015-07-16
Pages 234
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The dragons have returned to Arianthem, and four of the Ancients go to war. Talan is joined by Kylan, her seductive ally from the Great War, while Volva, her enemy, uses her carnal ways to stand against the Queen of all Dragons. Both of Talan’s children must stand with her, and Talan gambles that her trust in them is not misplaced. Meanwhile, both the Ha’kan and Tavinter seek Skye, the young ruler who was kidnapped by a sorceress. Haunted by thoughts of her violation and captivity, they will not stop until they find her, even if it means searching every league of the Deep Woods. Unfortunately, Raine, the one most suited to find Skye, cannot even look because it most certainly is a trap for the Scinterian warrior. Instead, she must deal with the Shadow Guild, the upper echelon of all Assassins in Arianthem. These vampyres are contracted to kill a head of state and Raine must stop the assassination before it destroys the nascent Alliance. But this forces her to deal with the impulsively sexual creatures whose manipulations and machinations put even the Goddess of the Underworld to shame.

The Dragon s Lover

The Dragon s Lover Author Samantha Sabian
ISBN-10 9780988582217
Release 2012-12-05
Pages 169
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Dragons are a lusty lot known for grinding their lovers into dust. Talan'alaith'illaria is no exception and has found no man or woman her match or equal in a thousand years. That changes when Raine, the sole survivor of two mythic races, stumbles across the ancient dragon queen in her lair. Raine possesses her father's strength and her mother's passion, and the combination ignites the dragon's desire to an inferno. Talan, greatest of the twelve ancients, at last finds her perfect lover. Their domestic bliss does not last long, however, as events conspire against their peace. The Hyr'rok'kin, monstrous demons of the Underworld, are spewing forth from the Empty Land. Raine is called to join a band of humans, elves, and dwarves in a quest to stop the invasion. She fears no enemy, no injury, not even death itself. But something is waiting at the Gates of Hel, something that seeks to separate Raine her the dragon she is bound to for all of time.

The Sj fn Academy

The Sj  fn Academy Author Samantha Sabian
ISBN-10 0988582228
Release 2013-08
Pages 272
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The Ha'kan, an all-female race that reveres sexuality and views monogamy as unnatural, have been at war with the Tavinter for centuries. Queen Halla seeks to end this long-term dispute with the nomadic forest people by extending a unique offer to the Tavinter Chieftain. She invites his daughter, Skye, to attend the most prestigious school in all of Arianthem: the Sjofn Academy. Skye accepts the invitation and sets out with determination and trepidation. She does not know what to expect, for the Queen's own daughter, Dallan, is but a few years older than her and will serve as her mentor at the Academy. Skye has only to meet the laughing dark eyes of the princess once before she realizes she is going to get far more of an education than she ever dreamed possible.


Jade Author Rose Montague
ISBN-10 1533108137
Release 2016-05-04
Pages 252
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Meet Jade Smith, a magical mutt with a mission. A detective partnered with a shifter named Rolfe, she's on the case to solve a slew of murders: Vamps are killing humans, and nobody knows why. When London Jane, the most powerful vamp in town, is implicated in the murders, Jade knows something isn't right. Together with Jill, the Winter Queen of Faerie, Jade and Jane take their investigation underground. On the run, with nowhere to hide, they uncover a secret that could destroy Faerie, as well as the human realm. Will Jade stop the killer in time? Or will she be the next victim? Magic, mayhem, and mystery abound, and the odds are stacked against them; it's three against three hundred.

The Dragon s Alliance

The Dragon s Alliance Author Samantha Sabian
ISBN-10 9780988582293
Release 2015-01-29
Pages 170
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Raine enjoys a respite with her dragon lover in the land of the Ha’kan, recovering from the wounds sustained battling the dark demons of the Underworld. Skye is melancholy, thinking she has endangered everyone with her uncontrolled magic. But her despondency does not last long when she meets the ravishing mage who is to be her mentor, one who believes that sexual energy and magical energy are intimately related. The high elves, the Alfar, enter into negotiations with the Ha’kan, and all progresses with promise as the beautiful Queen of the all-female race is gracious beyond measure. It seems the treaty will be signed and the alliance formed when rumors of an assassination threaten to derail all. Raine does not know the target or the assassin, but she must prevent the death of a head of state at all costs. In the end, it is the legends of the Great War that will bring all together, reminding them of the monumental sacrifices of the Ancient dragons and their Scinterian brethren in the past.

Lies Omens

Lies   Omens Author Lyn Benedict
ISBN-10 9781101568996
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 320
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Sylvie Lightner is a P.I. specializing in the unusual—in a world where magic is real, and Hell is just around the corner. After escaping secret government cells and destroying a Miami landmark, Sylvie’s trying to lay low—something that gets easier when a magical force starts taking out her enemies. But these magical attacks are a risk to bystanders, and Sylvie can’t let that slide. When the war between the government and the magical world threatens the three people closest to her—her assistant, her sister, and her lover—Sylvie has no choice but to get involved with hidden powers bent on shaping the world to their liking. Now, with death and disaster on the horizon, even if Sylvie wins, things will never be the same...


Green Author Jay Lake
ISBN-10 1429967765
Release 2009-06-09
Pages 368
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She was born in poverty, in a dusty village under the equatorial sun. She does not remember her mother, she does not remember her own name—her earliest clear memory is of the day her father sold her to the tall pale man. In the Court of the Pomegranate Tree, where she was taught the ways of a courtesan...and the skills of an assassin...she was named Emerald, the precious jewel of the Undying Duke's collection of beauties. She calls herself Green. The world she inhabits is one of political power and magic, where Gods meddle in the affairs of mortals. At the center of it is the immortal Duke's city of Copper Downs, which controls all the trade on the Storm Sea. Green has made many enemies, and some secret friends, and she has become a very dangerous woman indeed. Acclaimed author Jay Lake has created a remarkable character in Green, and evokes a remarkable world in this novel. Green and her struggle to survive and find her own past will live in the reader's mind for a long time after closing the book. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

1636 The Devil s Opera

1636  The Devil s Opera Author Eric Flint
ISBN-10 9781625791931
Release 2013-09-16
Pages 528
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A new addition to the multiple New York Times best-selling Ring of Fire series. After carving a place for itself in war-torn 17th century Europe, citizens of the modern town of Grantville, West Virginia take on a murderous conspiracy of operatic proportions in Magdeburg, the capital of the United States of Europe. New York Times Best Selling Series Eric Flint and David Carrico serve up the latest entry in the best-selling alternate history saga of them all, the Ring of Fire! It is the year 1636. The United States of Europe, the new nation formed by an alliance between the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus and the West Virginians hurled back in time by a cosmic accident, is on the verge of civil war. His brain injured in the war with Poland, the USE's emperor Gustavus Adolphus is no longer in command. Enter Swedish chancellor Oxenstierna, a leader of aristocratic reaction against democracy. His goal: to assemble the forces of the hidebound ruling class in Berlin and drown the revolution in a bloodbath. In Magdeburg, the capital of the USE, Mike Stearns' wife Rebecca Abrabanel is organizing popular resistance to Oxenstierna's plot. As part of the resistance, the American musician Marla Linder and her company of down-time musical partners are staging an opera that will celebrate the struggle against oppression. Princess Kristina, the heir to the USE's throne, is now residing in Magdeburg and is giving them her support and encouragement. But another plot is underway--this one right in the heart of the capital itself, and with murder as its method. The only people standing in the way are a crippled boy and the boxing champion who befriended him, and an unlikely pair of policemen. Can the American detective Byron Chieske and his down-timer partner Gotthilf Hoch thwart the killers before they succeed in their goal? At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). _This alternate history series isãa landmarkãÓ¾Booklist _[Eric] Flint's 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians.Ó¾Booklist _ãreads like a technothriller set in the age of the MedicisãÓ¾Publishers Weekly

Midnight Blue Light Special

Midnight Blue Light Special Author Seanan McGuire
ISBN-10 9781101635452
Release 2013-03-05
Pages 368
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The second book in New York Times-bestselling Seanan McGuire's witty urban fantasy InCryptid series about a family of cryptozoologists who act as a buffer between humans and the magical creatures living in secret around us. "The only thing more fun than an October Daye book is an InCryptid book." —Charlaine Harris, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Sookie Stackhouse series Normal, adjective: Conforming to the standard or common type. See also "ordinary." Abnormal, adjective: Deviating from the common type, such as playing monster-human on the rooftops of Manhattan. See also "Verity Price." The Price family has spent generations studying the monsters of the world, working to protect them from humanity—and to protect humanity from them. Verity Price is just trying to do her job, keeping the native cryptid population of Manhattan from getting into trouble, and doing a little ballroom dancing on the side. Enter Dominic De Luca, an operative for the Covenant of St. George, and Verity's on-again, off-again boyfriend. When he tells her that the Covenant is sending a full team to assess how ready the city is for a purge, Verity finds herself between a rock and a hard place. Stay, and risk her almost-certain death, or flee, and leave the cryptids of New York with nothing between them and the Covenant. With allies and enemies on every side, and no safe way to turn, it's going to take some quickstepping for Verity to waltz out of this one. There's just one question on everyone's mind: Is this the last dance for Verity Price?

My Lady Quicksilver

My Lady Quicksilver Author Bec McMaster
ISBN-10 9781402270345
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 448
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"McMaster's characters are beautifully drawn and the tension between them is completely smoking... [a] dark, menacing and strangely beautiful world." - RT Book Reviews Determined to destroy the Echelon she despises, Rosalind Fairchild is on seemingly easy mission. Get in. Uncover the secrets of her brother's disappearance. And get out. In order to infiltrate the Nighthawks and find their leader, Blue Blooded Sir Jasper Lynch, Rosalind will pose as their secretary. A dangerous mission, but Rosalind is also the elusive Mercury, a leader in the humanist movement. But she doesn't count on Lynch being such a dangerously charismatic man, challenging her at every turn, forcing her to re-evaluate everything she knows about the enemy. He could be her most dangerous nemesis-or the ally she never dreamed existed. A stunning, action-filled paranormal romance, Bec McMaster's London Steampunk novels will appeal to fans of Gail Carriger, Kristen Callihan's Darkest London series, and the Blud series by Delilah Dawson. RITA finalist Bec McMaster's London Steampunk series: Kiss of Steel, Book 1 Honoria's last hope is the most dangerous man in London's underworld, and she may be his last hope as well Heart of Iron, Book 2 Will would do anything to protect Lena, including fighting his love for her, but seducing her may be the only way to save her My Lady Quicksilver, Book 3 Rosalind risks her life, and her heart, to get close to the one man who could find and free her brother. But will he? Forged by Desire, Book 4 RITA finalist, When Perry fled her thrall contract and joined the Nighthawks, she thought she would be safe, but danger is stalking her again Of Silk and Steam, Book 5 Mina has sworn revenge for her father's death, but the man she plans to destroy could be her own undoing, or the salvation of all London What readers are saying about My Lady Quicksilver: "twists and turns, vampires, revenge, passion, suspense and romance" "If you enjoy Steampunk, romance and paranormal romance than you are in for a real treat." "absolutely stunning" "Full of action and intrigue, this story is perfect!" "humor and red hot romance" What reviewers are saying about My Lady Quicksilver: "Rich, dramatic, romantic, and dangerous..." - Publishers Weekly "wildly imaginative, richly textured world building... the perfect choice for readers who like their historical romances sexy, action-packed, and just a tad different." - Booklist "The blend of steampunk, paranormal, suspense and romance is so well crafted into a riveting story" - Delighted Reader "a taste of paranormal, shifter, steampunk and romance all stewed in a recipe to be savored and not rushed through. " - Coffee Time Romance "beautifully crafted and immerses the reader in a fantastic story." - Worlds of Words What everyone is saying about Bec McMaster: "a must read for paranormal fans and steampunk fans alike. 5/5 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick" - Night Owl Reviews "richly imagined, gritty and dark, and full of hot heroes and hot sex... utterly delicious. " -Smart Bitches, Trashy Books "Action, adventure, steampunk, and blazing hot seduction...Bec McMaster offers it all."-Eve Silver, author of Sins of the Flesh

Distant Star

Distant Star Author Joe Ducie
ISBN-10 0987329413
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 224
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For Declan Hale, the Shadowless Arbiter, life has been simple since he ended the Tome Wars and forced a cruel peace in the mythical realms of Forget. Exiled to Earth for his crimes, Declan spends his days managing a small bookshop. So when a familiar looking corpse appears in the dead of night, spilling his scotch, Declan is less than amused. Especially because the body is his own. Someone-or something-has sent a calling card from the future. Daring him to confront his monstrous past. The last time Declan went to war, Ascension City burned and eight million people lost their lives. The Knights and Renegades should have left him alone... * * * * An original urban fantasy story. This novel-length book also includes the short story: The Forgetful Library, written by Joe Ducie.

Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others Author Michael Z. Williamson
ISBN-10 1439133832
Release 2010-08-03
Pages 384
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Do Unto Others as They Did Unto You—the Code of the Mercenary. Science Fiction Action-Adventure by a New Master of Military Science Fiction. The Prescot family were miners. At one time, they were contracted to develop technology for a mineral rich but uninhabitable system. Gradually, all the investors shied away. Then the Prescots broke through with the technology needed to exploit entire planets, and incidentally develop domed playgrounds for the perversely rich, including indoor ski slopes and cable cars over megavolcanos, casinos and rides. This created the economic problem of being the richest people in the universe, having more money than most governments and effectively unlimited resources. Money is a small blessing when enemies are quite willing to spend billions for the chance at trillions. Bryan Prescot and his daughter might as well have targets painted on their backs for the thugs, kidnappers and assassins their cmpetitors would throw at them. Bodyguards were necessary—Highly trained bodyguards who could be bought once and be utterly loyal no matter the circumstances. The altercation comes to a head inside the domes and mines of Govannon, with their enemy desperate to do anything to save their own lives, now that the gloves are off. Caron Prescot has only six bodyguards against an army, but she has two aces in the hole: The miners are on her side, and Elke, Ripple Creek’s psychotic demolition expert, has a nuke. The problem with Elke having a nuke is that Elke WILL use it.

The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine

The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine Author Attributed in Part to William Shakespeare
ISBN-10 9781465587145
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The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine book for free.

A Rare Benedictine

A Rare Benedictine Author Ellis Peters
ISBN-10 9781497671652
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 133
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Three vintage tales reveal how a former crusader became literature’s greatest mystery-solving monk “Brother Cadfael sprang to life suddenly and unexpectedly when he was already approaching sixty, mature, experienced, fully armed and seventeen years tonsured.” So writes Ellis Peters in her introduction to A Rare Benedictine—three vintage tales of intrigue and treachery featuring the monastic sleuth who has become the best-loved ecclesiastical detective since Father Brown. Although Cadfael has appeared in twenty novel-length chronicles, the story of his entry into the monastery at Shrewsbury has been known hitherto only to a few readers. Now his myriad fans can discover the chain of events that led him into the Benedictine Order.

Magic by Misdirection

Magic by Misdirection Author Dariel Fitzkee
ISBN-10 1614278563
Release 2015-07-30
Pages 224
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2015 Reprint of 1945 Edition. Full Facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. "Magic by Misdirection" applies the psychology of deception to the art of magic. The finest minds of magic have recognized it an important and monumental work on the subject. It makes clear the psychological devices and methods you can use to deceive your audience: Disguise Attention Control Simulation Dissimulation Interpretation Maneuver Pretense Ruse Anticipation Diversion Monotony Premature Consummation Confusion Suggestion... and much more. Fitzkee supplies practical examples in the form of tricks incorporating and utilizing these principles."