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The Great Ideas of Clinical Science

The Great Ideas of Clinical Science Author Scott O. Lilienfeld
ISBN-10 9781135930172
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 448
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The idea that there is a fundamental rift between researchers and practitioners should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the current literature, trends, and general feelings in the field of clinical psychology. Central to this scientist-practitioner gap is an underlying disagreement over the nature of knowledge - namely that while some individuals point to research studies as the foundation of truth, others argue that clinical experience offers a more adequate understanding of the causes, assessment, and treatment of mental illness. The Great Ideas of Clinical Science is an ambitious attempt to dig beneath these fundamental differences, and reintroduce the reader to unifying principles often overlooked by students and professionals alike. The editors have identified 17 such universals, and have pulled together a group of the most prolific minds in the field to present the philosophical, methodological, and conceptual ideas that define the state of the field. Each chapter focuses on practical as well as conceptual points, offering valuable insight to practicing clinicians, researchers, and teachers of any level of experience. Written for student, practitioner, researcher, and educated layperson, this integrative volume aims to facilitate communication among all mental health professionals and to narrow the scientist-practitioner gap.

The Millon Inventories

The Millon Inventories Author Theodore Millon
ISBN-10 9781593856748
Release 2008-04-18
Pages 732
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Now in a substantially revised and expanded second edition, this important work thoroughly details the full range of clinical assessment tools developed by Theodore Millon and his associates. Presented is the most current, authoritative overview of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI), as well as comprehensive information on widely used instruments for such specific populations as adolescents, preadolescents, medical patients, and college students. With a heightened focus on clinical practice, the second edition offers explicit guidance for linking assessment to individualized, evidence-based treatment planning and intervention. Many of the chapters are entirely new, reflecting significant research advances and the development of new inventories.

Neuropsychological Assessment in the Age of Evidence Based Practice

Neuropsychological Assessment in the Age of Evidence Based Practice Author Stephen C. Bowden
ISBN-10 9780190663773
Release 2017-01-26
Pages 288
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Evidence-based practice has become the benchmark for quality in healthcare and builds on rules of evidence that have been developed in psychology and other health-care disciplines over many decades. This volume aims to provide clinical neuropsychologists with a practical and approachable reference for skills in evidence-based practice to improve the scientific status of patient care. The core skills involve techniques in critical appraisal of published diagnostic-validity or treatment studies. Critical appraisal skills assist any clinician to evaluate the scientific status of any published study, to identify the patient-relevance of studies with good scientific status, and to calculate individual patient-probability estimates of diagnosis or treatment outcome to guide practice. Initial chapters in this volume review fundamental concepts of construct validity relevant to the assessment of psychopathology and cognitive abilities in neuropsychological populations. These chapters also summarize exciting contemporary development in the theories of personality and psychopathology, and cognitive ability, showing a convergence of theoretical and clinical research to guide clinical practice. Conceptual skills in interpreting construct validity of neuropsychological tests are described in detail in this volume. In addition, a non-mathematical description of the concepts of test score reliability and the neglected topic of interval estimation for individual assessment is provided. As an extension of the concepts of reliability, reliable change indexes are reviewed and the implication of impact on evidence-based practice of test scores reliability and reliable change are described to guide clinicians in their interpretation of test results on single or repeated assessments. Written by some of the foremost experts in the field of clinical neuropsychology and with practical and concrete examples throughout, this volume shows how evidence-based practice is enhanced by reference to good theory, strong construct validity, and better test score reliability.

The Trouble with Therapy

The Trouble with Therapy Author Peter Morrall
ISBN-10 033521875X
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 253
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An increasing number of people are engaging in therapy. As a consequence there is a growing debate about the benefits of therapy and its place in global society. In this exciting and engaging new text Peter Morrall argues that therapy should be treated with healthy scepticism and provides a compelling, contemporary, and controversial argument as to how we should construct a sceptical view. In an engaging style akin to authors such as Oliver Burkeman, Stan Ferudi and Alain de Botton, the author offers a sociology of psychotherapy as well as placing sociology in therapy. The author explores the links between therapy and science, therapy and power, therapy and reality, madness and normality, and personal misery and the values of global society. The author asks questions about therapy and the "therapy culture" of the modern day. Is therapy dysfunctional, arrogant, selfish, abusive, infectious, insane and deceitful? The author illustrates different aspects of therapy using a troubled character called Heather, who undergoes therapy and features in vignettes throughout the book. This innovative, engaging, and compelling analysis of therapy is a wake-up call about therapy. It is essential reading for anyone interested in psychotherapy, counselling, sociology or the human condition.


Psychology Author Steven Jay Lynn
ISBN-10 PSU:000066046455
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 521
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Psychology: A Framework for Everyday Thinking teaches students how to critically evaluate psychological claims that they experience in everyday life and to apply the science of psychology to the world around them, all within a 14 chapter organization.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066180426
Release 2006
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

Recovery in Mental Health

Recovery in Mental Health Author Michaela Amering
ISBN-10 0470743166
Release 2009-02-17
Pages 280
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Winner of Medical Journalists’ Association Specialist Readership Award 2010 Recovery is widely endorsed as a guiding principle of mental health policy. Recovery brings new rules for services, e.g. user involvement and person-centred care, as well as new tools for clinical collaborations, e.g. shared decision making and psychiatric advance directives. These developments are complemented by new proposals regarding more ethically consistent anti-discrimination and involuntary treatment legislation, as well as participatory approaches to evidence-based medicine and policy. Recovery is more than a bottom up movement turned into top down mental health policy in English-speaking countries. Recovery integrates concepts that have evolved internationally over a long time. It brings together major stakeholders and different professional groups in mental health, who share the aspiration to overcome current conceptual reductionism and prognostic negativism in psychiatry. Recovery is the consequence of the achievements of the user movement. Most conceptual considerations and decisions have evolved from collaborations between people with and without a lived experience of mental health problems and the psychiatric service system. Many of the most influential publications have been written by users and ex-users of services and work-groups that have brought together individuals with and without personal experiences as psychiatric patients. In a fresh and comprehensive look, this book covers definitions, concepts and developments as well as consequences for scientific and clinical responsibilities. Information on relevant history, state of the art and transformational efforts in mental health care is complemented by exemplary stories of people who created through their lives and work an evidence base and direction for Recovery. This book was originally published in German. The translation has been fully revised, references have been amended to include the English-language literature and new material has been added to reflect recent developments. It features a Foreword by Helen Glover who relates how there is more to recovery than the absence or presence of symptoms and how health care professionals should embrace the growing evidence that people can reclaim their lives and often thrive beyond the experience of a mental illness. Comments on German edition: "It is fully packed with useful information for practitioners, is written in jargon free language and has a good reading pace." Theodor Itten, St. Gallen, Switzerland and Hamburg, Germany "This book is amazingly positive. It not only talks about hope, it creates hope. Its therapeutic effects reach professional mental health workers, service users, and carers alike. Fleet-footed and easily understandable, at times it reads like a suspense novel." Andreas Knuf, pro mente sana, Switzerland '"This is the future of psychiatry"' cheered a usually service-oriented manager after reading the book. We might not live to see it.' Ilse Eichenbrenner, Soziale Psychiatrie, Germany

Biochemistry Genetics and Embryology

Biochemistry  Genetics  and Embryology Author Juan E. Vargas
ISBN-10 140510354X
Release 2004
Pages 174
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This book offers high-yield, concise basic science content presented in a logical template. It is designed for use during coursework to aid in understanding application of principles, and then as review for USMLE Step 1.

Sims Symptoms in the Mind

Sims  Symptoms in the Mind Author Femi Oyebode
ISBN-10 9780702055553
Release 2014-08-17
Pages 448
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SIMS' SYMPTOMS IN THE MIND has, since its first publication in 1988, become established as the leading introductory textbook on clinical psychopathology, defining, clarifying and describing the main symptoms and syndromes of mental illness seen in clinical practice. Now fully revised and updated, it offers essential reading for psychiatric trainees and an invaluable reference for psychiatrists of all grades. It has also come to be widely appreciated by clinical psychologists, allied mental health professionals and researchers in this field. Fully updated throughout, taking account of advances in the understanding of cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology, revised legislation, changing classificatory concepts and evolving cultural aspects of psychiatry Improved presentation, including new chapter and key point summaries, will help those searching for quick information without losing the rich writing style for which the book is so well known and appreciated Bonus ancillary content, including: Patient interview scenarios exploring key themes (videos with transcripts) Author podcasts (audio) to expand and clarify core topics Interactive question and answer sections for each chapter, to test your understanding and aid revision of essential areas

Community Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Community Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Author Theodore A. Petti
ISBN-10 UOM:39015063295995
Release 2006
Pages 299
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Child psychiatrists and psychologists, clinical nurses, social workers, and other mental health practitioners working in the public sector -- where limited funds, poverty, social environments, and bureaucracy add to the daily challenges -- can now turn to Community Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for approaches and insights to make their work easier and more productive. Twenty chapters are divided into four main sections, where 31 seasoned clinicians and administrators detail the most useful tasks, strategies, and maneuvers for child and family-focused community mental health professionals. Community Child and Adolescent Psychiatry addresses questions to consider before assuming a staff or administrative position in a community agency; legal and ethical issues; roles for various disciplines and team members in today's multidisciplinary environment; general principles, tools, and issues; the overall mission of a particular type of agency; and -- equally important -- the wealth of opportunities to do good work. Community Child and Adolescent Psychiatry provides insight into the public system of care and the requisite tools to manage the rapidly changing clinical, political, and administrative landscape. Trainees, practitioners, and administrators alike will welcome this indispensable road-map to a higher level of practice in community settings.

Diagnosis Made Easier First Edition

Diagnosis Made Easier  First Edition Author James Morrison
ISBN-10 9781606237878
Release 2006-07-21
Pages 316
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This authoritative, user-friendly book offers a complete introduction to the art and science of mental health diagnosis. Meeting a key need for students and novice clinicians, James Morrison, the author of the bestselling DSM-IV Made Easy, systematically takes the reader through every step of the process. He provides clear-cut principles and decision trees for evaluating information from a variety of sources and for constructing a valid working diagnosis that serves as a foundation for treatment. Special features include quick-reference tables, sidebars explaining key concepts, and over 100 case examples that bring the approach to life.

Directory of Psychiatry Residency Training Programs

Directory of Psychiatry Residency Training Programs Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015011476440
Release 1986
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Directory of Psychiatry Residency Training Programs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Directory of Psychiatry Residency Training Programs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Directory of Psychiatry Residency Training Programs book for free.

Integrated Textbook of Geriatric Mental Health

Integrated Textbook of Geriatric Mental Health Author Donna Cohen
ISBN-10 9781421405452
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 344
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From this broader perspective, the authors describe the many factors that influence the lives, health, and well-being of older patients and their caregivers, making this an ideal text for psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers.

Modern clinical psychology

Modern clinical psychology Author Sheldon J. Korchin
ISBN-10 UOM:39015006008299
Release 1976
Pages 672
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Provides a broad conceptual and historical perspective on numerous issues in the field, treating psychological testing, family and community therapy, and research

Nursing Practice

Nursing Practice Author Ian Peate
ISBN-10 9781118496794
Release 2014-08-07
Pages 992
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Nursing Practice is the essential, textbook to support you throughout your entire nursing degree, from your first year onwards. It explores all the clinical and professional issues that you need to know in one complete volume. Written in the context of the latest Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards for Pre-Registration Nursing Education and the Essential Skills Clusters, this book covers all fields of nursing: Adult, Child, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and also Maternity care, in both acute and community settings. With full colour illustrations, and plenty of activities and user-friendly features throughout, this evidence-based text encompasses essential nursing theory and practice, providing students with information to support their success. Learning features in the book include: Hear it from the experts- tips and advice from real life nurses, patients and their carers, and student nurses Red Flags- alerting the student to potential dangers Primary Care Considerations- informs students about care issues in the community setting Fields boxes- giving further insight into other fields of nursing, making the book relevant to all fields of nursing practice Medicines Management boxes provide key information about medicines Self-assessment and activities throughout A companion website to this title is available at Here you’ll find a range of resources for both the student and the lecturer, including: Over 350 interactive multiple choice questions Flashcards Glossary Links to references and further reading Illustrations from the book Worksheets

The Psychologist

The Psychologist Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015057985221
Release 2004
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The Psychologist has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Psychologist also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Psychologist book for free.

Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life

Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life Author Robert C. Carson
ISBN-10 0321034309
Release 2000
Pages 718
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The eleventh edition of Abnormal Psychology and Modern life retains it's focus on the authoritative overview of contemporary and classic research within a more accessible framework. Features supporting this aim include upstaed research, intergrated mulitcultual and cross-cultural research, accessible organization, highlight sections, unresolved issues sections and case studies. *Expanded research with a focus on biological and cultural influences on psychological disorders including over 1500 new references. A detailed list of new research in each chapter can be found in the texts Preface. *Integrated multicultural and cross-cultural research in each chapter includes coverage of sociocultural causal factors in Chapter 3, cross-cultural differences in depressive symptoms in Chapter 6, sociocultural factors in alcohol abuse and dependence in Chapter 10, and psychotherapy and multiculturalism in Chapter 17, highlighting the important issue of racial/ethnic mismatches between therapist and client. *Highlight: Modern Life sections apply research to students everyday lives and make research more accessible. Highlight: Cutting Edge sections feature research methodology and recent findings