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The Great Southern Babylon

The Great Southern Babylon Author Alecia P. Long
ISBN-10 0807129321
Release 2004
Pages 282
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With a well-earned reputation for tolerance of both prostitution and miscegenation, New Orleans became known as the Great Southern Babylon in antebellum times. Following the Civil War, a profound alteration in social and economic conditions gradually reshaped the city's sexual culture and erotic commerce. Historian Alecia P. Long traces sex in the Crescent City over fifty years, drawing from Louisiana Supreme Court case testimony to reveal intriguing tales of people both obscure and famous whose relationships and actions exemplify the era. Long introduces a black woman and white man whose thirty-year romance endured without benefit of legal or social sanction; an immigrant entrepreneur who became the wealthy impresario of lascivious concert saloons; a reform activist who supported quarantining prostitution, until city leaders established vice district boundaries in his backyard; a young prostitute who prospered as a Storyville madam while leading a double life as a respectable member of society; and mixed-race women who used their legendary allure as octoroons to make their fortunes. In weaving together these individual experiences, the author uncovers a connection between the ge

Sustaining New Orleans

Sustaining New Orleans Author Barbara Eckstein
ISBN-10 9781135403393
Release 2005-10-27
Pages 296
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First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Religion and the Rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans

Religion and the Rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans Author James B. Bennett
ISBN-10 9781400880171
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 320
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Religion and the Rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans examines a difficult chapter in American religious history: the story of race prejudice in American Christianity. Focusing on the largest city in the late-nineteenth-century South, it explores the relationship between churches--black and white, Protestant and Catholic--and the emergence of the Jim Crow laws, statutes that created a racial caste system in the American South. The book fills a gap in the scholarship on religion and race in the crucial decades between the end of Reconstruction and the eve of the Civil Rights movement. Drawing on a range of local and personal accounts from the post-Reconstruction period, newspapers, and church records, Bennett's analysis challenges the assumption that churches fell into fixed patterns of segregation without a fight. In sacred no less than secular spheres, establishing Jim Crow constituted a long, slow, and complicated journey that extended well into the twentieth century. Churches remained a source of hope and a means of resistance against segregation, rather than a retreat from racial oppression. Especially in the decade after Reconstruction, churches offered the possibility of creating a common identity that privileged religious over racial status, a pattern that black church members hoped would transfer to a national American identity transcending racial differences. Religion thus becomes a lens to reconsider patterns for racial interaction throughout Southern society. By tracing the contours of that hopeful yet ultimately tragic journey, this book reveals the complex and mutually influential relationship between church and society in the American South, placing churches at the center of the nation's racial struggles.

Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin Author Gary Krist
ISBN-10 9780770437077
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 432
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From bestselling author Gary Krist, a vibrant and immersive account of New Orleans’ other civil war, at a time when commercialized vice, jazz culture, and endemic crime defined the battlegrounds of the Crescent City Empire of Sin re-creates the remarkable story of New Orleans’ thirty-years war against itself, pitting the city’s elite “better half” against its powerful and long-entrenched underworld of vice, perversity, and crime. This early-20th-century battle centers on one man: Tom Anderson, the undisputed czar of the city's Storyville vice district, who fights desperately to keep his empire intact as it faces onslaughts from all sides. Surrounding him are the stories of flamboyant prostitutes, crusading moral reformers, dissolute jazzmen, ruthless Mafiosi, venal politicians, and one extremely violent serial killer, all battling for primacy in a wild and wicked city unlike any other in the world.

Southern Queen

Southern Queen Author Thomas Ruys Smith
ISBN-10 9781441158222
Release 2011-06-02
Pages 256
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New Orleans occupies a singular position within American life. Drawing deeply from Old World traditions and New World possibilities, the port city of the Mississippi has proved a lure to an extraordinary variety of travellers from its very earliest days. New Orleans has always been a world city like no other: it combines the magnolia and moonlight appeal of Southern romanticism, a popular sense of exoticism and decadence, the hint of illicit sex, and a cultural history without compare. However, alongside the glamour there runs another story - of tension, conflict, hardship and destruction. It was in the nineteenth century that the city's most distinctive characteristics were forged, and chapters will be based around signal moments that reveal the city's essential qualities: the Battle of New Orleans in 1815; the World's Fair in 1884; the establishment of Storyville in 1897. Whilst painting a portrait of the public face of New Orleans, the book will look behind the carnival mask to explore aspects of the city's history which have so often been kept hidden from view.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Author Nancy Bercaw
ISBN-10 9781469616728
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 408
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This volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture reflects the dramatic increase in research on the topic of gender over the past thirty years, revealing that even the most familiar subjects take on new significance when viewed through the lens of gender. The wide range of entries explores how people have experienced, understood, and used concepts of womanhood and manhood in all sorts of obvious and subtle ways. The volume features 113 articles, 65 of which are entirely new for this edition. Thematic articles address subjects such as sexuality, respectability, and paternalism and investigate the role of gender in broader subjects, including the civil rights movement, country music, and sports. Topical entries highlight individuals such as Oprah Winfrey, the Grimke sisters, and Dale Earnhardt, as well as historical events such as the capture of Jefferson Davis in a woman's dress, the Supreme Court's decision in Loving v. Virginia, and the Memphis sanitation workers' strike, with its slogan, "I AM A MAN." Bringing together scholarship on gender and the body, sexuality, labor, race, and politics, this volume offers new ways to view big questions in southern history and culture.

Wounds of Returning

Wounds of Returning Author Jessica Adams
ISBN-10 9781469606538
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 240
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From Storyville brothels and narratives of turn-of-the-century New Orleans to plantation tours, Bette Davis films, Elvis memorials, Willa Cather's fiction, and the annual prison rodeo held at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Jessica Adams considers spatial and ideological evolutions of southern plantations after slavery. In Wounds of Returning, Adams shows that the slave past returns to inhabit plantation landscapes that have been radically transformed by tourism, consumer culture, and modern modes of punishment--even those landscapes from which slavery has supposedly been banished completely. Adams explores how the commodification of black bodies during slavery did not disappear with abolition--rather, the same principle was transformed into modern consumer capitalism. As Adams demonstrates, however, counternarratives and unexpected cultural hybrids erupt out of attempts to re-create the plantation as an uncomplicated scene of racial relationships or a signifier of national unity. Peeling back the layers of plantation landscapes, Adams reveals connections between seemingly disparate features of modern culture, suggesting that they remain haunted by the force of the unnatural equation of people as property.

Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work

Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work Author Melissa Hope Ditmore
ISBN-10 0313329702
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 782
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This major 2-volume set is the first to treat in an inclusive reference what is usually considered a societal failing and the underside of sexuality and economic survival.

The Sociology of Religion

The Sociology of Religion Author George Lundskow
ISBN-10 9781412937214
Release 2008-06-10
Pages 445
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Using a lively narrative, The Sociology of Religion is an insightful text that follows the logic of actual research, first investigating the facts of religion in all its great diversity, including its practices and beliefs, and then analyzing actual examples of religious developments using relevant conceptual frameworks. As a result, students actively engage in the discovery, learning, and analytical processes as they progress through the textùjust as a scholar pursues knowledge in the field and then applies theoretical constructs to interpret findings.This unique text is organized around essential topics and real-life issues and examines religion both as an object of sociological analysis as well as a device for seeking personal meaning in life. While primarily sociological in focus, the text incorporates relevant interdisciplinary scholarshipùthus teaching sociological perspectives on religion while introducing students to relevant research from other fields. Sidebar features and photographs of religious figures bring the text to life for readers.Key Features and Benefits:Uses substantive and truly contemporary real-life religious issues of current interest to engage the reader in a way few other texts doCombines theory with empirical examples drawn from the United States and around the world, emphasizing a critical and analytical perspective that encourages better understanding of the material presentedFeatures discussions of emergent religions, consumerism, and the link between religion, sports, and other forms of popular cultureDraws upon interdisciplinary literature, helping students appreciate the contributions of other disciplines while primarily developing an understanding of the sociology of religion InstructorÆs Resources on CD-ROM· InstructorÆs Resources on CD-ROM contains chapter outlines, summaries, multiple-choice questions, essay questions, and short answer questions as well as illustrations from the book. Contact Customer Care at 1-800-818-SAGE (7243) to request a copy (6:00 a.m.û5:00 p.m., PST).Intended Audience: This core text is designed for upper-level undergraduate students of Sociology of Religion or Religion and Politics.

Occupied Women

Occupied Women Author LeeAnn Whites
ISBN-10 9780807143940
Release 2009-06-15
Pages 264
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In the spring of 1861, tens of thousands of young men formed military companies and offered to fight for their country. Near the end of the Civil War, nearly half of the adult male population of the North and a staggering 90 percent of eligible white males in the South had joined the military. With their husbands, sons, and fathers away, legions of women took on additional duties formerly handled by males, and many also faced the ordeal of having their homes occupied by enemy troops. With occupation, the home front and the battlefield merged to create an unanticipated second front where civilians-mainly women-resisted what they perceived as unjust domination. In Occupied Women, twelve distinguished historians consider how women's reactions to occupation affected both the strategies of military leaders and ultimately even the outcome of the Civil War. Alecia P. Long, Lisa Tendrich Frank, E. Susan Barber, and Charles F. Ritter explore occupation as an incubator of military policies that reflected occupied women's activism. Margaret Creighton, Kristen L. Streater, LeeAnn Whites, and Cita Cook examine specific locations where citizens both enforced and evaded these military policies. Leslie A. Schwalm, Victoria E. Bynum, and Joan E. Cashin look at the occupation as part of complex and overlapping differences in race, class, and culture. An epilogue by Judith Giesberg emphasizes these themes. Some essays reinterpret legendary encounters between military men and occupied women, such as those prompted by General Butler's infamous "Woman Order" and Sherman's March to the Sea. Others explore new areas such as the development of military policy with regard to sexual justice. Throughout, the contributors examine the common experiences of occupied women and address the unique situations faced by women, whether Union, Confederate, or freed. Civil War historians have traditionally depicted Confederate women as rendered inert by occupying armies, but these essays demonstrate that women came together to form a strong, localized resistance to military invasion. Guerrilla activity, for example, occurred with the support and active participation of women on the home front. Women ran the domestic supply line of food, shelter, and information that proved critical to guerrilla tactics. By broadening the discussion of the Civil War to include what LeeAnn Whites calls the "relational field of battle," this pioneering collection helps reconfigure the location of conflict and the chronology of the American Civil War.

The Journal of Southern History

The Journal of Southern History Author Wendell Holmes Stephenson
ISBN-10 UVA:X006168238
Release 2006
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Includes section "Book reviews."

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Journal of the History of Sexuality Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105123438256
Release 2005
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Journal of the History of Sexuality has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journal of the History of Sexuality also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journal of the History of Sexuality book for free.

Louisiana History

Louisiana History Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079676782
Release 2007
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Louisiana History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Louisiana History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Louisiana History book for free.

Arkansas Review

Arkansas Review Author
ISBN-10 UCR:31210024079244
Release 2013
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Arkansas Review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Arkansas Review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Arkansas Review book for free.

The Journal of African American History

The Journal of African American History Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066125157
Release 2005
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The Journal of African American History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Journal of African American History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Journal of African American History book for free.

Women and Gender in the New South

Women and Gender in the New South Author Elizabeth Hayes Turner
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132284147
Release 2008-12-16
Pages 271
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In every age and in every culture there have been women who challenged the prevailing gender prescriptions and struck a nerve, resulting in waves of either change or repression. In Women and Gender in the New South, Elizabeth Hayes Turner draws on a multiplicity of sources—part of the great outpouring of works in the field of women’s history that has emerged in the past 40 years—to bring together in one volume the history of conservative, moderate, and even radical women’s groups. The book demonstrates how women and men from different racial and economic backgrounds not only weathered but also shaped the political and cultural landscape of the New South. Employing women's history, gender analysis, and race and class studies, Women and Gender in the New South shapes this accumulated scholarship into an interpretative overlay that takes southern women and men from the ravages of one war to the opportunities of another.

New Orleans and Urban Louisiana 1860 to World War I

New Orleans and Urban Louisiana  1860 to World War I Author Samuel Claude Shepherd
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105123145729
Release 2005
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New Orleans and Urban Louisiana 1860 to World War I has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from New Orleans and Urban Louisiana 1860 to World War I also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full New Orleans and Urban Louisiana 1860 to World War I book for free.