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The Greening of Gondwana

The Greening of Gondwana Author Mary White
ISBN-10 0864178956
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 256
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This book tells the story of Australia's floral heritage, from its genesis through to the last stages of evolution, and the changes that have come due to the arrival of the white man with crops of exotic plants. The author traces the evolution of plants from the earliest times when all life was confined to the water and the land was barren to the emergence of the first land-plants about 400 million years ago which transformed the world into a green and vibrant place, crowned with flowers.

History of the Australian Vegetation

History of the Australian Vegetation Author Robert S. Hill
ISBN-10 9781925261479
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 443
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The Australian vegetation is the end result of a remarkable history of climate change, latitudinal change, continental isolation, soil evolution, interaction with an evolving fauna, fire and most recently human impact. This book presents a detailed synopsis of the critical events that led to the evolution of the unique Australian flora and the wide variety of vegetational types contained within it. The first part of the book details the past continental relationships of Australia, its palaeoclimate, fauna and the evolution of its landforms since the rise to dominance of the angiosperms at the beginning of the Cretaceous period. A detailed summary of the palaeobotanical record is then presented. The palynological record gives an overview of the vegetation and the distribution of important taxa within it, while the complementary macrofossil record is used to trace the evolution of critical taxa. This book will interest graduate students and researchers interested in the evolution of the flora of this fascinating continent.

The Geology of Australia

The Geology of Australia Author Robert Henderson
ISBN-10 9781316692493
Release 2016-09-06
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This book documents the rich and spectacular heritage of the Australian continent over the last 4400 million years. Now in its third edition, The Geology of Australia provides a comprehensive overview of Australia's geology, landscapes and Earth resources. Beginning with the Precambrian rocks that hold clues to the origins of life and the development of an oxygenated atmosphere, it goes on to cover the warm seas, volcanism and episodes of mountain building that formed the eastern third of the Australian continent. This illuminating history details the breakup of the supercontinents Rodinia and Gondwana, the times of previous glaciations, the development of climates and landscapes in modern Australia, and the creation of the continental shelves and coastlines. This third edition features two new chapters on geological time and Paleozoic orogenic rock systems and mountain building, and new and updated illustrations and full-colour images.

An Atlas of the World s Conifers

An Atlas of the World s Conifers Author Aljos Farjon
ISBN-10 9789004211810
Release 2013-11-15
Pages 524
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An Atlas of the World’s Conifers is the first ever atlas of all known conifer species. It is a comprehensive work describing the natural distribution, biogeography, diversity and conservation status of the conifers on all continents.

The Geology of Australia

The Geology of Australia Author David Johnson
ISBN-10 9780521767415
Release 2009-11-04
Pages 348
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This book provides a vivid account of the evolution of the Australian continent over the last 4400 million years.

Running Down

Running Down Author Mary E. White
ISBN-10 0731809041
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 276
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Exploration of the subject confirms that Australia is unique and that this ancient land has some of the oldest landscapes preserved anywhere on Earth as well as some of the most ancient drainage patterns. This book gives a deep-time perspective to the story of the co-evolution of water resources, the environment and the animal and plant life it supports. It sets the scene for an understanding of the geological history of the continent, the past history and the modern status of its water systems, and the impact of European land use and activities on our two main life support systems-water and soil.

Learning from agri environment schemes in Australia

Learning from agri environment schemes in Australia Author Dean Ansell
ISBN-10 9781760460167
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 310
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Learning from agri-environment schemes in Australia is a book about the birds and the beef — more specifically it is about the billions of dollars that governments pay farmers around the world each year to protect and restore biodiversity. After more than two decades of these schemes in Australia, what have we learnt? Are we getting the most out of these investments, and how should we do things differently in the future? Involving contributions from ecologists, economists, social scientists, restoration practitioners and policymakers, this book provides short, engaging chapters that cover a wide spectrum of environmental, agricultural and social issues involved in agri-environment schemes.

As the River Runs

As the River Runs Author Stephen Scourfield
ISBN-10 174258490X
Release 2013
Pages 319
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In the Kimberley region of Australia, water is plentiful, but in the city, it is precious and political. Government minister Michael Money has cooked up a secret plan to bring water from the monsoonal north of Australia to the south, but he needs to find out what opposition he might face around the river valley. He sends his chief of staff Kate Kennedy - young, focused, and well-versed in power play - and political fixer Jack Cole on a 'fact-finding' trip. Ex-greenie Dylan Ward is their guide; well-regarded by both the mining industry and Aboriginal elder Vincent Yimi. Dylan is unaware that he has been compromised until their journey takes some unexpected turns. As they travel through the wild river country, Kate begins to see Dylan in a new light. When she changes sides to be with Dylan and safeguard a precious and sensitive area that she has so quickly come to love, her political edge comes into play. As the River Runs is a powerful ode to one of Australia's most stunning regions. The story is written by Stephen Scourfield, who knows the landscape intimately and writes with red dust in his veins. The book is hopeful for change, both in people and in government policy, and is highly relevant, covering issues such as: water shortages, the environment, resourcing remote communities, solar power, politics, Aboriginal culture, mining, etc. [As the River Runs is a loose sequel to Scourfield's previous novel, Other Country (ISBN 978 1 74258 503 1), which sold 7,000 copies. Other Country won the Western Australian Premier's Book Award in 2007, was shortlisted in the Commonwealth Writers Prize, and was longlisted for the 2009 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Scourfield is also a recipient of a United Nations Media Award.]

Invisible Country

Invisible Country Author Bill Bunbury
ISBN-10 1742586252
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 264
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When Europeans first settled in Australia, the land withheld many of its secrets from these new arrivals. There were broad rivers, wide plains, and tall forests, all of which to European eyes suggested promising sites for settlement. However, to many of the new settlers, the 'First Australians' (the Aboriginal people) were a puzzle. They moved freely through the country they knew intimately. What few settlers realized then was that the Aboriginal people and the land they lived in were indistinguishable. Invisible Country describes the environmental changes that have occurred in southwestern Australia since European settlement, through four case studies of the development of local rivers, forests, and coastal plains. These stories - compiled through extensive conversations with farmers, ecologists, traditional owners, and others who rely on the land - are book-ended by an examination of the historical perspective in which these changes have occurred. It is a reminder that the land owns the people, not the other way around, and this is the beginning of a conversation about understanding and caring for the land that all Australians are fortunate to live in. *** Librarians: ebook available [Subject: Australian Studies, Environmental Studies, History]

Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene

Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene Author Anthony D. Barnosky
ISBN-10 0520240820
Release 2004-08-02
Pages 385
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This book chronicles the discovery and analysis of animal fossils found in one of the most important paleontological sites in the world—Porcupine Cave, located at an elevation of 9,500 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. With tens of thousands of identified specimens, this site has become the key source of information on the fauna of North America's higher elevations between approximately 1 million and 600,000 years ago, a period that saw the advance and retreat of glaciers numerous times. Until now, little has been understood about how this dramatic climate change affected life during the middle Pleistocene. In addition to presenting state-of-the-art data from Porcupine Cave, this study also presents groundbreaking analysis on what the data from the site show about the evolutionary and ecological adjustments that occurred in this period, shedding light on how one of the world's most pressing environmental concerns—global climate change—can influence life on earth.

Management of Water Energy and Bio resources in the Era of Climate Change Emerging Issues and Challenges

Management of Water  Energy and Bio resources in the Era of Climate Change  Emerging Issues and Challenges Author N. Janardhana Raju
ISBN-10 9783319059693
Release 2014-10-06
Pages 377
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Given our rapidly growing population, the need for judicious management of essential natural resources is becoming a major challenge for planners, managers and scientists/researchers. This book presents a multidisciplinary approach to managing water, energy and bio-resources, described in papers contributed by distinguished scientists and academics working at reputed universities and institutions around the globe. It includes 28 chapters grouped into three sections: Water Resources Management; Energy and Bio-resources Management; and Climate and Natural Resources Management, examining case studies from all over the world. These contributions address current challenges, offering modern techniques for managing these resources in various geographical regions. This volume will provide a valuable asset for researchers and students, managers, environmentalists, hydrologists, water resource and energy managers, governmental and other regulatory bodies dealing with water, energy and bio-resources.

After the greening

After the greening Author Mary E. White
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034282965
Release 1994-08
Pages 288
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After the greening has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from After the greening also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full After the greening book for free.

Australia s Fossil Plants

Australia s Fossil Plants Author Mary E. White
ISBN-10 0730102599
Release 1988-01-01
Pages 144
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Australia s Fossil Plants has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Australia s Fossil Plants also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Australia s Fossil Plants book for free.

Devonian Climate Sea Level and Evolutionary Events

Devonian Climate  Sea Level and Evolutionary Events Author R. T. Becker, 1st
ISBN-10 9781862397347
Release 2016-10-20
Pages 481
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The geological and palaeontological records of climate change and evolutionary events reflect Earth’s widely fluctuating climate systems. Past climates hold the clues to understanding future developments. In this context, research on linked climate, biodiversity and sea-level fluctuations of the Devonian contributes to the general knowledge of deep-time climate dynamics. A fruitful co-operation between the International Geoscience Programme IGCP 596 and the International Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy (SDS) addressed the complex succession of climate-linked Devonian global events of varying magnitude. The primary goal of IGCP 596 was to assess mid-Palaeozoic climate changes and their impact on marine and terrestrial biodiversity using an interdisciplinary approach. The focus of SDS includes a revision of the eustatic sea-level curve and the integration of refined chrono- and biostratigraphy with modern chemo-, magneto-, cyclo-, event- and sequence stratigraphy. This enabled the much improved dating and correlation of abiotic perturbations, evolutionary changes, organism and ecosystem ranges. Results by 37 authors are presented in 14 chapters, which cover the entire Devonian.

Handbook of Vanilla Science and Technology

Handbook of Vanilla Science and Technology Author Daphna Havkin-Frenkel
ISBN-10 1444329375
Release 2010-11-18
Pages 360
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Vanilla is the world's most commonly-used flavour and fragrance, used in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products and is therefore of considerable economic importance. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the science and technology used in the production and supply chain of vanilla products. A wide range of international authors cover topics which include agricultural production, global markets, analytical methods, sensory analysis, food and fragrance applications, organic and fair trade vanilla, diseases that affect vanilla, and novel uses. It is of interest to academic researchers in this field and is also an important resource for the vanilla industry and those companies that use vanilla and vanillin as flavours and fragrances worldwide. Key Features: The only book to cover such a wide range of topics on this most commercially valuable of flavour ingredients Includes an analysis of the current vanilla markets in the US and Europe Edited by experts who hold roles in the flavour industry and academic research

Antarctic Paleobiology

Antarctic Paleobiology Author Thomas N. Taylor
ISBN-10 9781461232384
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 261
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Antarctic Paleobiology discusses the current status of paleobiology, principally paleobotany and palynology in Antarctica, and the interrelationship of Antarctic floras to those of other Gondwana continents. It provides a broad coverage of the major groups of plants on the one hand, while on the other seeking to evaluate the vegetational history and the physical and biological parameters that influence the distribution of floras through time and space. The biologic activity is discussed within a framework of the geologic history, including the tectonic and paleogeographic history of the region. Finally, the reader will find a comprehensive bibliography of Gondwana paleobotany and palynology.

The New Native Garden

The New Native Garden Author Paul Urquhart
ISBN-10 1864367490
Release 2001-07
Pages 222
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"By concentrating on style and design concepts such as mass, texture, shape and foliage, this book aims to dispel common misconseptions about the 'bush' garden. With its emphasis on design this book shows how Australian plants can be used for formal, courtyard, cottage and international styles but with a truly Australian twist." --Cover.