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The Gulf War 1990 91 in International and English Law

The Gulf War 1990 91 in International and English Law Author Peter Rowe
ISBN-10 9781134904501
Release 2005-10-05
Pages 480
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There is no doubt that international law was of major importance during the Gulf conflict of 1990-91. Military and other actions were repeatedly justified through reference to international law, and disputes about interpretation were frequent. This book provides a definitive legal analysis of the conflict, with reference both to international and to English law. Some have been tempted to argue that international law is an ineffective means of controlling the activities of a state and its armed forces from the fact that there were no war crimes trials of the leaders of Iraq, or of any other state. International law does, however, provide a set of norms either (a) agreed to by individual states through the ratification of, or accession to, a treaty, or (b) which apply to all states by the operation of customary international law and other secondary sources. This book determines these norms in order to judge the manner in which individual states recognized the binding nature of them in the conduct of their operations. The contributors include lawyers from each of the three British armed services.

Law on the Battlefield

Law on the Battlefield Author A. P. V. Rogers
ISBN-10 0719047854
Release 1996
Pages 170
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Law on the Battlefield has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Law on the Battlefield also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Law on the Battlefield book for free.

Akehurst s Modern Introduction to International Law

Akehurst s Modern Introduction to International Law Author Peter Malanczuk
ISBN-10 9781134833887
Release 2002-04-12
Pages 472
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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict

Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict Author William H. Boothby
ISBN-10 9780191044168
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 450
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Bringing together the law of armed conflict governing the use of weapons into a single volume, the fully updated Second Edition of Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict interprets these rules and discusses the factors influencing future developments in weapons law. After relating the historical evolution of weapons law, the book discusses the important customary principles that are the foundation of the subject, and provides a condensed account of the law that exists on the use of weapons. The treaties and customary rules applying to particular categories of weapon are thereafter listed and explained article by article and rule by rule in a series of chapters. Having stated the law as it is, the book then explores the way in which this dynamic field of international law develops in the light of various influences. The legal review of weapons is discussed, both from the perspective of how such reviews should be undertaken and how such a system should be established. Having stated the law as it is, the book then investigates the way in which this dynamic field of international law develops in the light of various influences. In the final chapter, the prospects for future rule change are considered. This Second Edition includes a discussion of new treaty law on expanding bullets, the arms trade, and norms in relation to biological and chemical weapons. It also analyses the International Manuals on air and missile warfare law and on cyber warfare law, the challenges posed by 'lethal autonomous weapon systems', and developments in the field of information and telecommunications otherwise known as cyber activities.

The Law of Armed Conflict and the Use of Force

The Law of Armed Conflict and the Use of Force Author Frauke Lachenmann
ISBN-10 9780198784623
Release 2017-01-05
Pages 1472
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This volume brings together articles on the law of armed conflict and the use of force from the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, the definitive reference work on international law. It provides an invaluable resources for scholars, students, and practitioners of international humanitarian law, giving an accessible, thorough overview of all aspects of the field. Each article contains cross-references to related articles, and includes a carefully selected bibliography of the most important writings and primary materials as a guide to further reading. The Encyclopedia can be used by a wide range of readers. Experienced scholars and practitioners will find a wealth of information on areas that they do not already know well as well as in-depth treatments on every aspect of their specialist topics. Articles can also be set as readings for students on taught courses.

The Law of War

The Law of War Author Ingrid Detter De Lupis
ISBN-10 9781409464983
Release 2013
Pages 534
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The third edition of Ingrid Detter's authoritative work explores the changing legal context of modern warfare in light of events over the last decade. The new edition covers post 9/11 events and the resulting changes in the ethos of war. It analyses the role of military companies sometimes authorised by States to act in war-like situations and examines what their legitimacy means for international society. The edition also discusses certain 'intrinsic' rules in the Law of War, such as rules giving individuals the right to be spared genocide, torture, slavery and, at least nowadays, apartheid and assure them basic democratic rights.

The Law of Targeting

The Law of Targeting Author William H. Boothby
ISBN-10 9780199696611
Release 2012-08-16
Pages 603
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Comprehensively examining all aspects of the law of targeting in military operations, the book assesses controversies in the rules governing targeting, including the use of human shields, the level of care required in a bombing campaign, and in the determination of whether someone is directly participating in hostilities.

The Conduct of Hostilities Under the Law of International Armed Conflict

The Conduct of Hostilities Under the Law of International Armed Conflict Author Yoram Dinstein
ISBN-10 0521542278
Release 2004-02-26
Pages 275
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A companion volume to the author's textbook War, Aggression and Self-Defence, Third Edition (Cambridge 2001), this book focuses on issues arising in the course of hostilities between States, emphasizing the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Main themes considered are lawful and unlawful combatants, war crimes (including command responsibility and defenses), prohibited weapons, the distinction between combatants and civilians, legitimate military objectives, and the protection of the environment and cultural property. Many specific topics that have attracted much interest in recent hostilities are also addressed. Also available: War, Aggression and Self-Defence 0-521-79344-0 Hardback $110.00 C 0-521-79758-6 Paperback $40.00 D

The Kosovo Conflict and International Law

The Kosovo Conflict and International Law Author Heike Krieger
ISBN-10 0521800714
Release 2001-07-12
Pages 601
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A collection of documents relating to the Kosovo crisis, plus introduction, chronology and index.

The Ethics of Destruction

The Ethics of Destruction Author Ward Thomas
ISBN-10 9780801471681
Release 2014-06-13
Pages 236
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Many assume that in international politics, and especially in war, "anything goes." Sherman famously declared war "is all hell." The implication behind the maxim is that in war there is no order, only chaos; no mercy, only cruelty; no restraint, only suffering. Ward Thomas finds that this "anything goes" view is demonstrably wrong. It neither reflects how most people talk about the use of force in international relations nor describes the way national leaders actually use military force. Events such as those in Europe during World War II, in the Persian Gulf War, and in Kosovo cannot be understood, he argues, until we realize that state behavior, even during wartime, is shaped by common understandings about what is ethically acceptable and unacceptable. Thomas makes extensive use of two cases—the assassination of foreign leaders and the aerial bombardment of civilians—to trace the relative influence of norms and interests. His insistence on interconnections between ethical principle and material power leads to a revised understanding of the role of normative factors in foreign policy and the ways in which power and interest shape the international system.

Index Islamicus

Index Islamicus Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015079953587
Release 1993
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A bibliography of books and index of articles in periodicals on Islam and the Muslim world. Also includes reviews.


Kuwait Author Frank Clements
ISBN-10 1851092129
Release 1996
Pages 340
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In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Kuwait was the home of a prosperous people, dependent largely on trading, pearling and fishing. The country successfully maintained independence from the Ottomans and other powers through the help of close treaty relations with Britain. The first oil concessions in 1934 and the development of the oil industry transformed the country's character and future, a structure later altered by the Gulf War. This bibliography covers all aspects of Kuwait's history and cultural heritage, and the country's significance in both the Gulf and the world arena. Particular attention is paid to the oil industry and the invasion of Kuwait and the Gulf War.

International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law Author H. McCoubrey
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105060393886
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 326
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7. Protection of civilians

Iraq and the Use of Force in International Law

Iraq and the Use of Force in International Law Author Marc Weller
ISBN-10 9780199595303
Release 2010
Pages 289
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One million people in the UK alone demonstrated against the 2003 invasion of Iraq. A crucial element of the opposition to the war was the lack of a clear legal basis. This is the first book to analyze the lawfulness of the use of force against Iraq on the basis of formerly classified material made public by the official UK inquiry into the war.

The United Nations Compensation Commission

The United Nations Compensation Commission Author Marco Frigessi De Rattalma
ISBN-10 9041111999
Release 1999-08-23
Pages 273
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The United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) is a unique international institution, established by the Security Council in 1991 entrusted with the power of processing and assessing of claims against Iraq arising from the Gulf War and the payment thereof. The UNCC, as a subsidiary organ of the Council, has been created to determine the validity and amount of claims arising on or after August 2, 1990 based upon any direct loss, damage, including environmental damage and depletion of natural resources, to foreign States, nationals or corporations. Iraq, as a consequence of its unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait, is liable under international law for the damages incurred. In the seven years since its establishment, the UNCC's major body, the Governing Council, has issued more than forty decisions of a substantive and procedural nature, covering almost all areas of international law in the field of claims. The Panels of Commissioners, the quasi-arbitral bodies of the UNCC, have issued many reports examining a plethora of new as well as old legal issues which have been approved by the Governing Council; and, last but not least, the UNCC has started the payment of the awards. Not only will the UNCC be providing satisfaction to the numerous victims of Iraq's aggression; indeed, its activity will provide useful guidelines for the handling of mass international claims programs in the future. The "Handbook" contains the complete text of the relevant Security Council Resolutions and Reports of the Secretary General, all Governing Council's decisions, a review of the main legal statements by the Panels of Commissioners, a selected bibliography, an index and an introductory essay dealingwith the origins of the UNCC, the claims procedure, the substantive rules on State responsibility, the legal basis of the UNCC and its activities and the perspectives of the UNCC.

The A to Z of the Persian Gulf War 1990 1991

The A to Z of the Persian Gulf War  1990 1991 Author Clayton R. Newell
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105123323516
Release 1998
Pages 363
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"This book draws together war assessments from a multitude of commentators. This is accomplished through an introduction, a chronology, and a bibliography, as well as appendixes and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on significant civilian and military personnel, crucial diplomatic and political actions, and essential military aspects, including strategies and tactics, encounters and battles, and forces and weapons deployed by both sides. As the situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate, this reference provides an important historical perspective of an increasingly crucial issue."--BOOK JACKET.

International Law Studies

International Law Studies Author
ISBN-10 MINN:30000004983585
Release 1996
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Discussions by the Naval War College classes on international law situations.