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The Implementation Game

The Implementation Game Author Carolyn Deere
ISBN-10 9780199550616
Release 2009
Pages 409
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This is first book-length study of the politics surrounding the implementation of the WTO's Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), a controversial agreement administered by the World Trade Organization.

The implementation game

The implementation game Author Eugene Bardach
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105001918973
Release 1980
Pages 323
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The implementation game has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The implementation game also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The implementation game book for free.

The implementation game

The implementation game Author Eugene Bardach
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105001918973
Release 1980
Pages 323
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The implementation game has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The implementation game also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The implementation game book for free.

Improving Patient Care

Improving Patient Care Author Richard Grol
ISBN-10 9781118525999
Release 2013-03-18
Pages 392
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As innovations are constantly being developed within health care, it can be difficult both to select appropriate new practices and technologies and to successfully adopt them within complex organizations. It is necessary to understand the consequences of introducing change, how to best implement new procedures and techniques, how to evaluate success and to improve the quality of patient care. This comprehensive guide allows you to do just that. Improving Patient Care, 2nd edition provides a structure for professionals and change agents to implement better practices in health care. It helps health professionals, managers, policy makers and researchers to assess new techniques and select and implement change in their organizations. This new edition includes recent evidence and further coverage on patient safety and patient centred strategies for change. Written by an international expert author team, Improving Patient Care is an established standard text for postgraduate students of health policy, health services and health management. The strong author team are global professors involved in managing research and development in the field of quality improvement, evidence-based practice and guidelines, quality assessment and indicators to improve patient outcomes through receiving appropriate healthcare.

Dispensing Justice Locally

Dispensing Justice Locally Author Michele Sviridoff
ISBN-10 9057026147
Release 2000
Pages 238
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This book shows the significant impact and success that can be accomplished when courts are designed to meet the needs of the community regardless of traditional proceedings. The presentation of this unique approach marks the way for courts and ancillary justice agencies of all sizes to work together to build community confidence and assure not only quality of life but quality of justice.

Gamification by Design

Gamification by Design Author Gabe Zichermann
ISBN-10 9781449397678
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 182
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Provides information on creating Web and mobile applications based on the principles of game mechanics.

Game Audio Implementation

Game Audio Implementation Author Richard Stevens
ISBN-10 9781317679455
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 486
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Game Audio Implementation offers a unique practical approach to learning all about game audio. If you've always wanted to hear your sound or music in a real game then this is the book for you. Each chapter is accompanied by its own game level where you can see the techniques and theories in action before working through over 70 exercises to develop your own demo level. Taking you all the way from first principles to complex interactive systems in the industry standard Unreal Engine© you’ll gain the skills to implement your sound and music along with a deep transferable knowledge of the principles you can apply across a range of other game development tools. The accompanying website ( includes: 12 downloadable demonstration games A unique exercise level for you to develop for your portfolio An up-to-date online bibliography with further reading for each chapter A free sound library with hundreds of game SFX

Legislative Guide for the Implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Legislative Guide for the Implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Author
ISBN-10 9211337550
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 284
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The United Nations Convention against Corruption was adopted by the General Assembly in October 2003. The objective of the present practical legislative guide is to assist States seeking to ratify and implement the Convention by identifying legislative requirements, issues arising from those requirements and various options available to States as they develop and draft the necessary legislation. Publishing Agency: United Nations (UN).

ICH Quality Guidelines

ICH Quality Guidelines Author Andrew Teasdale
ISBN-10 9781118971116
Release 2017-10-09
Pages 736
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Examining the implications and practical implementation of multi-disciplinary International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) topics, this book gives an integrated view of how the guidelines inform drug development strategic planning and decision-making. • Addresses a consistent need for interpretation, training, and implementation examples of ICH guidelines via case studies • Offers a primary reference point for practitioners addressing the dual challenge of interpretation and practical implementation of ICH guidelines • Uses case studies to help readers understand and apply ICH guidelines • Provides valuable insights into guidelines development, with chapters by authors involved in generating or with experience implementing the guidelines • Includes coverage of stability testing, analytical method validation, impurities, biotechnology drugs and products, and good manufacturing practice (GMP)

Reform in the Making

Reform in the Making Author Ann Chih Lin
ISBN-10 1400823676
Release 2002-06-10
Pages 232
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Is it time to give up on rehabilitating criminals? Record numbers of Americans are going to prison, and most of them will eventually return to society with a high chance of becoming repeat offenders. But a decision to abandon rehabilitation programs now would be premature warns Ann Chih Lin, who finds that little attention has been given to how these programs are actually implemented and why they tend to fail. In Reform in the Making, she not only supplies much-needed information on the process of program implementation but she also considers its social context, the daily realities faced by prison staff and inmates. By offering an in-depth look at common rehabilitation programs currently in operation--education, job training, and drug treatment--and examining how they are used or misused, Lin offers a practical approach to understanding their high failure rate and how the situation could be improved. Based on extensive observation and over 350 interviews with staff and prisoners in five medium-security male prisons, the book contrasts successfully implemented programs with subverted, abandoned, or neglected programs (those which staff reject or which do not teach prisoners anything useful). Lin explains that staff and prisoners have little patience with programs aimed at long-range goals when they must face the ongoing, immediate challenge of surviving prison life. Finding incentives to make both sides participate fully in rehabilitation is among the book's many contributions to improving prison policy.

ERP The Implementation Cycle

ERP  The Implementation Cycle Author Stephen Harwood
ISBN-10 9781351567916
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 200
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The ERP Implementation cycle is characterized by complexity, uncertainty and a long timescale. It is about people and issues that affect the business ? it is a multi-disciplinary effort.This book will provide you with the practical information you will need in relation to the many issues and events within the implementation cycle. After reading this book you will be fully equipped and alerted to what is involved in an ERP implementation.ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be described as an integrated enterprise-wide information system. As well as handling many of the transactions found within a business it has the potential for meeting many of the information requirements of busy personnel. If used in the right hands, it may provide the business with a competitive edge.Much can go wrong during the implementation since there are many issues to deal with. From the content of this book you will gain an understanding of what can go wrong ? you will be prepared in advance, and will be equipped to take preventative steps to smooth the progress of implementation.This book:Covers the multidisciplinary subject of ERP implementationLooks at a range of relevant topics including ERP market-place development, vendor selection, project management, process design and post GoLive improvementsReveals a range of issues which an implementer should be alert to right at the outset before the go-ahead is given to proceed with an implementationFeatures material on vendor selection, project management, training, business process re-engineering (BPR) and continuous improvement

How to Build a Beowulf

How to Build a Beowulf Author Donald J. Becker
ISBN-10 0262265419
Release 1999-05-13
Pages 261
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Supercomputing research--the goal of which is to make computers that are ever faster and more powerful--has been at the cutting edge of computer technology since the early 1960s. Until recently, research cost in the millions of dollars, and many of the companies that originally made supercomputers are now out of business.The early supercomputers used distributed computing and parallel processing to link processors together in a single machine, often called a mainframe. Exploiting the same technology, researchers are now using off-the-shelf PCs to produce computers with supercomputer performance. It is now possible to make a supercomputer for less than $40,000. Given this new affordability, a number of universities and research laboratories are experimenting with installing such Beowulf-type systems in their facilities.This how-to guide provides step-by-step instructions for building a Beowulf-type computer, including the physical elements that make up a clustered PC computing system, the software required (most of which is freely available), and insights on how to organize the code to exploit parallelism. The book also includes a list of potential pitfalls.

The Implementation Perspective

The Implementation Perspective Author Walter Williams
ISBN-10 0520040635
Release 1980
Pages 136
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After the "big” decisions are made in legislatures and executive offices, what is done by those who implement and operate social service programs will determine their success or failure. Yet, over and over again, the managers of public organization disregard or handle poorly the critical problems involved in starting and developing new programs or in modifying existing ones. This book presents a new decision-making rationale-the implementation perspective-as the basic guide to social service program management. The cardinal principle is that the central focus of policy must be at the point of service delivery. Here is where management must redirect its attention. The demand is to concentrate on the hard, dirty, time-consuming work of building the local delivery capacity needed to provide better social services and to implement new program decisions over time. The Implementation Perspective is a message for our times. Even those who would continue the nation's effort to meet its social obligations are finding that simply calling for big new programs and more spending is no longer satisfying. Moreover, Proposition 13, the balanced budget movement, inflation, and compelling demands for new funds in such areas as energy, now squeeze social programs. New directions may have to come, not from new funds, but from rethinking and redirection and, more to the point, the better management of existing programs.

Game Programming Patterns

Game Programming Patterns Author Robert Nystrom
ISBN-10 9780990582915
Release 2014-11-03
Pages 354
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The biggest challenge facing many game programmers is completing their game. Most game projects fizzle out, overwhelmed by the complexity of their own code. Game Programming Patterns tackles that exact problem. Based on years of experience in shipped AAA titles, this book collects proven patterns to untangle and optimize your game, organized as independent recipes so you can pick just the patterns you need. You will learn how to write a robust game loop, how to organize your entities using components, and take advantage of the CPUs cache to improve your performance. You'll dive deep into how scripting engines encode behavior, how quadtrees and other spatial partitions optimize your engine, and how other classic design patterns can be used in games.

International Organizations and the Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect

International Organizations and the Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect Author Daniel Silander
ISBN-10 9781317486565
Release 2015-04-17
Pages 206
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This book seeks to understand the obligation of the international community to implement the principles of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). With a focus on the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the volume examines what formal responsibility and actual capability international institutions have to protect and prevent civilians from systematic mass atrocities and presents an analysis of several prominent international organizations (IOs). Each chapter focuses on a specific organization and explores their formal responsibilities and how these pertain to the obligations of the R2P. Existing capabilities and actual abilities to address the challenges of R2P are analysed by looking at these issues before, during, and after the occurrence of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. With the UN not fully engaged in the Syrian conflict, the systematic human rights abuses have engendered greater attention on other organizations. This volume argues that if the UN Security Council’s inactions result in an abdication of responsibilities under the UN Charter, there should not only be a discussion of how the UN must alter its approach, but also an examination of whether there are alternative R2P paths for other MNOs to take in the name of international peace and human security. This book will be of much interest to students of R2P, humanitarian intervention, international organisations, Middle Eastern politics and security studies.

Values at Play in Digital Games

Values at Play in Digital Games Author Mary Flanagan
ISBN-10 9780262324458
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 224
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All games express and embody human values, providing a compelling arena in which we play out beliefs and ideas. "Big ideas" such as justice, equity, honesty, and cooperation -- as well as other kinds of ideas, including violence, exploitation, and greed -- may emerge in games whether designers intend them or not. In this book, Mary Flanagan and Helen Nissenbaum present Values at Play, a theoretical and practical framework for identifying socially recognized moral and political values in digital games. Values at Play can also serve as a guide to designers who seek to implement values in the conception and design of their games. After developing a theoretical foundation for their proposal, Flanagan and Nissenbaum provide detailed examinations of selected games, demonstrating the many ways in which values are embedded in them. They introduce the Values at Play heuristic, a systematic approach for incorporating values into the game design process. Interspersed among the book's chapters are texts by designers who have put Values at Play into practice by accepting values as a design constraint like any other, offering a real-world perspective on the design challenges involved.

Health Care Financial Management for Nurse Managers Merging the Heart with the Dollar

Health Care Financial Management for Nurse Managers  Merging the Heart with the Dollar Author Dunham-Taylor
ISBN-10 0763731587
Release 2006
Pages 896
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Health Care Financial Management for Nurse Managers: Merging the Heart with the Dollar prepares nurse managers for successful interfacing between financial departments and nursing administration. Using a systems approach to analyze the financial impact of health decisions so nurse managers can thoroughly understand financial concepts such as staffing, budgeting, identifying and analyzing variance, measuring productivity, costing, accounting, and forecasting, the text also presents examples, techniques, and financial accounting terminology and demonstrates how cost cutting can affect patient outcomes.