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The JCT Minor Works Form of Contract

The JCT Minor Works Form of Contract Author David Chappell
ISBN-10 1405115238
Release 2004-07-12
Pages 238
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The Agreement for Minor Building Works (MW 98) is the most widely used of the JCT forms of contract, not only for simple, short contracts of moderate price, for which it is intended, but also for much larger projects for which it is often not suited at all. As a result, contractual difficulties can arise, and despite the form’s simplicity an understanding of the legal background to the form is essential. This book explains the practical applications of the form from the point of view of employer, architect and contractor. It provides a straightforward explanation of the legal aspects of the form supported by flow charts, tables and sample letters. The Third Edition has been revised to cover the 1998 edition of the form and the range of amendments issued to the contract since the last edition of the book was published in 1998. The new edition also takes account of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 as well as the latest RIBA terms of engagement and a substantial number of additional legal decisions. The book will provide a working tool for all those using MW 98. “a useful book with a practicality to commend it to contract administrators” – Construction Law The Author David Chappell BA(Hons Arch), MA(Arch), MA(Law), PhD, RIBA has 45 years’ experience in the construction industry, having worked as an architect in public and private sectors, as contracts administrator for a building contractor and as a lecturer in construction law and contract procedures. He is currently Director of Chappell-Marshall Limited, a construction contracts consultancy, and frequently acts as an adjudicator. He is Senior Research Fellow with the title of Professor in Architectural Practice and Management Research at the Queen’s University, Belfast. He was appointed Visiting Professor in Practice Management and Law at the University of Central England in Birmingham from 1 March 2003. David Chappell is the author of many articles and books for the construction industry. He is one of the RIBA Specialist Advisors and lectures widely.

The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016

The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016 Author David Chappell
ISBN-10 9781119415282
Release 2017-08-30
Pages 264
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The revised and updated edition of this classic book on the JCT Minor Works Building Contracts The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts 2016 offers a concise overview of this agreement, which continues to be the most popular JCT contract, as it used on the sorts of small works that most architects and builders encounter routinely. Written in straightforward terms, the book is formatted in short chapters with accessible sub-headings, and the author avoids legal and pseudo-legal wording where possible. Some explanations from first principles are included where it is thought they would be helpful and occasionally, where the precise legal position is unclear, the author uses his significant experience to offer a view. Overall, the information is presented in a manner that it is easy to understand, use and reference. The 2016 edition of the contract contains a great many changes from previous editions and these are all covered. For example, the book includes information about the substantially revised payment provisions, changes to those parts dealing with insurance, variation instructions, the CDM Regulations, Supplemental Provisions, definitions, and the Contractor's Designed Portion. In summary, this fifth edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to: Ensure the discussion is easy to comprehend and use by busy architects and contractors Include a Include a number of tables and flowcharts to assist in understanding the way the contract operates Include several letter templates that can be used in common situations Provide answers to the sorts of problems that commonly arise in the course of a building project The new edition of this classic book on The JCT Minor Works Building Contracts will be an ideal tool for busy architects and contractors who need to find what to do when problems arise on projects using this contract.

Minor Works Building Contract 2016

Minor Works Building Contract 2016 Author Joint Contracts Tribunal
ISBN-10 OCLC:1031911903
Release 2016
Pages 48
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Minor Works Building Contract 2016 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Minor Works Building Contract 2016 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Minor Works Building Contract 2016 book for free.

Building Contract Claims

Building Contract Claims Author David Chappell
ISBN-10 9781405148085
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 568
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Many building contract claims are ill-founded, often because the basic principles are misunderstood. This highly regarded book examines the legal basis of claims for additional payment, and what can and cannot be claimed under the main forms of contract. It includes chapters dealing with direct loss and expense, liquidated damages, extension of time, concurrency, acceleration, time at large, common law and contractual claims, global claims, heads of claim and their substantiation. The new fourth edition has been substantially restructured and updated. Nearly 100 additional cases have been added as well as four new contracts: the JCT Construction Management and Major Project contracts, the JCT Standard Form of Domestic Subcontract, and the Engineering and Construction Contract (the NEC Form). The book continues to use the JCT Standard Form (JCT 98) as the basis of the text, with important differences highlighted in the other forms. Seventeen forms are dealt with and they have all been updated since the last edition of this book. This new edition is essential reading for architects, contract administrators, project managers and quantity surveyors. It will also be invaluable to contractors, contracts consultants and construction lawyers.

Guide to the Jct Minor Works Contract

Guide to the Jct Minor Works Contract Author Sarah Lupton
ISBN-10 1859463894
Release 2011-09-30
Pages 128
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Sarah Lupton's best-selling Guide comes fully revised for JCT 2011, to provide the most up-to-date authoritative working aids to the operation and administration of the main JCT Minor Works Contract 2011. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the respective form in light of today's legal and practice landscape, pointing out all the recent developments an changes to each contract and providing illuminating and up-to-date cases as valuable lessons to the unwary. The contract's provisions, procedures and supplementary conditions are organised into the key practical topics - such as 'documents', 'programme', 'payment', and 'insurance' - providing the hard-pressed practitioner with a comprehensive and concise reference guide for specific guidance during the course of the job. The guide assumes only general knowledge of Contracts and so can be used by both the architect and construction students on the threshold of undertaking their professional examinations. It also serves as an invaluable desktop reference guide for the busy contract administrator.

Standard Letters for Building Contractors

Standard Letters for Building Contractors Author Dr. David Chappell
ISBN-10 9781444305869
Release 2009-03-16
Pages 352
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Whenever a contractor undertakes work using one of the standard building contracts, however small the job, writing a good many letters will be involved. Some will be formal notices it is necessary to give; others will be letters it is prudent to send. This book provides a set of over 300 standard letters for use with the standard forms of building contract and sub-contract and aims to cover all the common situations which contractors will encounter when involved in a contract. It has been substantially revised to take account of the 2005 suite of JCT contracts, together with changes in case law and the 2007 CDM Regulations. The letters are for use with the following contracts: ● JCT Standard Building Contract (SBC), ● JCT Intermediate Building Contract (IC) and ‘with contractor’s design’ (ICD), ● JCT Minor Works Building Contract (MW) and ‘with contractor’s design’ (MWD), ● JCT Design and Build Contract (DB), ● JCT Standard Building Sub-Contract Conditions (SBCSub/C) and ‘with sub-contractor’s design’ (SBCSub/D/C), ● JCT Intermediate Named Sub-Contract Conditions (ICSub/NAM/C), ● JCT Intermediate Sub-Contract Conditions (ICSub/C) and ‘with sub-contractor’s design’ (ICSub/D/C), and ● JCT Design and Build Sub-Contract Conditions (DBSub/C). There are also letters for use with GC/Works/1 and its subcontract. The book comes with a free CD which includes all the letters. It is compatible for use with Microsoft® Word and WordPerfect® on IBM-PC and Macintosh® machines.

Understanding JCT Standard Building Contracts

Understanding JCT Standard Building Contracts Author David Chappell
ISBN-10 9781351621809
Release 2017-09-13
Pages 156
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This tenth edition of David Chappell’s bestselling guide has been revised to take into account changes made in 2016 to payment provisions, loss and/or expense, insurance and many other smaller but significant changes, and includes a section on performance bonds and guarantees. This remains the most concise guide available to the most commonly used JCT building contracts: Standard Building Contract with quantities, 2016 (SBC16), Intermediate Building Contract 2016 (IC16), Intermediate Building Contract with contractor’s design 2016 (ICD16), Minor Works Building Contract 2016 (MW16), Minor Works Building Contract with contractor’s design 2016 (MWD16) and Design and Build Contract 2016 (DB16). Chappell avoids legal jargon and writes with authority and precision. Architects, quantity surveyors, contractors and students of these professions will find this a practical and affordable reference tool arranged by topic.

Practical Building Forms and Agreements

Practical Building Forms and Agreements Author Andrew Pike
ISBN-10 9781135273927
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 384
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The purpose of this book is to help employers and their advisers (especially their Quantity Surveyors) in drawing up all the contracts required on a normal UK building project.

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts Author Roger ter Haar
ISBN-10 9781317496199
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 800
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Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts has long been the premier text for legal professionals looking for a combined analysis of construction contracts and their relation to insurance law. In a new and updated third edition, this book continues to provide in-depth commentary and pragmatic advice on all the most important regulations and policies surrounding contracts and insurance in the construction industry. Including brand new chapters on reinsurance and energy products, this book covers subjects such as: Minor, intermediate and major project construction contracts Classes of insurance contract The role of insurance brokers Risks in construction and legal liability Professional indemnity insurance and directors' and officers' liability insurance Bonds and insurance Latent defect insurance Property insurance Health and Safety and Construction Regulations Contract Insurance FIDIC, JCT and NEC 3 regulations PFI/PPP projects in the UK Dispute resolution This book is a vital reference tool and practical guide for lawyers and in-house counsels involved in the construction industry as well as project managers, quantity surveyors, construction contractors, architects and engineers needing advice from an experienced legal perspective.

Guide to Jct Minor Works Building Contract 2016

Guide to Jct Minor Works Building Contract 2016 Author Sarah Lupton
ISBN-10 1859466389
Release 2017-01
Pages 117
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Guide to JCT Minor Works is a practical guide to the operation and administration of the JCT Minor Works Building Contract suite 2016. All of the contracts provisions, procedures and conditions are organised and explained by subject, clearly distinguishing the different obligations due to various parties and the contractual issues arising during the course of a job - all backed up by the latest legislation and case law. "

Architect s Legal Handbook

Architect s Legal Handbook Author Anthony Speaight
ISBN-10 9781483141503
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 336
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Architect's Legal Handbook: The Law for Architects, Fifth Edition is a collection of papers including those on International Work by Architects, on European community Law affecting Architects, and the Architects' Professional Indemnity Insurance. This collection is a comprehensive guideline to laws in England, Scotland, and the European community. This handbook seeks to make architects more aware of where possible legal pitfalls may lurk. Coverage is updated to include changes in English Law, Scottish Law, English Law of Contract, the Law of Tort, Architect's Appointment and Collateral Warranties, Architects' Liability, English and Scottish Land Laws, and the Standard Building Contracts in England. The origins and sources of the laws and the basic principles are explained, which guide the reader into how these are applied in the architects' relations with their clients and clients; contractors. A wider discussion is given on the topic of collateral warranties, incorporation options, and legal organizations such as partnerships and limited companies. Upon the formation of the European Community, institutions and treatises have arisen, so a review of technical harmonization and standards, right of establishment and freedom to provide services, product liability, and consumer protection is provided in order. The international workplace for British architects is also discussed, covering most countries in Europe. This collection of papers will prove useful for architects and engineers, especially those who want to put up their own architectural firms. The book can be likewise an informative source for architectural students, lawyers, and professors in business and commercial law.

The FIDIC Forms of Contract

The FIDIC Forms of Contract Author Nael G. Bunni
ISBN-10 9781118658659
Release 2013-02-05
Pages 872
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In September 1999, FIDIC introduced its new Suite of Contracts, which included a “new” Red, Yellow, Silver and Green forms of contract. The “new” Red Book was intended to replace the 1992 fourth edition of the Red Book, with the ambition that its use would cease with time. This ambition has not materialised and is unlikely to do so in the future. Despite the importance of the 1999 Forms, there has been very little published on the new concepts adopted in them and how they interact with the previous forms. This important work considers these aspects together with the many developments affecting the fourth edition of the Red Book that have taken place since 1997, when the second edition of this book was published, and relates them to key contracting issues. It is written by a chartered engineer, conciliator and international arbitrator with wide experience in the use of the FIDIC Forms and in the various dispute resolution mechanisms specified in them. Important features of this book include: · background and concepts of the various forms of contract; · a detailed comparison of the wording of the1999 three main forms, which although similar in nature; it nevertheless significantly differs in certain areas where the three forms diverge due to their intended purpose; · analysis of the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the contract and the allocation of risks concerned; · a range of ‘decision tree’ charts, analysing the main features of the 1992 Red Book, including risks, indemnities and insurances, claims and counterclaims, variations, procedure for claims, programme and delay, suspension, payments and certificates, dispute resolution mechanisms, and dispute boards; · a much enlarged discussion of the meaning of “claim” and “dispute” and the types of claim with a discussion of the Notice provision in the 1999 forms of contract for the submittal of claims by a contractor and by an employer; · the FIDIC scheme of indemnities and insurance requirements; and the methods of dispute resolution provided by the various forms of contract; and · five new chapters in this third edition, the first four chapters deal with each of the 1999 forms and the fifth chapter is confined to the topic of Dispute Boards.

Building Contract Claims and Disputes

Building Contract Claims and Disputes Author Dennis F. Turner
ISBN-10 9781317888956
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 624
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The second edition of Building Contract Claims and Disputes (first published as Building Contract Disputes) provides a study of the causes of contractual disputes, particularly of claims in construction projects and of how they can be resolved successfully. It examines contracts, decisions, documentation and project operation from the points of view of clients, contractors, subcontractors and professional advisers. Readers in practice will find this book an invaluable and comprehensive reference. Those taking professional examinations or degree and postgraduate courses will also benefit greatly from it. The book explains the background, preparation and settlement of claims, with negotiation and dispute resolution from mediation to adjudication, arbitration and legal proceedings. The interrelations of variations, extension of time and loss and expense are considered. Three specially structured case studies of construction projects illustrate and apply the principles to detailed practical situations. This edition deals with a considerably expanded range of contracts, including JCT, GC/Works/1, design and build, minor works, ICE and innovative NEC. It covers recent legal rulings and changes in the law and contract forms, as well as parts of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the Arbitration Act 1996.

The JCT Intermediate Building Contracts 2005

The JCT Intermediate Building Contracts 2005 Author David Chappell
ISBN-10 9781405172684
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 392
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The 2005 version of the JCT Intermediate Building Contract has introduced a very different looking contract format and a number of changes to contract conditions. A completely new Intermediate Building Contract with Contractor's Design has also been issued. This well established guide, which has been thoroughly updated, looks at the changes and key aspects of both forms, and takes account of new case law since the last edition of the book published in 1999. It also discusses the new subcontract agreements.

JCT Contracts Discovery

JCT Contracts Discovery Author
ISBN-10 0414066308
Release 2017-08
Pages 171
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JCT Contracts Discovery has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from JCT Contracts Discovery also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full JCT Contracts Discovery book for free.

Report Writing for Architects

Report Writing for Architects Author David Chappell
ISBN-10 9781483193984
Release 2014-05-16
Pages 132
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Report Writing for Architects presents a critical review of standard report formats use in writing reports for architects. It discusses a set of formats to help architects and surveyors to create good reports for their client. It addresses every instance that necessitates the creation of architectural report. Some of the topics covered in the book are the purpose, target audience, format, presentation, and main points of a report; description, style and basis of the content of report to be written; creating reports connected with building projects; making of feasibility report format and its content; and considerations in creating a report. The outline proposals report format and the scheme design format are discussed. An in-depth analysis of creating a progress report is given. The book also covers a special report, report on claim for loss and expense, a report on award of extension of time format, and miscellaneous reports. The book can provide useful information to architects, surveyors, students, and researchers.

JCT Contract Administration Pocket Book

JCT Contract Administration Pocket Book Author Andrew Atkinson
ISBN-10 9781317525974
Release 2015-06-05
Pages 227
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Successfully managing your JCT contracts is a must, and this handy reference is the swiftest way to doing just that. Making reference to best practice throughout, the JCT Standard Building Contract SBC/Q and DB used as examples to take you through all the essential contract administration tasks, including: Procurement paths Payment Final accounts Progress, completion and delay Subcontracting Defects and quality control In addition to the day to day tasks, this also gives you an overview of what to expect from common sorts of dispute resolution under the JCT, as well as a look at how to administer contracts for BIM-compliant projects. This is an essential starting point for all students of construction contract administration, as well as practitioners needing a handy reference to working with the JCT.