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The Journey of One Buddhist Nun

The Journey of One Buddhist Nun Author Sid Brown
ISBN-10 0791450953
Release 2001-09-27
Pages 180
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Recounts the struggles of a young Thai woman to become a Buddhist nun and the challenges and rewards of that life.

Journey of One Buddhist Nun The

Journey of One Buddhist Nun  The Author Sid Brown
ISBN-10 0791489930
Release 2001
Pages 180
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Journey of One Buddhist Nun The has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journey of One Buddhist Nun The also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journey of One Buddhist Nun The book for free.


BEING A BUDDHIST NUN Author Kim Gutschow
ISBN-10 9780674038080
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 355
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They may shave their heads, don simple robes, and renounce materialism and worldly desires. But the women seeking enlightenment in a Buddhist nunnery high in the folds of Himalayan Kashmir invariably find themselves subject to the tyrannies of subsistence, subordination, and sexuality. Ultimately, Buddhist monasticism reflects the very world it is supposed to renounce. Butter and barley prove to be as critical to monastic life as merit and meditation. Kim Gutschow lived for more than three years among these women, collecting their stories, observing their ways, studying their lives. Her book offers the first ethnography of Tibetan Buddhist society from the perspective of its nuns. Gutschow depicts a gender hierarchy where nuns serve and monks direct, where monks bless the fields and kitchens while nuns toil in them. Monasteries may retain historical endowments and significant political and social power, yet global flows of capitalism, tourism, and feminism have begun to erode the balance of power between monks and nuns. Despite the obstacles of being considered impure and inferior, nuns engage in everyday forms of resistance to pursue their ascetic and personal goals. A richly textured picture of the little known culture of a Buddhist nunnery, the book offers moving narratives of nuns struggling with the Buddhist discipline of detachment. Its analysis of the way in which gender and sexuality construct ritual and social power provides valuable insight into the relationship between women and religion in South Asia today.

A Buddhist in the Classroom

A Buddhist in the Classroom Author Sid Brown
ISBN-10 0791475980
Release 2008
Pages 174
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A Buddhist perspective on classroom training.

Taiwan s Buddhist Nuns

Taiwan s Buddhist Nuns Author Elise Anne DeVido
ISBN-10 9781438431499
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 206
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Explores the milieu of Taiwan’s Buddhist nuns, who have the greatest numbers in the Buddhist world and a prominent place in their own country.

Novice to Master

Novice to Master Author Soko Morinaga
ISBN-10 9781614290209
Release 2012-01-30
Pages 160
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Everybody loves Novice to Master! As you'll see in the glowing endorsements and reviews included below, this modern spiritual classic has been embraced by readers of all types. In his singularly humorous and biitingly direct way, Zen abbot Soko Morinaga tells the story of his rigorous training at a Japanese Zen temple, his spiritual growth and his interactions with his students and others. Morinaga's voice is uniquely tuned to the truth of the condition of the human mind and spirit and his reflections and interpretations are unvarnished and succinct. His great gift is the ability to lift the spirit of the reader all the while exposing the humility and weakness in the lives of people, none more so than his own. Read on to see what everyone from Publishers Weekly to well-known Buddhist figures and even New York Times bestselling author Anthony Swofford have to say about this one of a kind book!

This Worldly Nibbana

This Worldly Nibbana Author Hsiao-Lan Hu
ISBN-10 9781438439341
Release 2011-12-01
Pages 250
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A Buddhist feminist social ethics for contemporary times.

Religions of Asia in Practice

Religions of Asia in Practice Author Donald S. Lopez
ISBN-10 0691090610
Release 2002
Pages 734
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The acclaimed volumes of Princeton Readings in Religions present the remarkable range of all that is encompassed in the practice of religions, across the centuries and across the world. Religions of Asia in Practice: An Anthology brings together into a single volume the most important and fascinating selections from the volumes on Buddhism, India, China, Tibet, and Japan to give an overview of how religions have been lived by both ordinary and extraordinary people throughout the continent of Asia. These materials--many of which had never before been translated into any Western language--include ritual manuals, hagiographical and autobiographical writings, popular commentaries, instructions to children, poetry, and folktales. Each is preceded by a substantial introduction in which the translator discusses the text's history and influence and guides the reader through points of potential difficulty and particular interest. The volume includes, in addition, clear and compelling introductions to each of the major traditions. Religions of Asia in Practice: An Anthology offers a fascinating look at the spectrum of religious practices in Asia over almost three millennia. As such, it is ideally suited for use as a textbook in courses on world or Eastern religions as well as for the general reader.

Digital Discourse

Digital Discourse Author Crispin Thurlow
ISBN-10 9780199795444
Release 2011
Pages 364
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Chapters cover a range of communicative contexts (journalism, gaming, tourism, leisure, performance, public debate), communicators (professional and lay, young people and adults, intimates and groups), and languages (Irish, Hebrew, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, German, Greek, Arabic, and French).

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road Author Michael Jerryson
ISBN-10 9780190683566
Release 2018
Pages 240
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It is said that the famous ninth century Chinese Buddhist monk Linji Yixuan told his disciples, "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him." The deliberately confounding statement is meant to shock people out of complacent ways of thinking. But beyond the purposeful jolt from complacency there is another intention. For liberation, this axiom suggests that one should seek the Buddha nature that resides within, rather than a mere Buddha exterior. In this way, the metaphor of killing the Buddha dislodges a person from the illusionary perspective that enlightenment lies outside the body. The proclamation also highlights the power of violence, even on a symbolic level. Violence abounds in Buddhist thoughts, doctrine, and actions, however unacknowledged or misunderstood. If You Meet the Buddha on the Road addresses one important absence in the study of religion and violence: the religious treatment of violence. In order to pursue an understanding of the relationship between Buddhism and violence, it is important to first explore how Buddhist scriptures and followers understand violence. Drawing on Buddhist treatments of violence, Michael Jerryson explores the ways in which Buddhists invoke, support, or justify war, conflict, state violence, and gender discrimination. In addition, the book examines the ways in which Buddhists address violence as military chaplains, cope with violence in a conflict zone, and serve as witnesses of blasphemy to Buddhist doctrine and Buddha images.

Constituting Communities

Constituting Communities Author John Clifford Holt
ISBN-10 9780791487051
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 232
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Interviews with scientific leaders focus on the challenges, promises, and perils of science and technology.

Buddhist Nuns and Gendered Practice

Buddhist Nuns and Gendered Practice Author Nirmala S. Salgado
ISBN-10 9780199760022
Release 2013-11
Pages 319
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Nirmala S. Salgado offers a groundbreaking study of the politics of representation of Buddhist nuns. Challenging assumptions about writing on gender and Buddhism, Salgado raises important theoretical questions about the applicability of liberal feminist concepts and language to the practices of Buddhist nuns. Based on extensive research in Sri Lanka as well as on interviews with Theravada and Tibetan nuns from around the world, Salgado's study invites a reconsideration of female renunciation. How do scholarly narratives continue to be complicit in reinscribing colonialist and patriarchal stories about Buddhist women? In what ways have recent debates contributed to the construction of the subject of the Theravada bhikkhuni? How do key Buddhist concepts such as dukkha, samsara, and sila ground female renunciant practices? Salgado's provocative analysis of modern discourses about the supposed empowerment of nuns challenges interpretations of female renunciation articulated in terms of secular notions such as ''freedom'' in renunciation, and questions the idea that the higher ordination of nuns constitutes a movement in which female renunciants act as agents seeking to assert their autonomy in a struggle against patriarchal norms. Salgado argues that the concept of a global sisterhood of nuns-an idea grounded in a notion of equality as a universal ideal-promotes a discourse of dominance about the lives of non-Western women and calls for more nuanced readings of the everyday renunciant practices and lives of Buddhist nuns. Buddhist Nuns and Gendered Practice is essential reading for anyone interested in the connections between religion and power, subjectivity and gender, and feminism and postcolonialism.

Taking Back Islam

Taking Back Islam Author Michael Wolfe
ISBN-10 1579549888
Release 2004-08-16
Pages 240
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A panel of thirty-five experts, writers, and religious leaders--including Muhammad Ali and Karen Armstrong--take a close-up look at the future of Islam, the historical realities that have shaped it, the paradoxes and schisms within it, the conflict between fundamentalism and progressives, and its beliefs and practices, in an informative panel discussion. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

Making Fields of Merit

Making Fields of Merit Author Monica Lindberg Falk
ISBN-10 9788776940195
Release 2007
Pages 283
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Making Fields of Merit has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Making Fields of Merit also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Making Fields of Merit book for free.

Eminent Nuns

Eminent Nuns Author Beata Grant
ISBN-10 9780824832025
Release 2009
Pages 241
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Althought Buddhist nuns have been a continuous presence in Chinese culture since early medieval times and the subject of numerous studies, this text is one of the first to provide a detailed view of their activities at one particular moment in time, and to be based largely on the writings of Buddhist nuns themselves.

The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender

The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender Author Ann A. Pang-White
ISBN-10 9781472569868
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 432
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Covering the historical, social, political, and cultural contexts, The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender presents a comprehensive overview of the complexity of gender disparity in Chinese thought and culture. Divided into four main sections, an international group of experts in Chinese Studies write on Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist approaches to gender relations. Each section includes a general introduction, a set of authoritative articles written by leading scholars and comprehensive bibliographies, designed to provide the non-specialist with a practical and broad overview. Beginning with the Ancient and Medieval period before moving on to Modern and Contemporary approaches, specially commissioned chapters include Pre-Qin canonical texts, women in early Chinese ethics, the yin-yang gender dynamic and the Buddhist understanding of the conception of gender. Considering why the philosophy of women and gender dynamics in Chinese thought is rarely confronted, The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy and Gender is a pioneering cross-disciplinary introduction to Chinese philosophy's intersection with gender studies. By bridging the fields of Chinese philosophy, religion, intellectual history, feminism, and gender studies, this cutting-edge volume fills a great need in the current literature on Chinese philosophy and provides student and scholars with an invaluable research resource to a growing field.

Village at War

Village at War Author James Walker Trullinger
ISBN-10 0804721351
Release 1994
Pages 235
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History of the conflict in Vietnam seen through the eyes of the inhabitants of My Thuy Phuong