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The Kaleidoscope of Gender

The Kaleidoscope of Gender Author Joan Z. Spade
ISBN-10 9781412979061
Release 2010-03-17
Pages 581
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An accessible, timely, and stimulating introduction to the sociology of gender, The Kaleidoscope of Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive analysis of key ideas, theories, and applications in this field as viewed through the metaphor of a kaleidoscope. This collection of creative articles by top scholars explains how the complex, evolving pattern of gender is constructed interpersonally, institutionally, and culturally and challenges students to question how gender shapes their daily lives. Like the prior edition, the Third Edition maintains a focus on contemporary contributions to the field while incorporating classical and theoretical arguments to provide a broad framework. Integrating a cross-cultural focus and intersectional inquiry, this unique text/reader vividly illustrates that gender is a malleable continuum of prisms, patterns, and possibilities.

The Kaleidoscope of Gender

The Kaleidoscope of Gender Author Joan Z. Spade
ISBN-10 9781412951463
Release 2008
Pages 581
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This integrated, comprehensive text/reader is designed to present an accessible, timely, and stimulating introduction to the sociology of gender. It can be used as a text by itself or as a supplement to other materials in courses in Sociology of Gender and Introduction to Women’s Studies. Articles have been selected (1) to creatively and clearly explicate what gender is and is not, and what it means to say that gender is socially constructed; (2) to untangle and clarify the intricate ways in which gender is embedded in and defined by other systems of difference and inequality such as race, social class, sexualities, and age; (3) to illustrate the complex variations and dynamics of gender across cultures. By organizing the book around a metaphor-the kaleidoscope--the articles are integrated throughout the text and tied together by text/introductions to each chapter. This makes the book more than a collection of articles; each article fits into the metaphor and its three themes: prisms, patterns, and possibilities.

The Kaleidoscope of Gender

The Kaleidoscope of Gender Author Joan Z. Spade
ISBN-10 9781452205410
Release 2013-06-20
Pages 616
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Accessible, timely, and stimulating, the Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the key ideas, theories, and applications in the field viewed through the metaphor of a kaleidoscope. Focusing on contemporary contributions to the field while incorporating classical and theoretical arguments, this collection of creative articles by top scholars explains how the complex, evolving patterns of gender are constructed interpersonally, institutionally, and culturally.

Schools and Society

Schools and Society Author Jeanne H. Ballantine
ISBN-10 9781412979245
Release 2011-04-04
Pages 538
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Offering a wide array of theoretical perspectives and methods, a broad range of resources, and both classic and contemporary studies, this fully updated Fourth Edition uses the open systems approach to provide readers with a framework for understanding and analyzing the book’s disparate topics. Edited by Jeanne H. Ballantine and Joan Z. Spade, both of whom actively teach Sociology of Education courses, this text includes dozens of readable articles that illustrate major concepts and theoretical perspectives in the field.

Celebrating the Family

Celebrating the Family Author Elizabeth Hafkin Pleck
ISBN-10 0674002792
Release 2000
Pages 328
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Pleck examines changes in the way Americans celebrate holidays like Christmas or birthdays.

Constructing Sexualities

Constructing Sexualities Author Suzanne LaFont
ISBN-10 0205679005
Release 2009-02
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MySearchLab provides students with a complete understanding of the research process so they can complete research projects confidently and efficiently. Students and instructors with an internet connection can visit and receive immediate access to thousands of full articles from the EBSCO ContentSelect database. In addition, MySearchLab offers extensive content on the research process itself—including tips on how to navigate and maximize time in the campus library, a step-by-step guide on writing a research paper, and instructions on how to finish an academic assignment with endnotes and bibliography. Designed to introduce readers to a broad range of relevant ideas and theories and to encourage critical thinking on a variety of sexuality and gender topics, this collection of articles, classic and current, addresses the relationships between sexuality, gender, and culture. The readings include descriptions of variations in sexual and gender ideologies, expressions of sexuality, gender diversity, and global issues. Gay rights, transgendered movements, intersexed awareness, female genital mutilation, male circumcision, AIDS, sex tourism, and the explosion on the internet are all current issues addressed.

Methods of Family Research

Methods of Family Research Author Theodore N. Greenstein
ISBN-10 9781412992831
Release 2012-07-16
Pages 201
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In the 3rd edition of Methods of Family Research, authors Theodore N. Greenstein and Shannon N. Davis continue to help students better understand the research results they encounter in doing family research. Using real-life examples to illustrate important concepts that family researchers encounter regularly, the text covers traditional quantitative methods, qualitative methods, and the mixed-method approach. Written in a clear, concise style, this book differs from other research methods texts, which focus on teaching students how to produce research, by teaching them how to consume research in a sophisticated, effective manner. The book introduces the basic concepts of social science research methods without excessive technical details.

Religion in Today s World

Religion in Today   s World Author Melissa M. Wilcox
ISBN-10 9781317796640
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 608
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Religion is a major force in contemporary society. It is also one of the least understood social and political influences on individuals and communities. In this innovative collection of original essays and classic readings, experts explore the significance of contemporary religiosity: as a source of meaning and motivation, how it unites and divides us, and how it is used politically and culturally. Readers will be introduced to the broad debates in ways that will equip them to analyze, discuss, and make their own judgments about religion and society. This book should be read by anyone interested in understanding religion as a central source of meaning and politics, and is ideally suited for undergraduate teaching on religion and social issues and from a global perspective.

Effective Advertising

Effective Advertising Author Gerard J. Tellis
ISBN-10 9781452276748
Release 2003-11-20
Pages 216
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Understanding Effective Advertising: How, When, and Why Advertising Works reviews and summarizes an extensive body of research on advertising effectiveness. In particular, it summarizes what we know today on when, how, and why advertising works. The primary focus of the book is on the instantaneous and carryover effects of advertising on consumer choice, sales, and market share. In addition, the book reviews research on the rich variety of ad appeals, and suggests which appeals work, and when, how, and why they work. The first comprehensive book on advertising effectiveness, Understanding Effective Advertising reviews over 50 years of research in the fields of advertising, marketing, consumer behavior, and psychology. It covers all aspects of advertising and its effect on sales, including sales elasticity, carryover effects, content effects, and effects of frequency. Author Gerard J. Tellis distills three decades of academic and professional experience into one volume that successfully dismisses many popular myths about advertising.


Kaleidoscopes Author Cozy Baker
ISBN-10 1571200630
Release 1999
Pages 144
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This guide to the world of kaleidoscopes features more than 200 photographs including interior views. It includes a source list for kaleidoscope mirrors and lenses, a who's who of kaleidoscope artists, and profiles of kaleidoscope galleries and shops across the US.

Gender Outlaw

Gender Outlaw Author Kate Bornstein
ISBN-10 9781136603730
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 224
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Gender Outlaw is the work of a woman who has been through some changes--a former heterosexual male, a one-time Scientologist and IBM salesperson, now a lesbian woman writer and actress who makes regular rounds on the TV (so to speak) talk shows. In her book, Bornstein covers the "mechanics" of her surgery, everything you've always wanted to know about gender (but were too confused to ask) addresses the place and politics of the transgendered and intterogates the questions of those who give the subject little thought, creating questions of her own.

One of the Guys

One of the Guys Author Ron Matson
ISBN-10 1465205675
Release 2012-06-06
Pages 352
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One of the Guys has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from One of the Guys also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full One of the Guys book for free.

Letting Go

Letting Go Author Donna King
ISBN-10 0826520669
Release 2015-07-15
Pages 256
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"This book explores alternatives to the contemporary call for individual achievement, accumulation, and attention seeking as the road to happiness and satisfaction in life. And it reveals how the high value placed on radical individualism and competitive striving has devastating personal, social, and environmental consequences"--

The second rape

The second rape Author Lee Madigan
ISBN-10 UOM:39015022046851
Release 1991-12
Pages 153
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Discusses the subtle way in which victims encounter a second rape by the people who are suppose to help the individuals overcome the trauma of the first rape

The child and society

The child and society Author Frederick Elkin
ISBN-10 UVA:X000559371
Release 1978-03-01
Pages 299
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The child and society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The child and society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The child and society book for free.

Gender Play

Gender Play Author Barrie Thorne
ISBN-10 0813519233
Release 1993
Pages 237
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Thorne, a professor of sociology at the University of Southern California, offers her insightful observations of elementary school students in class and at play. Though, as she admits, her status as an adult and an observer may have affected what happened around her, Thorne presents a fascinating account of how children divide themselves--and how others divide them--along gender lines. Breaking students into teams for contests and the eternal game of "cooties" (a contamination attributed more often to girls than boys) reveal much about the microcosm that these students inhabit, and an extensive look at the tomboy, both in literature and in life, compares her ambiguity (sometimes an insult, sometimes a compliment) to the negative attitudes often elicited by gender-crossing in the other direction. Thorne argues convincingly against the theories of scholars like Deborah Tannen and Carol Gilligan that boys and girls have different "cultures," and she attempts to discourage "gender antagonism." A final section offers concrete steps for teachers to take in forming the attitudes--about gender and other topics--of coming generations.

Gender Sexuality and Intimacy A Contexts Reader

Gender  Sexuality  and Intimacy  A Contexts Reader Author Jodi O'Brien
ISBN-10 9781506352329
Release 2017-01-13
Pages 360
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This new anthology brings together over 90 recent readings on gender, sexuality, and intimate relationships from Contexts, the award-winning magazine published by the ASA. Each contributor is a contemporary sociologist writing in the clear, concise, and jargon-free style that has made Contexts the “public face” of sociology. The editors have chosen pieces that are timely, thought-provoking, and especially suitable for classroom use; written introductions that frame each of the books three main sections; and provided questions for discussion.