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The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer Author Kate Lord Brown
ISBN-10 9781466886711
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 38
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A short story prequel to the international bestselling novel The Perfume Garden With The Last Rose of Summer, Kate Lord Brown immerses readers in the rich, sensual world of modern Valencia, Spain, where an abandoned villa holds the key to a woman's past, and her daughter's future. It's midsummer's night, and the Festival of San Juan illuminates the city streets; the beautiful Valencian coast is ablaze with the light of bonfires crackling on the beaches and fireworks in the sky. Liberty has invited John--the man she refused to marry but never stopped loving--to meet her there. She hopes that together they will discover the truth about the Villa del Valle--but she has a secret. Can John learn to live, and can Liberty learn to let go, before it is too late?

The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer Author Di Morrissey
ISBN-10 9781466810112
Release 2012-01-06
Pages 689
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A compelling story of two remarkable women connected across the decades by the men who love them. . . and the magic of a place called Zanana. KATE, a strong-willed heiress determined to defy Edwardian convention, but she must pay the ultimate price to keep the home she loves so much. . . ODETTE, an independent and idealistic young journalist caught in a fierce battle to save Zanana from ruthless developers. . . Years apart yet inextricably linked by Zanana, the magnificent mansion they both love, these two striking women prove they are not afraid to fight for what they believe in. From turn-of-the-century India to contemporary Sydney, The Last Rose of Summer is an epic story of love, possession and intrigue.

The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer Author Monte Schulz
ISBN-10 9781606994016
Release 2011-03-07
Pages 332
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In the summer of 1929, three strong-willed women, related by marriage, gather under one roof: widowed matriarch Maude Hennesey, whose belief in old-fashioned ways is shared by the ladies of her club; her pretty, spoiled daughter Rachel; and daughter-in-law Marie, who’s been forced by her husband, Harry, to uproot their two small children and take up residence in his family’s East Texan home until economic circumstances improve. Monte Schulz, son of celebrated Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, examines not only the conflicts within the family, but the racial, gender and religious tensions of small-town Bellemont. As the summer wears on, Maude firmly lectures the unwelcome Marie on class distinctions, Rachel fights and flirts with her dashing pilot beau CW, and Marie reevaluates her marriage to salesman Harry during their separation, while fending off her employer Jimmy Delahaye’s slow seduction. Meanwhile, storms gather as a child’s unnatural death sends shock waves throughout the community, instilling a sense of dread in both the reader and Marie, who’s already lost her firstborn to tragedy. Things come to a head when a black war hero, Julius, is accused of murder: surprising truths about these three women are revealed. In the calm after the storm, each woman learns to live her life on her own terms. Schulz’ dynamic female characters, though accessible to a wide audience, have particular appeal for women. Schulz understands that readers find it refreshing when authors flesh out their protagonists by examining who they are through the prism of familial interactions, not just romantic relationships. Contemporary readers can identify with many of the issues that wife and parent Marie struggles with in The Last Rose of Summer, even though (and, perhaps, because) it concludes just as the Jazz Age is poised to shift into the Great Depression.

The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer Author TIFFANY MAIN-MILAM
ISBN-10 9781467030021
Release 2005-08-17
Pages 172
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A young woman who has given up on hope, and an aged lady who has nothing but hope. THE LAST ROSE OF SUMMER the heartfelt story of dealing with the loss of great love and holding on to the memorys of the past. This story of the miracle of love will live with you forever. Set in a small Victorian town in Tennessee, The Last Rose Of Summer begins with a torn Elizabeth Frances on her journey to find love again. Her loss of great love has been to much to bear. With her grandfather very ill, she spends a long and stormy night beside her grandmother in a cold hospital. There in the middle of a horrible storm, Elizabeth hears for the first time about the great love between her grandparents. Charlie and Sarah have more passion for life and each other than most could ever dream about. They meet on a cold November night and instantly there lives change. Sarahs parents dont approve of this strange man and with the war around the corner Charlie could leave at a moments notice. There fight to be together engulfs every moment.

The Last Summer of the World A Novel

The Last Summer of the World  A Novel Author Emily Mitchell
ISBN-10 9780393247893
Release 2008-07-17
Pages 400
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"Absorbing....Mitchell's novel [is] the real thing."—Boston Globe In the summer of 1918, with the Germans threatening Paris, Edward Steichen arrives in France to photograph the war for the American army. There he finds a country filled with poignant memories for him: early artistic success, marriage, the birth of two daughters, and a love affair that divided his family. Told with elegance and transporting historical sensitivity, Emily Mitchell's first novel captures the life of a great American artist caught in the reckoning of a painful past in a world beset by war. Reading group guide included.

Last Rose of Summer

Last Rose of Summer Author Muhyiddin Shakoor
ISBN-10 9786050825299
Release 2017-01-31
Pages 576
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Last Rose of Summer is everyone's story. A story that embraces anyone who ever lived in a neighborhood, or feared a bully or ever wanted to love. It is a story about the extraordinary richness of ordinary-seeming people. On a journey to adulthood Carlos Jackson starts learning the art of living after he suddenly becomes smitten by Kamara, a young girl who visits her aunt next door. At a picnic, she places a single rose petal into Carlos’ hand and from this day on, roses follow Carlos through life until the last rose comes. Yet his enthrallment leads him into conflict with Blue Joe Davis, the neighborhood bully. And when he is left heartbroken by Kamara’s unexpected departure, Uncle Dan, an enigmatic old man from across the hall, comes to Carlos’ rescue. Unbeknownst to the neighborhood, Uncle Dan is the grandson of a Yoruba warrior and a master of Capoeira. Becoming the old man’s apprentice Carlos learns Capo-Kung, a martial arts hybrid reflecting art, beauty, harmony, patience, and integrity. Years later, Carlos and Kamara are reunited but Blue Joe also re-emerges bringing a new level of conflict. Set largely in the historic 1960’s, the story moves with Carlos through the urban streets of Cleveland and the lives of its colorful neighborhood folks, to war-torn rice fields of Vietnam and even further to far flung regions of Timbuktu. Sometimes you’ll be Carlos, sometimes, Kamara, and even Blue Joe perhaps. The story will surprise you. Its host of characters will delight you. It will sneak into your mind and heart. It will make you laugh and weep. Soulfully told with spectacular clarity, Last Rose of Summer flows like music you love. American writer Muhyiddin Shakoor, in his fresh and electrically exciting novel, is inviting us to row our boats gently down the stream and see that life truly is a dream.

This One Summer

This One Summer Author Mariko Tamaki
ISBN-10 9781466858527
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 320
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A 2015 Caldecott Honor Book A 2015 Michael L. Printz Honor Book Every summer, Rose goes with her mom and dad to a lake house in Awago Beach. It's their getaway, their refuge. Rosie's friend Windy is always there, too, like the little sister she never had. But this summer is different. Rose's mom and dad won't stop fighting, and when Rose and Windy seek a distraction from the drama, they find themselves with a whole new set of problems. One of the local teens - just a couple of years older than Rose and Windy - is caught up in something bad... Something life threatening. It's a summer of secrets, and sorrow, and growing up, and it's a good thing Rose and Windy have each other. This One Summer is a tremendously exciting new teen graphic novel from two creators with true literary clout. Cousins Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, the team behind Skim, have collaborated on this gorgeous, heartbreaking, and ultimately hopeful story about a girl on the cusp of childhood - a story of renewal and revelation. This title has Common Core connections.

The Last Summer Rose

The Last Summer Rose Author Darlene Blythe
ISBN-10 148260549X
Release 2013-03-05
Pages 128
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This is a novel mostly about romance and relationships.

The Last Rose of Summer

The Last Rose of Summer Author Rupert Hughes
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433076084494
Release 1914
Pages 83
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The Last Rose of Summer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Last Rose of Summer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Last Rose of Summer book for free.

Sweet Tomorrows

Sweet Tomorrows Author Debbie Macomber
ISBN-10 9780553391848
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 352
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The much-anticipated conclusion to Debbie Macomber’s beloved Rose Harbor series, set in the picturesque town of Cedar Cove, Sweet Tomorrows is a vibrant and poignant novel of letting go of fear, following your heart, and embracing the future—come what may. Nine months ago, Mark Taylor abruptly left Cedar Cove on a perilous mission to right a wrong from his past. Though Mark finally confessed his love for her, innkeeper Jo Marie Rose is unsure if he’s ever coming back. The Rose Harbor Inn barely seems the same without Mark, but Jo Marie can’t bear to lose herself in grief once more. Determined to move forward, she begins dating again, and finds companionship when she takes on a boarder who is starting a new chapter herself. Recovering from a twice-broken heart, Emily Gaffney, a young teacher, is staying at the inn while she looks for a home of her own. Having given up on marriage, Emily dreams of adopting children someday. She has her eye on one house in particular—with room for kids. Although Emily’s inquiries about the house are rudely rebuffed, her rocky start with the owner eventually blossoms into a friendship. But when the relationship verges on something more, Emily will have to rethink what she truly wants and the chances she’s willing to take. The inn seems to be working its magic again—Emily opening herself up to love, Jo Marie moving on—until Jo Marie receives shocking news. With Debbie Macomber’s trademark charm and wisdom, Sweet Tomorrows brings to a close the journeys of cherished characters who feel like old friends. Macomber has created an enchanting place in the Rose Harbor Inn that readers will never forget. Praise for Sweet Tomorrows “Macomber fans will leave the Rose Harbor Inn with warm memories of healing, hope, and enduring love.”—Kirkus Reviews “Overflowing with the poignancy, sweetness, conflicts and romance for which Debbie Macomber is famous, Sweet Tomorrows captivates from beginning to end.”—Book Reporter “Macomber manages to infuse her trademark humor in a more somber story that focuses on love, loss and faith. . . . This one will appeal to those looking for more mature heroines and a good, clean romance.”—RT Book Reviews “There’s a reason why Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and with Sweet Tomorrows, we get another dose of women’s fiction perfection. . . . In the nooks and crannies of small-town life, we’ll find significance, beauty, and love.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers “Fans will enjoy this final installment of the Rose Harbor series as they see Jo Marie’s story finally come to an end.”—Library Journal

The Final Rose

The Final Rose Author Eliza Lentzski
ISBN-10 1535030593
Release 2016-07-03
Pages 226
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At the ripe age of twenty-seven, Nokomis Reed's love life has come to a screeching halt-which is why when her mother nominates her to be a contestant on a reality TV show, she reluctantly says yes. Nokomis soon finds herself in a strange new world, living in a house with twenty other women, each vying for the attention of the same man. But when it's one of the other contestants, and not the single man who catches her eye, Nokomis is thrown even further from her comfort zone. Smart, sexy, and fun, The Final Rose follows Nokomis as she navigates the Game in search of love. As featured on Wattpad and!

The Last Days of Summer

The Last Days of Summer Author Vanessa Ronan
ISBN-10 9780241974964
Release 2016-05-05
Pages 384
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The No 1 bestseller! 'Vivid storytelling. ... makes your fingers tremble when you turn the pages. The terror and the pity of it will stay with you for a long time.' Sunday Times Mid-July in Texas. Cicadas shed their dry summer skins, the scent of roses hangs heavy in the still air, and a woman sits alone on her porch at dusk, watching the empty, merciless prairie, its light falling to darkness. He's coming home. Upstairs, Lizzie knows, her daughters are safe in their beds. Joanne, still young enough to smile at strangers, one last summer of childhood left in her. Katie, already a beauty, the first flush of womanhood blooming on her skin. Both sleeping soundly. But out beyond the boundary of their land, the townspeople sleep fitfully. Too many have heard that Jasper is coming back - folk who know him of old, who remember what he did - men who will make it their business to see he doesn't stay too long round these parts ... 'With a blistering ending that leaves you racing to its conclusion ... an exciting new talent.' Stylist 'A tense, atmospheric, intriguing read' Liz Nugent, author of Richard and Judy Spring Book Club 2017 winner, Lying in Wait

Her Name Is Rose

Her Name Is Rose Author Christine Breen
ISBN-10 9781466857230
Release 2015-04-14
Pages 304
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People used to say Iris Bowen was beautiful, what with the wild weave of her red hair, the high cheekbones, and the way she carried herself like a barefoot dancer through the streets of Ranelagh on the outskirts of Dublin city. But that was a lifetime ago. In a cottage in the west of Ireland, Iris--gardener and mother to an adopted daughter, Rose--is doing her best to carry on after the death of her husband two years before. At the back of her mind is a promise she never intended to keep, until the day she gets a phone call from her doctor. Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old Rose is a brilliant violinist at the Royal Academy in London, still grieving for her father but relishing her music and life in the city. Excited but nervous, she hums on the way to an important master class, and then suddenly finds herself missing both of her parents when the class ends in disaster. After the doctor's call, Iris is haunted by the promise she made to her husband--to find Rose's birth mother, so that their daughter might still have family if anything happened to Iris. Armed only with a twenty-year-old envelope, Iris impulsively begins a journey into the past that takes her to Boston and back, with unexpected results for herself and for Rose and for both friends and strangers. Intimate, moving, and witty, Christine Breen's Her Name is Rose is a gorgeous novel about what can happen when life does not play out the way you expect.

The moonstone in 3 acts altered from the novel

The moonstone  in 3 acts  altered from the novel Author William Wilkie Collins
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590249102
Release 1877
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The moonstone in 3 acts altered from the novel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The moonstone in 3 acts altered from the novel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The moonstone in 3 acts altered from the novel book for free.

The J A P Chronicles

The J A P  Chronicles Author Isabel Rose
ISBN-10 0385515847
Release 2005-05-17
Pages 256
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Sex and the City meets Jane Austen in a wickedly funny, razor-sharp novel about the fortunes and misfortunes, expectations and regrets of seven women who shared long-ago summers at an elite Jewish girls’ camp. Anyone who’s ever wondered what happened to the girls in the exclusive cliques of adolescence will delight in The J.A.P. Chronicles. With the wry wit and keen eye and ear of a latter-day Jane Austen, Isabel Rose (herself a scion of a prominent New York family) provides the ultimate insider’s look at the glamorous upper-crust society that even Carrie Bradshaw would give her Jimmy Choos to join. When seven former bunkmates at Willow Lake Camp reunite for the camp’s one hundredth anniversary, the event brings more than just a revival of the old camp spirit. Ali Cohen, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker and former camp outcast, plans to make a documentary about her former bunkmates. The ugly duckling turned successful self-made swan secretly hopes that that her teenage tormentors will have grown into adult losers. As each woman steps into focus, however, it becomes clear that it is not quite that simple. Sure, Arden can’t keep a job (even as a nanny!), Jessica is stuck in regional theater, and Dafna has lost both her job and her $20,000 per month stipend from her father. But Laura is apparently flourishing as a Los Angeles superagent, and Beth has found happiness by throwing over her dull but successful fiancé for her wedding photographer. Even Wendy, golden girl turned Short Hills housewife, has managed to skirt around old regrets and long-stifled urges—until seeing an old acquaintance stirs them up again. Funny, smart, and ultimately moving, The J.A.P. Chronicles opens a whole new perspective on the girls from the “best families” and on the money, culture, and expectations that define their lives.

The Last Kashmiri Rose

The Last Kashmiri Rose Author Barbara Cleverly
ISBN-10 9781616950033
Release 2011-08-09
Pages 304
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In a land of saffron sunsets and blazing summer heat, an Englishwoman has been found dead, her wrists slit, her body floating in a bathtub of blood and water. But is it suicide or murder? The case falls to Scotland Yard inspector Joe Sandilands, who survived the horror of the Western Front and has endured six sultry months in English-ruled Calcutta. Sandilands is ordered to investigate, and soon discovers that there have been other mysterious deaths, hearkening sinister ties to the present case. Now, as the sovereignty of Britain is in decline and an insurgent India is on the rise, Sandilands must navigate the treacherous corridors of political decorum to bring a cunning killer to justice, knowing the next victim is already marked to die.


ISBN-10 UOMDLP:aan6369:0001.001
Release 1874
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THE MOONSTONE EL NOVEL has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from THE MOONSTONE EL NOVEL also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full THE MOONSTONE EL NOVEL book for free.