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The Leonardo Effect

The Leonardo Effect Author Ivor Hickey
ISBN-10 9780415604833
Release 2013
Pages 157
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"The Leonardo Effect ties together the whole primary curriculum by demonstrating the ways in which art and science can be integrated, allowing children to build up both skills and knowledge. It also equips teachers to teach in a more creative and inspiring manner improving children's engagement and attainment. The method aims to excite children's curiosity and to capture their imaginations, igniting a passion for self-motivated learning. Divided into two parts, the first section consists of overview chapters written by lecturers in Education who describe The Leonardo Effect's unique method of integrating art and science in detail, and the outcomes achievable. Part two comprises a series of illustrated case studies contributed by teachers and head teachers who have embedded The Leonardo Effect in their schools, found it has transformed their curriculum, and has been positively evaluated by inspectors. These case studies deal with: - literacy; - creativity; - disaffected learners; - learners with special needs; - school leadership; and - assessment. This book is based on the experiences of researchers, teachers and school leaders who tested The Leonardo Effect in primary schools throughout the British Isles. It has been shown to transform children's learning and raise attainment. Feedback from the schools demonstrates how it enhances teaching and learning. The Leonardo Effect is ideal for students and practising teachers, curriculum developers and academics working in the field of education"--

Progress Change and Development in Early Childhood Education and Care

Progress  Change and Development in Early Childhood Education and Care Author Elizabeth Coates
ISBN-10 9781317245490
Release 2017-10-02
Pages 156
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In 2000, the Millennium Development Goals set out targets aimed at creating a safer, more prosperous, and more equitable world. If these goals were to be achieved, children’s lives would indeed be transformed. In this collection, achievements against these targets are identified, with each contributor examining the progress made in early years provision in Australia, China, England, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, and Sweden. They highlight the priorities and agendas of their respective governments, and focus on the trends and issues which are particularly relevant to each situation, thereby revealing the social and educational inequalities that persist across countries. A common theme running through this volume concerns the political tensions that arise when governments and educators hold fundamentally different views about the nature and purpose of early years education and the needs of children and families. It is clear that although the past two decades have seen many changes in attitude towards the importance of the early years of life; politically, economically, and environmentally, much still remains to be done if the Millennium Development Goals for young children and their families are to be fully met. Despite this, this volume demonstrates that those who work in this area continue to experience a deep concern for the well-being of young children, which transcends cultures, frontiers, and political and sectarian divides. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Early Years Education.

Conference proceedings New perspectives in science education

Conference proceedings  New perspectives in science education Author Pixel
ISBN-10 9788862924696
Release 2014
Pages 492
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Conference proceedings New perspectives in science education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Conference proceedings New perspectives in science education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Conference proceedings New perspectives in science education book for free.

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research Author Institute of Medicine
ISBN-10 0309165482
Release 2005-04-04
Pages 332
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Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research examines current interdisciplinary research efforts and recommends ways to stimulate and support such research. Advances in science and engineering increasingly require the collaboration of scholars from various fields. This shift is driven by the need to address complex problems that cut across traditional disciplines, and the capacity of new technologies to both transform existing disciplines and generate new ones. At the same time, however, interdisciplinary research can be impeded by policies on hiring, promotion, tenure, proposal review, and resource allocation that favor traditional disciplines. This report identifies steps that researchers, teachers, students, institutions, funding organizations, and disciplinary societies can take to more effectively conduct, facilitate, and evaluate interdisciplinary research programs and projects. Throughout the report key concepts are illustrated with case studies and results of the committee’s surveys of individual researchers and university provosts.

Learning Through a Foreign Language

Learning Through a Foreign Language Author John Masih
ISBN-10 1902031687
Release 1999
Pages 150
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Learning through a foreign language is recognized as one means of significantly enhancing competence in that language. This book presents European perspectives on means of structuring curricula which integrate content and language learning. It also provides details of the outcomes from such progammes and describes the current and future challanges ahead of wider scale adoption of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education

Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education Author Ferdig, Richard E.
ISBN-10 9781599048116
Release 2008-07-31
Pages 1762
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"This book presents a framework for understanding games for educational purposes while providing a broader sense of current related research. This creative and advanced title is a must-have for those interested in expanding their knowledge of this exciting field of electronic gaming"--Provided by publisher.

Serious Games and Edutainment Applications

Serious Games and Edutainment Applications Author Minhua Ma
ISBN-10 9783319516455
Release 2017-03-03
Pages 702
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With the continued application of gaming for training and education, which has seen exponential growth over the past two decades, this book offers an insightful introduction to the current developments and applications of game technologies within educational settings, with cutting-edge academic research and industry insights, providing a greater understanding into current and future developments and advances within this field. Following on from the success of the first volume in 2011, researchers from around the world presents up-to-date research on a broad range of new and emerging topics such as serious games and emotion, games for music education and games for medical training, to gamification, bespoke serious games, and adaptation of commercial off-the shelf games for education and narrative design, giving readers a thorough understanding of the advances and current issues facing developers and designers regarding games for training and education. This second volume of Serious Games and Edutainment Applications offers further insights for researchers, designers and educators who are interested in using serious games for training and educational purposes, and gives game developers with detailed information on current topics and developments within this growing area.

STEM Integration in K 12 Education

STEM Integration in K 12 Education Author National Research Council
ISBN-10 9780309297998
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 180
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STEM Integration in K-12 Education examines current efforts to connect the STEM disciplines in K-12 education. This report identifies and characterizes existing approaches to integrated STEM education, both in formal and after- and out-of-school settings. The report reviews the evidence for the impact of integrated approaches on various student outcomes, and it proposes a set of priority research questions to advance the understanding of integrated STEM education. STEM Integration in K-12 Education proposes a framework to provide a common perspective and vocabulary for researchers, practitioners, and others to identify, discuss, and investigate specific integrated STEM initiatives within the K-12 education system of the United States. STEM Integration in K-12 Education makes recommendations for designers of integrated STEM experiences, assessment developers, and researchers to design and document effective integrated STEM education. This report will help to further their work and improve the chances that some forms of integrated STEM education will make a positive difference in student learning and interest and other valued outcomes.

Achieving Positive Outcomes for Children in Care

Achieving Positive Outcomes for Children in Care Author R J Cameron
ISBN-10 9781847874498
Release 2009-09-10
Pages 161
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This title looks at how achieving positive outcomes for children in care is possible when the root causes of failure are tackled.

Vision and Art Updated and Expanded Edition

Vision and Art  Updated and Expanded Edition Author Margaret S. Livingstone
ISBN-10 1419706926
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 240
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A Harvard neurobiologist explains how vision works, citing the scientific origins of artistic genius and providing coverage of such topics as optical illusions and the correlation between learning disabilities and artistic skill.

Learning Through Children s Eyes

Learning Through Children s Eyes Author Penny Oldfather
ISBN-10 1557985871
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 125
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This book illustrates the ways that teachers, by seeing learning through children's eyes, create new possibilities for their students' intrinsic motivation and meaningful learning. Motivation and learning are linked in a view of knowledge that is called social constructivism, the theory that undergirds the ideas in this book. Social constructivist theorists acknowledge multiple constructions of the world. In social constructivist theory, each human being makes sense of the world in a unique way. For teachers to facilitate students' learning, therefore, it is essential that they seek to understand students' unique constructions and to see learning through their students' eyes. Social constructivism has major implications for the ways we understand learning, the ways we as teachers think about our roles, and the ways we teach. Our main purpose in this book is to propose a vision of the ways that learning experiences are transformed when teachers are learning through children's eyes. Seeing learning through children's eyes brings about important changes in classroom culture, including ways that curriculum is negotiated and enacted, changing the content of the curriculum, and changing relationships among all members of the classroom community.

Cultural Politics and Education

Cultural Politics and Education Author Michael W. Apple
ISBN-10 0807735035
Release 1996
Pages 149
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Michael Apple offers a powerful analysis of current debates and a compelling indictment of rightist proposals for change. Apple presents the causes and effects of further integrating schools into the corporate agenda, as well as current calls for a national curriculum and national testing, privatization and voucher plans, and fundamentalist religious pressures to censor textbooks. He demonstrates who will be the winners and losers culturally and economically as the conservative restoration gains in strength, bringing with it an even greater restratification of knowledge and students in terms of race, class, and gender.

Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology

Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology Author Nick Rushby
ISBN-10 9781118736432
Release 2016-04-25
Pages 616
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The Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology is an authoritative and up-to-date survey of the fast-growing field of learning technology, from its foundational theories and practices to its challenges, trends, and future developments. Offers an examination of learning technology that is equal parts theoretical and practical, covering both the technology of learning and the use of technology in learning Individual chapters tackle timely and controversial subjects, such as gaming and simulation, security, lifelong learning, distance education, learning across educational settings, and the research agenda Designed to serve as a point of entry for learning technology novices, a comprehensive reference for scholars and researchers, and a practical guide for education and training practitioners Includes 29 original and comprehensively referenced essays written by leading experts in instructional and educational technology from around the world

Leonardo da Vinci for Kids

Leonardo da Vinci for Kids Author Janis Herbert
ISBN-10 9781613742297
Release 1998-10-01
Pages 104
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The marriage of art and science is celebrated in this beautifully illustrated four-color biography and activity book. Kids will begin to understand the important discoveries that da Vinci made through inspiring activities like determining the launch angle of a catapult, sketching birds and other animals, creating a map, learning to look at a painting, and much more. Includes a glossary, bibliography, listing of pertinent museums and Web sites, a timeline, and many interesting sidebars.

Welcoming Children with Special Needs

Welcoming Children with Special Needs Author Sally Patton
ISBN-10 1558964797
Release 2004
Pages 288
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Welcoming Children with Special Needs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Welcoming Children with Special Needs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Welcoming Children with Special Needs book for free.

Metacognition in Literacy Learning

Metacognition in Literacy Learning Author Susan E. Israel
ISBN-10 9781135606282
Release 2006-06-17
Pages 462
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This volume provides the first comprehensive, research-based examination of metacognition in literacy learning. Bringing together research findings from reading, linguistics, psychology, and education, it is logically organized as follows: Part I provides the theoretical foundation that supports the teaching of metacognition; Parts II and III provide new methods for metacognitive assessment and instruction in literacy contexts at all grade levels; and Part IV provides new information on integrating metacognition into professional development programs. Key features include: *Chapter Structure. Teacher reflections at the beginning of each chapter illustrate teacher thinking about the chapter topic and metacognitive connections at the end of each chapter link its content with that of the preceding and following chapters. *Contributor Expertise. Few volumes can boast of a more luminous cast of contributing authors (see table of contents). *Comprehensiveness. Twenty chapters organized into four sections plus a summarizing chapter make this the primary reference work in the field of literacy-based metacognition. This volume is appropriate for reading researchers, professional development audiences, and for upper-level undergraduate and graduate level courses in reading and educational psychology.

Leonardo Beautiful Dreamer

Leonardo  Beautiful Dreamer Author Robert Byrd
ISBN-10 9780525470335
Release 2003
Pages 52
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Illustrations and text portray the life of Leonardo da Vinci, who gained fame as an artist through such works as the Mona Lisa, and as a scientist by studying various subjects including human anatomy and flight.