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The Limits to Union

The Limits to Union Author Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller
ISBN-10 9780472022748
Release 2009-12-22
Pages 304
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Revised and updated to include the most current information on same-sex marriage, The Limits to Union documents a legal struggle at its moment of greatest historical importance. "The Limits to Union is a superb book about the complexities of recent political struggles over same-sex marriage. Goldberg-Hiller offers a sophisticated account of egalitarian rights advocacy and the reaction it has generated from established majorities animated by a 'new common sense' of exclusionary sovereign authority. The author's analysis is multidimensional and nuanced, but the core argument is bold, important, and well-supported. I recommend it very highly to everyone interested in understanding the character, possibilities, and constraints of civil rights amid our contemporary culture wars." -Michael McCann, author of Rights at Work: Pay Equity Reform and the Politics of Legal Mobilization "In this excellent book, Goldberg-Hiller uses Hawaii's experience to examine the interaction between courts and the political system. . . . Relying on briefs, legislative statements, and interviews with activists from both sides of the question, he views this familiar debate . . . through the unfamiliar prism of gay marriage, which allows him to gauge the viability and the pliability of the American civil rights ideal, and how gay and lesbian issues fit (or don't fit) within that ideal." -Willian Heinzen, New York Law Journal "Goldberg-Hiller presents the history of the same-sex marriage question since it first sparked debate in Hawaii. He follows the shifting debate through court cases, state propositions, and state and federal legislatures, considering questions about the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and the concept of equal protection under the law for gays and lesbians. This detailed treatment of the legal issues surrounding same-sex marriages is highly recommended." -R. L. Abbott, University of Evansville "[A] valuable contribution to the field, situating the gay marriage debate in broader contexts of theory, law and practice. [S]ame-sex marriage is an important issue...that finds itself caught in the friction points of much larger debates over the nature of rights, the limits of sovereignty and the proper role of courts and law in a democratic society. The Limits to Union should therefore be of interest even to those who do not think of themselves as interested in gay and lesbian rights issues." -Evan Gerstmann, Loyola Marymount University, Law and Politics Book Review

The Outer Limits of European Union Law

The Outer Limits of European Union Law Author Catherine Barnard
ISBN-10 9781847314963
Release 2009-03-05
Pages 452
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A commonly expressed view is that the citizens and the Member States are destined to be overcome by the European Union. There is a sense that the Union of today is not what was intended to be created or acceded to by the Member States or its citizens. The Outer Limits of European Union Law brings together a diverse group of legal scholars to consider aspects of EU substantive, constitutional and procedural law in a manner highlighting the many senses in which the European Union is or can be limited and so demonstrating that the fear of being overcome is largely a false fear. By exploring the mechanisms and devices used to limit the European Union, the contributors also reveal not only the strengths of the various limits, but also and more crucially the weakness of the limits , thereby demonstrating that the prospect of being overcome may be a genuine risk to be guarded against. By considering general themes (eg legitimacy) and core subject areas (eg policing, free movement of goods, remedies) the book reveals the various techniques used by the Court of Justice, Community institutions and Member States to define and modify the outer limits of the European Union and European Union Law.

The Limits of Sovereignty

The Limits of Sovereignty Author Daniel W. Hamilton
ISBN-10 9781459606241
Release 2010-10-21
Pages 428
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Americans take for granted that government does not have the right to permanently seize private property without just compensation. Yet for much of American history, such a view constituted the weaker side of an ongoing argument about government sovereignty and individual rights. What brought about this drastic shift in legal and political thought? Daniel W. Hamilton locates that change in the crucible of the Civil War. In the early days of the war, Congress passed the First and Second Confiscation Acts, authorizing the Union to seize private property in the rebellious states of the Confederacy, and the Confederate Congress responded with the broader Sequestration Act. The competing acts fueled a fierce, sustained debate among legislators and lawyers about the principles underlying alternative ideas of private property and state power, a debate which by 1870 was increasingly dominated by today's view of more limited government power. Through its exploration of this little-studied consequence of the debates over confiscation during the Civil War, The Limits of Sovereignty will be essential to an understanding of the place of private property in American law and legal history.

Limits to EU Powers

Limits to EU Powers Author Jacob Öberg
ISBN-10 9781509903368
Release 2017-07-27
Pages 256
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Pursuant to the precepts of EU law, EU policy-makers are bound to ensure that any EU legislation must fall within the remit of the EU's competences. This monograph looks at this highly contested issue, with particular reference to European Union criminal law. It looks at the powers enjoyed by the EU to impose criminal sanctions to suggest mechanisms by which legislative powers could be kept in check. The book argues that the main responsibility for providing checks against the exercise of EU power lies with the EU judiciary. It argues that the most effective form of review is procedural and through the case study of sanctions, provides the basis for such a review. Innovative, engaging and rigorous, this is an important publication both in the field of European criminal and constitutional law.

Religion and the Struggle for European Union

Religion and the Struggle for European Union Author Brent F. Nelsen
ISBN-10 9781626160712
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 384
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In Religion and the Struggle for European Union, Brent F. Nelsen and James L. Guth delve into the powerful role of religion in shaping European attitudes on politics, political integration, and the national and continental identities of its leaders and citizens. Nelsen and Guth contend that for centuries Catholicism promoted the universality of the Church and the essential unity of Christendom. Protestantism, by contrast, esteemed particularity and feared Catholic dominance. These differing visions of Europe have influenced the process of postwar integration in profound ways. Nelsen and Guth compare the Catholic view of Europe as a single cultural entity best governed as a unified polity against traditional Protestant estrangement from continental culture and its preference for pragmatic cooperation over the sacrifice of sovereignty. As the authors show, this deep cultural divide, rooted in the struggles of the Reformation, resists the ongoing secularization of the continent. Unless addressed, it threatens decades of hard-won gains in security and prosperity. Farsighted and rich with data, Religion and the Struggle for European Union offers a pragmatic way forward in the EU's attempts to solve its social, economic, and political crises.

Air Transport and the European Union

Air Transport and the European Union Author H. Kassim
ISBN-10 9780230245389
Release 2009-12-10
Pages 332
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Air Transport and the European Union examines the emergence of the EU as a major actor in aviation. It investigates how the EU was able to develop a common policy despite the existence of an established sectoral regime and against the opposition of most European states and their 'flag carriers'.

The Limits of Trade Union Militancy

The Limits of Trade Union Militancy Author Joseph L. White
ISBN-10 0313200297
Release 1978
Pages 258
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The Limits of Trade Union Militancy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Limits of Trade Union Militancy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Limits of Trade Union Militancy book for free.

The Court of Justice of the European Union as an Institutional Actor

The Court of Justice of the European Union as an Institutional Actor Author Thomas Horsley
ISBN-10 9781107124035
Release 2018-06-30
Pages 321
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Uses the EU Treaty framework to (re)assess the legitimacy of the Court of Justice's institutional role in European integration.

The Division of Competences between the EU and the Member States

The Division of Competences between the EU and the Member States Author Sacha Garben
ISBN-10 9781509913473
Release 2017-10-05
Pages 360
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The issue of competence division is of fundamental importance as it reflects the 'power bargain' struck between the Member States and their Union, determining the limits of the authority of the EU as well as the limits of the authority of the Member States. It defines the nature of the EU as a polity, as well as the identity of the Member States. After over six years since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, it is high time to take stock of whether the reforms that were adopted to make the Union's system of division of competences between the EU Member States clearer, more coherent, and better at containing European integration, have been successful. This book asks whether 'the competence problem' has finally been solved. Given the fundamental importance of this question, this publication will be of interest to a wide audience, from constitutional and substantive EU law scholars to practitioners in the EU institutions and EU legal practice more generally.

Questioning EU Citizenship

Questioning EU Citizenship Author Daniel Thym
ISBN-10 9781509914661
Release 2017-12-28
Pages 344
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The question of supranational citizenship is one of the more controversial in EU law. It is politically contested, the object of prominent court rulings and the subject of intense academic debates. This important new collection examines this vexed question, paying particular attention to the Court of Justice. Offering analytical readings of the key cases, it also examines those political, social and normative factors which influence the evolution of citizens' rights. This examination is not only timely but essential given the prominence of citizen rights in recent political debates, including in the Brexit referendum. All of these questions will be explored with a special emphasis on the interplay between immigration from third countries and rules on Union citizenship.

The Question of Competence in the European Union

The Question of Competence in the European Union Author ... Azoulai
ISBN-10 9780198705222
Release 2014-03
Pages 296
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The allocation of powers between the European Union and its Member States is a classic theme in European studies. The question of to how to limit the expansion of Union's competences whilst safeguarding the dynamics of the process of European integration is now being raised. This book is a theoretical and practical inquiry into this question

European Union External Environmental Policy

European Union External Environmental Policy Author Camilla Adelle
ISBN-10 9783319609317
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 368
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This book considers the environmental policies that the EU employs outside its borders. Using a systematic and coherent approach to cover a range of EU activities, environmental issues, and geographical areas, it charts the EU’s attempts to shape environmental governance beyond its borders. Key questions addressed include: What environmental norms, rules and policies does the EU seek to promote outside its territory? What types of activities does the EU engage in to pursue these objectives? How successful is the EU in achieving its external environmental policy objectives? What factors explain the degree to which the EU attains its goals? The book will be of interest to students and academics as well as practitioners in governments (both inside and outside of the EU), the EU institutions, think tanks, and research institutes.

Russia and the European Union

Russia and the European Union Author Cynthia A. Roberts
ISBN-10 UVA:X030201620
Release 2007
Pages 133
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Russia and the West have avoided renewed confrontation despite many post Cold War crises, but illiberal trends in Russia rule out any prospect of developing a mutual agenda for closer integration. Russian engagement with the leading Euro-Atlantic institutions on a special, but still subordinate, nonmember basis remains a clever yet suboptimal substitute. Such relationships, as this monograph about Russia and the European Union explains, tend to produce shallow collaboration, symbolic summitry and costly standoffs. Closer cooperation is blocked by an ongoing dispute over terms, which is rooted in asymmetries in power, ambivalent preferences, uncertainty about the distributional costs and benefits of deeper engagement, and Russia's continued unwillingness or inability to lock-in the liberal domestic structures necessary to make credible commitments. Moscow's renewed self-confidence and geopolitical ambitions, bolstered by sustained economic growth and high energy prices, complicate the bargaining and further strain these special relationships which persist for lack of a realistic, superior alternative.

The EU s Human Rights Dialogue with China

The EU s Human Rights Dialogue with China Author Katrin Kinzelbach
ISBN-10 9781317610496
Release 2014-10-03
Pages 226
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The European Union uses a confidential, institutionalized Dialogue to raise human rights concerns with China, but little is publicly known about its set-up, its substance, its development over time and its impact. This book provides the first detailed reconstruction and assessment of the EU’s responses to human rights violations in China from 1995 to the present day. Using classified documents in the EU’s historical archives and interviews with diplomats, officials and human rights experts in Europe, China and the United States, Kinzelbach lifts the veil of secrecy on the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue and provides a rare insight into how the European Union and China conduct quiet diplomacy on human rights. The book reconstructs the evolution of the Dialogue and the EU’s internal debate on the merits of quiet diplomacy, and draws comparisons with the approach of other actors, notably that of the United States. In doing so, the EU’s relative impact is concluded to be tenuous if not counter-productive. The book also chronicles and analyzes numerous human rights concerns that were raised in the period, ranging from structural issues to individual cases. This ground-breaking, in-depth case study will be of interest to students and scholars of international politics, human rights, international law, EU politics, especially the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, and Chinese politics.

The Limits of Transnational Law

The Limits of Transnational Law Author Hélène Lambert
ISBN-10 9780521198202
Release 2010-03-18
Pages 261
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A comparative analysis of the extent and role of transnational judicial dialogue in European refugee law, first published in 2010.

The Parish and the Union Or The Poor and the Poor Laws Under the Old System and the New

The Parish and the Union  Or  The Poor and the Poor Laws Under the Old System and the New Author Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on the New Poor Law Amendment Act
ISBN-10 UOM:39015068047714
Release 1837
Pages 246
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The Parish and the Union Or The Poor and the Poor Laws Under the Old System and the New has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Parish and the Union Or The Poor and the Poor Laws Under the Old System and the New also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Parish and the Union Or The Poor and the Poor Laws Under the Old System and the New book for free.

Agenda Setting in the European Union

Agenda Setting in the European Union Author S. Princen
ISBN-10 9780230233966
Release 2009-04-17
Pages 203
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Why does the EU deal with some issues but not others? This is the central question of this book dedicated to agenda-setting processes in the EU. Through a comparison of EU and US policy agendas and the analysis of four case studies in environmental and health policy, this book offers a new understanding of how policy issues come onto the EU agenda.