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The Lion and the Tiger

The Lion and the Tiger Author Denis Judd
ISBN-10 0192805797
Release 2005-03-24
Pages 234
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How did a few thousand people from a small, windswept island in the northern seas end up ruling a far distant subcontinent with a population of millions? Were the British in India intent on development or exploitation? Were they really the 'civilizing' influence they claimed? And what were Britain's greatest legacies - democracy and the rule of law, or cricket and an efficient railway system? Best-selling historian Denis Judd tells the epic story of the British impact upon India, capturing the essence of what the Raj really meant both for the British and their Indian subjects.

The Lion and the Tiger

The Lion and the Tiger Author Denis Judd
ISBN-10 0192803581
Release 2004
Pages 234
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An authoritative and lively account of the long and controversial history of the British in India, from the foundation of the East India Company in 1600; to Ghandi's innovative leadership of the increasingly militant Indian Nationalist movement: and finally to Lord Mountbatten's 'swift surgeryof partition', leaving behind the Independent states of India and Pakistan.Against this epic backdrop, Judd explores the consequences of British control for both Indians and the British in India.What was the effect on their daily lives, and on the lives they were effectively controlling? Were the British intent on development or exploitation? Were they a 'civilizing'force? Easy answers are avoided, and difficult questions provoked in this fascinating book.

The Lion and the Tiger

The Lion and the Tiger Author Denis Judd
ISBN-10 0195670647
Release 2004
Pages 234
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Presents An Excellent Introduction To The Rise And Fall Of The British Raj, Accurate, Succinct And Engaging. The Account Is Full Of Anecdotes And That Capture The Spirit Of Time. Based An Extensive Research. Hudicious, Vigorous And Highly Readable. 10 Chapters And A Number Of Black And White Photographs.

Punjab and the Raj 1849 1947

Punjab and the Raj  1849 1947 Author Ian Talbot
ISBN-10 UOM:39015014950862
Release 1988
Pages 258
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Punjab and the Raj 1849 1947 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Punjab and the Raj 1849 1947 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Punjab and the Raj 1849 1947 book for free.

The Chaos of Empire

The Chaos of Empire Author Jon Wilson
ISBN-10 9781610392945
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 584
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The popular image of the British Raj-an era of efficient but officious governors, sycophantic local functionaries, doting amahs, blisteringly hot days and torrid nights-chronicled by Forster and Kipling is a glamorous, nostalgic, but entirely fictitious. In this dramatic revisionist history, Jon Wilson upends the carefully sanitized image of unity, order, and success to reveal an empire rooted far more in violence than in virtue, far more in chaos than in control. Through the lives of administrators, soldiers, and subjects-both British and Indian-The Chaos of Empire traces Britain's imperial rule from the East India Company's first transactions in the 1600s to Indian Independence in 1947. The Raj was the most public demonstration of a state's ability to project power far from home, and its perceived success was used to justify interventions around the world in the years that followed. But the Raj's institutions-from law courts to railway lines-were designed to protect British power without benefiting the people they ruled. This self-serving and careless governance resulted in an impoverished people and a stifled society, not a glorious Indian empire. Jon Wilson's new portrait of a much-mythologized era finally and convincingly proves that the story of benign British triumph was a carefully concocted fiction, here thoroughly and totally debunked.


Curzon Author David Gilmour
ISBN-10 9781466829992
Release 2006-02-07
Pages 728
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"A Superb New Biography . . . A Tragic Story, Brilliantly Told." —Andrew Roberts, Literary Review George Nathaniel Curzon's controversial life in public service stretched from the high noon of his country's empire to the traumatized years following World War I. As viceroy of India under Queen Victoria and foreign secretary under King George V, the obsessive Lord Curzon left his unmistakable mark on the era. David Gilmour's award-winning book—with a new foreword by the author—is a brilliant assessment of Curzon's character and achievements, offering a richly dramatic account of the infamous long vendettas, the turbulent friendships, and the passionate, risky love affairs that complicated and enriched his life. Born into the ruling class of what was then the world's greatest power, Curzon was a fervent believer in British imperialism who spent his life proving he was fit for the task. Often seen as arrogant and tempestuous, he was loathed as much as he was adored, his work disparaged as much as it was admired. In Gilmour's well-rounded appraisal, Curzon emerges as a complex, tragic figure, a gifted leader who saw his imperial world overshadowed at the dawn of democracy.

Images and Contexts

Images and Contexts Author Dhruv Raina
ISBN-10 9780199088294
Release 2010-06-02
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This volume situates the historiography of science in India within a social theory of science. It deals with paradigm shift within science studies, the move away from a West-centric theory of science, and future trends and possibilities. The book takes up several strands from the corpus of writing over the past 150 years and places them within the context of their times. It analyses ideas about the interplay between centre and periphery, internal and external accounts of science, creative tension between scientism and romanticism, model of colonial science and its relationship with the emergence of national science, and the distortions of nationalist historiography.

The Williamite Wars in Ireland

The Williamite Wars in Ireland Author John Childs
ISBN-10 9781852855734
Release 2007-08-20
Pages 440
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The comprehensive defeat of the Jacobite Irish in the Williamite conflict, a component within the pan-European Nine Years' War, prevented the exiled James II from regaining his English throne, ended realistic prospects of a Stuart restoration and partially secured the new regime of King William III and Queen Mary created by the Glorious Revolution. The principal events - the Siege of Londonderry, the Battles of the Boyne and Aughrim, and the two Sieges and Treaty of Limerick - have subsequently become totems around which opposing constructions of Irish history have been erected. Childs argues that the struggle was typical of the late-seventeenth century, principally decided by economic resources and attrition in which the 'small war' comprising patrols, raids, occupation of captured regions by small garrisons, police actions against irregulars and attacks on supply lines was more significant in determining the outcome than the set-piece battles and sieges.

Nationalist Movement in India

Nationalist Movement in India Author Śekhara Bandyopādhyāẏa
ISBN-10 0195698819
Release 2009
Pages 389
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Highlighting the pluralist nature of the Indian nation and its struggle for independence, this reader discusses all the debates related to the nationalist movement in India. The essays in this book--some of them classics, others more recent--will help to familiarize readers with these debates and are divided into eight sections: making of modern nationalism, role of Mahatma Gandhi, peasants and Gandhian mass movements, Muslim identity and political participation, nation, region, and caste, women in nationalist movement, capitalists, working class and nationalism, and the last years of British rule. The introduction provides a broad historical outline of the nationalist movement, highlight its various complexities and internal contradictions, and discuss the historiographical debates to contextualize the essays included in the volume. The volume also carries an annotated bibliography.

Cinema at the End of Empire

Cinema at the End of Empire Author Priya Jaikumar
ISBN-10 0822337932
Release 2006-05-03
Pages 318
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DIVHistory of the relationship between government regulation of the film industry in the UK and the the developing film industry in India between the 1920s and 1940s./div


Raj Author Lawrence James
ISBN-10 0312263821
Release 2000-08-12
Pages 768
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Spring/Summer 2000

A British Tale of Indian and Foreign Service

A British Tale of Indian and Foreign Service Author Sir Ian Scott
ISBN-10 1860643809
Release 1999-09-04
Pages 287
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The memoirs of Sir Ian Scott are an important contribution to our understanding of Britain's history from before the Second World War until the late 1960s. Setting down his recollections of a long and distinguished career spent mainly in the Indian Civil Service but also as a Foreign Office official and finally as a British ambassador, Sir Ian paints an entertaining and illuminating picture of many different places. Among the great events which the book covers are the growth of Indian nationalism and the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, as well as the post-war crises in the Congo and Lebanon. Sir Ian Scott paints vivid portraits of powerful public figures such as Mountbatten, Wavell, Nehru, Jinnah, de Gaulle, Bevan, George Brown and Barbara Castle.

The Indian Ideology

The Indian Ideology Author
ISBN-10 8178244837
Release 2016
Pages 171
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The Indian Ideology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Indian Ideology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Indian Ideology book for free.


Empire Author Denis Judd
ISBN-10 1842124986
Release 2001
Pages 520
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The British Empire radically altered the modern world. At its height, it governed over a quarter of the human race, and encompassed more than a fifth of the globe. As well as providing the British people with profits and a sense on international purpose, the Empire afforded them the opportunity to create new lives for themselves through migration and settlement. For those it dominated and controlled, the Empire often represented arbitrary power, gunboat diplomacy, the disruption of local customs and government by a distant and sometimes coldly unsympathetic administration. Yet while it rested ultimately upon military force and direct rule, the Empire also pulsated with ideals - of freedom, democracy, and even equality.

Britain in Revolution

Britain in Revolution Author Austin Woolrych
ISBN-10 0191542008
Release 2002-11-14
Pages 842
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This is the definitive history of the English Civil War, set in its full historical context from the accession of Charles I to the Restoration of Charles II. These were the most turbulent years of British history and their reverberations have been felt down the centuries. Throughout the middle decades of the seventeenth century England, Scotland, and Ireland were convulsed by political upheaval and wracked by rebellion and civil war. The Stuart monarchy was in abeyance for twenty years in all three kingdoms, and Charles I famously met his death on the scaffold. Austin Woolrych breathes life back into the story of these years, the sweep of his prose buttressed by the authority of a lifetime's scholarship. He captures the drama and the passion, the momentum of events and the force of contingency. He brilliantly interweaves the history of the three kingdoms and their peoples, gripping the reader with the fast-paced yet always balanced story.

Riding the Indian Tiger

Riding the Indian Tiger Author William Nobrega
ISBN-10 0470257156
Release 2008-04-11
Pages 304
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In 2008, India will likely overtake China as the world’s fastest growing economy and become one of the largest economies globally. Foreign investment is increasing dramatically and business opportunities abound for those who know how to find them. With a growing middle class and booming markets, India holds much promise for investors. Riding the Indian Tiger shows you how to get in on the ground floor and profit from India’s economic boom.

A Concise History of Modern India

A Concise History of Modern India Author Barbara D. Metcalf
ISBN-10 9781107026490
Release 2012-09-24
Pages 326
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The third edition of the Metcalfs' classic history of India charts developments across the last twenty years.