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The The Little Book of the Autism Spectrum

The The Little Book of the Autism Spectrum Author Samantha Todd
ISBN-10 9781781350980
Release 2013-05-31
Pages 256
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This book will allow anyone who lives or works with children with Autism to see the world as they do, and develop strategies for managing and understanding it effectively. It peers through the "Autism lens", allowing us to effect change in terms of the way we deal with autism as a society and in education. It delivers evidence-based support and strategies that enable us to develop young people's abilities to interact with the social world, removing much of the anxiety that often accompanies it.

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Roger Pierangelo
ISBN-10 9781620872208
Release 2012
Pages 205
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Createan appropriate learning environment to help children with ASD develop lifelongindependence!

Do You Understand Me

Do You Understand Me Author Sofie Koborg Brøsen
ISBN-10 9781843104643
Release 2006
Pages 51
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This illustrated book has is an insider's view of life as a child with autism attending a mainstream school and will be an invaluable resource in helping other children to understand their classmates with autism spectrum disorders. Readers will find this an entertaining, informative and attitude-changing read.

Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum Author Eileen Riley-Hall
ISBN-10 0857006126
Release 2012-04-15
Pages 256
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This book is a celebration of all the wonderful and unexpected gifts that having a daughter on the autism spectrum can bring to a family. Each chapter offers encouragement and guidance on issues such as school, friendships, meltdowns, special gifts, family relationships, therapies and interventions. Having daughters on the spectrum presents unique and rewarding challenges and this book is packed with friendly advice and real life examples from a mother who has experienced it all first hand. This positive, upbeat book is guaranteed to offer support to parents, grandparents and family members, as well as providing educators and anyone else working in a supporting role with an insight into what life is like for girls on the spectrum and their parents.

Health Care and the Autism Spectrum

Health Care and the Autism Spectrum Author Alison Morton-Cooper
ISBN-10 1853029637
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 128
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Annotation Planning and managing health care for individuals with autistic spectrum conditions presents a unique set of challenges. This is a ground-breaking and invaluable volume addressing these issues from the point of view of the health professionals who have to.

My Parent has an Autism Spectrum Disorder

My Parent has an Autism Spectrum Disorder Author Barbara Lester
ISBN-10 0857003291
Release 2011-08-15
Pages 112
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Discovering that a family member is on the autism spectrum is an experience that affects the entire family, and can particularly disrupt the family when it is a parent receiving the diagnosis. The situation can be difficult to explain to children, especially if a parent has not fully grasped the implication themselves, and any adult facing this challenge will be in need of a helping hand. The workbook has been designed with precisely this purpose in mind. It will strengthen relationships between parents with ASDs and their children by facilitating understanding of behaviour and situations that all the family will previously have noticed but not understood, and shows how to develop effective problem solving strategies. Chapters cover everything from dealing with the initial diagnosis to understanding special interests, difficulties with social skills and figures of speech, and the need for rules and routines. Every chapter concludes with a worksheet for parent and child to complete together, which encourages mutual understanding and fosters healthy relationships. This book will an essential tool for any family with a parent on the autistic spectrum, and is equally suitable for children and teens who are on the autistic spectrum and those who are not. It will also be of interest to professionals and anyone else working with a family dealing with autism.

Say Hello to Me

Say Hello to Me Author April Charisse
ISBN-10 9781468594751
Release 2012-05
Pages 16
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Meet Darla. She wants to tell you a little about herself. She goes to elementary school with some fantastic friends and teachers. They know a lot about her. Darla has many things in common with other girls her age, but with one big difference: she has High-Functioning Autism. Read as she describes what that is like for her. She wants you to know how you can be a help to her. She also just wants to be your friend!

Look at My Eyes Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism and PDD NOS

Look at My Eyes  Autism Spectrum Disorders  Autism and PDD NOS Author Melanie Fowler
ISBN-10 1934812986
Release 2011-05
Pages 121
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Melanie Fowler brings a refreshing and useful balance of personal experience and educated expertise to the discussion of autism spectrum disorders. Melanie does not concern herself with the "whys" or theories surrounding these disorders. Instead, she addresses the daily struggles of children and their families from her perspective as a parent to a son with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified). Melanie tells parents what actually works. Her husband, Seth, joins her at times to offer thoughts and experiences from a dad's perspective. Together, they let parents know that others have been there, that there is hope, that insurance battles can be conquered, and that these special children can progress, learn, and grow. Whether she's describing their potty-training woes or listing supplies that can help improve fine motor skills, Melanie is an honest, experienced cheerleader for the growth and success of these children and their families.

Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum

Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum Author Maureen Morrell
ISBN-10 1846425069
Release 2006-04-27
Pages 220
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Maureen F. Morrell and Ann Palmer are raising two very different children: Justin, a whirlwind of activity and mood swings, who is supervised in a residential farm community, and Eric, quiet and passive, who lives independently at college. The authors give an account of the striking similarities as well as the stark differences in their experiences of parenting children at opposite extremes of the autism spectrum. The two mothers speak openly about their children's diagnosis and early childhood through to adolescence, young adulthood and the day they leave home. They give a moving account of the challenges they faced and the surprising consolations they found along their sons' very different paths in life. Through their friendship and two decades of shared experiences of parenting an ASD child, each has gained a clear understanding of her own strengths and limitations, as well as those of her child. Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum offers a personal perspective and practical guidance for parents at the start of their journey with autism, especially those whose children are newly diagnosed. It also provides useful insights for professionals working with individuals across the autism spectrum and their families. The book was elected the 2007 Autism Society of America's Outstanding Literary Work of the Year.

I Have a Question about Death

I Have a Question about Death Author Arlen Grad Gaines
ISBN-10 9781784505455
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 40
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Death is a difficult topic for any parent or educator to explain to a child, perhaps even more so when the child has Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Special Needs. This book is designed specifically to help children with these additional needs to understand what happens when someone dies. The first book of its kind, I Have a Question about Death uses straightforward text and images to walk children through what it means when someone dies, as well as ways they might want to react or to think about the person. Using clear illustrations throughout and with information for parents and guardians, this book is essential for families with a child aged 5-11 with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other special needs.

Supporting Social Inclusion for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Supporting Social Inclusion for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Cathy Little
ISBN-10 9781317279730
Release 2017-04-21
Pages 184
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Drawing together contributions from experts at the forefront of research in the field, Supporting Social Inclusion for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders demonstrates that social inclusion is a defining feature of successful education of students with a spectrum disorder. Divided into three parts, this book begins by proposing a contemporary and operational definition of social inclusion that will help facilitate active engagement by all stakeholders involved in supporting social inclusion within educational settings. The relationship between well-developed social skills and positive social outcomes is also explored, and subsequent chapters explicate and contextualize social inclusion across a range of educational settings. The final chapters present case studies and viewpoints from stakeholders central to the successful social inclusion of students with the disorder. Through discussion of its findings, this book provides the reader with a deep understanding of social inclusion and confirms its importance in facilitating positive educational outcomes for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A unique contribution to the field, this book will be of key interest to postgraduates, researchers and academics in the area of inclusive education and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It will also appeal to those who research, study and work in the areas of special and inclusive education, and developmental psychology.

Grandparent s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Grandparent s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Nancy Mucklow
ISBN-10 1937473066
Release 2012
Pages 128
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Helpful guide to prepare grandparents for the special needs and unique talents of children with autism spectrum disorders.--

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Sam Goldstein
ISBN-10 1606237462
Release 2008-09-19
Pages 384
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Significant progress has been made in assessing children with autism spectrum disorders, but the field has lacked a single, comprehensive resource that assembles current best practices within a unified assessment framework. This authoritative book demonstrates how to craft a complete, scientifically grounded, and clinically useful portrait of a child's strengths and difficulties in social behavior, language and communication, intellectual functioning, motor skills, and other key areas of impairment and comorbidity. Leading experts illustrate ways in which school and clinical practitioners can integrate data from a variety of sources to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and inform the development of individualized interventions.

The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders And Their Parents

The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders  And Their Parents Author Elizabeth Verdick
ISBN-10 9781575425269
Release 2015-01-05
Pages 240
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This positive, straightforward book offers kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day. Some children with ASDs are gifted; others struggle academically. Some are more introverted, while others try to be social. Some get “stuck” on things, have limited interests, or experience repeated motor movements like flapping of pacing (”stims”). The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders covers all of these areas, with an emphasis on helping children gain new self-understanding and self-acceptance. Meant to be read with a parent, the book addresses questions (”What is ASD?” “Why me?”) and provides strategies for communicating, making and keeping friends, and succeeding in school. Body and brain basics highlight symptom management, exercise, diet, hygiene, relaxation, sleep, and toileting. Emphasis is placed on helping kids handle intense emotions and behaviors and get support from family and their team of helpers when needed. The book includes stories from real kids, fact boxes, helpful checklists, and resources. Sections for parents offer additional information.

My Autism Book

My Autism Book Author Tamar Levi
ISBN-10 9780857008688
Release 2013-12-21
Pages 48
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My Autism Book is a beautifully illustrated picture book that helps parents to explain an autism diagnosis to their child in a sensitive, positive and accurate way. When a child is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), parents often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to communicate the diagnosis to their child. This book is designed to be read with the child as a simple introduction to their diagnosis. Written by a doctor and a children's author, the book is tailored precisely to the needs and experiences of the child with ASD aged 5 and up. It explains what an autism diagnosis means and encourages an exploration of the child's likely strengths and differences using clear language that speaks directly to the child. The colourful pictures throughout show how the world looks from the child's perspective and the book ends with a summary checklist to encourage the child to record and discuss how autism affects them.


Human Author Warren Mayocchi
ISBN-10 0994441606
Release 2015-11-30
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Written after Warren was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 43, this is a memoir focused on the cause, effects and outcomes of being born different from others. You will find fascinating personal stories placed against technical information to give an understanding of autism that is wider than Warren's own story. Warren shares the plain truth of his life, ways that he overcame adversity, and that self-understanding is critical to be the best version of yourself, whether you are in or out of the autism spectrum.

It s Raining Cats and Dogs

It s Raining Cats and Dogs Author Michael Barton
ISBN-10 9781849052832
Release 2012
Pages 95
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Offers insight into an autistic person's mind through classic figures of speech that contain confusing or contradictory wording, drawings that show what he believes the expressions mean, and their actual meanings.