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The Lowell Experiment

The Lowell Experiment Author Cathy Stanton
ISBN-10 1558495479
Release 2006
Pages 299
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In the early nineteenth century, Lowell, Massachusetts, was widely studied and emulated as a model for capitalist industrial development. One of the first cities in the United States to experience the ravages of deindustrialization, it was also among the first places in the world to turn to its own industrial and ethnic history as a tool for reinventing itself in the emerging postindustrial economy. The Lowell Experiment explores how history and culture have been used to remake Lowell and how historians have played a crucial yet ambiguous role in that process. The book focuses on Lowell National Historical Park, the flagship project of Lowell's new cultural economy. When it was created in 1978, the park broke new ground with its sweeping reinterpretations of labor, immigrant, and women's history. It served as a test site for the ideas of practitioners in the new field of public history--a field that links the work of professionally trained historians with many different kinds of projects in the public realm. The Lowell Experiment takes an anthropological approach to public history in Lowell, showing it as a complex cultural performance shaped by local memory, the imperatives of economic redevelopment, and tourist rituals--all serving to locate the park's audiences and workers more securely within a changing and uncertain new economy characterized by growing inequalities and new exclusions. The paradoxical dual role of Lowell's public historians as both interpreters of and contributors to that new economy raises important questions about the challenges and limitations facing academically trained scholars in contemporary American culture. As a long-standing and well-known example of "culture-led re-development," Lowell offers an outstanding site for exploring questions of concern to those in the fields of public and urban history, urban planning, and tourism studies.

Museums Monuments and National Parks

Museums  Monuments  and National Parks Author Denise D. Meringolo
ISBN-10 9781558499409
Release 2012
Pages 207
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The rapid expansion of the field of public history since the 1970s has led many to believe that it is a relatively new profession. In this book, Denise D. Meringolo shows that the roots of public history actually reach back to the nineteenth century, when the federal government entered into the work of collecting and preserving the nation's natural and cultural resources. Scientists conducting research and gathering specimens became key figures in a broader effort to protect and interpret the nation's landscape. Their collaboration with entrepreneurs, academics, curators, and bureaucrats alike helped pave the way for other governmental initiatives, from the Smithsonian Institution to the parks and monuments today managed by the National Park Service. All of these developments included interpretive activities that shaped public understanding of the past. Yet it was not until the emergence of the education-oriented National Park Service history program in the 1920s and 1930s that public history found an institutional home that grounded professional practice simultaneously in the values of the emerging discipline and in government service. Even thereafter, tensions between administrators in Washington and practitioners on the ground at National Parks, monuments, and museums continued to define and redefine the scope and substance of the field. The process of definition persists to this day, according to Meringolo, as public historians establish a growing presence in major universities throughout the United States and abroad.

Sense of History

Sense of History Author David Glassberg
ISBN-10 155849281X
Release 2001
Pages 269
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AS AMERICANS enter the new century, their interest in the past has never been greater. In record numbers they visit museums and historic sites, attend commemorative ceremonies and festivals, watch historically based films, and reconstruct family genealogies. The question is, why? What are Americans looking for when they engage with the past? And how is it different from what scholars call "history"? In this book, David Glassberg surveys the shifting boundaries between the personal, public, and professional uses of the past and explores their place in the broader cultural landscape. Each chapter investigates a specific encounter between Americans and their history: the building of a pacifist war memorial in a rural Massachusetts town; the politics behind the creation of a new historical festival in San Francisco; the letters Ken Burns received in response to his film series on the Civil War; the differing perceptions among black and white residents as to what makes an urban neighborhood historic; and the efforts to identify certain places in California as worthy of commemoration. Along the way, Glassberg reflects not only on how Americans understand and use the past, but also on the role of professional historians in that enterprise. Combining the latest research on American memory with insights gained from Glassberg's more than twenty years of personal experience in a variety of public history projects, Sense of History offers stimulating reading for all who care about the future of history in America.

Beyond Preservation

Beyond Preservation Author Andrew Hurley
ISBN-10 9781439902301
Release 2010-05-21
Pages 248
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A framework for stabilizing and strengthening inner-city neighborhoods through the public interpretation of historic landscapes.

Introduction to Public History

Introduction to Public History Author Cherstin M. Lyon
ISBN-10 9781442272231
Release 2017-03-06
Pages 230
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Introduction to Public History: Interpreting the Past, Engaging Audiences is a brief foundational textbook for public history. It is organized around the questions and ethical dilemmas that drive public history in a variety of settings, from local community-based projects to international case studies. This book is designed for use in undergraduate and graduate classrooms with future public historians, teachers, and consumers of history in mind. The authors are practicing public historians who teach history and public history to a mix of undergraduate and graduate students at universities across the United States and in international contexts. This book is based on original research and the authors’ first-hand experiences, offering a fresh perspective on the dynamic field of public history based on a decade of consultation with public history educators about what they needed in an introductory textbook. Each chapter introduces a concept or common practice to students, highlighting key terms for student review and for instructor assessment of student learning. The body of each chapter introduces theories, and basic conceptual building blocks intermixed with case studies to illustrate these points. Footnotes credit sources but also serve as breadcrumbs for instructors who might like to assign more in-depth reading for more advanced students or for the purposes of lecture development. Each chapter ends with suggestions for activities that the authors have tried with their own students and suggested readings, books, and websites that can deepen student exposure to the topic.

Memory in Black and White

Memory in Black and White Author Paul A. Shackel
ISBN-10 0759102635
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 250
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This work examines four well-known Civil War-era National Park sites and shows us how public memory shaped their creation and continues to shape their interpretation. It shows that public memory is really public memories, and interpretation may change from one generation to another.

History After Apartheid

History After Apartheid Author Annie E. Coombes
ISBN-10 0822330725
Release 2003-11-24
Pages 366
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DIVHow should post-apartheid South Africa present its history - in museums, monuments, and parks./div

Inventing New England

Inventing New England Author Dona Brown
ISBN-10 9781588344304
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 264
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Quaint, charming, nostalgic New England: rustic fishing villages, romantic seaside cottages, breathtaking mountain vistas, peaceful rural settings. In Inventing New England, Dona Brown traces the creation of these calendar-page images and describes how tourism as a business emerged and came to shape the landscape, economy, and culture of a region. By the latter nineteenth century, Brown argues, tourism had become an integral part of New England's rural economy, and the short vacation a fixture of middle-class life. Focusing on such meccas as the White Mountains, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, coastal Maine, and Vermont, Brown describes how failed port cities, abandoned farms, and even scenery were churned through powerful marketing engines promoting nostalgia. She also examines the irony of an industry that was based on an escape from commerce but served as an engine of industrial development, spawning hotel construction, land speculation, the spread of wage labor, and a vast market for guidebooks and other publications.

Saving Wright

Saving Wright Author Jeffrey M. Chusid
ISBN-10 0393733025
Release 2011
Pages 256
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The Freeman House, in the Hollywood Hills, provided a spectacular setting for fascinating people and events - and was deeply flawed from the time it was built almost a century ago. Constructed using Wright's so-called textile-block system, the Freeman House not only represents an essay in moderately priced homes for the West Coast, but it soon became a canvas for a series of other important architects who modified the house to suit the whims of its avant-garde owners as well as to save the building from the flaws that threatened its very existence. The wide-ranging story examines the experimental construction system, the power of Wright's architecture, the interaction of people and place, and concepts and challenges of historic preservation. And it engages the two central dilemmas of the Freeman House: whether its integrity depends on saving intact the experimental textile-block construction, and whether its significance comes primarily from its authorship by Wright or from its singular status as a building worked and reworked by many of the region's most important modern architects.

Slavery And Public History

Slavery And Public History Author James Oliver Horton
ISBN-10 9781595587442
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 272
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America's slave past is being analyzed as never before, yet it remains one of the most contentious issues in U.S. memory. In recent years, the culture wars over the way that slavery is remembered and taught have reached a new crescendo. From the argument about the display of the Confederate flag over the state house in Columbia, South Carolina, to the dispute over Thomas Jefferson's relationship with his slave Sally Hemings and the ongoing debates about reparations, the questions grow ever more urgent and more difficult. Edited by noted historians James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton, this collection explores current controversies and offers a bracing analysis of how people remember their past and how the lessons they draw influence American politics and culture today. Bringing together some of the nation's most respected historians, including Ira Berlin, David W. Blight, and Gary B. Nash, this is a major contribution to the unsettling but crucial debate about the significance of slavery and its meaning for racial reconciliation.

Public history readings

Public history readings Author Phyllis K. Leffler
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029290114
Release 1992
Pages 535
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Public history readings has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Public history readings also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Public history readings book for free.

The Wages of History

The Wages of History Author Amy M. Tyson
ISBN-10 1625340249
Release 2013
Pages 224
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Anyone who has encountered costumed workers at a living history museum may well have wondered what their jobs are like, churning butter or firing muskets while dressed in period clothing. In The Wages of History, Amy Tyson enters the world of the public history interpreters at Minnesota's Historic Fort Snelling to investigate how they understand their roles and experience their daily work. Drawing on archival research, personal interviews, and participant observation, she reframes the current discourse on history museums by analyzing interpreters as laborers within the larger service and knowledge economies. Although many who are drawn to such work initially see it as a privilege -- an opportunity to connect with the public in meaningful ways through the medium of history -- the realities of the job almost inevitably alter that view. Not only do interpreters make considerable sacrifices, both emotional and financial, in order to pursue their work, but their sense of special status can lead them to avoid confronting troubling conditions on the job, at times fueling tensions in the workplace. This case study also offers insights -- many drawn from the author's seven years of working as an interpreter at Fort Snelling -- into the way gendered roles and behaviors from the past play out among the workers, the importance of creative autonomy to historical interpreters, and the ways those on public history's front lines both resist and embrace the site's more difficult and painful histories relating to slavery and American Indian genocide.

Remaking America

Remaking America Author John E. Bodnar
ISBN-10 0691034958
Release 1992
Pages 296
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In a compelling inquiry into public events ranging from the building of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial through ethnic community fairs to pioneer celebrations, John Bodnar explores the stories, ideas, and symbols behind American commemorations over the last century. Such forms of historical consciousness, he argues, do not necessarily preserve the past but rather address serious political matters in the present.

Kiowa Belief and Ritual

Kiowa Belief and Ritual Author Benjamin R. Kracht
ISBN-10 9781496200532
Release 2017-07
Pages 402
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"Brings together materials gleaned from the Laboratory of Anthropology (Santa Fe) fieldnotes, augmented by Alice Marriott's fieldnotes, to significantly enhance the existing literature concerning Plains Indians religions."--Provided by publisher.

Hands on the Land

Hands on the Land Author Jan Albers
ISBN-10 0262511282
Release 2002-02
Pages 360
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Examines the history—natural, environmental, social, and ultimately human—of one of America's most cherished landscapes: Vermont.

Public History and the Food Movement

Public History and the Food Movement Author Michelle Moon
ISBN-10 9781351627429
Release 2017-08-17
Pages 206
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Public History and the Food Movement argues that today’s broad interest in making food systems fairer, healthier, and more sustainable offers a compelling opportunity for the public history field. Moon and Stanton show how linking heritage institutions’ unique skills and resources with contemporary food issues can offer accessible points of entry for the public into broad questions about human and environmental resilience. They argue that this approach can also benefit institutions themselves, by offering potential new audiences, partners, and sources of support at a time when many are struggling to remain relevant and viable. Interviews with innovative practitioners in both the food and history fields offer additional insights. Drawing on both scholarship and practice, Public History and the Food Movement presents a practical toolkit for engagement. Demonstrating how public historians can take on a vital contemporary issue while remaining true to the guiding principles of historical research and interpretation, the book challenges public historians to claim an expanded role in today’s food politics. The fresh thinking will also be of interest to public historians looking to engage with other timely issues.

Public History

Public History Author Thomas Cauvin
ISBN-10 9781317512448
Release 2016-05-20
Pages 282
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Public History: A Textbook of Practice is a guide to the many challenges historians face while teaching, learning, and practicing public history. Historians can play a dynamic and essential role in contributing to public understanding of the past, and those who work in historic preservation, in museums and archives, in government agencies, as consultants, as oral historians, or who manage crowdsourcing projects need very specific skills. This book links theory and practice and provides students and practitioners with the tools to do public history in a wide range of settings. The text engages throughout with key issues such as public participation, digital tools and media, and the internationalization of public history. Part One focuses on public history sources, and offers an overview of the creation, collection, management, and preservation of public history materials (archives, material culture, oral materials, or digital sources). Chapters cover sites and institutions such as archival repositories and museums, historic buildings and structures, and different practices such as collection management, preservation (archives, objects, sounds, moving images, buildings, sites, and landscape), oral history, and genealogy. Part Two deals with the different ways in which public historians can produce historical narratives through different media (including exhibitions, film, writing, and digital tools). The last part explores the challenges and ethical issues that public historians will encounter when working with different communities and institutions. Either in public history methods courses or as a resource for practicing public historians, this book lays the groundwork for making meaningful connections between historical sources and popular audiences.