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The Lowest Rung

The Lowest Rung Author Mark Peel
ISBN-10 0521537592
Release 2003-07-24
Pages 206
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This 2003 book is a fascinating and moving portrait of the people who are suffering in a more divided and less egalitarian Australian society. Based on the author's conversations with hundreds of people living in three areas commonly described as 'disadvantaged' - Inala in Queensland, Mount Druitt in New South Wales and Broadmeadows in Victoria - this is a book in which impoverished Australians, who are often absent from debates about poverty, tell their own stories. Some are funny, others are sad. There are stories about loss, despair and an uncertain future they can hardly bear to tell. But there are also stories about hope, and the capacity of poorer people to imagine and create a fairer world. Rather than focusing on abstractions such as the underclass, this book provides an intimate account of real people's fears, hopes and dilemmas in the face of growing inequality, entrenched unemployment, and fading opportunities for the young.

A Little History of Australia

A Little History of Australia Author Mark Peel
ISBN-10 9780522854374
Release 2007
Pages 88
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A history of Australia that covers: discovery by European; navigators who claimed the land as their own; the First Fleet, convict settlements and the gold rushes; the birth-pangs of a federated nation, and the experiences of Australians in the world's wars; and the Australian way of life.

Miss Cutler and the Case of the Resurrected Horse

Miss Cutler and the Case of the Resurrected Horse Author Mark Peel
ISBN-10 9780226653662
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 344
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Social workers produced thousands of case files about the poor during the interwar years. Analyzing almost two thousand such case files and traveling from Boston, Minneapolis, and Portland to London and Melbourne, Miss Cutler and the Case of the Resurrected Horse is a pioneering comparative study that examines how these stories of poverty were narrated and reshaped by ethnic diversity, economic crisis, and war. Probing the similarities and differences in the ways Americans, Australians, and Britons understood and responded to poverty, Mark Peel draws a picture of social work that is based in the sometimes fraught encounters between the poor and their interpreters. He uses dramatization to bring these encounters to life—joining Miss Cutler and that resurrected horse are Miss Lindstrom and the fried potatoes and Mr. O’Neil and the seductive client—and to give these people a voice. Adding new dimensions to the study of charity and social work, this book is essential to understanding and tackling poverty in the twenty-first century.

Australian Social Policy and the Human Services

Australian Social Policy and the Human Services Author Ed Carson
ISBN-10 9781108232203
Release 2017-05-18
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Australian Social Policy and the Human Services introduces readers to the complex field of social policy development, implementation and evaluation. Drawing on the evolution of policymaking practices and debates surrounding the delivery of human services, the text explores the links between policy and practice in contemporary Australian society. Fully revised and updated, this second edition features a new chapter on citizenship and globalisation, as well as enhanced discussions of immigration policy and disability policy. A new instructor companion website features a curated suite of multimedia resources and extension questions designed to encourage readers to independently develop their knowledge. Each chapter is framed by learning objectives, reflection points, end-of-chapter exercises, further reading lists and links to online content, while key terms and case studies illustrate significant concepts. Written in an engaging and accessible style, Australian Social Policy and the Human Services is an indispensable resource for students and practitioners alike.

Behavioural Poverty

Behavioural Poverty Author Lucy Sullivan
ISBN-10 1864320478
Release 2000
Pages 51
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Behavioural Poverty has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Behavioural Poverty also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Behavioural Poverty book for free.

The Poverty Wars

The Poverty Wars Author Peter Saunders
ISBN-10 0868408107
Release 2005
Pages 158
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Argues that as a nation Australia can afford to eliminate financial poverty. The fact we don't do so is a matter of choice, not affordability - as the experience of other countries demonstrates.

Community and Local Governance in Australia

Community and Local Governance in Australia Author Paul Smyth
ISBN-10 0868407755
Release 2005
Pages 266
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This book examines the resurgence in Australia of locality-based social policy (concerned with the spatial dimensions of disadvantage), after the political failures of the market oriented approach to regional reform. The book proposes that these trends are leading to a new 'post-competition' policy regime in Australia that mirrors global policy trends.

Thinking about Poverty

Thinking about Poverty Author Klaus Serr
ISBN-10 1862876266
Release 2006
Pages 238
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How does poverty in Australia relate to global poverty and inequality? Why does poverty persist in the midst of affluence? Thinking About Poverty addresses this question and others through bridging the three key learning areas of theory, policy and practice. Invaluable for students of social work, social policy, and community and welfare, this book covers: the effects of neo-liberal policies on families and the unemployed the reason why women are the main victims of poverty the individualistic models on which Australian government policies are largely based the failure to address the structural causes of poverty alternative definitions of poverty which are not based solely on economic measurements the disadvantaged situation of Aboriginal people which have resulted from past and current policies the connections between poverty and mental illness the social policy debates regarding people with a disability Not just a critique, it also puts forward a range of anti-poverty strategies and considers alternative economic thinking. With contributions from academics and practitioners, Thinking About Poverty provides a contemporary and accessible contribution to discourse about poverty in Australia. Contributors: Robert Bland, Karen Crinall, Gavin Dufty, Benno Engels, Sue Green, Ruth Phillips, Eric Porter, Margot Rawsthorne, David Rose, Klaus Serr, Frank Stilwell, David Sykes, Jennie Trezise, and Ruth Webber.

Letters of the Catholic Poor

Letters of the Catholic Poor Author Lindsey Earner-Byrne
ISBN-10 9781316844953
Release 2017-01-11
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This innovative study of poverty in Independent Ireland between 1920 and 1940 is the first to place the poor at its core by exploring their own words and letters. Written to the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, their correspondence represents one of the few traces in history of Irish experiences of poverty, and collectively they illuminate the lives of so many during the foundation decades of the Irish state. This book keeps the human element central, so often lost when the framework of history is policy, institutions and legislation. It explores how ideas of charity, faith, gender, character and social status were deployed in these poverty narratives and examines the impact of poverty on the lives of these writers and the survival strategies they employed. Finally, it considers the role of priests in vetting and vouching for the poor and, in so doing, perpetuating the discriminating culture of charity.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of World Poverty

The SAGE Encyclopedia of World Poverty Author Mehmet Odekon
ISBN-10 9781506336404
Release 2015-07-21
Pages 2560
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The SAGE Encyclopedia of World Poverty, Second Edition addresses the persistence of poverty across the globe while updating and expanding the landmark work, Encyclopedia of World Poverty, originally published in 2006 prior to the economic calamities of 2008. For instance, while continued high rates of income inequality might be unsurprising in developing countries such as Mexico, the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported in May 2013 even countries with historically low levels of income inequality have experienced significant increases over the past decade, including Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. The U.N. and the World Bank also emphasize the persistent nature of the problem. It is not all bad news. In March 2013, the Guardian newspaper reported, “Some of the poorest people in the world are becoming significantly less poor, according to a groundbreaking academic study which has taken a new approach to measuring deprivation. The report, by Oxford University’s poverty and human development initiative, predicts that countries among the most impoverished in the world could see acute poverty eradicated within 20 years if they continue at present rates.” On the other hand, the U.N. says environmental threats from climate change could push billions more into extreme poverty in coming decades. All of these points lead to the need for a revised, updated, and expanded edition of the Encyclopedia of World Poverty. Key Features: 775 evaluated and updated and 175 entirely new entries New Reader’s Guide categories Signed articles, with cross-references Further Readings will be accompanied by pedagogical elements Updated Chronology, Resource Guide, Glossary, and thorough new Index The SAGE Encyclopedia of World Poverty, Second Edition is a dependable source for students and researchers who are researching world poverty, making it a must-have reference for all academic libraries.

Experiences of Poverty in Late Medieval and Early Modern England and France

Experiences of Poverty in Late Medieval and Early Modern England and France Author Dr Anne M Scott
ISBN-10 9781409484066
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 358
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Exploring a range of poverty experiences-socioeconomic, moral and spiritual-this collection presents new research by a distinguished group of scholars working in the medieval and early modern periods. Collectively they explore both the assumptions and strategies of those in authority dealing with poverty and the ways in which the poor themselves tried to contribute to, exploit, avoid or challenge the systems for dealing with their situation. The studies demonstrate that poverty was by no means a simple phenomenon. It varied according to gender, age and geographical location; and the way it was depicted in speech, writing and visual images could as much affect how the poor experienced their poverty as how others saw and judged them. Using new sources-and adopting new approaches to known sources-the authors share insights into the management and the self-management of the poor, and search out aspects of the experience of poverty worthy of note, from which can be traced lasting influences on the continuing understanding and experience of poverty in pre-modern Europe.

The Impact of Inequality

The Impact of Inequality Author Richard Wilkinson
ISBN-10 9781595586605
Release 2006-09-01
Pages 355
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Comparing the United States with other market democracies and one state with another, this book offers irrefutable evidence that unequal societies create poor health, more social conflict, and more violence. Richard Wilkinson, a pioneering social scientist, addresses the growing feeling—so common in the United States—that modern societies, despite their material success, are social failures. The Impact of Inequality explains why inequality has such devastating effects on the quality and length of our lives. Wilkinson shows that inequality leads to stress, stress creates sickness on the individual and mass level, and overall society suffers widespread unhappiness and high levels of violence, depression, and mistrust across the social spectrum. The evidence he presents is incontrovertible: social and political equality are essential to improve life for everyone. Wilkinson argues that even small reductions in inequality can make an important difference—for, as this book explains, social relations are always built on material foundations.

Social Capital and Public Policy in Australia

Social Capital and Public Policy in Australia Author Ian C. Winter
ISBN-10 0642394709
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 324
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Social capital and public policy in Australia.

Temper Democratic

Temper Democratic Author Humphrey McQueen
ISBN-10 1862544662
Release 1998-01
Pages 261
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Temper Democratic is an irreverent reflection on the idea of a classless Australia - its achievements, its limitations and its opponents. Humphrey McQueen explains why no news is best, scorns a national flag, turns the logic of multiculturalism against ethnic chauvinists and advances a wicked redemption of political correctness.

Advance Australia Fair What to Do about Growing Inequality in Australia

Advance Australia Fair  What to Do about Growing Inequality in Australia Author Bob Douglas
ISBN-10 0987399179
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 68
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Advance Australia Fair What to Do about Growing Inequality in Australia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Advance Australia Fair What to Do about Growing Inequality in Australia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Advance Australia Fair What to Do about Growing Inequality in Australia book for free.

Poor Laws of 1834 and 1996

Poor Laws of 1834 and 1996 Author Hugh Stretton
ISBN-10 1876250062
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 28
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Poor Laws of 1834 and 1996 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Poor Laws of 1834 and 1996 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Poor Laws of 1834 and 1996 book for free.

The Electrical Venus

The Electrical Venus Author Julie Mayhew
ISBN-10 9781471406492
Release 2018-04-19
Pages 368
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A spellbinding story of romance and discovery set in the filth and thrill of an eighteenth-century side-show, perfect if you loved The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock or Caraval Can this shocking new feeling be love, or is it electrickery? In a lowly side-show fair in eighteenth-century England, teenager Mim is struggling to find her worth as an act. Not white, but not black enough to be truly exotic, her pet parrot who speaks four languages is a bigger draw than her. But Alex, the one-armed boxer boy, sees her differently. And she, too, feels newly interested in him. But then Dr Fox arrives with his scientific kit for producing 'electrickery' - feats of electrical magic these bawdy audiences have never seen before. To complete his act, Fox chooses Mim to play the 'Electrical Venus'. Her popularity - and the electric-shocking kisses she can provide for a penny - mean takings are up, slop is off the menu and this spark between her and Fox must surely be love. But is this starring role her true value, or is love worth more than a penny for an electrifying kiss? Praise for The Electrical Venus 'A magical book with magical characters . . . Mayhew's language zips and sparkles on the page' Maria McCann, author of The Wilding 'Brilliant . . . A vivid evocation of a travelling fair in 1749' The Sunday Times on the BBC4 Radio Play