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The Luthier s Handbook

The Luthier s Handbook Author Roger H. Siminoff
ISBN-10 0634014684
Release 2002
Pages 92
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(Book). An essential item for the instrument builder, The Luthier's Handbook explores the secrets and science behind making good-sounding acoustic stringed instruments. Renowned author Roger H. Siminoff brings to the table more than four decades of luthiery experience and shares the time-tested philosophies, tips and technology of the craft. As the ideal complement to other books on building instruments, this text describes the structural and acoustical attributes of air chambers; what to listen for when tap-tuning; selecting a good piece of wood; placement of the braces and tone bars and how to tune them; how to select the right strings; what to consider in bridge design concepts; and much more. Includes a free String Gauge Calculator for determining the right set of strings.

Siminoff s Luthiers Glossary

Siminoff s Luthiers Glossary Author Roger H. Siminoff
ISBN-10 142344292X
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 206
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(Book). Siminoff's Luthier Glossary is a first-edition compendium of more than 800 technical terms used in the design, construction, and production of string musical instruments. The handy 6"x9" softcover text is intended for all levels of builders from beginners to advanced, and features descriptions of parts, techniques, tools, adhesives, finishes, machinery, woods, stains, acoustics, and legal terms. The Appendix includes numerous valuable data tables along with two dozen color plates to help recognize the tonewoods and decorative woods used in luthierie.

Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar

Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar Author Jonathan Kinkead
ISBN-10 0634054635
Release 2004
Pages 160
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(Book). Every guitarist dreams of owning a handmade instrument, but for most, the cost is likely to be prohibitive. The alternative building your own fine guitar is not as difficult as you might imagine, given some skill, patience, and the expert guidance of a master luthier. Every step of construction is fully covered, from choice, selection, and preparation of woods, to consideration of size, bracing, and tonal qualities. Each step of the building sequence is clearly photographed in color, with variations to the standard design shown to enable you to personalize your instrument as you make it. Briston, England-based Jonathan Kinkead has been building guitars for nearly 30 years. His craft is born out of experience and intuition rather than a strict following of technical detail. The resulting beauty of form and distinctive tone have earned him his reputation as one of the world's most respected independent luthiers.

Guitarmaking Tradition and Technology

Guitarmaking  Tradition and Technology Author William Cumpiano
ISBN-10 0811806405
Release 1994-02-01
Pages 387
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Hailed by Guitar Player magazine as "perhaps the finest book on guitars ever produced," and by Booklist as "a Rolls Royce of construction guidebooks," this impressive volume is the first book of its kind to describe in depth how both steel-string and classical guitars are actually designed and built. Over 450 photographs, drawings, and diagrams reveal in exquisite detail the hows, whys, and how-to's of the traditional craft of guitarmaking, all accompanied by fascinating historical and technical notes. A comprehensive bibliography; a list of tools, materials, and supply sources; and a full index complete this uniquely authoritative reference -- and essential acquisition -- for guitar and craft enthusiasts, woodworkers, and students of instrument making everywhere.

Clapton s Guitar

Clapton s Guitar Author Allen St. John
ISBN-10 0743281985
Release 2005-10-12
Pages 288
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In 1994, Eric Clapton came across a Wayne Henderson guitar in a recording studio and decided on the spot that he had to have one. Rarer than Stradivarius violins, these musical works of art are built from near-extinct Brazilian Rosewood, Appalachian spruce, black ebony, and fine mother-of-pearl. With Henderson's keen ear for the vibrations of each piece of wood he uses, each note that comes out of them has the power of a cannon and the sweetness of maple syrup. In Clapton's Guitar, Allen St. John recounts how a perfect acoustic guitar comes into the world and how an artist gauges perfection. Wayne Henderson, master luthier and genius in blue jeans, will tell you that he simply puts penknife to wood and carves away "everything that isn't a guitar." This is the story of a master artist, set deep in the mountains of southwestern Virginia in a brick, one-story guitar shop, as busy and chaotic inside as it is simple outside. The space is well-lighted, cluttered with power tools, air hoses, and guitar bodies in various stages of completion. It is in this modest shop that Wayne Henderson crafts some of the most highly coveted acoustic guitars on earth, including one very special instrument he built for Eric Clapton. Normally, there is a ten-year wait for a Henderson guitar, and St. John finds there are no exceptions even for an iconic figure like Clapton. But seeing it as a shortcut to getting his own guitar done, St. John jump-starts the process, and then takes readers with him on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of high-end instrument making with the man The Washington Post calls the "Mad Scientist of Mountain Music." Henderson, a small-town wise man, is not only the star of this book as a master guitar maker but also is the star of any stage he sets foot on as a master guitar player, equally at home at Carnegie Hall or the local VFW hall. Around this drolly humorous man circulates a small coterie of colorful characters and inspired musicians, who welcome you for an all-too-brief visit. By book's end, you too will want to be Wayne Henderson's friend. In a rich tapestry of folklore and folksiness, St. John tells the story of building the Clapton guitar in loving detail, from the centuries-old forests where great tonewood grows, to the auction floor of Christie's where one of Clapton's guitars commands over $700,000. It's also a loving look at Wayne's corner of the world, the Blue Ridge mountain hamlets where American traditional music was born, and of Wayne's hometown of Rugby, Virginia, population 7, where the winding roads have kept progress at bay. Whether you love old-time music, unplugged rock, traditional American craftsmanship, or simply gifted storytelling, Clapton's Guitar is an engaging work that you will want to savor and share with friends.

Lutherie Tools

Lutherie Tools Author Tim Olsen
ISBN-10 0962644706
Release 1990
Pages 122
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Designing, making and maintaining tools for making and repairing stringed musical instruments (i.e. all types of guitars, violins, mandolins, etc.). Includes measuring and inspection tools; bending irons; knives, chisels, scrapers, and planes; clamps, gluing, and holding devices; routers; sanding machines; bandsaw and drill press. Seventeen respected luthiers discuss their hand and power tool preferences.

Classical Guitar Making

Classical Guitar Making Author John S. Bogdanovich
ISBN-10 1402720602
Release 2007-01
Pages 309
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What a thrill for any musician: playing a fine-sounding instrument that he or she has lovingly crafted from scratch. With this richly illustrated manual, well-known luthier and guitarist John Bogdanovich shows exactly how to build that first, beautiful guitar, using traditional, time-tested methods. All that’s required are basic woodworking techniques and a minimally equipped shop. Bogdanovich discusses the anatomy of the guitar, sound, choosing an instrument, selecting woods, templates and molds, and preparation. In more than 300 pages of text, he painstakingly lays out the details of construction, from assembling the neck and sides to installing the fingerboard and bridge.

Sound Designs

Sound Designs Author Jon Scoville
ISBN-10 0898157757
Release 1995
Pages 212
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This text has plans for 50 musical instruments, including over 100 drawings and photographs. It teaches the reader how to build their own musical instruments, using knowledge of a variety of diverse cultures from around the world. It includes instruments such as: oil drum gongs, thumb pianos, cowbells, tube drums and willow whistles. All necessary materials can either be purchased or found in nature or a junkyard.

The Art of Lutherie

The Art of Lutherie Author TOM BILLS
ISBN-10 9781619115378
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 56
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The Art Of Lutherie offers a glimpse into the mind and craft of luthier Tom Bills, whom many consider to be one of the most talented luthiers today. In this beautifully written and enjoyable read, Tom elegantly and clearly shares his best- kept secrets and methods of custom guitar making - those which make his guitars favorites among top collectors and players. Tom's unique approach to The Art Of Lutherie will empower and inspire you to create more than just a guitar, but a truly unique work of art. The information that is generously shared within this insightful and timeless work is both practical and applicable. It contains the same hard-won wisdom that only comes from years of experience and experimentation that Tom uses in creating his inspiring instruments. Over the years, he has producedinstruments considered to be some of the bestsounding guitars ever made. Learning the steps of how to build a guitar is important, but understanding whymaster luthiers take those steps and make those decisions can empower you to make your own educated choices. This will allow you to create unique guitars, and the world needs your art, your guitars - your important contribution. The Art Of Lutherie, a truly unique and inspiring guide, can prepare you to reach new heights when designing and creating unique guitars. It is not often I heap such lavish praise on people; however, Tom is in this case more than deserving: I know of no other luthier whose work I respect more. Tom knows his craft inside and out; he pours his soul into every guitar he makes; heuses cutting-edge science to guide his work, and it head of Artist Relations and Product Development at Mel Bay, it gives me great pleasure topublish Tom's work, which will no doubt take the art of lutherie to a new level. I hope you'll spend some time soaking in this book - it will certainly augmentyour musicality - Collin Bay. Includes access to online video

The Art of Tap Tuning

The Art of Tap Tuning Author Roger H. Siminoff
ISBN-10 1423423275
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 56
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(Book). This book explains the secret ingredients needed to obtain the very best tonal qualities when building acoustic string instruments. It includes an exploration of the tools and equipment needed, the methods to excite tones in the instrument, how to make the necessary changes, and how to achieve consistency and repeatability. The text focuses on tap tuning as it relates to mandolins, guitars, banjos, violins, ukuleles, dulcimers, pianos, and more. The DVD includes demonstrations of the acoustic phenomena described in the text.

Engineering the Guitar

Engineering the Guitar Author Richard Mark French
ISBN-10 9780387743691
Release 2008-12-16
Pages 266
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A uniquely engaging description of the mechanics of the guitar, for engineers and craftsmen alike. Clearly written in a conceptual language, it provides readers with an understanding of the dynamic behavior of the instrument, including structural and component dynamics, and various analytical models, such as discrete, finite element, and boundary element models. The text also covers manufacturing processes, including both handmade and mass produced instruments.

Acoustic Guitar Making

Acoustic Guitar Making Author Nick Blishen
ISBN-10 1847973744
Release 2012
Pages 175
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Topics covered:Tools, techniques and selection of materials.Careful instruction on the detailed process from making the initial templates through to gluing the fingerboard.Tips throughout on how to avoid pitfalls and make faster progress.Advice on how to achieve a professional finish, and setting up the guitar.

Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitars

Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitars Author Bill Cory
ISBN-10 0972956786
Release 2017-07-25
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Twelve years ago, I asked, "Could I actually build a guitar?" I was 57 years old, hadn't built anything of wood since 1962 in 7th grade wood shop (a coat rack), and owned no woodworking tools. I didn't know people built guitars of their own! But I was intrigued by the possibility. I studied the Stewart-MacDonald catalog and ordered a kit, a 12-fret rosewood and spruce 000. A few months later, I was playing it! It was an amazing and memorable experience. I decided to do it again, and again ... Now twelve years later, many more guitars have come out of my little home shop-all from kits. Brazilian rosewood/Coastal Redwood...Indian rosewood/cedar ...mahogany/Sitka ... Indian rosewood/red spruce-all kinds of standard and exotic wood combinations and body styles. It has been a blast. And, it has produced this book about acoustic kits-the only book specifically dedicated to acoustic kits and their place in the guitar building world. Complete Guide to Building Kit Acoustic Guitars has helped hundreds, possibly thousands, of beginning guitar builders worldwide to begin to build their own quality acoustic guitars. Until now, it's only been available with spiral binding. With this revision, the perfect binding is also available. Here are a few highlights: Why a Kit? Why not? Tools you'll need and how to save on them Your space requirements (not much!) Where to get the right kit for you How to create a completely custom kit How long it will take to build Tools you can build Resources for guitar builders Detailed building logs for two guitars Complete Glossary of lutherie terms A complete build, step by step ... and a whole lot more, illustrated with over 450 pictures I love building guitars and playing them! I also enjoy writing, and this book has made possible both of those enjoyable pursuits. Completely revised and updated, the book reflects my continuing enthusiasm and learning about this "little brother to luthiery," the building of kit guitars by beginners and hobby builders. This is the only book dedicated to guitar making with guitar kits. It's a specialty, for sure. But does a kit end up being a real guitar? You can bet on it! Some of my guitars, made from choice woods, are the match of guitars created by the major companies in the world, both for playability and tone. And they look great, too! Please take a look into the book, follow a link from page 5 to hear and see a couple of my kits being played. They sound good, but I'm sure yours can sound and look even better! If you've thought about it, now find out about it too! Order your copy! (Hint, ladies: It makes a great gift for a husband looking for a new challenge!)

Make Your Own Ukulele

Make Your Own Ukulele Author Bill Plant
ISBN-10 1565235657
Release 2012
Pages 95
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On the cusp of the Uke resurgence, this is teh first book to present the simple step-by-step process or building a ukulele. The ukulele's appeal among the young and enormous craft-nation of MAKErs makes this project a 'must-do.'

Making Master Guitars

Making Master Guitars Author Roy Courtnall
ISBN-10 0709048092
Release 1993
Pages 330
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Making Master Guitars is a craftsman’s handbook about the exciting and challenging pursuit of making classical guitars, a craft that the author reveals to be surprisingly accessible by following his instructions. The book is unique in that it includes nine separate detailed plans of instruments constructed by internationally famous guitar-makers. The author has had the rare opportunity of examining these instruments in detail, and has made many replicas of each one.Part one: The Master Makers and their Guitars is devoted to separate chapters on each famous maker, including Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernández y Aguado, Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet, Daniel Friederich and José Romanillos. The reader will find historical information about the life of and influences on each makers, as well as detailed sets of working drawings for their guitars. Also included are rare photographs of the guitars.Part two: Workshop, Tools and Materials provides essential information about the tools, working environment and material needed by the guitar-maker.Part three: Guitar Construction – The Spanish Method comprises a step-by-step method of guitar construction, illustrated by numerous photographs and drawings. The method of making a guitar is presented with great clarity. So that even the newcomer to this fascinating craft will be able to produce a superb instrument. This book will be essential for the guitar-maker and the historian, providing as it does a unique record of the different methods of guitar design and strutting systems that have evolved since Antonio de Torres first defined the essential characteristics of the modern classical guitar in the 1850s.

Step by step Guitar Making

Step by step Guitar Making Author Alex Willis
ISBN-10 1861086962
Release 2010
Pages 191
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GUITAR. In this title, the Sussex based author provides accessible text, clear instructions, step-by-step photographs and a full-size plan of the guitar. Readers will learn how to make a steel-stringed OM cutaway guitar with 14 frets from scratch, following the clear step-by-step photographs and straightforward instructions. Suitable even for woodworkers with a basic level of skills, this is a rewarding project to undertake and will no doubt become a family heirloom. Packed full of handy information and expert tips, close guidance through the whole process from choosing the materials to the final stringing up and a full-size plan of the guitar to follow, readers can't go wrong. Plus this revised and updated edition features new and expanded material on: power tools and jigs, bolt-on and dovetail neck joints, alternative ways of making a guitar body, soundboard bracing for a Classical guitar and much more.

Constructing a 5 string Banjo

Constructing a 5 string Banjo Author
ISBN-10 0881883735
Release 1985
Pages 63
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