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The Machiavellian Moment

The Machiavellian Moment Author J. G. A. Pocock
ISBN-10 9781400883516
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 664
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Originally published in 1975, The Machiavellian Moment remains a landmark of historical and political thought. Celebrated historian J.G.A. Pocock looks at the consequences for modern historical and social consciousness arising from the ideal of the classical republic revived by Machiavelli and other thinkers of Renaissance Italy. Pocock shows that Machiavelli's prime emphasis was on the moment in which the republic confronts the problem of its own instability in time, which Pocock calls the "Machiavellian moment." After examining this problem in the works of Machiavelli, Guicciardini, and Giannotti, Pocock turns to the revival of republican ideology in Puritan England and in Revolutionary and Federalist America. He argues that the American Revolution can be considered the last great act of civic humanism of the Renaissance and he relates the origins of modern historicism to the clash between civic, Christian, and commercial values in eighteenth-century thought. This Princeton Classics edition of The Machiavellian Moment features a new introduction by Richard Whatmore.

Republicanism Liberty and Commercial Society 1649 1776

Republicanism  Liberty  and Commercial Society  1649 1776 Author David Wootton
ISBN-10 0804723567
Release 1994
Pages 497
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This examination of republicanism in an Anglo-American and European context gives weight not only to the thought of the theorists of republicanism but also to the practical experience of republican governments in England, Geneva, the Netherlands, and Venice.

The English Republican Tradition and Eighteenth Century France

The English Republican Tradition and Eighteenth Century France Author Rachel Hammersley
ISBN-10 9781847793041
Release 2013-07-19
Pages 272
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The English republican tradition and eighteenth-century France offers the first full account of the role played by seventeenth and eighteenth-century English republican ideas in eighteenth-century France. Challenging some of the dominant accounts of the republican tradition, it revises conventional understandings of what republicanism meant in both Britain and France during the eighteenth century, offering a distinctive trajectory as regards ancient and modern constructions and highlighting variety rather than homogeneity within the tradition. Hammersley thus offers a new and fascinating perspective on both the legacy of the English republican tradition and the origins and thought of the French Revolution. The book is focused around a series of case studies, which focus on a number of colourful and influential characters including John Toland, Viscount Bolingbroke, John Wilkes and the Comte de Mirabeau. This book will thus be of value to all those interested in the fields of intellectual history and the history of political thought, seventeenth and eighteenth-century British history, eighteenth-century French history and French Revolution studies.

The Political Thought of the Dutch Revolt 1555 1590

The Political Thought of the Dutch Revolt 1555 1590 Author Martin van Gelderen
ISBN-10 0521891639
Release 2002-10-03
Pages 348
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This book is a comprehensive study of the history of the political thought of the Dutch Revolt (1555-90). It explores the development of the political ideas which motivated and legitimized the Dutch resistance against the government of Philip II in the Low Countries, and which became the ideological foundations of the Dutch Republic as it emerged as one of the main powers of Europe. It shows how notions of liberty, constitutionalism, representation and popular sovereignty were of central importance to the political thought and revolutionary events of the Dutch Revolt, giving rise to a distinct political theory of resistance, to fundamental debates on the 'best state' of the new Dutch commonwealth and to passionate disputes on the relationship between church and state which prompted some of the most eloquent early modern pleas for religious toleration.

Machiavelli and the Modern State

Machiavelli and the Modern State Author Alissa M. Ardito
ISBN-10 9781107693708
Release 2014-09-30
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This book offers a significant reinterpretation of the history of republican political thought and of Niccol- Machiavelli's place within it. It locates Machiavelli's political thought within enduring debates about the proper size of republics. From the sixteenth century onward, as states grew larger, it was believed only monarchies could govern large territories effectively. Republicanism was a form of government relegated to urban city-states, anachronisms in the new age of the territorial state. For centuries, history and theory were in agreement: constructing an extended republic was as futile as trying to square the circle; but then James Madison devised a compound representative republic that enabled popular government to take on renewed life in the modern era. This work argues that Machiavelli had his own Madisonian impulse and deserves to be recognized as the first modern political theorist to envision the possibility of a republic with a large population extending over a broad territory.

Machiavelli s Liberal Republican Legacy

Machiavelli s Liberal Republican Legacy Author Paul A. Rahe
ISBN-10 1139448331
Release 2005-11-14
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The significance of Machiavelli's political thinking for the development of modern republicanism is a matter of great controversy. In this volume, a distinguished team of political theorists and historians reassess the evidence, examining the character of Machiavelli's own republicanism and charting his influence on Marchamont Nedham, James Harrington, John Locke, Algernon Sidney, John Trenchard, Thomas Gordon, David Hume, the Baron de Montesquieu, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. This work argues that while Machiavelli himself was not liberal, he did set the stage for the emergence of liberal republicanism in England. By the exponents of commercial society he provided the foundations for a moderation of commonwealth ideology and exercised considerable, if circumscribed, influence on the statesmen who founded the American Republic. Machiavelli's Liberal Republican Legacy will be of great interest to political theorists, early modern historians, and students of the American political tradition.

Rethinking The Foundations of Modern Political Thought

Rethinking The Foundations of Modern Political Thought Author Annabel Brett
ISBN-10 9781139459976
Release 2006-12-07
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Quentin Skinner's classic study The Foundations of Modern Political Thought was first published by Cambridge in 1978. This was the first of a series of outstanding publications that have changed forever the way the history of political thought is taught and practised. Rethinking the Foundations of Modern Political Thought looks afresh at the impact of the original work, asks why it still matters, and considers a number of significant agendas that it still inspires. A very distinguished international team of contributors has been assembled, including John Pocock, Richard Tuck and David Armitage, and the result is an unusually powerful and cohesive contribution to the history of ideas, of interest to large numbers of students of early modern history and political thought. In conclusion, Skinner replies to each chapter and presents his own thoughts on the latest trends and the future direction of the history of political thought.

Contesting the Renaissance

Contesting the Renaissance Author William Caferro
ISBN-10 1444391321
Release 2010-08-24
Pages 264
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In this book, William Caferro asks if the Renaissance was really a period of progress, reason, the emergence of the individual, and the beginning of modernity. An influential investigation into the nature of the European Renaissance Summarizes scholarly debates about the nature of the Renaissance Engages with specific controversies concerning gender identity, economics, the emergence of the modern state, and reason and faith Takes a balanced approach to the many different problems and perspectives that characterize Renaissance studies

Virtue Transformed

Virtue Transformed Author Shelley Burtt
ISBN-10 0521026733
Release 2006-11-02
Pages 196
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This book challenges the received notions of the fortunes of virtue and the politics of virtue today.

Republican Realism in Renaissance Florence

Republican Realism in Renaissance Florence Author Athanasios Moulakis
ISBN-10 0847689948
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 171
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In this book, Athanasios Moulakis makes available for the first time in English the important essay Discorso di Logrogno, "How to Bring Order to Popular Government, " by Renaissance thinker Francesco Guicciardini. In addition to his valuable and lucid translation of the essay, Moulakis provides an engaging analysis of this important work. He shows that, far from representing a revival of ancient republicanism, the long maturation of Florentine constitutional thought - brought to fine expression by Guicciardini - points to a distinctly modern idea of the republican state. Republican Realism in Renaissance Florence is a unique and important book that will be of great value to historians and political theorists alike.

Athens on Trial

Athens on Trial Author Jennifer Tolbert Roberts
ISBN-10 9781400821327
Release 2011-10-23
Pages 426
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The Classical Athenians were the first to articulate and implement the notion that ordinary citizens of no particular affluence or education could make responsible political decisions. For this reason, reactions to Athenian democracy have long provided a prime Rorschach test for political thought. Whether praising Athens's government as the legitimizing ancestor of modern democracies or condemning it as mob rule, commentators throughout history have revealed much about their own notions of politics and society. In this book, Jennifer Roberts charts responses to Athenian democracy from Athens itself through the twentieth century, exploring a debate that touches upon historiography, ethics, political science, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, gender studies, and educational theory.

Founding Visions

Founding Visions Author Lance Banning
ISBN-10 9780813152868
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 372
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Lance Banning was one of the most distinguished historians of his generation. His first book, The Jeffersonian Persuasion: Evolution of a Party Ideology, was a groundbreaking study of the ideas and principles that influenced political conflict in the early American Republic. His revisionist masterpiece, The Sacred Fire of Liberty: James Madison and the Founding of the Federal Republic, received the Merle Curti Award in Intellectual History from the Organization of American Historians and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Banning was assembling this collection of his best and most representative writings on the Founding era when his untimely death stalled the project just short of its completion. Now, thanks to the efforts of editor Todd Estes, this illuminating resource is finally available. Founding Visions showcases the work of a historian who shaped the intellectual debates of his time. Featuring a foreword by Gordon S. Wood, the volume presents Banning's most seminal and insightful essays to a new generation of students, scholars, and general readers.

The Greek Tradition in Republican Thought

The Greek Tradition in Republican Thought Author Eric Nelson
ISBN-10 0521024285
Release 2006-02-13
Pages 320
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The Greek Tradition in Republic Thought completely rewrites the standard history of republican political theory. It excavates an identifiably Greek strain of republican thought which attaches little importance to freedom as non-dependence and sees no intrinsic value in political participation. This tradition's central preoccupations are not honour and glory, but happiness (eudaimonia) and justice - defined, in Plato's terms, as the rule of the best men. This set of commitments yields as startling readiness to advocate the corrective redistribution of wealth, and even the outright abolition of private property. The Greek tradition was revived in England during the early sixteenth century and was broadly influential throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Its exponents included Sir Thomas More, James Harrington, Montesquieu and Thomas Jefferson, and it contributed significantly to the ideological underpinnings of the American Founding as well as the English Civil Wars.

American Social and Political Thought

American Social and Political Thought Author Andreas Hess
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106016030444
Release 2002
Pages 480
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Critical Essaysshowcases a critic whom Ezra Pound called in 1914, "the best critic in England, one might say the only critic of any importance." This volume provides access to the best of Ford Madox Ford's essays. The essays are arranged chronologically and span nearly forty years_covering most of Ford's writing life. Saunders and Stang have included essays, literary portraits, and book reviews that Ford published in theEnglish Review,The Tribune,The Bystander,The Outlook,Piccadilly Review, theTransatlantic Review, and theChicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, among other places.

Renaissance Civic Humanism

Renaissance Civic Humanism Author James Hankins
ISBN-10 0521548071
Release 2003
Pages 332
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Civic humanism has been one of the most influential of all concepts in the history of ideas. In this volume, an eminent team of political theorists and historians of ideas have been brought together to reassess the impact on the subject of the pioneering work of Hans Baron (1966) and J. G. A. Pocock (1975), creating a fresh intellectual landscape in which Renaissance civic humanism can be discussed. Drawing on a wide range of political and historical texts, this book evaluates civic humanism in the light of the emergence of oligarchy, imperialism, patronage politics and the Medici ascendency in Florence in the 14th to 16th centuries. It proposes new understandings of the evolution of important republican concepts such as liberty, the rule of law, virtue, and the common good. This thought-provoking collection represents a significant contribution to the study of republican political ideology in the Renaissance and modern periods.

Christianity and Democracy

Christianity and Democracy Author John W. de Gruchy
ISBN-10 0521458412
Release 1995-06-01
Pages 291
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In this important study John de Gruchy examines the past, present and future roles of Christianity in the development of democracy. He traces the relationship from its gestation in early Christendom to its virtual breakdown as democracy becomes the polity of modernity, and focuses on five twentieth-century case studies, including Nazi Germany and South Africa, which demonstrate the revival of the churches as a force in the struggle for democracy. His conclusions point the way to the development of a theology for a just world order.

Citizens and Saints

Citizens and Saints Author Gregory Claeys
ISBN-10 0521364906
Release 1989-10-12
Pages 360
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This book examines the emergence of early socialist ideas, focusing on British Owenite socialism.