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The Midwife

The Midwife Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623283
Release 2016-04-02
Pages 306
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Can a twenty-first century independent woman find her true destiny, in thirteenth century Scotland? At his father's bidding, Cade MacKenzie begs a favor from Laird Macrae--Lady MacKenzie desperately needs the renowned Macrae midwife. Laird Macrae has no intention of sending his clan's best, instead he passes off Elsie, a young woman with little experience, as the midwife they seek.But fate--in the form of a mysterious older woman and an extraordinary pocket watch--steps in. Elizabeth Quinn, a disillusioned obstetrician, is transported to the thirteenth century. She switched souls with Elsie as the old woman said she would but other things don't go quite as expected. Perhaps most unexpected was falling in love with Cade MacKenzie.

The Christmas Present

The Christmas Present Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623402
Release 2016-12-13
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Faced with an empty nest, and heartbroken, Anita Lewis is given the chance to experience Christmas in another time with the help of a mysterious old woman and a pocket watch.The gift she receives is priceless as she rediscovers the magic of Christmas in the past.

The Dean s Watch

The Dean s Watch Author Elizabeth Goudge
ISBN-10 9781598568875
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 350
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In a remote mid-nineteenth-century English town, cathedral Dead Adam Ayscough holds a deep love for his parishioners and townspeople. When an obscure watchmaker strikes up an unlikely friendship with the Dean, it leads to an unusual spiritual awakening in both men, and eventually reaches out to the entire community.

No Angel

No Angel Author Penny Vincenzi
ISBN-10 9781590207987
Release 2004-10-05
Pages 626
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With more than 3.5 million copies sold, Penny Vincenzi is one of the world’s preeminent writers of popular fiction—and American readers no longer have to miss out on the fun. With the publication of No Angel, a novel introducing the engaging cast of characters in the Lytton family, Overlook opens a thrilling new dimension to this author’s already illustrious career. No Angel is an irresistibly sweeping saga of power, family politics, and passion-a riveting drama and a fervent love story. Celia Lytton is the beautiful and strong-willed daughter of wealthy aristocrats and she is used to getting her way. She moves through life making difficult and often dangerous decisions that affect herself and others-her husband, Oliver, and their children; the destitute Sylvia Miller, whose life is transformed by Celia’s intrusion; as well as Oliver’s daunting elder sister, who is not all she appears to be; and Sebastian Brooke, for whom Celia makes the most dangerous decision of all. Set against the tumultuous backdrop of London and New York in the First World War, No Angel is, as British Good Housekeeping wrote, “an absorbing page-turner, packed with believable characters and satisfyingly extreme villains, eccentrics, and manipulators.” Readers of Maeve Binchy, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and Anita Shreve will fall in love with this epic, un-put-downable novel.

Highland Angels

Highland Angels Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623232
Release 2016-01-11
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Anna MacKay fears the MacLeods. Andrew MacLeod fears love.Anna, angry with her brother, took a walk to cool her temper. She had no intention of venturing so close to MacLeod territory--until she saw a wee lad fall through the ice.Andrew becomes enraged when it appears the MacKay lass has abducted his son, his last precious connection to the wife he lost--until he learns the truth. Anna, risked her life to save his beloved child. Now there is a chance to end the generations old hate and fear between their clans.Fate connects them. The desire for peace binds them. Will a rival tear them apart?

Highland Revenge

Highland Revenge Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623011
Release 2015-04-20
Pages 142
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Does he hate her clan enough to visit his vengeance on her? Or will he listen to her secret and his own heart's yearning? Hatred lives and breathes between medieval clans who often don't remember why feuds began in the shadowed past. But Eoin MacKay remembers. He will never forget how he was treated by Bhaltair MacNicol-the acting head of Clan MacNicol. He was lucky to escape alive, and vows to have revenge. Years later, as laird of Clan MacKay, he gets his chance when he captures Lady Fiona MacNicol. His desire for revenge is strong but he is beguiled by his captive. Can he forget his stubborn hatred long enough to listen to the secret she has kept for so long? And once he knows the truth, can he show her she is not alone and forsaken? In the end, is he strong enough to fight the combined hostilities and age-old grudges that demand he give her up? The electronic version of Highland Revenge can be found in the collection Highland Winds - The Scrolls of Cridhe Volume 1.

The Blue Cotton Gown

The Blue Cotton Gown Author Patricia Harman
ISBN-10 9780807096840
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 296
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A 2008 Indie Next Pick Despite nurse-midwife Patsy Harman’s own financial and personal medical trials, including her private battle with uterine cancer, she devotes herself to her patients’ well-being in all aspects of their lives. They, in turn, tell her intimate stories both heartbreaking and uplifting.

Highland Redemption

Highland Redemption Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623607
Release 2017-07-30
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Tomas's life changed forever when at the age of seven he was adopted by Laird and Lady Maclan ending the abuse he'd suffered at Ambrose Ruthven's hand. He'd never looked back and never intended to But fate had other plans... Now, nineteen years later, he runs headlong into his past. The Ruthvens are in trouble and Tomas is in a position to help them. But can he set aside his hatred for Laird Ruthven for the good of the clan into which he was born? Fate always adds a twist... Laird Ruthven's daughter is not what Tomas expected. Vida Ruthven is sweet, smart, and utterly irresistible. Now, Tomas must choose between being the savior or taking the ultimate revenge.

Highland Echoes

Highland Echoes Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623062
Release 2015-05-15
Pages 304
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Grace Breive is strong and independent because she has to be. She has a wee daughter to care for and, having lost her parents and husband, has no one else on whom she can rely. Driven from the only home she has ever known, she travels to Castle Sutherland to find a grandmother she never knew she had. As Laird Sutherland's heir, Bram Sutherland understands his obligation to enter into a political marriage for the good of the clan, but he is captivated by the beautiful and resilient young mother. Will Bram and Grace follow the dictates of their hearts, or will echoes from the past force them apart?

A Wee Highland Predicament

A Wee Highland Predicament Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 1942623917
Release 2018-05-18
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Sometimes a bad boy can be a good man.Lucas Grant¿s brother is going to be furious. Lucas was supposed to secure a betrothal with a wealthy heiress to save his clan from financial ruin. After meeting her, he cannot marry the detestable woman.As he flees Edinburgh to escape her, he happens upon six men who are holding a lovely Highland lass captive. He can¿t just leave her to whatever fate awaits, so he rescues her. Well, perhaps rescue isn¿t the right word¿When he learns the feisty lass he stumbled upon is Ailsa MacLennan, he sees another way to help his clan. He¿s going to hold her for ransom.But when she steals his heart, what will the ransom be?

The Water Maiden

The Water Maiden Author Raymond M. Hall
ISBN-10 1522724095
Release 2016-01-25
Pages 360
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Clare is a young teenage misfit living out her life in a small village with uncaring parents. She is dragged into the world of the supernatural when she finds human bones which have been buried at the bottom of a pond for centuries. Through this medium she is transported back in time where she meets herself in the Seventeenth century and is forced to carve out a new life, using any and all her feminine wiles in a savage and violent era. It is the time of the witchfinders and mass religious hysteria, a very dangerous time to be different. The story follows Clare through England, The Caribbean and the Americas in her search for love and happiness, maybe she can achieve this in the past and have a better life, or maybe not!

What If I Fall

What If I Fall Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 194262364X
Release 2017-08-03
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What if I Fall was originally released as one of two full-length novels included in, The Choice. Sixty days in another life, another time¿it¿s tempting. Sara Wells is in Venice, preparing to leave on a fourteen day cruise to Greece, when Gertrude offers her the pocket watch. But Sara is a romance author and worries she¿ll fall in love. The problem is, she¿s already in love with Mark. She suspects he¿s ready to propose to her. She doesn¿t want to have to make that kind of choice.But the universe unfolds as it should, and when humans close doors, fate often opens a window. And fate, with a little help from Gertrude, ensures that Sara encounters a traveler from the past as well as more intrigue than she can pack into the books she writes.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life Author Upton Sinclair
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433069246191
Release 1922
Pages 224
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The Book of Life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Book of Life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Book of Life book for free.

A Midwife Crisis

A Midwife Crisis Author Lisa Cooke
ISBN-10 084396362X
Release 2010
Pages 292
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When her family decides that she needs a husband and presents her with three suitable candidates, Katie, a compassionate midwife, turns to her friend Dr. John Keffer for help, and unexpectedly discovers that the perfect man has been right in front of her the whole time. (Historical romance). Original. 125,000 first printing.

Push Back

Push Back Author Amy Tuteur, M.D.
ISBN-10 0062407333
Release 2017-01-10
Pages 320
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A Harvard-trained obstetrician-gynecologist, prominent blogger, and author of the classic How Your Baby Is Born delivers a timely, important, and sure to be headline-making expose that shines a light on the natural parenting movement and the multimillion-dollar industry behind it. The natural parenting movement praises the virtues of birth without medical interference, staunchly advocates breastfeeding for all mothers, and hails attachment parenting. Once the exclusive province of the alternative lifestyle, natural parenting has gone mainstream, becoming a lucrative big business today. But those who do not subscribe to this method are often made to feel as if they are doing their children harm. Dr. Amy Tuteur understands their apprehensions. “Parenting quickly feels synonymous with guilt. And of late, there is no bigger arena for this pervasive guilt than childbirth.” As a medical professional with a long career in obstetrics and gynecology and as the mother of four children, Tuteur is no stranger to the insurmountable pressures and subsequent feelings of blame and self-condemnation that mothers experience during their children’s early years. The natural parenting movement, she contends, is not helping them raise their children better. Instead, it capitalizes on their uncertainty, manipulating parents when they are most vulnerable. In Push Back, she chronicles the movement’s history from its roots to its modern practices, incorporating her own experiences as a mother and successful OB-GYN with original research on the latest in childbirth science. She also reveals the dangerous and overtly misogynistic motives of some of its proponents—conservative men who sought to limit women’s control and autonomy. As she debunks, one by one, the guilt-inducing myths of natural birth and parenting, Dr. Tuteur empowers women to embrace the method of childbirth that is right for them, while reassuring all parents that the most important thing they can do is love and care for their children.

Highland Flames

Highland Flames Author Ceci Giltenan
ISBN-10 0990951340
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 774
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The Pocket Watch by Ceci Giltenan Maggie Mitchell believes her broken heart will never mend, then she meets a mysterious elderly woman with an extraordinary pocket watch. Transported to the past, will the man Maggie meets there take away her pain, or put her heart in more danger than before? Lord Ruthven's Bride by Tarah Scott Lady Annabelle is torn between two men. The man she is betrothed to and the man who saved her life. Jack: A Scottish Outlaw by Lily Baldwin Jack MacFie is a thief-with a code. Even though Lady Isabella Redesdale is a hated English noble, when her carriage is attacked by another band of villains, his conscience forces him to kidnap the lady to save her life. More alike than they first realize, Jack and Isabella both crave freedom from war and despair, but in a world where kings reign and birth dictates one's station, freedom is not won, it is stolen. One Knight Standing by Kate Robbins Thrust together by desire and ancient secrets, William Gillies and Catherine St. Clair embark on a journey of discovery wrought with passion, intrigue, and adventure, revealing their true destiny. Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder When Katla MacKenzie meets a dashing stranger in an enchanted place, she gladly gives her heart - and her passion - to the lover she only knows as the Lord of Winter. Gunnar MacLeod can't resist the bonnie lass and seduces her-or is he the one seduced? A long-standing clan feud comes between them, but a heart that loves is powerful, and Gunnar will do whatever he must to claim Katla as his own. Highland Awakening by Kathryn Lynn Davis Esme Rose is content in Glen Affric, that is until a dream sends her on a perilous journey where she comes to know her own fears and strengths, and the transforming power of magic-even for a man who doesn't believe. Highland Destiny by Victoria Zak Rory Cameron, an alluring Dragonkine Highlander, believes he has found his mate in Kenna Mackenzie. Kenna, running in fear from her betrothed, finds a secluded refuge in a glen far away from men-that is until a dragon swoops into her life. Feeling the burn of the seductive flames, will Kenna embrace the fire between them-or will she flee again?"

Morna s Vow

Morna s Vow Author Bethany Claire
ISBN-10 9781947731271
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 268
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"Morna's Vow" is the SWEET/CLEAN version of "Love Beyond Belief" by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire. This version is for readers who prefer clean language in their stories and love scenes that stay behind closed doors. A need for change. A time for love. For Sydney Pearce, the stress of running her grandmother’s restaurant in Italy has become too much. With all work and no play, it feels as if her life will never start. She needs something—anything—to change. When a surprising job offer from a castle resort in Scotland comes her way, she jumps at the chance to leave her old life behind. However, life at the castle comes with its own set of difficulties. Magic is a part of everyday life for those who live at Cagair Castle, and if that weren’t a big enough adjustment, she must also deal with her growing feelings for a man born hundreds of years before her—a man so magnetic that she fears her resistance to him may be futile. Callum MacChristy is a busy man. With his daily travels through time and the impending threat of the man who tried to burn his home to the ground, he doesn’t need any distractions. But when he meets a modern lass who seems capable of bewitching him with a single glance, he finds it difficult to keep his thoughts from her. As their feelings grow, so does the danger that could destroy any possibility of living happily ever after. Will they discover the truth, or will an unexpected enemy ruin them all? Read all the books in The Magical Matchmaker's Legacy. You should read them in the following order: Morna's Spell Morna's Secret The Conalls’ Magical Yuletide - A Novella Morna's Magic Morna's Accomplice Jeffrey's Only Wish - A Novella Morna's Rogue Morna's Ghost Morna's Vow Keywords: sweet romance, clean romance, Scottish time travel romance, highlander romance, historical romance, sweet love stories, clean love stories, 17th century Scotland, highlanders, highlander romance, time travel, fantasy, witches, magic, historical love stories