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The Million Death Quake

The Million Death Quake Author Roger Musson
ISBN-10 9780230119413
Release 2012-10-16
Pages 255
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A leading seismologist examines why and how earthquakes happen while explaining why he believes they are becoming more lethal, profiling breakthroughs in science and engineering that are improving structure resiliency and furthering predictability technologies. 30,000 first printing.

The 1940 Vrancea Earthquake Issues Insights and Lessons Learnt

The 1940 Vrancea Earthquake  Issues  Insights and Lessons Learnt Author Radu Vacareanu
ISBN-10 9783319298443
Release 2016-03-02
Pages 521
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These proceedings include most of the available information on this major seismic event and its consequences. With an estimated moment magnitude of 7.7 and a heavy toll in terms of human and economic losses, it ranks as the largest intermediate-depth earthquake in Europe in the twentieth century. Nevertheless, because of the difficult conditions in the 1940s, the lessons learnt after the Vrancea earthquake were not extensively shared with the international scientific community and thus, this book fills a gap in the literature discussing the knowledge acquired after major disasters. Past experience together with current understanding of the 1940 Vrancea earthquake are presented along with the latest information on Romanian seismicity, seismic hazard and risk assessment, and seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of buildings and structures. Moreover, it includes excerpts from Romanian post-disaster reports and textbooks concerning the earthquake.

Human Casualties in Earthquakes

Human Casualties in Earthquakes Author Robin Spence
ISBN-10 9048194555
Release 2011-01-03
Pages 322
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Assessment of human casualties in earthquakes has become a topic of vital importance for national and urban authorities responsible for emergency provision, for the development of mitigation strategies and for the development of adequate insurance schemes. In the last few years important work has been carried out on a number of recent events (including earthquakes in Kocaeli, Turkey 1999, Niigata Japan, 2004, Sichuan, China 2008 and L'Aquila,Italy 2009). These events have created new and detailed casualty data, which has not until now been properly assembled and evaluated. This book draws the new evidence from recent events together with existing knowledge. It summarises current trends in the understanding of the factors influencing the numbers and types of casualties in earthquakes; it offers methods to incorporate this understanding into the estimation of losses in future events in different parts of the world; it discusses ways in which pre-event mitigation activity and post-event emergency management can reduce the toll of casualties in future events; and it identifies future research needs.

A Positron Named Priscilla

A Positron Named Priscilla Author Addison Greenwood
ISBN-10 9780309048934
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 360
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A Positron Named Priscilla is a book of wonder, offering a fascinating, readable overview of cutting-edge investigations by many of today's leading young scientists. Written for anyone who loves science, this volume reports on some of the most exciting recent discoveries and advances in fields from astronomy to molecular biology. This new book is from one of the world's most prestigious scientific institutions, the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy provides an annual forum for the brightest young investigators to exchange ideas across disciplines--an exchange that was the spark for A Positron Named Priscilla. Each chapter is authored by a popular science writer who offers helpful historical perspectives, clear and well-illustrated explanations of current scientific thinking, and previews of future developments. The scope of topics and breadth of discussion ensure interest at all levels. Topics include Planetary science and the compelling glimpse through the clouded atmosphere of Venus afforded by the spacecraft Magellan. Astrophysics and the emergence of helioseismology, a new field that allows researchers to probe the interior workings of the sun. Biology and what we have learned about DNA in the 40 years since its discovery; our current understanding of protein molecules, the "building blocks" of living systems; and the high-tech search for answers to the AIDS epidemic. Physics and our new-found ability to move and manipulate individual atoms on a surface. The book also tells the remarkable story of "buckyballs," or buckminsterfullerenes, a form of carbon discovered only a few years ago, that have the potential to be used in a variety of important applications, from superconductivity to nanotechnology. Mathematics and the rise of "wavelet" theory, and how mathematicians are applying it in sometimes startling ways, from assisting the FBI with fingerprint storage to coaxing the secrets from a battered recording of Brahms playing the piano. Geosciences and the search for "clocks in the earth" to make life-saving earthquake predictions. A Positron Named Priscilla is a "must" read for anyone who wants to keep up with a broad range of scientific endeavor.

Earthquake Time Bombs

Earthquake Time Bombs Author
ISBN-10 9781107085244
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Earthquake Time Bombs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Earthquake Time Bombs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Earthquake Time Bombs book for free.

A Safer Future

A Safer Future Author U.S. National Committee for the Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction
ISBN-10 9780309597753
Release 1991-01-15
Pages 71
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Initial priorities for U.S. participation in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, declared by the United Nations, are contained in this volume. It focuses on seven issues: hazard and risk assessment; awareness and education; mitigation; preparedness for emergency response; recovery and reconstruction; prediction and warning; learning from disasters; and U.S. participation internationally. The committee presents its philosophy of calls for broad public and private participation to reduce the toll of disasters.

The Great Quake

The Great Quake Author Henry Fountain
ISBN-10 9781101904060
Release 2017
Pages 277
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About the biggest earthquake in North American recorded history, the 1964 Alaska earthquake that demolished the city of Valdez and swept away the island village of Chenega, and the geologist who hunted for clues to explain how and why it took place

Earthquake Prediction

Earthquake Prediction Author David Nabhan
ISBN-10 9781510720985
Release 2017-06-20
Pages 248
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Each year the world faces thousands of earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 or greater, resulting in devastating property destruction and tragic loss of life. To help avert these catastrophes, scientists have long searched for ways to predict when and where earthquakes will happen. The earth science establishment in the US says that earthquake prediction still lies outside the realm of possibility. But recent scientific developments across the globe suggest that seismic forecasting is on the horizon. Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology examines the latest scientific clues in hopes of discovering seismic precursors which may shed light on real earthquake prediction in the future. It is destined to be nothing less than an epoch-changing work, addressing this ancient enigma by joining the parts of a scientific detective story that ranges from the steppes of Russia to the coast of Chile, bringing to light astounding breakthroughs by researchers in Italy, India and elsewhere. Governments in countries such as China and Japan provide support for seismic forecasting, and it is time for our country to do the same. Earthquake Prediction makes the case, with an important message for the tens of millions of Americans on the US West Coast, the Mississippi River Valley, and other seismically active zones.

Natural Disaster Hotspots

Natural Disaster Hotspots Author Maxx Dilley
ISBN-10 0821359304
Release 2005
Pages 132
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Natural Disaster Hotspots has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Disaster Hotspots also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Disaster Hotspots book for free.

Predicting the Unpredictable

Predicting the Unpredictable Author Susan Elizabeth Hough
ISBN-10 9781400883547
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 280
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An earthquake can strike without warning and wreak horrific destruction and death, whether it's the catastrophic 2010 quake that took a devastating toll on the island nation of Haiti or a future great earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in California, which scientists know is inevitable. Yet despite rapid advances in earthquake science, seismologists still can’t predict when the Big One will hit. Predicting the Unpredictable explains why, exploring the fact and fiction behind the science—and pseudoscience—of earthquake prediction. Susan Hough traces the continuing quest by seismologists to forecast the time, location, and magnitude of future quakes. She brings readers into the laboratory and out into the field—describing attempts that have raised hopes only to collapse under scrutiny, as well as approaches that seem to hold future promise. She also ventures to the fringes of pseudoscience to consider ideas outside the scientific mainstream. An entertaining and accessible foray into the world of earthquake prediction, Predicting the Unpredictable illuminates the unique challenges of predicting earthquakes.

All About Earthquakes

All About Earthquakes Author Chad Taylor
ISBN-10 9781508124702
Release 2016-07-15
Pages 12
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The Earth’s crust is constantly changing. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, earthquakes erupt when two large pieces of earth slip past each other. Earthquakes are almost impossible to predict. Therefore, it’s important to discuss safety measures with children, especially if they live near a fault line. Discuss what earthquakes are and what to do in case of an emergency with your readers through this science based book about earthquakes. This nonfiction book is paired with the fiction book, When the Ground Shook, for connecting across texts and comprehension through connection strategies.

Natural Hazards Unnatural Disasters

Natural Hazards  Unnatural Disasters Author United Nations
ISBN-10 9780821380505
Release 2010
Pages 254
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"A combination of case studies, data on many scales, and application of economic principles...[this report] provides an understanding of the relative roles of the market, government intervention, and social institutions in determining and improving both the prevention and the response to hazardous occurrences."-Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Prize in Economics, 1972

At Risk

At Risk Author Piers Blaikie
ISBN-10 9781134887071
Release 2005-08-18
Pages 304
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Examines the significance of the human factor which is as much of a cause of disasters as the natural environment. Practical and policy conclusions are drawn with a view to disaster reduction and the promotion of safer environments.

Cyprus Its Ancient Cities Tombs and Temples

Cyprus  Its Ancient Cities  Tombs  and Temples Author Luigi Palma di Cesnola
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044033336835
Release 1877
Pages 456
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Cyprus Its Ancient Cities Tombs and Temples has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cyprus Its Ancient Cities Tombs and Temples also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cyprus Its Ancient Cities Tombs and Temples book for free.

Natural disaster mitigation

Natural disaster mitigation Author InterAcademy Panel on International Issues
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132358297
Release 2009
Pages 146
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Natural disaster mitigation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural disaster mitigation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural disaster mitigation book for free.

Natural Disaster Hotspots Case Studies

Natural Disaster Hotspots Case Studies Author Margaret Arnold
ISBN-10 9780821363331
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 184
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These case studies complement the earlier groundbreaking work of Natural Disaster Hotspots: A Global Risk Analysis published in April 2005. Three case studies address specific hazards: landslides, storm surges and drought. An additional, three case studies address regional multi-hazard situations in Sri Lanka, the Tana River basin in Kenya, and the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

Waking the Giant

Waking the Giant Author Bill McGuire
ISBN-10 9780191633881
Release 2012-02-23
Pages 320
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Twenty thousand years ago our planet was an icehouse. Temperatures were down six degrees; ice sheets kilometres thick buried much of Europe and North America and sea levels were 130m lower. The following 15 millennia saw an astonishing transformation as our planet metamorphosed into the temperate world upon which our civilisation has grown and thrived. One of the most dynamic periods in Earth history saw rocketing temperatures melt the great ice sheets like butter on a hot summer's day; feeding torrents of freshwater into ocean basins that rapidly filled to present levels. The removal of the enormous weight of ice at high latitudes caused the crust to bounce back triggering earthquakes in Europe and North America and provoking an unprecedented volcanic outburst in Iceland. A giant submarine landslide off the coast of Norway sent a tsunami crashing onto the Scottish coast while around the margins of the continents the massive load exerted on the crust by soaring sea levels encouraged a widespread seismic and volcanic rejoinder. In many ways, this post-glacial world mirrors that projected to arise as a consequence of unmitigated climate change driven by human activities. Already there are signs that the effects of climbing global temperatures are causing the sleeping giant to stir once again. Could it be that we are on track to bequeath to our children and their children not only a far hotter world, but also a more geologically fractious one?