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The Mountain Shadow

The Mountain Shadow Author Gregory David Roberts
ISBN-10 9780748117833
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 880
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The first glimpse of the sea on Marine Drive filled my heart, if not my head. I turned away from the red shadow. I stopped thinking of that pyramid of killers, and Sanjay's improvidence. I stopped thinking about my own part in the madness. And I rode, with my friends, into the end of everything. Shantaram introduced millions of readers to a cast of unforgettable characters through Lin, an Australian fugitive, working as a passport forger for a branch of the Bombay mafia. In The Mountain Shadow, the long-awaited sequel, Lin must find his way in a Bombay run by a different generation of mafia dons, playing by a different set of rules. It has been two years since the events in Shantaram, and since Lin lost two people he had come to love: his father figure, Khaderbhai, and his soul mate, Karla, married to a handsome Indian media tycoon. Lin returns from a smuggling trip to a city that seems to have changed too much, too soon. Many of his old friends are long gone, the new mafia leadership has become entangled in increasingly violent and dangerous intrigues, and a fabled holy man challenges everything that Lin thought he'd learned about love and life. But Lin can't leave the Island City: Karla, and a fatal promise, won't let him go.

Above the Mountains Shadow

Above the Mountains Shadow Author Professor Jeffrey A Kottler
ISBN-10 1516533216
Release 2018-10
Pages 232
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A story of determination, survival, and the indomitable human spirit, Above the Mountain's Shadow: A Journey of Hope and Adventure Inspired by the Forgotten is an incredible story of one woman's quest to empower the women of the world, one peak at a time. Growing up in Iran after the Islamic Revolution, Sara Safari enjoyed very few personal freedoms and little rights under the law, living an existence marked by oppression and limitations. In response to her childhood experiences, Sara was motivated to empower marginalized women everywhere--and what better way to show young girls that they can do anything than to stand on top of the world? In Above the Mountain's Shadow, Sara, along with her co-author and fellow humanitarian Jeffrey Kottler, recount the exhilarating tale of Sara's climb to the top of Mount Everest, a journey fraught with obstacles and life-threatening peril. From having never climbed a mountain in her life to ascending Everest during a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, Sara's journey is as thrilling as it is inspirational.

Shadow of the Mountain Shadow of the Mountain Book 1

Shadow of the Mountain  Shadow of the Mountain Book  1 Author Cliff Graham
ISBN-10 9781441228550
Release 2015-04-28
Pages 304
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Caleb and Joshua Roar to Life in this High-Impact Old Testament Saga Two men were brave enough to tell the truth about what awaited the Hebrews in Canaan. This is their story. From the slave pits of Egypt to the efforts of an eighty-five-year-old Caleb as he drives out the last of the giants, Shadow of the Mountain is a vivid portrait of two of God's chosen champions, and a meditation on masculine mentorship and the challenges and blessings of growing older. For the sake of his new God and his loyalty to his friend Joshua, Caleb will not spend his twilight years resting, but taking the battle to the enemies of God's people until his dying breath. From his early days as a mercenary for Pharaoh in Egypt watching the Hebrews suffer under the yoke of slavery, all the way through a desperate fight with giants in the dark forests of the hill country, this is a story filled with epic battles, gritty intensity, and supernatural events that made Graham's Lion of War series a hit. Shadow of the Mountain is sure to ignite a love for the Old Testament in popular culture.

Policing in the Mountain Shadow

Policing in the Mountain Shadow Author Margaret Carr
ISBN-10 OCLC:222931264
Release 1989
Pages 163
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Policing in the Mountain Shadow has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Policing in the Mountain Shadow also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Policing in the Mountain Shadow book for free.

Shadow of the Mountain Shadow of the Mountain Book 2

Shadow of the Mountain  Shadow of the Mountain Book  2 Author Cliff Graham
ISBN-10 1441230009
Release 2019-12-03
Pages 384
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Cliff Graham Writes Biblical Fiction Men Want to Read Action-driven and unique in Christian fiction today, Shadow of the Mountain: Wilderness begins with Moses sending Joshua, Caleb, and ten others to spy on and scout the country of Canaan, where the Lord has promised them a homeland. Asked to report back, ten talk only of the Anakites, a race of fearsome giants in the hills, their walled cities, and terrible human sacrifices to their gods. Despite giants, Joshua and Caleb feel the Lord is on their side and the land will be worth it. But the hearts of the people are fearful and turned against God's words. Their punishment will be forty years without a home, wandering the deserts until that generation dies out. But as the life of Caleb proves, God's promises are real--for men young and old.

In the Mountain s Shadow

In the Mountain s Shadow Author Helen Wong
ISBN-10 0473175088
Release 2010
Pages 75
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In the Mountain s Shadow has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In the Mountain s Shadow also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In the Mountain s Shadow book for free.

The Mountain s Shadow

The Mountain s Shadow Author Cecilia Dominic
ISBN-10 9781945074110
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 365
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She’s a scientist who doesn’t believe in werewolves. That won’t help her if they tear out her throat… Joanie Fisher is one breakthrough away from curing Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome. But when suspicious events sabotage her career, she’s forced to continue her life’s work in the estate of her missing grandfather. Deep in the Ozark Mountains, Joanie’s research at Wolfsbane Manor takes a turn when a real-life werewolf asks her for help… As she continues the search for a cure, missing local children and a chilling family curse collide. When Joanie discovers the truth, it may be too late to stop a devastating threat that could destroy the entire world… The Mountain’s Shadow is the first book in the Lycanthropy Files, an urban fantasy series with the bite of a medical thriller. If you like hair-raising mysteries, complex characters, and stories that blend science and magic, then you’ll love Cecilia Dominic’s transfixing tale. Buy The Mountain’s Shadow to start an addictive shifter series today!

In the Mountain s Shadow

In the Mountain s Shadow Author Paul Freet
ISBN-10 1522052399
Release 2017-08-08
Pages 388
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In the Mountain's Shadow is the story of a young girl, Laurel Montgomery, and the conflicts and challenges she faces during her eighteenth year, living on the mountain above the town of Loftonburg, Pennsylvania, the other side of the tracks in 1980. It is a year that begins quietly and grows steadily into one of danger and fear as a rapist stalks the town. One of her few friends becomes a victim. Will she be next?Along the way, the story weaves a web of intrigue as Laurel deals with a dysfunctional family, an alcoholic mother, an agoraphobic brother and his spirit twin, the loss of a family member and the shock of sexual abuse. She falls in love with a boy of a different race, obtains her first job, and finds solace in the spiritual atmosphere of the religious grotto at the foot of the mountain.The book builds page by page to a suspenseful climax where Laurel finally faces and comes to grip with her true destiny.

Shadow on the Mountain

Shadow on the Mountain Author Margi Preus
ISBN-10 9781613123782
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 304
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Shadow on the Mountain recounts the adventures of a 14-year-old Norwegian boy named Espen during World War II. After Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway, Espen and his friends are swept up in the Norwegian resistance movement. Espen gets his start by delivering illegal newspapers, then graduates to the role of courier and finally becomes a spy, dodging the Gestapo along the way. During five years under the Nazi regime, he gains—and loses—friends, falls in love, and makes one small mistake that threatens to catch up with him as he sets out to escape on skis over the mountains to Sweden. Preus incorporates archival photographs, maps, and other images to tell this story based on the real-life adventures of Norwegian Erling Storrusten, whom Preus interviewed in Norway. Praise for Shadow on the Mountain STARRED REVIEWS "Newbery Honor winner Preus infuses the story with the good-natured humor of a largely unified, peace-loving people trying to keep their sanity in a world gone awry. Based on a true story, the narrative is woven with lively enough daily historical detail to inspire older middle-grade readers to want to learn more about the Resistance movement and imitate Espen’s adventures." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review "This engrossing offering sheds light on the Norwegians’ courage during World War II. Preus masterfully weds a story of friendship with the complications faced by 14-year-old Espen and his friends as Nazi restrictions and atrocities become part of their everyday lives...This is at once a spy thriller, a coming-of-age story, and a chronicle of escalating bravery. Multidimensional characters fill this gripping tale that keeps readers riveted to the end." —School Library Journal, starred review "A closely researched historical novel... relates this wartime tale with intelligence and humor...Ms. Preus deftly uses together historical fact (Espen is based on a real-life spy) and elements of Norwegian culture to conjure a time and place not so terribly long ago." —The Wall Street Journal "Margi Preus, who won a Newbery honor for Heart of a Samurai, returns with another riveting work of historical fiction... This fine novel, which includes an author’s note, a timeline, a bibliography and even a recipe for invisible ink, is based on extensive research... The result is an authentic coming-of-age story, perfect for readers fascinated by the diary of Anne Frank or Lois Lowry’s classic, Number the Stars." —BookPage "The final chapters, which chronicle Espen’s dramatic escape to Sweden—days and nights of mountain skiing, Nazis in hot pursuit—take the book into adventure-thriller territory without losing the humanity that characterizes Preus’s account." —The Horn Book Magazine "Preus makes crystal clear the life imperiling risks that Espen undertakes and the danger to his family." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books "As readers understand the risks that Espen took, they will want to learn more about this period. That Espen escaped to Sweden by traveling at night on skis with five different guides should intrigue them.” —Library Media Connection Awards VOYA Top Shelf for Middle School Readers 2012 list 2013 Notable Books for a Global Society Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award

In the Shadow of the Mountain

In the Shadow of the Mountain Author
ISBN-10 0521686504
Release 1999
Pages 96
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Clare Newton, a journalist, travels to Switzerland to bring home the body of her grandfather, which has appeared from the bottom of a glacier 74 years after a climbing accident. Or was it an accident? Clare finds more about her family's past than she expected and reaches decisions about her personal and professional life.

Shadow of the Mountains

Shadow of the Mountains Author Lynn Morris
ISBN-10 9781598567397
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 338
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Cheney Duvall has proved herself as a true doctor to those 200 brides with whom she traveled to the West. But arrival in Seattle with a string of medical successes does not open any doors for her. Returning to the East, she finds an invitation to a remote spot in the Ozark mountains where there are no doctors at all. But she runs into walls of illiteracy, superstition, and immovable distrust of Yankees. 368 pp.

Shadow s Rise

Shadow s Rise Author Joseph J. Bailey
ISBN-10 9780985390761
Release 2012-03-20
Pages 396
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In a world where beliefs are real, actualized by will, expressed by intent, Yip Chi Chuan, a young martial and spiritual ascetic, flees as the only home he has ever known, the ancient monastery of the Priests of K’un Lun, is destroyed by a newly ascendant extradimensional evil. Cast out and alone, Yip strikes out on a quest spanning the breadth of his home world of Ea’ae and into the greater macroverse beyond in an attempt to unseat an all-consuming Darkness rooted in his once vaunted Order’s distant past. Will Yip, the last of his kind to walk the wide world beyond his fallen sanctuary, succeed where his mighty brethren failed in Ages past? Unfortunately for Yip, the answer appears all too clear.... Without the guidance and teachings of his lineage, pursued by malevolent supernatural agents of the Cabal, unable to fully defend himself in a world steeped in magic, his own quest may fail before it ever begins. Unfazed by his own limitations, guided by his inner vision and direct experience of the energies of life, the radiant chi suffusing and enlivening the world all around, he is determined to triumph where others have faltered. To win forward, he will need help... but first he must survive. A blend of Eastern mysticism and Western fantasy, Shadow’s Rise is the first book of the Chronicles of the Fists, an epic trilogy recounting Yip’s adventures against all odds.

The Mountain Decameron

The Mountain Decameron Author Joseph Downes
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112042260635
Release 1836
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The Mountain Decameron has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Mountain Decameron also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Mountain Decameron book for free.

Shadow on the Mountain

Shadow on the Mountain Author Stephen Singular
ISBN-10 9781466878174
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 368
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Nancy Pfister, heir to Buttermilk Mountain, the world-renowned site of the Winter X Games, was Aspen royalty, its ambassador to the world. She lived among the rich and famous: she partied with Hunter S. Thompson, dated Jack Nicholson, had a joint baby shower with Goldie Hawn, and globetrotted with Angelica Houston. She was also a philanthropist, admired for her generosity. But behind the warm façade, she could be selfish, manipulative, and careless. Pfister enjoyed bragging about her wealth and celebrity connections, but those closest to her, like Kathy Carpenter, Pfister's personal assistant, drinking companion, and on one occasion lover, knew better. In 2013, after a long fall from grace, Dr. William Styler and his wife, Nancy, relocated to Aspen to reinvent themselves. They'd lived the high life before a misguided lawsuit left them near poverty, and Nancy Pfister was their answered prayer. She took them in, gave them a place to live, and allowed them to launch their new spa business. Everything seemed perfect until Pfister turned on them, making increasingly irrational demands and threatening to throw them out on the street. When Nancy was found beaten to death in her own home, the Stylers and Carpenter were all under suspicion for the gruesome murder. But in this close-knit, wealthytown set on keeping its reputation and secrets safe from the public eye, the police struggled to solve the mystery of what really happened.

Structure of the Moon s Surface

Structure of the Moon s Surface Author Gilbert Fielder
ISBN-10 9781483150161
Release 2016-06-06
Pages 282
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Structure of the Moon's Surface focuses on the importance of certain features of the Moon's surface that have frequently been disregarded in the past, largely because of lack of knowledge of them. Topics covered include the librations of the Moon; height determinations of the points on the lunar surface; luminous intensity and luminescence of the lunar rocks; the color of moonlight and composition of the Moon's surface; and the Moon's temperature and atmosphere. This book is comprised of 14 chapters and begins with a review of important physical problems associated with the Moon, including its motion and figure as well as the luminous intensity and luminescence of its rocks. The following chapters discuss the polarization of light reflected by the Moon; the problem of the Moon's atmosphere; the probable nature of the Moon's surface; and changes occurring on the Moon. The Moon's ray and grid systems, lattice patterns, rilles and faults, and distribution and frequency of craters are also considered. The final chapter is devoted to the origin of the Moon's surface. This monograph will be of use to both professional and amateur lunar astronomers.

Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow

Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow Author Maria Coffey
ISBN-10 9781429977425
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 304
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Without risk, say mountaineers, there would be none of the self-knowledge that comes from pushing life to its extremes. For them, perhaps, it is worth the cost. But when tragedy strikes, what happens to the people left behind? Why would anyone choose to invest in a future with a high-altitude risk-taker? What is life like in the shadow of the mountain? Such questions have long been taboo in the world of mountaineering. Now, the spouses, parents and children of internationally renowned climbers finally break their silence, speaking out about the dark side of adventure. Maria Coffey confronted one of the harshest realities of mountaineering when her partner Joe Tasker disappeared on the Northeast Ridge of Everest in 1982. In Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow, Coffey offers an intimate portrait of adventure and the conflicting beauty, passion, and devastation of this alluring obsession. Through interviews with the world's top climbers, or their widows and families-Jim Wickwire, Conrad Anker, Lynn Hill, Joe Simpson, Chris Bonington, Ed Viesturs, Anatoli Boukreev, Alex Lowe, and many others-she explores what compels men and women to give their lives to the high mountains. She asks why, despite the countless tragedies, the world continues to laud their exploits. With an insider's understanding, Coffey reveals the consequences of loving people who pursue such risk-the exhilarating highs and inevitable lows, the stress of long separations, the constant threat of bereavement, and the lives shattered in the wake of climbing accidents. Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow is a powerful, affecting and important book that exposes the far reaching personal costs of extreme adventure.

The Shadow on the Mountain

The Shadow on the Mountain Author Jenny Arnesen
ISBN-10 1453572287
Release 2010-09-13
Pages 196
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Alli The mighty and majestic mountains capture her heart Alli’s incredible ability to lock away the hurt and sadness of lost love and surround herself in music and dance happens once more when her heart is left bleeding. She throws all her love and passion into the relationship with a man who loves her unconditionally. She moves with him to the little Town deep in the mountains. For a time the nightmares are left behind and Alli revels in the closeness of a remarkable and loving relationship that grows stronger with each passing day. But her peace is shattered by a visit from the past which brings back the horror of war. The Shadow on the Mountain takes her back to face the tragedy, intrigue and bloodshed that she has to endure alone once more to save the life of a lost love. The final confrontation of the evil force that destroyed his brother still beckons to her as the Shadow takes her back deep within the bush war. A place of desolation and hatred that she has been forced to bear. Where her tears and sorrow flowed like a river to the sea. To live her life she is forced to release the spirit of her late husband and her lost love and lay to rest finally the demons that tie her to the past.