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The Multinational Motor Industry RLE International Business

The Multinational Motor Industry  RLE International Business Author George Maxcy
ISBN-10 9781135127015
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 4
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This book analyses the multinational enterprise using the example of the world motor industry. It begins by examining the multinational enterprise in general, considering its nature, the economic theory of its behaviour and is effects on the nation state. It goes on to explore the growth and development of the multinational motor industry, and then surveys the state of the motor industry, and the role of multinationals in it, in various types of economy, using case studies from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and India.

The Italian Multinationals RLE International Business

The Italian Multinationals  RLE International Business Author Fabrizio Onida
ISBN-10 9781135133580
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 4
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This book, based on extensive, original, detailed research presents a comprehensive overview of the Italian multinationals and their activities during the 1990s. It: surveys the size, geographical and sectoral distribution of Italian multinationals examines why they went international, how and what they gained discusses the strategic position of Italian multinationals in the world economy examines the effect of multinationals investment both inward and outward on the Italian economy provides detail on individual companies

Multinationals and Europe 1992 RLE International Business

Multinationals and Europe 1992  RLE International Business Author Beat Burgenmeier
ISBN-10 9781135134778
Release 2013-01-25
Pages 272
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When it was originally published this book presented the first independent review of the critical role played by multinationals in Europe. Extending its focus beyond 1992, the book examines both the economic and business strategy frameworks the firms need to develop to maintain a competitive advantage. Using case-studies from specific industries, it looks not only at the activity of multinationals within the single market but explores the competitive strategies of non-European firms with special emphasis on Japanese companies which were poised to exploit 1992. The importance of interaction between multinationals and national government policies is also analysed taking into account the integration already achieved.

Multinationals Governments and International Technology Transfer RLE International Business

Multinationals  Governments and International Technology Transfer  RLE International Business Author Edward Safarian
ISBN-10 9781135126254
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 16
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This book examines the international technology transfer process and the role of both multinationals and host-country governments in that process, with emphasis on the experience of the more developed countries. It explores a range of issues and presents much original thinking and research findings. It discusses in particular the strategies of the multinationals, assessing how far they are willing to accept technology transfer to external partners (as opposed to subsidiaries which they can control). It also examines how far technical transfers are successful from the viewpoint of the firm and countries involved, arguing that governments are most likely to succeed in attracting multinational transfers if they are aware of and accommodate to some degree multinationals’ preferences.

Multinational Accounting RLE Accounting

Multinational Accounting  RLE Accounting Author Bimal Prodhan
ISBN-10 9781317963684
Release 2013-12-04
Pages 310
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Up until the mid 1980s multinational enterprises usually published only consolidated worldwide accounts. This changed in subsequent years with increasing legal requirements to publish separate national accounts for each subsidiary. Obviously this exposes the subsidiary to the risk of takeover by a competitor and/or to intervention on the part of the host government. This book presents an authoritative and in-depth analysis of the disclosure issue from both theoretical and practical standpoints. The author describes the methods used to research and evaluate disclosure risks and benefits and presents much new thinking and many new research findings on this important topic.

Trade Among Multinationals

Trade Among Multinationals Author Donald C. Maccharles
ISBN-10 9780415657648
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 208
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In the 1980s many developed countries were increasingly tempted to improve their national competitiveness by adopting protectionist policies. This book demonstrates that such policies would be mistaken and do serious damage to industries in the countries concerned. This book, based on extensive original research provides important empirical evidence concerning the proportion of all trade which is intra-industry trade; concerning the key role of multinationals in the growth of intra-industry trade and concerning the contrasting response – particularly between those companies which are multinational parents and those which are multinational subsidiaries – to the changing competitive conditions.

Managing the Global Firm RLE International Business

Managing the Global Firm  RLE International Business Author Christopher A Bartlett
ISBN-10 9781135134914
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 376
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This volume assesses the situation for multinationals at the beginning of the 1990s, bringing together contributions from academics recognized as world leaders in the field and from practitioners with wide experience in international management. Drawing on perspectives from Europe, the USA and Japan, the contributors outline the shape of the global firm of the future. They focus squarely on the development of the corporation as a whole, rather than on the narrow management of individual foreign subsidiaries, and they also explore the specific implications for areas such as strategic planning systems, financial management, information systems and R & D management.

The Corporate Firm in a Changing World Economy

The Corporate Firm in a Changing World Economy Author Marc De Smidt
ISBN-10 9780415657778
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 248
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This book examines the economic environment and phenomena of multinational business with reference to case studies of major multinational companies, including IBM, Philips, Nissan and Volvo. It assesses how the major theories explaining the response of companies to changes are borne out by the experience of individual firms.

Multinational Joint Ventures in Developing Countries RLE International Business

Multinational Joint Ventures in Developing Countries  RLE International Business Author Paul Beamish
ISBN-10 9781135134846
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 14
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This book examines how joint ventures work in practice. Drawing on extensive personal experience and using case study examples where appropriate the author analyses the various stages, discusses the problems of partner selection, implementation and control and points out the various benefits and pitfalls. He draws out the implications for improving practice and discusses how the experience of joint ventures affects the theory of the multinational enterprise.

International Production and the Multinational Enterprise RLE International Business

International Production and the Multinational Enterprise  RLE International Business Author John H Dunning
ISBN-10 9781135134143
Release 2013-03-05
Pages 4
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The growth and impact of the multinational enterprise (MNE) in the post war period is one of the most important phenomena of our time. This volume, originally published in 1981 provides a comprehensive and detailed review of both the theoretical and policy issues at a time when the subject had reached a watershed, after the controversies of the 1970s. The book provides a balanced discussion of major themes such as the development of modern theories of international production; the impact of the MNE on the nation-state and the structure of the international market; the response of governments and the appropriate framework for policy measures; and the historical context and likely future of the MNE.

Multinational Corporations and the Third World RLE International Business

Multinational Corporations and the Third World  RLE International Business Author Chris J Dixon
ISBN-10 9781135129972
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 4
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This book is a comprehensive study of the role of multinational corporations in the economies of the Third World. It begins by providing a comprehensive overview of the activities of multinational corporations and the main areas of research and debate. It goes on to discuss specific sociological, developmental and material effects on Third World countries resulting from involvement with multinational corporations. It includes case studies detailing the mid-twentieth century history and probable effects of specific multinational corporations’ involvement in Third World countries.

International Business Handbook RLE International Business

International Business Handbook  RLE International Business Author V H Kirpalani
ISBN-10 9781135127220
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 4
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The focus of the book is understanding international influences that affect international business, and relevant aspects of the world environment. These aspects are economic, physical, sociocultural, political, legal and technological and include the cultures of foreign business organizations. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field who has been involved in international business in that area. The purpose of each chapter is to enable effective performance in the international business arena. An integrated system view of the country or region and how managers can obtain success in that area is provided. Global in its coverage this book provides information on global trends, different regions and their consumer cultures and business customs, as well as methods of entry and global strategies.

International Business

International Business Author Riad Ajami
ISBN-10 9781317467632
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 464
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The new and updated edition of this widely used text is equally useful for undergraduate and graduate students of international business. Its student-friendly format, detailed coverage of classic and timely topics, and extensive use of case studies make it widely adaptable for different level courses, as well as for educators who prefer either a case study or lecture approach. This edition features new coverage of the Asian financial crisis and the European Union. Its treatment of such topics as foreign exchange, international trade policy, and economic development introduces students to techniques for analysing national economies that are not covered in many competing texts. Ethical and environmental issues are also covered in detail, and all case studies, tables, and figures have been thoroughly revised and updated. Each chapter includes a short case study, while longer, more complex case studies conclude the text. Each chapter also features learning objectives, discussion questions, and references. An online instructor's guide that includes PowerPoints with end-of-chapter answers and maps is available to instructors who adopt the text.

Whose Public Space

Whose Public Space Author Ali Madanipour
ISBN-10 9781135173340
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 288
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Public spaces mirror the complexities of urban societies: as historic social bonds have weakened and cities have become collections of individuals public open spaces have also changed from being embedded in the social fabric of the city to being a part of more impersonal and fragmented urban environments. Can making public spaces help overcome this fragmentation, where accessible spaces are created through inclusive processes? This book offers some answers to this question through analysing the process of urban design and development in international case studies, in which the changing character, level of accessibility, and the tensions of making public spaces are explored. The book uses a coherent theoretical outlook to investigate a series of case studies, crossing the cultural divides to examine the similarities and differences of public space in different urban contexts, and its critical analysis of the process of development, management and use of public space, with all its tensions and conflicts. While each case study investigates the specificities of a particular city, the book outlines some general themes in global urban processes. It shows how public spaces are a key theme in urban design and development everywhere, how they are appreciated and used by the people of these cities, but also being contested by and under pressure from different stakeholders.

Governance of International Strategic Alliances

Governance of International Strategic Alliances Author Joanne Oxley
ISBN-10 9780415657686
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 127
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International joint ventures and strategic alliances built on recent theoretical developments in Transaction Costs Economics (TCE) and the factors influencing the formation and governance of these alliances are examined in this analytical text. By bringing rigorous empirical analysis to an arena which has largely been pursued through speculative and theoretical approaches, this book will prove to be an insightful contribution to international business, strategy, and economics.

International Marketing

International Marketing Author Colin Gilligan
ISBN-10 9780415641135
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 310
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This book is a basic text for international marketing courses. It introduces the different elements of the international marketing mix and sets these in context. It discusses the firm's strategic position: how it is orientated at present to take advantage of international marketing opportunities and how its strategy is developing. It: Stresses the wide differences between different overseas markets and the importance of handling sensitively particular local features. Examines the need to structure the whole business organisation in the right way and make international marketing effective Discusses the importance of communication and control Throughout case studies are used to highlight particular issues.

Strategies for Joint Venture Success RLE International Business

Strategies for Joint Venture Success  RLE International Business Author Peter Killing
ISBN-10 9781135133726
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 4
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Although published thirty years ago this book accurately predicted that joint-ventures would become an increasingly prominent feature on the corporate landscape. This book, based on the experience of managers in both successful and unsuccessful joint ventures has been written expressly to help managers improve the performance of their joint ventures. It discusses the area of joint venture design and management including the management of ventures between corporations and government bodies.