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The Natural History Book

The Natural History Book Author David Burnie
ISBN-10 1405336994
Release 2010
Pages 648
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A monumental and extraordinarily beautiful guide to the Earth's natural wonders Five years in the making, covering over 5,000 species, The Natural History Book is one-of-a-kind; the only book to offer a complete survey of the Earth's natural history. Each geological and biological grouping is introduced and explained in an engaging and highly informative way, making it the perfect addition to every family bookshelf, as well as an ideal gift for every nature lover. Packed with thousands of stunning, specially commissioned photographs, and written by a worldwide team of natural history experts. From granites to grape vines, from microbes to mammals, The Natural History Book is a true visual dictionary of every kingdom of life. Take the Natural History Challenge

Vietnam A Natural History

Vietnam  A Natural History Author Eleanor Jane Sterling
ISBN-10 0300128215
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 448
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A country uncommonly rich in plants, animals, and natural habitats, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam shelters a significant portion of the world’s biological diversity, including rare and unique organisms and an unusual mixture of tropical and temperate species. This book is the first comprehensive account of Vietnam’s natural history in English. Illustrated with maps, photographs, and thirty-five original watercolor illustrations, the book offers a complete tour of the country’s plants and animals along with a full discussion of the factors shaping their evolution and distribution. Separate chapters focus on northern, central, and southern Vietnam, regions that encompass tropics, subtropics, mountains, lowlands, wetland and river regions, delta and coastal areas, and offshore islands. The authors provide detailed descriptions of key natural areas to visit, where a traveler might explore limestone caves or glimpse some of the country’s twenty-seven monkey and ape species and more than 850 bird species. The book also explores the long history of humans in the country, including the impact of the Vietnam-American War on plants and animals, and describes current efforts to conserve Vietnam’s complex, fragile, and widely threatened biodiversity.

The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs

The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs Author Tim Gardom
ISBN-10 184442183X
Release 2006
Pages 144
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Unlike an encyclopedia, a data book or even a learned exposition, this book is designed to be read from start to finish as the developing story of a remarkable group of animals. It is an ideal introduction to dinosaurs for the older child or adult.

A Natural History of the Senses

A Natural History of the Senses Author Diane Ackerman
ISBN-10 9780307763310
Release 2011-12-07
Pages 352
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Diane Ackerman's lusciously written grand tour of the realm of the senses includes conversations with an iceberg in Antarctica and a professional nose in New York, along with dissertations on kisses and tattoos, sadistic cuisine and the music played by the planet Earth. “Delightful . . . gives the reader the richest possible feeling of the worlds the senses take in.” —The New York Times

Our Natural History

Our Natural History Author Daniel B. Botkin
ISBN-10 0195168291
Release 2004
Pages 304
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In retracing the steps of Lewis and Clark, Botkin reveals what this western landscape actually looked like and how much it's been changed by modern civilization and technology.

Pliny the Elder The Natural History Book VII with Book VIII 1 34

Pliny the Elder  The Natural History Book VII  with Book VIII 1 34 Author Pliny the Pliny the Elder
ISBN-10 9781472521019
Release 2015-05-21
Pages 272
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Pliny the Elder's Natural History is a vast encyclopaedia, surveying natural phenomena from cosmology to biology, medicine to magic. Direct observation, informed speculation and common knowledge are combined to present a key snapshot of ancient thought and the Romans' perspective on the world around them. Book VII of The Natural History provides a detailed examination of the human animal and is crucial to understanding the work as a whole. In Pliny's eyes, mankind 'for whose sake nature was created', represents the basis for which the natural world was founded and structured. As a result, the book provides valuable insight into the extraordinary complex of ideas and beliefs that were current in Pliny's era. One of the most interesting transitions of subject in The Natural History is that from man to animals (between Books VII and VIII) and for this reason the section on elephants at the beginning of Book VIII is included here, to show how Pliny moves on to his account of the animal he considers 'nearest to the human disposition'. This edition provides the full Latin text accompanied by commentary notes that provide linguistic help and explanations, plus vocabulary lists of Latin terms and an index of proper names. The in-depth introduction provides valuable details about the work's historical, scientific and literary context, as well as an overview of the work's legacy and reception.

Dry Storeroom No 1

Dry Storeroom No  1 Author Richard Fortey
ISBN-10 9780307275523
Release 2009
Pages 335
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Reveals the hidden treasures of London's Natural History Museum and the people, research, and passions that created the museum, in a study of the social history of the scientific accomplishments of the past two centuries.

Natural Histories

Natural Histories Author Tom Baione
ISBN-10 1454912146
Release 2014-02-27
Pages 163
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Providing readers with a rare glimpse into one of the largest natural-science libraries in the Western Hemisphere, this fascinating collection of 40 essays from the American Museum of Natural History's top experts discuss the library's seldom-seen, fully illustrated scientific works.

Notes from New Zealand

Notes from New Zealand Author Edward Kanze
ISBN-10 9781640191501
Release 2018-04-30
Pages 365
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"An insightful commentary on the congenial inhabitants, both human and animal, which first lured the author to this magnificent land." - Booklist Unlike Australia, which is geologically stable, New Zealand is young and impetuous - ready to rumble at any moment. Temperate and green as the jade its original Maori inhabitants dug from the land, the country's modern cities and prosperous farms coexist today with striking landforms and ancient beasts that are lifted, it seems, straight from the pages of Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World. It is New Zealand's natural history that attracts Edward Kanze, who, over the course of five years, made three eventful trips to these isolated islands in search of rare and elusive animals. In this book, which takes the form of a diary, Kanze recounts his extensive experiences as he traveled throughout the islands, exploring and studying New Zealand's native flora and fauna, especially its relic species, and pursuing his own personal quest. At the end of his last trip, when the author holds a rare frog in his hands and gazes into its eyes, he understands something of the pattern that binds all of the Earth's creatures, past and present.

A Natural History of Vision

A Natural History of Vision Author Nicholas J. Wade
ISBN-10 0262731290
Release 2000-01-31
Pages 466
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This illustrated survey covers what Nicholas Wade calls the "observational era of vision," beginning with the Greek philosophers and ending with Wheatstone's description of the stereoscope in the late 1830s. This is the first history of vision to present extracts of the works of scholars, organized both topically and chronologically. In what has become the author's signature style, the book juxtaposes verbal and visual descriptions. Many of the more than three hundred illustrations are derived from engravings—of portraits of the scholars cited, as well as of scientific diagrams. Each portrait appears beside a significant quotation by the scholar and the source of the original illustration. The author's commentary provides the context for the quotations and traces the scientific development within each topic. The book is organized around the principal topics within the investigation of visual phenomena: light, color, subjective visual phenomena (such as afterimages and pattern distortions), motion, binocularity, space, and visual illusions.

Exploring the American Museum of Natural History

Exploring the American Museum of Natural History Author Patricia J. Wynne
ISBN-10 9780486437149
Release 2004-07
Pages 30
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Illustrations to color and easy-to-follow text introduce children to twenty-three items found in the American Museum of Natural History's permanent collection.


Raccoons Author Samuel I. Zeveloff
ISBN-10 0774809647
Release 2002
Pages 200
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Raccoons presents detailed information on raccoon evolution,physical characteristics, social behavior, habitats, food habits,reproduction, and conservation, as well as their relationship withhumans and many other topics. The section on distribution andsubspecies focuses on the raccoon's current range expansion, andthe material on their cultural significance demonstrates thismammal's unique status in different North American cultures.

A Natural History of Latin

A Natural History of Latin Author Tore Janson
ISBN-10 9780199214051
Release 2007-01
Pages 305
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Beginning in Rome around 600 BC, Latin became the language of the civilized world and remained so for more than two millennia. French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian are among its progeny and it provides the international vocabulary of law and life science. No known language, including English - itself enriched by Latin words and phrases - has achieved such success and longevity. Tore Janson tells its history from origins to present. Brilliantly conceived and written with the same light touch as his bestselling history of languages, A Natural History of Latin is a masterpiece of adroit synthesis. The author charts the expansion of Latin in the classical world, its renewed importance in the Middle Ages, and its survival into modern times. He shows how spoken and written Latin evolved in different places and its central role in European history and culture. He ends with a concise Latin grammar and lists of Latin words and phrases still in common use. Considered elitist andirrelevant in the second half of the twentieth century and often even banned from schools, Latin is now enjoying a huge revival of interest across Europe, the UK, and the USA. Tore Janson offers persuasive arguments for its value and gives direct access to its fascinating worlds, past and present.

The Natural History of the Rich A Field Guide

The Natural History of the Rich  A Field Guide Author Richard Conniff
ISBN-10 9780393345780
Release 2003-10-17
Pages 352
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A tantalizing, droll study of the idiosyncratic existence of the very rich, through the unexpected lens of the naturalist. Journalist Richard Conniff probes the age-old question "Are the rich different from you and me?" and finds that they are indeed a completely different animal. He observes with great humor and finesse this socially unique species, revealing their strategies for ensuring dominance and submission, their flourishes of display behavior, the intricate dynamics of their pecking order, as well as their unorthodox mating practices. Through comparisons to other equally exotic animals, Conniff uncovers surprising commonalities. • How did Bill Gates achieve his single greatest act of social dominance by being nice? • How does the flattery of the rich resemble the grooming behavior of baboons? • What made the British aristocracy the single most successful animal dominance hierarchy in the history of the planet? • How does Old Money's disdain for the nouveaux riches resemble the pig-grunting of mountain gorillas? This marvelously entertaining field guide captures in vivid detail the behaviors and habitats of the world's most captivating yet elusive animal.

The Natural History of Pliny

The Natural History of Pliny Author Pliny (the Elder.)
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101064225723
Release 1857
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The Natural History of Pliny has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Natural History of Pliny also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Natural History of Pliny book for free.


Curators Author Lance Grande
ISBN-10 9780226389431
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 432
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Over the centuries, natural history museums have evolved from being little more than musty repositories of stuffed animals and pinned bugs, to being crucial generators of new scientific knowledge. They have also become vibrant educational centers, full of engaging exhibits that share those discoveries with students and an enthusiastic general public. At the heart of it all from the very start have been curators. Yet after three decades as a natural history curator, Lance Grande found that he still had to explain to people what he does. This book is the answer—and, oh, what an answer it is: lively, exciting, up-to-date, it offers a portrait of curators and their research like none we’ve seen, one that conveys the intellectual excitement and the educational and social value of curation. Grande uses the personal story of his own career—most of it spent at Chicago’s storied Field Museum—to structure his account as he explores the value of research and collections, the importance of public engagement, changing ecological and ethical considerations, and the impact of rapidly improving technology. Throughout, we are guided by Grande’s keen sense of mission, of a job where the why is always as important as the what. This beautifully written and richly illustrated book is a clear-eyed but loving account of natural history museums, their curators, and their ever-expanding roles in the twenty-first century.

A Child s Introduction to Natural History

A Child s Introduction to Natural History Author Heather Alexander
ISBN-10 0316311367
Release 2016-06-14
Pages 96
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In the tradition of Black Dog's best-selling Child's Introduction books, which include The Story of the Orchestra and A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky, A Child's Introduction to Natural History introduces readers ages 8 to 12 to the fascinating wonders of our natural world.Highlighting every kingdom of life--plants, bacteria, mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, rocks and minerals--the book is also full of charming and witty illustrations by Meredith Hamilton plus 30 photographs throughout. The book delves into topics like geology; prehistoric times, including fossils and dinosaurs; how animals move and fly; evolution; biomes; and more. Sidebars throughout offer biographies of naturalists like Charles Darwin, Mary Anning, Thomas Henry Huxley. Also includes fun, hands-on projects for kids to do on their own or with adults and 5 origami patterns to create your own paper dinosaur, whale, penguin, and more. Beautifully illustrated and designed, this is an entertaining and educational look at our natural history.