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The Natural Speaker

The Natural Speaker Author Randy Fujishin
ISBN-10 9781315506289
Release 2016-05-23
Pages 192
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The Natural Speaker is a concise, practical, inexpensive, student-friendly guide to public speaking that explores the basic skills necessary to present a natural, effective, and rewarding speech to any audience. By providing a basic knowledge of speech construction, practice, and delivery, this book is designed to enhance and improve students' natural speaking strengths. Featuring a warm, simple, and humorous writing style, The Natural Speaker presents the fundamental concepts and skills required for effective speaking.

Creating Effective Groups

Creating Effective Groups Author Randy Fujishin
ISBN-10 9781442222519
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 214
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This practical book gives students the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to communicate more effectively and interact more productively in the small group setting. With the help of this book, any group member can learn the skills necessary to participate in and lead a task group in an effective, productive, and healthy manner. This third edition features all new sections on: · "The Power of Diversity" · "Critically Thinking About Yourself As A Communicator" · "Defensive vs. Supportive Climates" · "Ethical Communication" · "Time Management" · "Impromptu Speaking" · "The Spirit of Collaboration" As well as new end chapter exercises in several chapters focusing on Online Resources and Social Media.

Speaking with a Purpose

Speaking with a Purpose Author Arthur Koch
ISBN-10 9781351855631
Release 2017-07-06
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Now in its 10th edition, Speaking with a Purpose is designed to help speakers develop the skills they need to prepare and deliver effective speeches. Based on a traditional step-by-step approach combined with up-to-date communication theory, this no-frills text allows students more time to prepare, practice, and present speeches. This edition includes two brand new chapters, both with a technological focus. Students and instructors can also enjoy updated online ancillary material with resources for each chapter. This text is a valuable resource in the traditional, online, or hybrid classroom.

A Natural History of Latin

A Natural History of Latin Author Tore Janson
ISBN-10 9780199214051
Release 2007-01
Pages 305
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Beginning in Rome around 600 BC, Latin became the language of the civilized world and remained so for more than two millennia. French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian are among its progeny and it provides the international vocabulary of law and life science. No known language, including English - itself enriched by Latin words and phrases - has achieved such success and longevity. Tore Janson tells its history from origins to present. Brilliantly conceived and written with the same light touch as his bestselling history of languages, A Natural History of Latin is a masterpiece of adroit synthesis. The author charts the expansion of Latin in the classical world, its renewed importance in the Middle Ages, and its survival into modern times. He shows how spoken and written Latin evolved in different places and its central role in European history and culture. He ends with a concise Latin grammar and lists of Latin words and phrases still in common use. Considered elitist andirrelevant in the second half of the twentieth century and often even banned from schools, Latin is now enjoying a huge revival of interest across Europe, the UK, and the USA. Tore Janson offers persuasive arguments for its value and gives direct access to its fascinating worlds, past and present.

The Natural

The Natural Author Bernard Malamud
ISBN-10 9781466805033
Release 2003-07-07
Pages 248
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Introduction by Kevin Baker The Natural, Bernard Malamud's first novel, published in 1952, is also the first—and some would say still the best—novel ever written about baseball. In it Malamud, usually appreciated for his unerring portrayals of postwar Jewish life, took on very different material—the story of a superbly gifted "natural" at play in the fields of the old daylight baseball era—and invested it with the hardscrabble poetry, at once grand and altogether believable, that runs through all his best work. Four decades later, Alfred Kazin's comment still holds true: "Malamud has done something which—now that he has done it!—looks as if we have been waiting for it all our lives. He has really raised the whole passion and craziness and fanaticism of baseball as a popular spectacle to its ordained place in mythology."

Natural Speller

Natural Speller Author Kathryn Stout
ISBN-10 9781891975004
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 92
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Natural Speller has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Speller also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Speller book for free.

Smart Talk

Smart Talk Author Lisa B. Marshall
ISBN-10 9781250029584
Release 2013-01-22
Pages 288
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Have you ever lost out on a promotion? Struggled with a difficult conversation? Been put on the spot and blanked? Imagine if... were better at persuading others and negotiating for what you want. were more fluent at introducing yourself, making conversation, and following up. were better at delivering feedback, receiving criticism, and using positive language. were perceived as more diplomatic and charismatic. Smart Talk applies up-to-date communication research to everyday situations and gives smart, practical, step-by-step directions to achieve results. Smart Talk is no ordinary book— it's the Swiss Army Knife of communication—a comprehensive set of tools to build strong relationships and avoid communication breakdowns. With proven strategies and practical action plans, Smart Talk will help you resolve conflicts, strengthen your natural charisma, and master the art of persuasion. Never again will you dread a holiday party or be rendered speechless at a business meeting. Backed by solid research and written in an engaging narrative style with a warm sense of humor, communication expert Lisa B. Marshall translates her wealth of experience into practical, fresh advice to help you navigate any complex situation, and achieve professional success.

Invitation to Critical Thinking

Invitation to Critical Thinking Author Joel Rudinow
ISBN-10 9780495103714
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 448
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INVITATION TO CRITICAL THINKING teaches you how to recognize, analyze, evaluate, and compose arguments that can be used as tools of rational persuasion. Fostering discussions of critical thinking and its application in mass media, effective writing, and p

Yoga for Fitness and Wellness

Yoga for Fitness and Wellness Author Ravi Dykema
ISBN-10 9781133171003
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 192
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Cengage Learning Activity Series From aerobics and yoga -- to bowling, tennis, weight training, and more -- Cengage Learning offers a complete line of activities texts to meet your teaching needs. Written for individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds, the Cengage Learning Activity Series goes beyond the mere fundamentals, showing students how to improve, excel, and simply get more enjoyment from their favorite physical activities. YOGA FOR FITNESS AND WELLNESS, 2nd Edition, introduces students to the ancient practice of yoga. Covering the history and philosophy of yoga and the theories of Hatha Yoga specifically, the text also explores yoga exercises, including breathing, stretching and strengthening, and relaxation and meditation. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Modern Recording Techniques

Modern Recording Techniques Author David Miles Huber
ISBN-10 9781317356653
Release 2017-09-13
Pages 616
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Modern Recording Techniques is the bestselling, authoritative guide to sound and music recording. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a step-up in the industry, Modern Recording Techniques provides an in-depth read on the art and technologies of music production. It’s a must-have reference for all audio bookshelves. Using its familiar and accessible writing style, this ninth edition has been fully updated, presenting the latest production technologies and includes an in-depth coverage of the DAW, networked audio, MIDI, signal processing and much more. A robust companion website features video tutorials, web-links, an online glossary, flashcards, and a link to the author’s blog. Instructor resources include a test bank and an instructor’s manual. The ninth edition includes: Updated tips, tricks and insights for getting the best out of your studio An introduction to the Apple iOS in music production Introductions to new technologies and important retro studio techniques The latest advancements in DAW systems, signal processing, mixing and mastering

Is Your Voice Telling on You

Is Your Voice Telling on You Author Daniel R. Boone
ISBN-10 9781597569453
Release 2015-10-15
Pages 328
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Is Your Voice Telling on You? How to Find and Use Your Natural Voice, Third Editionis designed to help the reader find and use his or her natural voice and appreciate the effect of emotions on voice. It is also a useful tool for both vocal coaches and speech-language pathologists who work with patients with voice disorders. The reader will find that some emotions heard in our voices, such as anger or fear, can be reduced or eliminated by making some simple vocal changes. This user-friendly third edition includes self-tests and vocal exercises and addresses various topics: practical methods for increasing breath control with specific guidelines for increasing loudness and voice projection, voice management tips for women who have high demands on their voice, steps for increasing the friendliness of one's voice, exercises that increase voice efficiently with sharper voice focus, and biological and environmental tips to help professional voice users maintain optimal voicing under demanding conditions. New features include: Voice changes to hide negative emotionsTips to increase the friendliness of one's voiceTechniques for a more masculine or feminine voiceRecommendations for recovering from the tired voiceManagement practices for people who have high voice demands (such as teachers and sales people)Ten steps for finding and keeping the voice you want and need

Christian Paths to Health and Wellness

Christian Paths to Health and Wellness Author Peter Walters
ISBN-10 9781450424547
Release 2013
Pages 311
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"Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, Second Edition," helps readers embrace the concepts and lifestyle choices of health and well-being as part of the Christian life. This text contains the latest information about nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional wellness plus practical tools and inspiration to help readers make gradual and permanent change.

Coaches Guide to Sport Psychology

Coaches Guide to Sport Psychology Author Rainer Martens
ISBN-10 0873220226
Release 1987
Pages 195
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Philosophy of coaching - Motivation - Leadership skills - Communication skills - Stress management - Developing self-confidence - Goal setting.

The Omnivore s Dilemma

The Omnivore s Dilemma Author Michael Pollan
ISBN-10 1594200823
Release 2006
Pages 450
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An ecological and anthropological study of eating offers insight into food consumption in the twenty-first century, explaining how an abundance of unlimited food varieties reveals the responsibilities of everyday consumers to protect their health and the environment. By the author of The Botany of Desire. 125,000 first printing.

The Three pound Universe

The Three pound Universe Author Judith Hooper
ISBN-10 0874776503
Release 1986
Pages 410
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"Wonderfully provocative...a relentlessly fascinating tour of neuroscience."-The New York Times Book Review.

A manual of phonography or Writing by sound a natural method of writing by signs that represent spoken sounds

A manual of phonography  or  Writing by sound  a natural method of writing by signs that represent spoken sounds Author Sir Isaac Pitman
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433034357495
Release 1855
Pages 72
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A manual of phonography or Writing by sound a natural method of writing by signs that represent spoken sounds has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A manual of phonography or Writing by sound a natural method of writing by signs that represent spoken sounds also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A manual of phonography or Writing by sound a natural method of writing by signs that represent spoken sounds book for free.

Let s Go Greece 8th Edition

Let s Go Greece 8th Edition Author Julia Bonnheim
ISBN-10 0312348851
Release 2005-11-29
Pages 656
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Offering a comprehensive guide to economical travel in diverse regions of the world, these innovative new versions of the popular handbooks feature an all-new look, sidebars highlighting essential tips and facts, information on a wide range of itineraries, transportation options, off-the-beaten-path adventures, expanded lodging and dining options in every price range, enhanced cultural coverage, shopping tips, maps, 3-D topographical maps, regional culinary specialties, and other essentials.