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The Nature of Vocabulary Acquisition

The Nature of Vocabulary Acquisition Author M. G. McKeown
ISBN-10 9781317768234
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 208
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First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Vocabulary in Language Teaching

Vocabulary in Language Teaching Author Norbert Schmitt
ISBN-10 9780521669382
Release 2000-03-13
Pages 224
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This comprehensive introduction to vocabulary makes research and theory accessible to language teachers.

Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition

Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition Author James Milton
ISBN-10 1847693784
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 328
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Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition provides an examination of the background to testing vocabulary knowledge in a second language and in particular considers the effect that word frequency and lexical coverage have on learning and communication in a foreign language. It examines the tools we have for assessing the various facets of vocabulary knowledge such as aural and written word recognition, the link with word meaning, and vocabulary depth. These are illustrated and the scores they produce are demonstrated to provide normative data. Vocabulary acquisition from course books and in the classroom in examined, as is vocabulary uptake from informal tasks. This book ties scores on tests of vocabulary breadth to performance on standard foreign language examinations and on hierarchies of communicative performance such as the CEFR.

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Foreign Language Acquisition

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Foreign Language Acquisition Author Višnja Pavičić Takač
ISBN-10 9781847690388
Release 2008
Pages 197
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The book discusses vocabulary learning strategies as an integral subgroup of language learning strategies. It defines language learning strategies in general and their features on the basis of cognitive theory and relevant models of second language acquisition as the basis for empirical research. Furthermore, the book gives a survey of research on vocabulary learning strategies and describes three original empirical studies. Thus, the book attempts at integrating the approaches of theories of second language acquisition, the theory and practice of instructed foreign language learning, and the findings of current empirical research.

Pink and Say

Pink and Say Author Patricia Polacco
ISBN-10 9780399226717
Release 1994
Pages 48
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Say Curtis describes his meeting with Pinkus Aylee, a black soldier, during the Civil War, and their capture by Southern troops. Based on a true story about the author's great-great-grandfather.

International Handbook of English Language Teaching

International Handbook of English Language Teaching Author Jim Cummins
ISBN-10 9780387463018
Release 2007-12-31
Pages 1201
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This two volume handbook provides a comprehensive examination of policy, practice, research and theory related to English Language Teaching in international contexts. More than 70 chapters highlight the research foundation for best practices, frameworks for policy decisions, and areas of consensus and controversy in second language acquisition and pedagogy. The Handbook provides a unique resource for policy makers, educational administrators, and researchers concerned with meeting the increasing demand for effective English language teaching. It offers a strongly socio-cultural view of language learning and teaching. It is comprehensive and global in perspective with a range of fresh new voices in English language teaching research.

Vocabulary in Language Teaching

Vocabulary in Language Teaching Author Joe Barcroft
ISBN-10 9781317394495
Release 2015-09-16
Pages 40
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This module focuses on the pivotal role of vocabulary in language acquisition, communication, and instruction. It first reviews the nature of vocabulary knowledge, the mental lexicon, and different contexts of vocabulary learning. It then explains how we acquire vocabulary and refine vocabulary knowledge over time. The primary emphasis is on how language instructors can promote evidence-based vocabulary instruction in the classroom. To this effect, the module highlights some telling research on the effects of specific tasks (such as sentence writing and copying target words) and different ways of presenting target words (such as having multiple talkers instead of a single talker produce the target words) and outlines an effective approach to vocabulary instruction, one that emphasizes multiple presentations of target vocabulary, specificity in the relationship between task type and learning outcomes, and the gradual build-up of language-specific vocabulary knowledge over time. A sample lesson based on this approach is also provided. Please visit the series companion website for more information:

Researching Vocabulary

Researching Vocabulary Author N. Schmitt
ISBN-10 9780230293977
Release 2010-08-18
Pages 386
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The book overviews a wide range of vocabulary research methodologies, and offers practical advice on how to carry out valid and reliable research on first and second language vocabulary. It includes a Resources section which outlines the lexical tests, corpora, software, internet sites, and other resources available to vocabulary researchers.

The Power of Reading

The Power of Reading Author Stephen D. Krashen
ISBN-10 1439573875
Release 2008-11-11
Pages 199
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The Power of Reading has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Power of Reading also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Power of Reading book for free.

The Nature of Encounters with Vocabulary and Long term Vocabulary Acquisition

The Nature of Encounters with Vocabulary and Long term Vocabulary Acquisition Author Angela Grace Joe
ISBN-10 OCLC:156759216
Release 2006
Pages 317
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The Nature of Encounters with Vocabulary and Long term Vocabulary Acquisition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nature of Encounters with Vocabulary and Long term Vocabulary Acquisition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nature of Encounters with Vocabulary and Long term Vocabulary Acquisition book for free.

The Multilingual Lexicon

The Multilingual Lexicon Author Jasone Cenoz
ISBN-10 9780306483677
Release 2007-05-28
Pages 208
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This book is unique because it explores the multilingual lexicon by providing insights from research studies conducted in psycholinguistics, applied linguistics and neurolinguistics. It goes beyond the use of two languages and thus concentrates on a new and developing area in linguistic research. The different perspectives provide a link to the mainstream work on the lexicon and vocabulary acquisition and will stimulate further debate in these areas and in the study of multilingualism.

Assessing Vocabulary

Assessing Vocabulary Author John Read
ISBN-10 0521621828
Release 2000-02-13
Pages 279
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The study of vocabulary is a flourishing area in applied linguistics and language teaching which is creating a need for new approaches to vocabulary assessment. This volume presents a framework that expands the traditional concept of a vocabulary test to cover a range of procedures for assessing the vocabulary knowledge of second language learners. These procedures can be useful for addressing practical assessment needs as well as providing tools for conducting research into the lexical dimension of language.

The Vocabulary Book

The Vocabulary Book Author Michael F. Graves
ISBN-10 9780807757260
Release 2016
Pages 240
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This new second edition includes two entirely new chapters on selecting vocabulary words for study and vocabulary instruction for English Language Learners. In addition, every chapter has been substantially updated to incorporate discussion of next-generation standards. Incorporating the newest research in vocabulary acquisition into the four-part model of vocabulary instruction that made the first edition a bestseller, this edition emphasizes vocabulary as an important tool in meeting the needs of increasingly diverse students K-12. It also includes new instructional approaches to teaching vocabulary that have been developed and classroom-tested since the release of the first edition.

Vocabulary Their Way

Vocabulary Their Way Author Shane Templeton
ISBN-10 0133431037
Release 2014-05-09
Pages 303
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In this new edition of the most comprehensive vocabulary text available, pre-service, novice, and experienced middle and high school teachers get invaluable tools to share with their students that will enable them to learn thousands of words independently. With an emphasis on developing students' word consciousness–the knowledge and predisposition to learn, appreciate, and effectively use words–the book addresses three broad aspects of vocabulary learning and instruction: context-based instruction, word-specific instruction, and generative morphology instruction, as a means to enabling teachers to teach vocabulary their way. The new edition features an expanded author team; separate chapter for the major disciplines/subjects, including a separate chapter on Art, Music, Physical Education, and Career and Technical Education; a new, easily-accessible format presenting the strategies, activities, and assessments; chapter notes directing readers to the PDToolkit online resource, new Activity Selection Charts in each chapter; referencing to the Common Core Standards in each activity and strategy; updated research throughout; a new look at Academic Language; and a revised ESL chapter with a strong new multilingual focus.

Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition

Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition Author James Coady
ISBN-10 0521567645
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 299
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Among ordinary language learners, the acquisition of vocabulary has long been felt to be a crucial component of learning a foreign language. Second Language Vocabularly Acquisition has the goal of comparing the effectiveness of the direct learning of vocabulary (through memorization) and the indirect learning of vocabulary (through context); it encourages an appropriate balance between direct and indirect teaching of vocabulary in second language classrooms. The authors of these original articles present theoretical background, empirical research, and case studies focusing on a variety of modes of vocabulary acquisition. There is also an exploration of relevant pedagogical issues, including a description of practical strategies and techniques for teaching vocabulary.

Vocabulary and Applied Linguistics

Vocabulary and Applied Linguistics Author Pierre J.L. Arnaud
ISBN-10 9781349123964
Release 1992-06-18
Pages 200
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Attempts to stress the importance of vocabulary in linguistics. This book is a series of articles which cover much of the current research activity in the applied linguistics of vocabulary description, learning and teaching. The authors include Baita Laufer and Guust Meijers.

Mastering Academic Language

Mastering Academic Language Author Debbie Zacarian
ISBN-10 9781452277851
Release 2012-12-19
Pages 240
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The achievement gap is a language gap—and you can bridge it! Mastering academic language is the "make or break" skill for school success. This much-needed book shows how teachers can scaffold instruction for students who struggle to learn, speakers of non-standard English, and English learners, helping students from all backgrounds to thrive in school. Readers will find: Practical teaching strategies based on the four key facets of academic language fluency Richly detailed case studies about students’ experiences with academic language across the content areas Guidance on family involvement Thought-provoking study questions, along with performance assessment tools