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The Neanderthals Rediscovered

The Neanderthals Rediscovered Author Dimitra Papagianni
ISBN-10 0500292043
Release 2015-08-31
Pages 208
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Presents new information on the evolution and behavior of prehistoric man, describing behavior that is more modern than what has been traditionally attributed to them, including burying their dead, taking care of the sick, hunting and fishing.

The Neanderthals Rediscovered How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story

The Neanderthals Rediscovered  How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story Author Dimitra Papagianni
ISBN-10 9780500773116
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 208
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"In the first complete chronological narrative of the species from emergence to extinction...archaeologist Dimitra Papagianni and science historian Michael Morse have shaped a gem." —Nature In recent years, the common perception of the Neanderthals has been transformed, thanks to new discoveries and paradigm-shattering scientific innovations. It turns out that the Neanderthals’ behavior was surprisingly modern: they buried the dead, cared for the sick, hunted large animals in their prime, harvested seafood, and communicated with spoken language. Meanwhile, advances in DNA technologies are compelling us to reassess the Neanderthals’ place in our own past. For hundreds of thousands of years, Neanderthals evolved in Europe parallel to Homo sapiens evolving in Africa, and, when both species made their first forays into Asia, the Neanderthals may even have had the upper hand. In this important volume, Dimitra Papagianni and Michael A. Morse compile the first full chronological narrative of the Neanderthals’ dramatic existence—from their evolution in Europe to their expansion to Siberia, their subsequent extinction, and ultimately their revival in popular novels, cartoons, cult movies, and television commercials.


Neanderthal Author Paul Jordan
ISBN-10 9780752494807
Release 2001-02-15
Pages 256
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The story of Neanderthal man. Was he our direct ancestor, or was he perhaps a more alien figure, genetically very different? This title brings us into the Neanderthal's world, his technology, his way of life, his origins and his relationship with us.


Neanderthal Author John Darnton
ISBN-10 9781497680845
Release 2014-10-21
Pages 380
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When a paleoanthropologist mysteriously disappears in the remote upper regions of the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan, two of his former students, once lovers and now competitors, set off in search of him. Along the way, they make an astounding discovery: a remnant band of Neanderthals, the ancient rivals to Homo sapiens, live on. The shocking find sparks a struggle that replays a conflict from thirty thousand years ago and delves into the heart of modern humanity.


ISBN-10 9780674038875
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 302
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Hailed as a ground-breaking synthesis of feminism and evolutionary theory when first published, The Woman That Never Evolved is a bold and refreshing answer to contemporary versions of social Darwinism that shoehorn female nature into narrow stereotypes. Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, a leader in modern primatology, argues that evolutionary theorists' emphasis on sexual competition among males for access to females overlooks selection pressures on females themselves. In a vivid account of what female primates themselves actually do to secure their own reproductive advantage, she demolishes myths about sexually passive, "coy," compliant, exclusively nurturing females. Her lucid and compelling account of the great range of behaviors in many species of primates expands the concept of female nature to include the full range of selection pressures on females, and reminds us of the true complexity and dynamism of the evolutionary story.

Buried Alive

Buried Alive Author Jack Cuozzo
ISBN-10 9780890512388
Release 1998
Pages 349
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Argues that Neanderthal skeletons are the remains of post flood very old biblical patriarchs.

Neanderthal Man

Neanderthal Man Author Svante PŠŠbo
ISBN-10 9780465020836
Release 2014-02-11
Pages 288
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An influential geneticist traces his investigation into the genes of humanity's closest evolutionary relatives, explaining what his sequencing of the Neanderthal genome has revealed about their extinction and the origins of modern humans.

The Strange Case of the Rickety Cossack

The Strange Case of the Rickety Cossack Author Ian Tattersall
ISBN-10 9781466879430
Release 2015-06-09
Pages 256
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In his new book The Strange Case of the Rickety Cossack, human paleoanthropologist Ian Tattersall argues that a long tradition of "human exceptionalism" in paleoanthropology has distorted the picture of human evolution. Drawing partly on his own career—from young scientist in awe of his elders to crotchety elder statesman—Tattersall offers an idiosyncratic look at the competitive world of paleoanthropology, beginning with Charles Darwin 150 years ago, and continuing through the Leakey dynasty in Africa, and concluding with the latest astonishing findings in the Caucasus. The book's title refers to the 1856 discovery of a clearly very old skull cap in Germany's Neander Valley. The possessor had a brain as large as a modern human, but a heavy low braincase with a prominent brow ridge. Scientists tried hard to explain away the inconvenient possibility that this was not actually our direct relative. One extreme interpretation suggested that the preserved leg bones were curved by both rickets, and by a life on horseback. The pain of the unfortunate individual's affliction had caused him to chronically furrow his brow in agony, leading to the excessive development of bone above the eye sockets. The subsequent history of human evolutionary studies is full of similarly fanciful interpretations. With tact and humor, Tattersall concludes that we are not the perfected products of natural processes, but instead the result of substantial doses of random happenstance.

Ancestral Journeys The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings Revised Edition

Ancestral Journeys  The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings  Revised Edition Author Jean Manco
ISBN-10 9780500772904
Release 2016-02-16
Pages 312
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“An ambitious and lucid full narrative account of the peopling of Europe . . . this will undoubtedly provide a base line for future debates on the origins of the Europeans.” —J. P. Mallory, author of In Search of the Indo-Europeans and The Origins of the Irish Who are the Europeans? Where did they come from? New research in the fields of archaeology and linguistics, a revolution in the study of genetics, and cutting-edge analysis of ancient DNA are dramatically changing our picture of prehistory, leading us to question what we thought we knew about these ancient peoples. This paradigm-shifting book paints a spirited portrait of a restless people that challenges our established ways of looking at Europe’s past. The story is more complex than at first believed, with new evidence suggesting that the European gene pool was stirred vigorously multiple times. Genetic clues are also enhancing our understanding of European mobility in epochs with written records, including the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, the spread of the Slavs, and the adventures of the Vikings. Now brought completely up to date with all the latest findings from the fast-moving fields of genetics, DNA, and dating, Jean Manco’s highly readable account weaves multiple strands of evidence into a startling new history of the continent, of interest to anyone who wants to truly understand Europeans’ place in the ancient world.

Indians and Archaeology of Missouri Revised Edition

Indians and Archaeology of Missouri  Revised Edition Author Carl H. Chapman
ISBN-10 9780826204011
Release 1983-10-01
Pages 168
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Discusses the cultural development of Missouri's Indians during the past twelve thousand years.

The Skull in the Rock

The Skull in the Rock Author Marc Aronson
ISBN-10 9781426310102
Release 2012
Pages 64
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A collaboration by an award-winning author and the paleontologist renowned for the discovery of Australopithecus sidiba chronicles the riveting story behind one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time, explaining its significance for understanding human evolution and how it is shaping the thinking of the scientific community.

Spirals in Time

Spirals in Time Author Helen Scales
ISBN-10 9781472911377
Release 2015-05-07
Pages 288
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Seashells are the sculpted homes of a remarkable group of animals: the molluscs. These are some of the most ancient and successful animals on the planet. But watch out. Some molluscs can kill you if you eat them. Some will kill you if you stand too close. That hasn't stopped people using shells in many ways over thousands of years. They became the first jewelry and oldest currencies; they've been used as potent symbols of sex and death, prestige and war, not to mention a nutritious (and tasty) source of food. Spirals in Time is an exuberant aquatic romp, revealing amazing tales of these undersea marvels. Helen Scales leads us on a journey into their realm, as she goes in search of everything from snails that 'fly' underwater on tiny wings to octopuses accused of stealing shells and giant mussels with golden beards that were supposedly the source of Jason's golden fleece, and learns how shells have been exchanged for human lives, tapped for mind-bending drugs and inspired advances in medical technology. Weaving through these stories are the remarkable animals that build them, creatures with fascinating tales to tell, a myriad of spiralling shells following just a few simple rules of mathematics and evolution. Shells are also bellwethers of our impact on the natural world. Some species have been overfished, others poisoned by polluted seas; perhaps most worryingly of all, molluscs are expected to fall victim to ocean acidification, a side-effect of climate change that may soon cause shells to simply melt away. But rather than dwelling on what we risk losing, Spirals in Time urges you to ponder how seashells can reconnect us with nature, and heal the rift between ourselves and the living world.

Thin on the Ground

Thin on the Ground Author Steven E. Churchill
ISBN-10 9781118590874
Release 2014-10-06
Pages 472
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Thin on the Ground: Neandertal Biology, Archeology and Ecology synthesizes the current knowledge about our sister species the Neandertals, combining data from a variety of disciplines to reach a cohesive theory behind Neandertal low population densities and relatively low rate of technological innovation. The book highlights and contrasts the differences between Neandertals and early modern humans and explores the morphological, physiological, and behavioral adaptive solutions which led to the extinction of the Neandertals and the population expansion of modern humans. Written by a world recognized expert in physical anthropology, Thin on the Ground: Neandertal Biology, Archaeology and Ecology will be a must have title for anyone interested in the rise and fall of the Neandertals.

Caf Neandertal

Caf   Neandertal Author Beebe Bahrami
ISBN-10 9781619027701
Release 2017-02-20
Pages 300
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"Award-winning writer Bahrami is a delightful guide in this thoroughly enjoyable look into the research and recovery of a group of Neandertal remains in the French Dordogne region . . . Her wide interests in travel, memoir, food, wine, and more make this exceedingly engaging title more like a French version of Under the Tuscan Sun." —Booklist (starred review) Centered in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, one of Europe’s most concentrated regions for Neandertal occupations, Café Neandertal features the work of archaeologists doing some of the most comprehensive and global work to date on the research, exploration, and recovery of our ancient ancestors, shedding a surprising light on what it means to be human.

In Search of the Neanderthals

In Search of the Neanderthals Author Chris Stringer
ISBN-10 0500278075
Release 1993
Pages 247
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Portrayed as club-wielding cavemen, the Neanderthals have become the archetype of all that is primitive and uncultured. But were the Neanderthals the ancestors of modern humans, or an evolutionary dead end, replaced by fully modern people from Africa? The authors take the latter view in this highly readable book that provides the most up-to-date summary of knowledge about Neanderthals and their world. Illustrations.

The Last Neanderthal

The Last Neanderthal Author Ian Tattersall
ISBN-10 0813336759
Release 1999
Pages 208
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At first sight, this book appears to be a somewhat sensational story of Neanderthal existence and extinction. However, a closer examination shows that this appearance belies the true nature of the book. Author Ian Tattersall here presents a superb account of the Neanderthal population of earth, in which he uses the most up-to-date evidence available. There are no staggering conclusions: rather, the material is given and explained, and the reader is left to draw his own conclusions as to where they came from and where they went. Accompanied by excellent photographs of much skeletal material and a history of the gradual discoveries of Neanderthal bones and associated artefacts - and their frequent misinterpretation - this publication serves as a first-class introduction to the subject.

Evolution Vs Creationism

Evolution Vs  Creationism Author Eugenie C. Scott
ISBN-10 9780520261877
Release 2009-08-03
Pages 351
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Presents the scientific evidence for evolution and reasons why it should be taught in schools, provides various religious points of view, and offers insight to the evolution-creationism controversy.